Bey: Will She Sweep the Grammys?

The Grammy nominations were announced yesterday, and to no one’s surprise Bey was the top nominee with 10. I knew B was going to get nominated. But in 10 categories? Who saw that one coming!
Beyonce gets a lot of grief from females who feel that her scantily clad image is the sole reason she is so popular. People tend to forget she is a great songwriter, an outstanding entertainer, and a showstopping vocalist. If you saw last week’s ABC special you got a behind the scenes look at her work ethic which is a testament to her success. The DVD of that special is already #1 on the Soundscan DVD charts and would make that perfect Christmas gift for any Beyonce fan.
Let’s wish Bey well @ the Grammys which will air 1/31/2010 on CBS.


  1. I appreciate this post by Yolanda so much! Finally, someone to post a positive message and for us all to support our sista! She deserves each and every award she wins. This girl works hard and she does not rely soley on her beauty! I enjoyed the DVD and the live CD! She is fantastic.

  2. No she won’t sweep, she will probably come away with the R&B categories and maybe one of the top categories. While Single Ladies was popular the Black Eyed Peas stayed at #1 with 2 songs for months. Also Ego is not the strongest song in the collabo category and to be real this is Taylor Swifts year. The girls sales and chart success was and is still crazy. Both her albums are still in the top 100.

    On a side note was Whitney really snubbed or did she just not make the deadline? There are several who should have been nominated and weren’t. While I am glad for all the top nominees, I just can’t help think that in some of those categories there should be some other names.

  3. SOOOOOO Proud of Beyonce!!! It all comes down to the great musician that she is and I wish her all the luck.

  4. No she won’t sweep. Taylor Swift is the new new and she will be the bell of the ball. Thank you Kanye.

    Congrats to all the nominee’s especially Maxwell! Don’t call it a comeback!

  5. “Great songwriter”?


    Her lyrics are about as deep as Taylor Swifts. “What cho name is shawty?” Yeah great lyrics

  6. KSH, lol.

    “Shawty what cho name is?” to be more precise =]

    I don’t think she will sweep. It is Taylor’s year. Although Beyonce deserves her nominations. I wish them all the best, especially Melanie Fiona, Maxwell, Beyonce & Kings of Leon.

    & Keri Hilson, she really is a great new artist.

    btw, I doubt Whitney made the deadline, but will get her recognition next year.

  7. Congratulations! I know she want sweep. However, she and others better be glad Whitney missed the deadline because they would not stand a chance. Whitney’s, “I Look to You Album” has already been cerified platinum by the RIAA.

  8. Whiteny Houston’s album didn’t miss the deadline. It was actually moved up to make sure it was Grammy eligible.

  9. How’d I know this would be the headline.

    I know Bey is having the time of her life right now living her dreams. It’s great that she’s being recognized for ALL of her prized possessions, but sadly I believe she might only win about 3 awards at the most.

  10. @Sista, well, there ya go lol.
    Hopefully she’s not mad like The Dream was at hearing he wasn’t nominated. smh. Twitter rants are played out.

  11. ok… here we go. i used to love beyonce her first CD (Dangerously in Love) was off the damn chains! and then came (b-day) uhhh I was like ok she was rushing she had too many things going on at one time. so i gave her a break. Cd #3 (I am…) I was like WTF? I understood she was trying to do something different but different aint always better and it does not work for everybody. her songs were unconsistant I was confused. Like mentioned above “Shawty what yo name is?” that song sounded like a damn joke.

    Miss Keri babiii… said it best “You need to go have some babies, you need to sit down you fading!” ha ha ha!

    Let me quit! Beyonce is a wonderful, outstanding, phenomenal, singer, and performer. Can’t front on her. But I wish she would get back to the reasons we fell in love with her as a solo artist to begin with! Songs like, dangerously in love, yes, be with you, me myself and i, baby boy etc…

    Will she sweep at the grammy’s? Maybe IDK somebody still loves her music I just don’t (ha!)

    This is my opinion of course! and I am entitled to that!

    Peace <3

  12. It’s Taylor’s time and Miley will be coming soon, as soon as she turns 18…Lady Gaga might slay next year, if Amy Winehouse brings it to the limit again, she’ll be front stage and center for future Grammy domination, Britney might blaze again…it’s not about talent nor quality music…if it is quality then it also did the numbers, i.e. Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill or Erykah Badu.

