Best of 2008: Most Unique Style

Solange has had a very exciting year. She released her sophomore album, ‘Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams’, and shot some amazing videos to go along. Though she sometimes drives a stake through my heart with her “unique” ensembles, I have to admit that she is a great dresser, and has an amazingly broad sense of style.

Solo (my nickname for her) is in love with statement pieces. If she’s not the best dressed at the party, she’ll definitely be the most talked about! Some of her fave styles include well detailed pieces like the feathered, beaded, chiffon Jenny Packham dress she wore to this year’s World Music Awards, her fave dragonfly Miu Miu heels, and her assortment of Fendi and Armani belts and pieces.

Speaking of Armani — the 22 y.o. beauty was selected as Armani’s offical ambassador, which means she “gets free swag” (clothes, shoes, and accessories), and attends some fab events like their boutique openings and fashion shows in Milan.

When Solange isn’t performing or strikin’ a pose on the red carpet, you can find her shopping in London, showcasing her love for creative nail designs, or vacationing with her family and 4 y.o. son, Daniel.


  1. Solange, I had a baby and I have always, worked and achieved my goals. I absolutely love your style and think you have it going on! You keep showing your energy all over, I hpoe I work with you one day. You go girl, your style is true and devine. Loveya.

  2. solange never looks good..its bizzare to me how rich she and her sister are..they always look so tacky..

  3. I do like to see those who do things by their own style. There are a lot of people who just have their own idea of what looks good to them. I am glad that she does not adopt that lady of the night look like most singers and actresses these days. Good for her.

  4. lol Ms Try hard thats a shame MWNYbut she been dressin’ like some black babbie doll none stop lol

  5. I never saw one outfit that was flattering on solange. she would always mess up a good outfit with some dam feathers…maybe if she stopped wearing that house of garbage aka dereon she would look better.

  6. she is unique..but she is a pretty girl. i just hate her eyebrows!

  7. she is pretty now with the nose job. it did wonders. her style is a bit too eclectic for my tastes.

  8. lol ya’ll can we have at least 1 person praise this gurl 4 takin the title of most Unique, but I aint the 1, lol, all i see is “strange, Try hard “ect

  9. i dont really like her style and usually its one piece that she throws on that mess up the whole outfit usually throwing some mess over her shoulders that takes it to over the top

  10. come to think of it,her style is not that bad if emmy winehouse or pink wud wear like this,the’d look cool,so the problem is with solange her nose is so sharp and pointed they shud go back to the drawing board and redo it,a jewish nose looks kind of odd on a woman of color,i thot i was the only one who noticed that there is something different about her nose,i like her type of music though,it is classic and not a bubblegum hit,she sounds a lil more intelligent than her sis but her attitude is a big turn off.

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