Beyonce To Remake “A Star Is Born”

Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Etta James- Beyonce has found a way to attach herself to all of these legends over the past few years. Well now we can add a new name to that list: Barbara Streisand. According to reports, Beyonce has been signed to star in the remake of A Star Is Born- a film made popular by Streisand in the 1970s, Judy Garland in the 1950s and Janet Gaynor in the 1930s. Beyonce is the latest name to be attached to this movie, as Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez were also rumored to be remaking the film back in the early 2000s. If this news turns out to be true- it will be yet another film where Beyonce plays a singer. She is presently being seen in Cadillac Records playing Etta James and has also been confirmed to play Eartha Kitt is her upcoming biography.


  1. AHH! well im sure everyone that dislike beyonce will have something to say about her and her acting skills but they probably didnt even go see cadillac records to see how much she has improved….im so happy for her and i know she will do well especially after seeing her latest movie :thumbsup: oh and i like that picture up there lol

  2. its like she is forcing herself down our throats what about all of the other real actresses?

  3. hhhmmmmm the curious case of wanting icon status before your time. Being an icon is not like getting an Oscar – when your time comes you are just it. You don’t need to sell us on it.

    Very interesting.

  4. J Hud had nothing to prove and she didnt do promtoin up the ass to win that Oscar nor did she brag about it. and PLUS the amazing thing was that she was a NEWCOMER!

  5. i cant believe the moderator of this board uses beyonce to make money.seriously how many beyonce posts_And oh she complains,
    “she is overshadowing other artists,she is overexposed”
    oh pleease!

  6. oh brother. Seriously is she like the only popular singer/actress out there??!!! Here we go again…

  7. Dang another one what happen to the real actresses out there this just suck. :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

  8. i cant believe the moderator of this board uses beyonce to make money.seriously how many beyonce posts_And oh she complains,
    β€œshe is overshadowing other artists,she is overexposed”
    oh pleease!

    tk, I just ran your username, ip address and e-mail account and guess what I found out? One- you post here under multiple names. 2- all of your comments are to articles about Beyonce. 3- you post love and hate comments about Beyonce, oftentimes arguing with yourself. You will actually say something mean about her and then respond to your own comment under another name.

    In other words- you are crazy :lol2:

  9. ^^^Oh WOW! LOL :lol2: :lol2: I was going to post a comment about Beyonce, but Stephanie’s comment has me speechless at the moment.

  10. She is either sleeping with directors or top executives or paying off people to get all of these movies roles and get so much publicity. She is getting out of control. I still say that she is going to kill her own career from so much over exposure, her arrogant ways and back handed comments about other celebrities. Beyonce has gotten way too above herself that she really thinks that she is better than any celebrity out there and in her mind she believes that she has already gained icon status. She is very self-absorbed.

  11. :bowdown: Dang@ Stephanie. That’s right, call them out…. :bowdown: :hifive:

  12. @ curtis i know you going to posts. Thanks about my picture lol. I wants her to do something different. With up with all these musical movies. As far as stephanie :bowdown: lol. Do not diss the creator of this site. She catch u and blow you right up lol. GO STEPHANIE

  13. That should be interesting….

    She said that she like doing musical roles and she meant it. I don’t know how she is pull off doing Babs but again, it should be interesting.

  14. πŸ˜† @ Lady. I figure why not? Start my day with the BS fam while I drink my OJ. :thumbsup:

  15. tk, I just ran your username, ip address and e-mail account and guess what I found out? One- you post here under multiple names. 2- all of your comments are to articles about Beyonce. 3- you post love and hate comments about Beyonce, oftentimes arguing with yourself. You will actually say something mean about her and then respond to your own comment under another name.

    In other words- you are crazy

    well certainly you got your foot in your mouth.cos ive been an ardent admirer of your site thinking there is equality of representation of supposed “brown sistas”Your insinuations clearly are false and terribly trigger off my respect for this site or you.

  16. dang steph you aint have to call em out like that! haha and so what if she is getting paid for it its her website…get over it…anyway you are doing a good job stephanie and its a shame that people complain where i see that you post alot of different things and the same people that comment on being to many beyonce post are the same ones that DONT comment on the other post you put out….

  17. Dang, Beyonce is working! I feel bad for women that are just actresses and they can’t get work. Not hating on Bey at all just making a general comment. I mean women like Gabby Union, Tariji Henson, Sanaa etc that just act (don’t sing) and acting is how they make a living and they get like 1-2 movies a year.