    Very few artists today are making real songbooks like the true greats, Chaka, Janet, Aretha, Natalie, Gladys, Carly, Madonna, Annie, Stevie…so these awards are really meaningless…looking at the ones who didn’t get a nod…the only ones I really enjoy are the lifetime achievement awards and often enough the Oscars, at least all the people nominated can act and gave at least a good performance if not great!

    The Grammys is just working with record companies to boost sales and increase show ratings and Taylor Swift is on fire!

  13. @summer-raine, please don’t forget Speechless! My fav. song off of DIL. (& Gift from Virgo)

    @17150918, he has, true. But is it really Grammy award material? Idk…but if T-Pain was nomintaed, so should the Dream lol.

  14. Beyonce always delivers strong albums to get nominated even `I Am` that I didn`t like. She, in my opinion, is not just a singer but she can cover from song writing to giving great performances on stages.One of the real perfect artists in years. No doubt she will grab some awards back home.

  15. @M- true true lol. I wonder who wrote this article because… *whisper*
    I’m suprised someone posted a positive story of Bey on here.

  16. in my opinion, i think she will win song of the year for single ladies and the R&b contemporary catergories…. maxwells album was the true r&b album this year.

  17. overrated whore im so tired of people saying beyonce is the next mj she steals and cant dance

  18. She may walk away with about three but she won’t sweep the Grammys. She is not the next Michael Jackson. I really wish people would stop saying that. She is not even in his league, I don’t care how popular she is.

    I am so glad that Maxwell is being recognized. He is such an underrated artist. I am actually hoping for an upset that his album wins for album of the year.

  19. She’ll be lucky if she gets 5. That I am sasha was garbage. She’ll get an award for that annoying single ladies song but this is Taylor’s year. And Lady GaGa is in the mix so ya never know.

    I’m irate that Whitney didn’t get one nod! Her entire album outshines half the nominees.

  20. Great blog entry. I am happy that Bey got this many noms. She had an outstanding year and like your entry says, she works hard what she does.

    If I had to give my humble $0.02, she probably won’t do sweep. Maybe(Big Maybe) one of the Big 3(AOTY, ROTY, SOTY) Definitely Best R&B Song(SL was HUGE and usually the biggest R&B song wins that award), Best Contemporary R&B and then after that, who knows. But either way, it’s been a great year for her even if she don’t win one Grammy.

  21. OMG! I get SOOOO tired of hearing that she needs to go back to Dangerously In Love! What the hell was Ave Maria, Smash Into You, Halo, etc? So you didn’t like the Sasha side. It wasn’t for you. It was for the fans of her uptempo, sexy songs. Maybe you didn’t buy nor listen to the deluxe album, that’s your fault. Music can’t always be so serious. We need fun songs, too.

    With that said, I did hope Ms. Vanessa Williams would get a nomination, but oh well. Good luck Bee, I will be in my dorm room rooting for you, making my roommates hate me. LOL

  22. Oh, and Cadillac Records was a HUGE soundtrack on the charts. Once In A Lifetime is STILL one of my faves. So, she and the cast should get some recognition for that as well.

  23. I think the nominations are great for her and for those other women who were nommed, namely Gaga (she’s true fierceness and artistry and is here to stay) and of course darling favorite Taylor Swift. There’s no doubt that young country artist had a whirlwind year in spite of Kanye’s stunt…heck even before that she was already doing big things. But good luck TO ALL OF THEM.

    As an aside I’d like to say that I think these awards, particularly the Grammy Awards are just not what they used to be. I can remember being a kid and being so excited to see my favorite singers on the show. The Grammys used to be way more exclusive, it seems and now it’s like, I watch it and its on par with the American Music Awards (which by comparison back in the day seemed way more laxed and less formal). The Grammys used to be like the Academy Awards. Now they’re more like the People’s Choice, just a little bit ‘less than’. And no I’m not pointing out the artists per se, but it’s just the general feel I get.

    Beyonce works HARD. Beyonce is an AMAZING performer. But Beyonce also had very little competition this year. It’s just the truth. And really on her last album she had very little competition. No wonder she is slaying in all categories. By the end of next year, she will need a HOUSE to put all her trophies in. Srsly.

  24. Oh the snub to Whitney breaks my heart a little. I have her album and it’s a solid, solid effort. Perhaps MORE SOLID than a lot of these return, YOUNGER artists who came out this past year but were too sufferers of Beyonceitis. They could’ve at least nominated her. That’s phlcked up seriously.

  25. REally?! Amazing songwriter? You’re kidding me? Who wrote this garbage? Performer I will give you hands down, songwriter..NEVER! She can’t even spell songwriter. How did Whitney not get one nomination? That really makes no sense.

