‘Being Mary Jane’ Film Fest Debut

The UrbanWorld Film Festival kicked off last night and actresses Gabrielle Union and Tika Sumpter were on hand for the pilot screening of their upcoming BET series “Being Mary Jane.”

As previously reported, Mara Brock-Akil and her husband Salim Akil (the dynamic duo behind Girlfriends and The Game) pitched the idea of a single Black female themed show to BET, who loved the idea and quickly signed on for three seasons in advance.

“Being Mary Jane” is due to hit the air next year and will also co-star Richard Roundtree as Gabrielle’s father (Mary Jane) and Omari Hardwick as her love interest.


  1. Yay..weez comin up yall. Im excited but a show like this should have been on the air yrs ago..like since the seventies. I will be supporting my sistas and Tika looks mighty cute. I hope they give up and coming actresses a chance to put their faces out there also.

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