  18. If this is true then this is HUGE! I am loving Beyonce bringing musicals back. A Star is Born is a semi musical in that characters aren’t breaking out into song but the character is a up and coming singer so most of her singing takes place on stage. However, there is more than enough drama and storyline for this to be different from anything she’s done. If they get the right lead male role like Will Smith then it’s a wrap! You better get your Judy Garland on Beyonce and don’t listen to none of these haters. Keep doing you and I’m looking forward to more info on this possible remake. It’s a gem! I don’t know what the haters going to do if this actually goes through!

  19. And I’m sure this film will flop just like all the rest..It amazes me that Beyonce can’t act worth a damn and most of her movies don’t do very well yet people are lined up to keep giving this chick movie roles over more talented and more deserving actress.



  20. @ lady i agree that i want to see beyonce do other things than just music rolls at the same time if it was me and i knew thats my specialty then i would do it too lol but you are right i want to see her do something different…im waiting for obsessed i hope thats a good one

  21. stefany you hope it flops big time? if you dislike this girl that much because she is making money then it sounds like a jealousy issue…

  22. @tk – :lol2: Agree so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  23. Me too@G. I hope it motivates other singers to do the same. The arts need musicals to be in the mainstream so Bey doing this is all good to me. I would love to see Jazmine do one or Brandy or maybe even Faith do one.

  24. Don’t even worry about it, Mario. People are going to say what they want, Bey is going to do what she wants. πŸ˜†

  25. OK First to comment on Beyonce. Love Bee, Love her CD, love the person she’s become before our eyes. OF course some things I have reservations about, but in all she’s cool. I haven’t see The Etia James film yet but I hope it’s better than all her other movies. But to do A star is Born. WOW that’s big.

    Now Step….HOLLERING!!! CHECK’EM GURL CHECK’EM! :hifive:

  26. U is a mess curtis lol. πŸ™‚ Enjoy that oj to the last drop lol. Yes mario i think im going see that movie and see how she really gets down.

  27. what is up with her always playing a singer?? why do they keep casting her in these movies?? i love bey, and i’m sure her acting has improved, but this is too much

  28. First – stephanie :bowdown: putting her crazy ass on blast – made my morning.

    Now if Bey wants to be taking as a serious actress she has got to do other roles besides playing a singer..It’s not much of a stretch so not much “real” acting is required..just saying..

  29. @mario – :iagree: . But the last thing the world needs is another sandrarose :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  30. Stephanie you just made my day by calling out that person :lol2:

    I am a big Beyonce fan but I do believe real actresses like Taraji, Nia and others need to be given a chance.

    As much as I do love Bey, i feel like she has the need to dominate every industry. Its probably not her fault, i have a feeling that Poppa Knowles made her think her worth is in how much attention and awards she gets from the world.

    Tip for Bey: Honey we love u, u are good but take a break, look after you and your man, make some babies or something – life is about more than just being in the spotlight

  31. For someone to wish failure for another is pure hatred and jealousy.
    beyonce can do whatever she wants, the world’s her oyster.
    Stop hating :hater:

  32. Did anyone hear of the statement she made about how her family lived before she became famous as opposed to the Jacksons?

  33. Mova, ummm no. And in this case, this isn’t one of them.

    Lady, I know that MMMM( πŸ˜† ) and I agree with it. I am a fan but that was over-the-top.

  34. Yes I did. Like I said, her back handed comments towards other celebrities and her arrogance is going to come back and bite her in the butt. I liked Beyonce when she was with Destiny’s Child and when she came out with her first solo album. She started to turn me off once she came out with B-Day and Dreamgirls. It was like she turned into this I must have all of the spotlight on me. She is also too focused on getting all of the awards, making history, being an icon and legend. It is obvious living a privileged life, becoming a major superstar and marrying a rap mogul just helps her over inflated ego get bigger.

  35. Go head Stephanie! Regulate! Loves it!

    Congrats to Beyonce! Can’t wait to see this!

  36. Here is Beyonce’s quote in one of the magazine’s about the Jackson’s:

    “I grew up upper-class. Private school. My dad had a Jaguar,” she recalls. β€œWe’re African-American and we work together as a family, so people assume we’re like the Jacksons. But I didn’t have parents using me to get out of a bad situation.” – OK! Magazine”

    Learn to be more humble and stop putting others down to make yourself look good Mrs Knowles-Carter. You may be on top of the World today but if you forget where you came from – The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away – God is a very jealous God.