  26. NO! She won’t sweep the grammys. She will win amongst RnB and singles but not the album of the year.

    I am not a huge fan of her music but I don’t hate her either. I just watch what happens.

    I also don’t think that Taylor Swift will win because of Kanye’s stunt, she was already number 1 before that.

    Have to admit that I miss when the grammy nominees in 1 category were: Whitney, Mariah, Celine, Tony Braxton. I think right now, the music is going downhill. Well that’s my opinion. I think most artists these days make “noise” rather than music and harmony.

    Another opinion of mine, I don’t think Beyonce is a showstopping vocalist. According to me, there are better vocalists out there, maybe not as successful but I think Christina Aguilera, Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson have better voice than Beyonce. As a package Beyonce is a great entertainer but lately really predictable. She will wear her leodard, big hair (check it too), etc…

    I always watch the grammys every year but lately I am more interested in the fashion rather the music. Because I know exactly who will get nominated. Like right now I am sure that Alicia Keys will be nominated next year.

  27. Kanyade, I think Whitney not getting nominated is actually in the skies because she can get more nods next year(she can still get nominated because she wasn’t this year).

    God has His reasons for everything.

  28. beyonce has sold her soul to the devil there is so much proof now the baphomet is one thing but the messages in video phone are crazy im gonna sit back and watch this thing unfold if i u i would not buy her albums plus jay z dissing jesus in his song is terrible how could she marry a man who dont belive in god that tells u what kind of girl she is

  29. when will the fake black barbie go away? when will enough be enough? how many awards will fit her big ego, how much money does she want, how much adoration does she need, how much fame is enough. im waiting for the stans to answer.

  30. ^^Ugh…Beyonce will go away when Beyonce wants to. I don’t know her personally, but maybe just maybe she actually enjoys what she does. Just a thought.

    Anyway, Congrats to all the nominees!

  31. Summer-Raine,

    You have just stated “EVERY SINGLE” thing I wanted to say!!!!!
    I love it!

    Furthermore, good luck Bee, although I doubt you will sweep.

  32. @ Shanice:

    Me stating that she should get back to songs like DIL was my opinion.

    Yes, I did buy her CD in fact I own all three, and I listened to both discs. The CD is also on my iPod. And I agree with you we do need fun songs, not BS songs. “Shawty what yo name is?” was BS period point blank. So was “Video Phone.” And the video was even more dumb than the song. This is my opinion. Those songs sound so immature “Souljboy-ish”. “Diva” was uptempo and fun. And a good song. None of the songs in my opinion were great. I couldn’t see myself listening to any of them in the next five years. However DIL came out in what 2003-2004, it’s almost 2010 and I still listen to that CD.

    DIL made us love her. Or at least me. MY OPINION

    Peace <3

  33. I don’t care what anyone thinks, the truth of the matter, Beyonce is the only one to try and beat. She really sets that bar high not only for herself but for other to follow. She’s very talented, a great performer and truly can sing roses around every singer that was nonimated. She deserves all the noinimees that she got and I truly hope she will be honor properly, win not less than 7 of the 10 grammy’s to take home. Second I hope her husband realize how talented his wife reallty is and let it be known on grammy night. Buy the way for those of you that don’t know Taylor Swift is being soley recongize because of Kanye West outburst, before that no one ever notice that much.


    News has sprung up that the girls of Destiny’s Child are heading to Chicago on Tuesday to face a copyright-infringement lawsuit for their song Cater 2 U.

    This legal mess the girls find themselves in has Kelly Rowland pointing the finger at Beyonce’s father for trying to push his daughter ahead of the pack.

    It seems that for many years, Matthew Knowles negotiated songwriter credits for Beyonce to give her more credibility and cash. According to insiders, Kelly is fuming over the fact that his greed is now falling back on her. The source says:

    “Matthew [Knowles] has a long history of trying to get songwriters to add Beyonce’s name to songs she didn’t compose, just so she gets publishing royalties. That information eventually became widely known, and now anyone who wants to accuse Kelly or Destiny’s Child of stealing material has ammunition to file a lawsuit. Kelly is livid.”

    This isn’t the first time an allegation like this has been made against the Knowles family.

    In 2006, Ne-Yo called out Beyowulf for declaring she wrote her smash hit Irreplaceable, when he insisted she had nothing to do with the lyrics and minimal involvement on the music.

