‘Being Mary Jane’ Scores Third Season Renewal


Just two days after their second season premiere, BET has decided to go ahead and greenlight a third season of their popular drama “Being Mary Jane.”

Gabrielle Union, who plays the show’s oft-single protagonist, Mary Jane Paul, broke the news herself live while visiting the Today Show on Thursday morning.

Union joked that the news was most welcome by her accountant, who is now assured she’ll be able to pay her mortgage. “In Hollywood we never have the luxury of ever knowing where our next paycheck is coming from, so anytime an actor gets a renewal it gives them the freedom to just work,” she told host Matt Lauer. “Plus we know that we’re doing good work and it’s a huge load of confidence for everyone involved.”

And while a renewal is indeed great news for the cast and crew, it’s return ratings, down 30% from last season, has to be of concern. I personally gave up on the show after about 3 episodes and haven’t looked back, especially after the promotional campaign BET launched to promote the show via Facebook.

From using words like “thots” to the constant insinuation that white women are a threat to black women “having a man,” I, and a lot of other potential viewers, have been turned off by the means the network appeared willing to go to in order get a rise out of sistas.

So while “Being Mary Jane” definitely had potential, its storyline and arcs in my opinion are degrading to Black women and paint a woe-is-me picture of our lives. So, despite landing a third season- “Being Mary Jane” has shed nearly half of its viewers, something Mara Brock Akil should be paying attention to should she desire a fourth season for the show.

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  1. congrats, it’s always good to be working and bringing in a cheque 🙂

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