  37. Hi everyone,

    Yeah I read that comment about the Jacksons and NOT COOL! :thumbsdown:

    She’s clearly running out of things to say in her interviews which is a BIG sign that she should slow down and she should take a break cause the media will only be good to you for so long and then from then on its down hill all the way. She MUST get a professional PR or else she’s wont be able to do the “damage control” that she’s gonna be in desperate need of pretty soon!

    As for her getting another ‘singing’ movie – she should try to stay away from them. She’s going to turn into another JLO – really famous but freakishly annoying, where her celebrity is going to overshadow her talent.

    This should be her last musical and then she should break out into other roles where she doesnt sing.

  38. stefany you hope it flops big time? if you dislike this girl that much because she is making money then it sounds like a jealousy issue
    @ MARIO

    Sweetheart I’m too damn old to be jealous of Beyonce, only young people and stans think that everyone is jealous of Beyonce..There are much more deserving struggling people out there who are trying to make it while she’s being handed roles just because of who she is..Truth be known Beyonce can’t act, I give her props for her music and dancing ability but she needs to leave the big screen alone, you can’t do everything. Some people in the industry like to dominate everything just to feed their ego.


  39. @Curtis yes i was like damn. She alway had a silver spoon in her mouth. But talking reckless about the jackson family was really uncall for.

  40. This woman is like the fictional charachter LOLA…..whatever Lola wants Lola gets. I’m sorry but there are better choices out there to play these roles. yall can get mad at me if you want to πŸ™„
    she’s just going to play herself out.

  41. Luxe, well her many of her fans have no problem with what she said. So believe it or not, it is not gonna hurt her that much…

    Lady, it was very reckless and kinda out of left field too. There are many ways to say things without saying it. Think, Bey is usually the one who don’t make comments like that. We expect out of Solo but not her. πŸ˜† Well, we have been wanting her to come out of her shell but we didn’t expect this.

  42. @ Chey, :iagree: with you half way. I don’t think she is sleeping with these people but I do think there is a strong possibility her her paying some people for this. I don’t care, she will be the downfall of herself.

  43. Curtis, there is an old song that goes “whatever lola wants lola gets”, I’m sure its some where available for you to hear online.

  44. Beyonce post are becoming so childish these days. Can we have a healthy debate about Beyonce instead of calling people stans and haters? I mean wow.

    As for Beyonce taking another movie role that is her business. I do agree that we should see more black female actresses taking over the movie scene, but quite frankly when it comes to the film industry they are extremely racially biased. They don’t feel that a black actress can sell a movie if she doesn’t have a former fanbase or a background in another entertainment career for a black woman to sell a movie. Beyonce is only given these roles because she is successful in music and they are only looking for someone to fill the seats. Ir’s less about art these days. It’s less about an actor/actress bringing a script to life. The film industry is failing as we speak and concsumers these days are not taking chances on seeing an upcoming actress or actor. However, the film industry does take chances on unknown white female actresses. The reason that is because well white women make up more of America”s population.

    In conclusion, the argument is not about Beyonce trying to monopolize the film industry of taking roles from every other black actress. The argument and complaint should be towards the film industry not taking chances on a black female who might’ve graduated from Julliard. I believe that that is one ot the reasons Janelle Monae gave up singing on broadway because they don’t take chances on black women playing leading roles. So she end up being a recording artist. Although she is not popular of being one. but she more known of being a recording artist than a broadway singer/actress. Take your complaints to the film indusrty not Beyonce. She is going to take the opportunties regardless. Yeah it would be humantistic of her to give up a role for more deserving actress but this is miss-I-got-to-have-it-all Beyonce lol. Mama ain’t doing all that she wants that oscar dammit!

  45. Someone said it perfectly. Daddy Knowles and Beyonce want to dominate the entire entertainment industry. Beyonce once said that she wanted to top Michael Jackson and be the worlds greatest entertainer. That will never happen. :lol2:

    Michael Jackson’s career spans 40+ years. Regardless of his downfalls, he is and will always be one of the most celebrated and influential artist of all time. Beyonce is part of a generation that is a product of the industry because of her booty shaking, sex appeal and good looks. :booty: There is nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary about anything she does. She is becoming so annoying that she believes her own hype.