    But back to Kelly, the news of this lawsuit and the reunion of the girls to fight the charges leaves her and Beyonce in a difficult spot. Earlier this year, Kelly fired Matthew as her manager and since then, the girls have tried to keep things cordial. But this might put an end to that. The source says:

    “She and Beyoncé remained cordial at first. But things have gotten tense since Kelly griped that Matthew is the cause of this lawsuit.”

    We guess we shouldn’t expect a reunion tour anytime soon, huh ladies?

  35. I think by now we all know Beyonce and her father make deal to put her name on songs so she gets royalty but that shouldn’t take away from her talent. With that said, I still don’t think she is comparable to Michael Jackson.

  36. Beyawnsay is no songwriter. Real songwriters are paid off to give her credit. Her dad could at least pick better songwriters since her music is so shallow and superficial. She needs to grow as a singer and a performer. All she does is air bang her audiences and talk about how hot she is and everyone wants her. Maybe if her music grew up people would respect her more. I don’t really consider her an artist at all, just singer and performer.

  37. @SUMMER RAINE- Just thought I’d point out “shawty what yo name is” is a line used in the song “Video Phone” it wasn’t a song entirely in itself. (I hate Video Phone as well though)

    @Jumo- These so far are allegations (believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.) we’ll see if they really “hate” each other on the 10th won’t we.

  38. @17150918






  40. when chrisette michelle, whitney houston and maxwell can’t even get nominations or a decent amount of it you can really see where the grammys head is at ? America is Sad….

  41. I wrote the piece and I agree with those of you griping about the lack of nods for Whitney, and how could I forget Chrisette Michelle? She’s another classy lady who does not get the attention she deserves. Epiphany was a nice CD as was her debut.

  42. (Word of advice)
    If you don’t like America especially for the fact of something this petty I suggest you…MOVE or keep ignorant comments to yourself.

  43. whitney let the pipe take her voice that is why her comeback became a joke because she’s just a big failure now everytime she sang live she was horrible! she probably would have been nominated if she didn’t try to sing live, whitney or mariah no longer have the voice they use to, beyonce sings circles around them, while rihanna is walking around aimlessly in “edgy” clothes and trying to sell her cd for 3.99 on amazone beyonce is always on her grind, while keri is crying for bey to sit down, bey is on her grind she never looses focus, i’ve seen her 3 times in concert and no one in the game sweats blood and tears and perform like bey today. she demands your attention on that stage. no she will never be michael jackson there was only one but you better believe there is only one beyonce and no one can out perform her….people trip me out saing oh jill scott, indie arie, etc can sing…that is true but just because she ain’t singing with candles and incese burning on a table while she sings don’t mean she is less of a singer. we are just crabs in a barrell when it comes to our own, all white folks know britney can’t hold a note but yet they support that pscho anyway and go to concerts where they know she is lypsynching and still suport her crazy a-s-s. bey works hard all other singers know that and she desreve all the accolades she gets.

  44. 17150918
    shut your trap you are really not helping the cause so sit somewhere and keep listening to the trash you listen to! IDiot

  45. “just because she ain’t singing with candles and incese burning on a table while she sings don’t mean she is less of a singer.”

    I gotta say that I agree with you, Mrs T.

  46. @Mrs T….co-sign 125%….pple tend to overlook Beyonce’s other songs like Disappear,Me Myself and I,Dangerously in Love,Speechless and then say her music isnt deep or tht its teeny-bopper stuff……… truth is B is probably one of the most versatile singers/artists/performers ever……..all her 3 albums sound different frm each other…she cn do CIL thn sing AT LAST and thn turn around and do Diva………tht shows she doesnt pigeon-hole herself in one thing……..and she aint the only one takin her clothes-ya’ll must be too young to remember Tina Turner in her heyday(if u do u’ll get my point)….wen B does songs like DIL,sum pple claim she’s boring…bt wen she sings Baby Boy-type material ya’ll complain….i swear ths girl cnt win with u….bt anyway wish her best at the Grammys..i expect Taylor do get some sympathy awards…bt it will be daylight robbery if they dare nt give B song of the year…

  47. ok please she has had enough support n enough grammys she has made her mark now she needs to go do something else go away n make people miss her or something she is everywhere n u dont get to enjoy other artist bcuz someone is always comparing them or bring her up im am tired of her its like how many grammys can u get booo

  48. mrs t dont nobody gotta like beyonce u are her stan i dont think she deserves everthing she lies too much and what a waste of talent after all these years people still dont know the real beyonce shes just too fake

  49. Hard working does not equate to quality and the writer of this article had me until “she writes her own songs.” It’s common knowledge Bey doesn’t “write” anything. She gets credit for songs already written.

