BET Honors Mary J. Blige & More

Whitney Hosuton BET Honors The Second Annual BET Honors were held last night in Washington DC at the Warner Theatre. This year’s show was hosted by actress Gabrielle Union and paid tribute to such luminaries as B. Smith, Mary J. Blige, Judith Jameson, and many others. The night’s biggest surprise guest however turned out to be singer Whitney Houston, who presented an award to actor/director Tyler Perry. Singers Monica and Keyshia Cole were also on hand to perform and pay tribute to Mary J. Blige.

Pics from the event can be seen below and the show will air Monday, February 9th at 9:00pm.


  1. Wow Whitney looks great. Love my girl Gabby, she is stunning.

  2. whitney looks gr8 n healthy cant wait for her new album i grew up listening to this woman n all the other ladies look gr8 to.

  3. OMG!!!!! Whitney is FLAWLESS from head to toes!! I love this woman and I hope she will have the comeback she deserves!!

    Gabrielle is stunning. Love all her dresses!!

  4. WOW everyone looks great. And I will be tuning in to see this. But I must say that i am really, really, really, surprised at Star Jones. That dress she has on looks gr8 and it makes her look good.

    Gabby is my girl though. I love her.

  5. The ladies look great. That is a beautiful color on MJB. I love that MJB is getting all the accolades and honor she deserves. Many times, artist are honored when they are no longer with us. I love Angela Bassett’s hair and makeup. Whitney Houston looks divine. Gabrielle Union is beautiful as always.

  6. Mary truly looks like a grown a$$ woman….so beautiful. Gabby looks good in ALL of her gowns. Why does Monica look like Mr. T with all those chains? Whitney = Flawless. Angela looks a bit unrested…I guess promoting Notorius and all. I hope she gets nominated for an Oscar….even though I didn’t see the movie yet..

  7. Gabrielle Union looks so beautiful along with Whitney Houston. Cant wait to watch this on tv

  8. Whitney, Angela, and Mary look great! Monica’s look is overdone with gloves and chains.

  9. I say all these beautiful ladies look GORGEOUS! Woah! I can’t wait to view this!

  10. SHM @ Monica….why did they let her go out like that?…she looks beyond ridiculous

  11. Everyone does look wonderful. I am so happy for black hollywood still doing their thing in 09.

  12. I love Whitney she is my favorite artist of all time and she looks great! She definitely looks like the picture of good health. Gabrielle looks stunning as usual in all everyone looks good. However, Monica is my girl but I am definitely not feeling the gloves and the gold necklace it takes away from her outfit.

  13. Whitney looks WONDERFUL. I’m lovin the short hairdos on MC Lyte and Angela. Monica looks like she lost a bet. She looks like she is in bondage.

  14. wow i have to say everybody looks gud ms Gab looked absolultley wownderful! and ofcoz mama Whit! who is getting me excited it feels good to know that this time we got her back! 🙂

  15. Get em’ Mary!!! You on your grown woman but still reps for the kids! love it. Congratulations baby girl. Oh yeah, everyone looks great and Whitney is going to come back harder and smash Britney’s comeback. You already know!

  16. Old Nippy is looking lovely these days. I am happy she is working on getting it together. Monica, however, looked a hot ghetto mess.

  17. I am so excited to see this, MJB deserves this she’s one of the greatest and im glad monica was one to pay homage to her. Monica is talented and beautiful and is similar to mary in more ways then most think, she keeps it real and she is a true R&B singer just like mary with no gimicks, no dancing just pure singing and voice.all these ladies look flawless and great all with their own style and all with their own grace. Whitney you are gorgeous.

  18. Wow…Whitney absolutely God’s gift to the people who have lost their way…a vision of grace and perserverance and a tribute to all the women who pursue a performance art career in music. Altho this is about MJB..and she has definately paid her dues…the biggest story out of this is WHIT….are you looking at that dress? that fit? the hair and make up ..the grace the class the appeal….all wrapped up in this woman?…she never left us…she just showed us how life has its highs and lows and with faith in the almighty and the love of self ..God is there…LOVIN WHTINEY….

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