    Who the heck goes around begging to be a icon, legend or whining for an award. Talk about desperation. Yes, she will be the downfall of her own career.

  46. loveroflife

    I agree with you (I didn’t read it all). That’s why I am glad we have Tyler Perry. Not ALL people like his movies but he does employ black actresses/Actors, even ones that have been out of work for years.


  47. Sorry BEY IS TAKING OVER!!! Stop with the HATE. Other actresses cant sing like Bey is why she is always playing in musical movies. Sorry but her VOICE is something serious the girl can sing the PHONE BOOK and make it sound spectacular. I aint mad at Bey get yo money giiirl!!! :thumbsup: to all the :hater: ‘s LLS

  48. @Curtis yes i agree i would think solo would say something like that. Let me find out Beyonce trying to get alittle street with her mouth lol. Like in dreamgirl miss thang have a pottie mouth lol. @Liyah what up girl. Yes i love tyler perry period. You see have the number 1 sitcom right now. He doing big things. Yes liyah i have to look on utube too lol.

  49. Loveroflife, that’s why I say that if Bey really wants to make a dent into the entertainment industry why not her executively produce the movies and then get talented actresses who are not known to go out do the roles? It is obvious she wants to be part of that art and I like that she does musicals and brings out the legends so that others will learn about them(that’s one of her niches I believe) but I think that there is more of an impact behind the scenes in this case then her doing roles. She has the money and she would make MORE money by doing that. It sounds logical to me.

  50. @loveroflife

    Thank you that’s why I rarely comment on Beyonce stories because her stories tend to be dominated by young people.

  51. Lady, she has Jigga to help her get whatever street she don’t have. πŸ˜†

  52. @The baddest nobody is not hating we just stating the facts about her acting. Like i said above when obsessed come out i will go see it. Can she really can get down with brownsista in the acting business.

  53. True, the baddest. She can sing her butt off, but I would love to see other artists do musicals. Loveroflife mentioned Janelle Monet, now that’s a perfect example of someone Bey could have as Eartha Kitt with her executively producing the movie. This could work for her and give her another career to have when she don’t want to record anymore. In fact, one day when she is ready to chill, I want her to own a label and bring more talent into the industry. Especially black sistah talent from wherever. Expand her reach.

  54. Yes, but not through High Schools@ Lady. πŸ˜† Let me stop being corny. πŸ˜†

  55. HAhahaha! Stephanie, that was so funny how you called TK out. You must do that more often for the crazy people that post on this site OK. I always thought that some people posted under multiple names. :lol2:

  56. stefany u don’t have to be young to be jealous its obvious that u have a problem with people that makes a lot of money and continues to make money by your comment of hoping she not have success. its ok to not like someone for whatever reason, but its something else when u hope someone fail and that is an example of hatred

  57. I’m going to see Cadillac Records today! I’m a Bey fan or stan, whatever you want to call me, I don’t care, but I do know that she’s not the best actress. I am hearing good things about her performance this time, and I know she will work hard at improving. So with that said, go Bey!

  58. lola please let me know wha u think of the movie u will be impressed especialy compared to her previous acts

  59. Even though there are many actresses out there who could do a different job than beyonce in the roles she is playing, I am just happy that a brownsista is getting anything. Will Smith even said in an interview just last week that the big shots still tell him that his movies can’t have all blacks in them, that he has to have white people in it or it will be labeled a black movie and according to them, they don’t sell as well as a movie with white people in it. So for a black person period to get an assignment, GO FOR IT. And remember what William the Refrigerator Perry said when he was popular playing for the Chicago Bears in the 1980’s, success is easy to achieve, but hard to maintain because no person can sustain that level of intensity for too long. So his goal was to take advantage of every opportunity (and their were a lot for him) as long as it lasts and enjoy the fruits of the labor when it is over. So let’s just understand how hard it was for blacks when all of their materials was being ripped off and stolen like it was the thing to do. So Kudos to Beyonce, Sanaa, Taraji, Tyler Perry, Will Smith, and the likes.