    I agree with most: she won’t sweep and 3 at the most. “I Am” was a garbage CD.

    Whit’s CD SUCKED!! And I was a HUGE FAN!! The songs were awful. I hated everything I heard. And don’t even get me started on her voice………..sigh.

    Maxwell should have gotten more noms, way more than Bey. The man is the epitome of great music. Eight year absence and came back strong.

  50. Well Bey must be doing something right? She has ya’ll heated up!

  51. @SSOF- Ok that was VERY mature of you BROWNSISTA anything this woman does you hate so why comment esp. saying or beautiful country America is sad.

  52. totally agree with you JOLIE she can sing Single Ladies dance routine and all then drift off into Dangerously In Love/Sweet Love so effortlessly and pitch perfect.

  53. I’m happy and excited for all the nominees. I also agree with others, the grammys isn’t what it used to be. I like Beyonce’, I haven’t purchased a cd since Dangerously In Love but she does no write most of her music. The Dream wrote Single Ladies. It’s an issue of Vibe that he covers and it’s a page with a pic of him and some songs he wrote and Single Ladies, Umbrella, Touch My Body, and Just Fine were under the pic. Beyonce’ does vocal arrangements and adds her name to the song as if she helped write it, that’s why she’s always in court about copywrite infringment. She just settled a case earlier this week. She’s a great performer no doubt but her music sucks. Some of her songs are so stupid and she is so much better than that.

  54. @Tee are you serious? how many grammys does she need, i’m sure as many as she can win, how many oscars does a person need, soultrain awards, ama’s, mtv awards, how many times should a person make the honor roll, how many pairs of shoes do you need, how many coats? that’s how ridiculous your question was. crabs in a barrell…so sad. all these entertainers are weak always screaming for someone to sit down so they can have a chance. they are showing that they have no talent if they need someone to retire so they can have a chance to shine. what happen to healthy competition? did aretha tell gladys to go sit down so she could win an award? did they tell tina to sit down? did whitney tell mariah to go sit down? did brandy tell monica to sit down. these whack artist are weak if they need beyonce to retire so they can sell a record, if you have no talent the public will let you know, look at rihanna she can’t give her cd away is that beyonce’s fault? whnen i like a artist i will buy their cd regardless not because beyonce is everywhere that’s a lame and weak a-s-s excuse these artist are using.

  55. Kelly and Michelle have stated PLENTY of times that Beyonce is a great song writer Survivor, Independent Woman, mostof her debut album etc. Just deal with it even though you dont want to.

  56. My goodness, all of the entertainers who are now getting shine are “hard working”. It takes a lot to bring a recording to fruition, noone gets there by slacking off. HARD WORK goes with the territory.

  57. People please, You gotta give it to bey, even though she she has not written all her songs she has surely written most of DC and her hits. Yolanda even said we give the support to the sista, but the hate its just not neccessary. There is time for everything. But for Bey, there is no break cmon sistas’we can do better than this. And you want her to go away, go away and do what, the gal is just doing what she loves period.

    Congrats Bey, you deserve all you getting.

  58. @ Mrs T. totally agree with you.

  59. I’m so happy for Beyonce in her nonimations and sincerly hope that she comes home with all the biggies. It is well deserve of her because she is the most hardest working talented singer/performer in the music industry. Say what you may of her,but the truth of the matter is Beyonce sets that bar high even high for herself. I like the fact that she sees outside the box. She wants to be an ICON, she already has that, I truly see she is a female version of Michel Jackson. Beyonce is working on that LEGANDS status, which she will be no doubt. Grammy’s nights will undoubtly be Beyonce’s night with a win perdicted of no less than 8 grammy’s won. Yes 2009 is/has been Mrs. Beyonce Knowles-Carter year and 2010 is just a snapp away for her, she will also rock the year of 2010.

  60. Maxwell has 6 nominations. And I do believe he will have the RnB locked up. NO one did better than he did this year with RnB. If he doesn’t win that category then it is a fix. I probably won’t watch the show anyways because with the exeption of Maxwell I hated most of the new popular music that came out this year anyways. It’s all crapt and the real music they ship over seas.

  61. I have posted many times in here what Bey does in the studio that shows that she does songwriting. More arranging, especially vocal arrangements than a big amount of lyric writing, but that’s still songwriting.

    It seems no matter people will believe what they want which is a shame because I believe people are using image to judge what Beyonce does with her music. Oh well.

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