Beverly Johnson Launches Luxury Lifestyle Brand

Supermodel Beverly Johnson is launching her own line of health and beauty products.

The 59-year old fashion icon has teamed up with Fredrick’s of Hollywood and will launch Beverly Johnson Luxurious Lifestyle Brand via the lingerie maker’s website and retail locations.

The brand will feature three components: ‘Flawless Skin,’ a line of fragrance free skin care products, the ‘Model Logic’ hair care line, and the ‘Body Beautiful by Beverly’ line, which consists of luxurious bath and body products.

“We are thrilled to offer our customers access to a world-renowned global expert in hair, beauty, cosmetics and fashion. The pioneering supermodel brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and added uniqueness to our brand,” stated Don Jones, Frederick’s of Hollywood’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “Both Frederick’s of Hollywood and The Beverly Johnson Luxurious Lifestyle Brand aim to empower women. In collaborating together, we are truly providing women with a complete luxurious beauty experience,” added Beverly.

The brand is available now via the Fredrick’s of Hollywood website, and can be purchased from FOH retail locations starting September 1st.


  1. Well, all righty Ms. Bev! The prices though…justified? I’d have to read some reviews or something first.

  2. At first glance those prices seem a bit much, but the size of them makes up for that. Usually companies charge you an arm and a leg for a little bit of product but Beverly’s are much larger. I like that. I also love trying new products so I may try out something like the body cream which is under $20.

  3. ^^^Good point. I didn’t pay attention to the sizes at first. I’ll await your *review* on that thar body butter lol. 🙂

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