  60. I’m sorry to post twice for this article, but I forgot to mention that I saw the movie Cadillac Records and it was great. Beyonce really did a great job considering Etta James said that she never spoke to her and never met her. She is much better. Everyone in that movie did a great job even though they were all singing more than acting, except for Cedric the entertainer, Adrien Brody, Gabrielle Union and Jeffrey Wright. It’s sad that it did not make more money because the stories were interesting. But it is like Will Smith said, when you have a majority of black people in a movie, it is viewed as a black movie and a lot of viewers won’t pay for it. And bootlegging is destroying many movies as well.

  61. Hmmmm…normally I stay away from these Beyonce posts b/c it becomes to pyscho/chaotic in here w/ her following & those on the other side of the fence. But when I saw this I just couldn’t help, but to think to myself & ask… why? How is it that Beyonce is landing all of these acting roles? I also find it ironic that she was just @ the Kennedy Honors honoring Streisand & here she is remaking a movie that Stresiand remade. Also find it strange that the majority of the movies that she is making are biopics( ok I could give her the Etta James role, but Eartha Kitt??). I think it would be nice to see an actual actress star in some of these parts… you know the ppl who 1st set out to be actors & actresses & not something else & then ended up being a actor.

    I am sorry Beyonce has a nice voice & she is a decent performer, but the girl can’t act. The best acting I have seen from her was outta “Dreamgirls” & in that movie she didn’t speak that much. I guess I am just tired of these singers who are good @ their craft trying to cross over & think they will have that Angie Bassett or Denzel appeal on the big screen. Yes there quite a few of singers & rappers who are actually pretty good @ acting ( Will, LL, Cube, Queen, Luda, & Mos) to name a few. I’ll admit that some ppl just have that dual talent, like the names listed. But not everyone is blessed w/ that kinda gift. Unfortunately for Bey I think she is one of those ppl who doesn’t have the gift to be both singer & actress. I know that Beyonce strives for that Barbara Streisand kinda glory, but Babs is one of those folks, whose simply got that kinda juice to pull double duty.

  62. @ Curtis and Lady….I see where your coming from but if you look back to when Bey 1st started that acting thing she wasnt good at all. Each movie she does she improves 100%. Originally we know acting is not her talent but has become a talent of hers. A,K ,Keisha Cole, Fantashia, Rhianna, Ashanti, J-Hud AND many more are good singers and actors but when it comes to protraying legendary artist such as Etta James, Dianna Ross, Ertha Kitt they DONT fit the bill. Vocaly nor face wise. Bey does and when I say hating meaning to keep saying she cant act, her acting sucks ect…TO ME thats hating. She out here getting her money making her mark. And noone can get mad for that. Holla at the producers if ya’ll want to see other singers in movies OBVIOUSLY they see something in her. So if your not hating please take no offense…..if so then it is what it is. YOUR A HATER!

  63. uh oh uh oh uh oh o no no you make me want me throw my tv out the door close these blog and not look at it anymore, bcause you a buga a boo you bugging me you a bug a boo, to the left to the left beyawnce take everything you got and leave, there can be another you in a minute, ring the alarm we been through this too long, Ill be damn If I have to see you anywhere anymore, If you were a boy would you just go away, give us time to miss your face. nasty girl put some clothes on because you look nasty always shaking your ass and showing your goods nasty girl, because in the end you will still have just me myself and I, now that you got a ring on it can you put a lid on it?

  64. @ Blame it on the rain, Mos Def started off acting before he decided to do music.

    @ Curtis I agree 100%. With the money she has of funding a film, she could try to help other black actresses get some shine. However, Beyonce is not going to do that. She is the star and Sasha Fierce does not like to be out shine no way and no how. You are not geting the Oscar before her. Like D’Angelo said “F*** the slice we want the pie” that’s kind of her attitude. She might be gracious enough to give you a little shine, but not that much lol. Social Darwanism is her bones. Black actresses are just going to have to live with it unless black people take a stand against the film industry of not playing fair on black/female thespians. The whole argument of disliking Beyonce for takinf movie roles is not the big issue for me. I have this conversation all the time with my friend and we think the same way. That’s why we are aspiring film directors. We carve our own lane.

  65. @ the baddest

    they are seeing money when they see Beyonce. If Beyonce was to be solely an actress, she wouldn’t have made very far. They probably would’ve told her to do what she is doing now lol. Real talk. These casting directors are not joke honey lol

  66. @ LOVEROFLIFE…Hunnie you sound foolish what actress/singer or anyone for that matter is going to turn down there swagg and talent so OTHER actresses or singers can get there shine on too?? NO ONE Look at Halle Berry just a while back and even now she has been dominating the movie screens, do you actually think she will stop to give others a chance to shine too?? Absolutly NOT she gon do her and get that money! If other actresses and singers wat some shine then they need to TURN UP THERE SWAGG step that game up!! Bey is a hard working bytch, that wont stop. So tell theses so called other actresses to step it up or get better agents.

