Best of 2008: Most Improved

Both style-wise and musically, Ashanti has shown lots of improvement this year. She released her latest album, The Declaration, and proved to everyone that she is a great singer with a stong voice. The new conservative and grown-up style she tried out worked amazingly well in her favor, but she made certain not to ditch the glamorous gowns and pieces from some of her fave designers, like Marchesa.

Left to right, Ashanti wears: a diamond embellished black Marchesa gown, an off-white Thierry Mugler mini-dress with detailed lattice mesh at the chest and rib area, a belted floral Balenciaga summer dress and electric blue Christian Louboutin pointy-toe pumps, and a ruffled asymmetrical LBD with patent leather two-tone pumps.


  1. I have always liked Ashanti she doesn’t cause any beef amongst the other artists.

  2. Ashanti is OK when it comes to fashion but as far as improving, I think Keyshia Cole may deserve that award this year…

  3. Cute girl but fashion is not her thing. I’m saying this not being fashionable. It looks like she tries to dress nice, but misses. I don’t really care for her style. I think a style of J.lo mixed with Rihanna will fit her and give her, and her lackluster career some jazz. I think she needs to go OUTSIDE the box if she wants her career to transition forward. The flapper look has been done. She needs to get crazy and cool with it. Her songs were bangers back in the days. She also shouldn’t do ballads, it’s not for her. She should do REALLY hot beats, sexy lyrics and be laidback sexy. Her voice is not for ballads,lol.

  4. I don’t believe that Ashanti is the most improved either. But I do like her teenage style of dress. She does not dress mature to me. But I am excited for her none-the-less. I hope she has a really great 09.

  5. True but she has gone from alrite to good looking over the yrs and i also agree with Nicole bout Kiesha deserving that title 🙂

  6. okay, i thought it was me. because i was going to ask what changed about her style.

  7. I thought the same thing about Keyshia Cole being Most Improved. I thought she should have left her teeth alone she looked nice with the gap.

  8. There’s something missing about Ashanti. I can’t put my finger on it,lol. She’s a cute girl. But she just doesn’t have that “it” factor. That certain Je ne se qua!

  9. I think Ashanti deserves this one AND Keisha too! It’s a tie!

  10. there is no tie period. ashanti deserved this awrard, yes keyshia has improved as well but i think ashanti was most definitely on point more so than keyshia, so she is worthy of getting the most improved.

  11. Where is she getting the money to buy these expensive clothes? Has she been selling records and I wasn’t told? Oh, well.

  12. i def. believe ashanti deserves this. She one of the most underated artisit out there… and i also agree with what MWNY said, she never causes beef wit anyone even when everyone has to say so many harsh things bout her. Kudos to Keyshia tho.

  13. Ashanti has only had one flopped album and that is ‘The Declaration’, all of her other studio albums have went platinum or above, and the reason why ‘The Declaration’ didn’t follow suit, is merely because her and her team failed to promote it right. I personally think its her best effort thus far, vocally and writing wise she improved and her fashion game has ALWAYS been underrated since her Chapter 2 days.

    That said, she’s suppose to be releasing another album in 2009 thats more danced focused, she’s been in the studio with Akon and is set to go in with The Dream so who knows how this will end up, hopefully it will work in her favor, because other than maybe Beyonce and Alicia, she has the most talent of the girls in the industry around her age.

  14. i agree ashnti new cd is hottttttttttttttttttttt,and if you have not got it please do(you want be sorry) iam soooooooo happy someone is giving her props cause she does have a great voice and she is a amazing song writer and fashion ……………………..she be killing them !!!!!!!!!!

  15. I’m So Happy For Ashanti she is Simply the Best her creativity is amazing. She out of all the artist in the game recieve the most hate but yet she always has a smile on her face and continues making her music. People love to hate but fail 2 realize this girl has been in this game damn near a decade live with it people she aint going no where . 🙂 The Declaration in Stores Now.

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