Behind the Scenes with Miss Kelly

Singer Kelly Rowland unveiled her single ICE back on June 30th. Now, almost four months later, she is giving us a behind the scenes look at the making of the video.

Despite its lack of promotion, ‘ICE’ is still holding its own on the charts, coming in at #10 on the R&B Songs chart and #16 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart.

As for the video preview, Kelly is actually catching heat for supposedly “selling sex” and sticking too closely with the formula that made ‘Motivation’ the biggest urban hit of 2011.

I say if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Do you, Kelly.


  1. so only Kelly Rowland is selling SEX…well what do you call Beyonce, Rihanna, Christina Aquilera, Brittney Spears, need I go on and say more…or have my point been made…she looks absolutely gorgeous and I cant wait for the album.

  2. It’s go big (sexy) or go home! It’s what sells, what WE buy. I used to be against it, but when I see artists like Melanie and Estelle not get the pub…what can you say…we just have to know that today’s children cannot watch most music videos, that’s a wrap!

    Unfortunately, there are kids who won’t have parental controls…reality shows that aren’t over the top, don’t make it…shows like “Revenge” or all the vampire, zombies or paranormal programming is also damaging to kids and teens.

    Kelly seems to be happy and loving herself and her life!

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