‘Being Mary Jane’ Debuts Tonight


Bomb career? Check. Beautiful face and body? Check and check. Financially stable in every way? Boom! You think she doesn’t when she does? Chile’ Please! Loving relationship? Silence. Crickets. A definite feeling of emptiness. Sadly, this is the life of various women in 2013. BET seeks to expand on this conundrum that many women currently face with their new drama Being Mary Jane starring Gabrielle Union.

Who is Mary Jane? She is a woman much like many of today’s successful women. From the perspective of onlookers, these particular women have it going on! They are a force to be reckoned within any corporate meeting. They are to be envied when it comes to style, grace and fashion. They live in the gym, so their bodies are that to be compared to a Goddess. However, this same chick has absolutely no luck in love. Why?

You know why. We all know why. It is the same curse that has been plaguing women who reach the pinnacle of success for eons. In fact it is a curse and a gift. Sure you can have the career of your dreams and be the boss chick at your job surrounded with people who adore and fear you for your overwhelming fierceness. The way you command a board room meeting. How you handle any corporate overtake. But once you leave your office you will undoubtedly go to a beautiful empty home.

Being Mary Jane, is a series that seeks to question this. It follows Mary Jane Paul. A successful Broadcast Journalist throughout her trials and tribulations with her fledgling love life, being the more successful of her siblings and having feelings of not wanting to always be the one called on for financial assistance, a Mother whose health is ailing; and her own self doubt and internal war with whether or not a woman can have both success and real love. Oh and let’s not forget the men. No! We can never forget them. They alone can add spice into any woman’s life, successful or not.

The real question then becomes whether or not Mary Jane Paul really can truly have it all? Sex, success, money, while balancing love, romance and a meaningful relationship? Can any woman in today’s society? Tune in to find out.

Being Mary Jane premieres tonight on BET at 10:30pm.


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! This movie was SOOOOOOOOOO good. I’m super proud of Gabby and BET for this one.

  2. Congrats Gabrielle on the new show, I didn’t watch it. Sadly,I was turned out by the storyline of a black woman who is successful, and her family are stereotypes. It’s true in many cases, but I don’t want to see another that story. But, I sincerely wish her the best, and hopefully this will reflect in other black actresses being taken seriously.

    BTW: The Queen Kerry Washington made the cover of many influential magazines this summer. Emmy,Hollywood Reporter and this week, Vanity Fair.

    Kelly Rowland is a judge on American X Factor, sitting next to sexy Simon Cowell. She should play her cards right, he buy all his women houses as a parting gift. lol
    Sistas are doing it big this year.

  3. You know, I was incredibly surprised by how good it was. The hype was Definitely worth it! Sadly, as entertaining as it was….I was very depressed in a number of spots because of just how much I could relate and identify with it through myself and other Balck people I know. I come from a family of middle class Black folk and grew up the in a 90% Caucasian school district and environment. My sister graduated Summa Kum Ladde from K-State with a degree in Secondary Education and teaches kindergarten in Texas. SHe is definitely the Financially breadwinner of the family and actually helped me acquire my Certified Nursing License through a $1000 loan she gifted me with outta her own pocket. I don’t understand ’cause my sister is 25, beautiful, smart, financially stable, and just a complete package and yet it seems she cannot buy a date.

    THe child of Black Entrepreneurs I know how to work and have two jobs as a home-health C.N.A. and Retail Cashier at a pet store. Praise Jesus I’ve never been on gov’t assistance or food stamps though I don’t look down on anyone who has if they need it. However, I have a bunch of triflin’ cousins, etc who have multiple babies outta wedlock and just seem to be riding the system and/or their parents.

    I’ma keep it real, my current boyfriend is caucasian and it’s not cause I don’t love black men. I just didn’t find any who were worth a darn who weren’t already married, or just not interested in dating black women. “Black Love” can suck a sour lemon. My parents have been married over 25 years and I always wanted what they had but it’s a different world. There aren’t men like my father anymore in droves and even he could be a better husband despite being the best man I know.

    The struggle is real. My only hope is that BET doesn’t ruin it like they did The Game. It’s sensitive terrritory ’cause it really srikes a nerve.

  4. I’m on the fence. There were elements I liked, elements I didn’t like and acting from Gabrielle that I thought was questionable.

    I’ll be watching when it starts to air later this year, but I hope the writing and Gabby’s acting gets better.

  5. I have to watch it tonight; I got sleepy and missed the last hour. It seemed entertaining enough I guess. I’ll give it a shot.

  6. I loved it because I could relate to every aspect of that story. It was well-written and I loved how it destroyed a lot of the stereotypes that are usually associated with that type of storyline(for instance, how often do we see characters where it’s the white woman who is overweight, ghetto, and has the stink attitude? It’s not fictional and it needs to be portrayed). I loved the disclaimer in the beginning that this was not every black woman’s story, because it is not. I thought Gabby’s character perfectly teetered on the line of “bourgeois” black woman and “down to earth, relatable” black woman. The only questionable acting I saw was when she was reporting the news. It was a bit cheesy to say the least. Otherwise, the entire story was believable. I can’t wait for the series. Move over, Olivia Pope.

  7. I really enjoyed Being Mary Jane. I love seeing a successful black woman being portrayed on TV!! I have five siblings and I can relate to being the only successful sibling and people with their hands out! I understand what it like to wish you had a nice home! Being Mary Jsne is a keeper! Good Job!

  8. I enjoyed the show and cant wait for the series, we need more shows like this!!

  9. When she stole his sperm they lost me. I was teetering but that sent me over the fence.

    The only relatable issue for me was the broke ass freeloading relatives. Every family seems too have them.


  10. I really didn’t need to see MJ cleaning her hooha. In my single days, If it were that serious, I’d just go home and shower real quick. That is all I remember about the show. I was even a little offended… Lol

  11. I agree @Sista, I related to the freeloading relatives. That is one thing I always resented about TP shows/plays he would always make the successful characters bougie and without a backbone or selfish and Bitchie. While glorifying the “ghetto ” impulsive characters. I think there should be more balance in his material. Something I can appreciate with BMJ so far.

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