‘Best Man’ Opens Big + Sanaa Covers Rolling Out


In between stints promoting her new film ‘The Best Man Holiday,’ actress Sanaa Lathan, 42, found time to squeeze in a sexy photo shoot for digital magazine RollingOut.

Sanaa is covering the latest issue and dishes on quite a few things the public might not know about her.

Once shy and introverted, Sanaa says she has come out of her shell in recent years and unlike many celebs, credits her online interaction with fans for her new newfound openness.

Sanaa is very active on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest; and said interacting with fans has shown her how truly powerful social media can be when used responsibly.

“I was very resistant to social media at first, and actually just a couple months ago when I was on [The Best Man Holiday] set, I started having fun with it. At first, it was just a creative thing for me, and then I got encouraged by everyone from my agent to the studios, to keep it up. It’s really interesting to me how involved social media can be from a business perspective, so I’m interested in exploring where it can go as it relates to my career.”

Sanaa is notorious for posting beautiful selfies on Instagram, and says she has been encouraged by fans who constantly ask her for beauty advice. “I have always been into beauty and healthy living. I have been contemplating starting a blog to share my daily routine and tons of tricks I have learned from some of the best make-up artists over the years. Once I find some free time I’m definitely going to get the ball rolling on that.”

In the meantime, fans can catch Sanaa in ‘The Best Man Holiday,’ which opened today and has already grossed over 13 million dollars. Early estimates say the film could wind up grossing as much as 33 million over the weekend and is running neck and neck with ‘Thor’ for first place.


  1. I love this woman, and Nia and Regina to. They’re making 40 look like 30, well idk how old Regina is.

  2. OMG, I am in LOVEEEEEEEE with Sanaa Lathan. She is one of the few women in entertainment, that carries herself in such a humble, down-to-earth fashion (in my humble opinion). And 42????? Girl, seriously!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous (inside/out).

  3. Beautiful Black Peoples!

    I didn’t get to make it to the theater for opening night but I will eventually view this film.

    Beautiful Black Peoples!

    I love it!

  4. Another gorgeous one in her 40’s. i pray i can make it look as good as these ladies do!

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