  67. @ LOVEROFLIFE….your right but they still want a good movie and Cadillac Records didnt even make that much. Bey donated her check for doing that movie to the rehab center in brooklyn. So its not always about money. PLEASE name 2 singers or actresses that cld protray Ertha Kitt better or Etta James??

  68. Beyonce has a motive for wanting to do movies and one motive only. His name is “Oscar”.

  69. @Baddest chick yes i alway said beyonce can sing and she know how to put on a show. I seen her live and she was doing it with kelly and michelle. But as far as her acting yes she need to get out them musical role and get into something she never done before. So i said up top im going to spend my 10.000 dollar to see her in obsessed. Then i come back on here and give u my opinion. Some people can do it all and some people can not. That one that she need to work on. As far as hating people is not going to like what someone do or choose to do all the time.

  70. why she keep doin all these movies she cant act shes so fake and concieted they act like shes the only singer in the world and her voice is not that graet :bag: :bag: :loser: :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :thumbsdown:

  71. @ Lady I feel you but its a difference between not liking and just plain hating saying she cant act im sick of her why can other actress be in the light too…to ME that’s hating. Now if you give your opinion on something that’s just what it is your opinion. Check out Cadillac Records. She does her thang in that movie. I had to blink several times to get in my head that, that was actually Beyonce! I think she’s legendary and is an official ICON. a STRONG BROWN SISTA doing her thing…how can one get mad at that!?

  72. @ TERRY YOU SOUND RIDICULOUS! @lady…..HE IS A HATER. We all know Bey can sing a COOK book and make it sound great. :hater:

  73. Beyonce is going to kill the person who leaked that info! lol When stuff like that happens it makes me think of all the weird things insiders have said about the business and I’m afraid for every naive girl fresh off the farm hoping to make it big. lol
    But back to Beyonce, it’s so funny that everything she does seems to to be in furtherance of some business deal. It’s all too weird — announcing Barbara is her idol and then finding out she’s remaking this movie..too much! It seems as if it was an obvious attempt to make herself more believable in the role by pretending to have some genuine love for Barbara. It’s the same thing she did with Etta and we know now that not only does she know nothing about the woman, she never bothered to speak to her. It’s so crazy! But most of all, it’s why she’s believed contrived.
    As for the Eartha thing, I’m optimistic about that! Really! I actually think she looks a lot like Eartha did when she was her age and has the sort of deep voice that lends itself to Eartha’s so it won’t be such a bad thing. So far the only thing off about that venture/role is the fact that we know about Eartha’s earlier controversial reaction to the news that Beyonce would take it on, but it shouldn’t be horrible. I’m actually expecting it to be just a few shades worse than Sienna Miller was in “Factory Girl”..nah, that isn’t realistic. Maybe it’ll be a few shades better than the kid in the Gary Coleman tv flick. Not too bad, as I said – when somebody looks the part, you tend to like it by default, you know?

  74. @ the baddest

    I never said that she should give up her role. Please re-read my comments. If you read what I say you would agree with me. I think that Jurnee Smollet would play a better Etta James in my opinion. That girl has always been wonderful to me. She is next Halle wait and see. πŸ™‚

  75. i dont want to check out nothing she does her career is so fake :bag:

  76. @loveroflife

    You are so right… Mos Def was in acting 1st.

  77. @mati wow you must really admire bey to write all those lyrics….i tell ya when im tired of a celebrity i wont give their music the chance to come out of my speakers to even remember one line from the song…i guess bey is having her way with you huh?

  78. its a shame how much negativity this board can have when its a beyonce post but when its a jhud post EVERYONE has positive things to say….is that fair? beyonce nor jhud has done anything to any of you but you find something negative to say about this girl? not trying to start anything i just really want someone intelligent to tell me why does it have to be like this?

  79. Let’s see, she was campaining to be the first black woman to win a Grammy, Oscar and Tony, to be an icon, to be a legend, to be the greatest entertainer of all time, to be the first black wonder woman, to sing at Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration – next she will start campaining for the Noble Peace Prize. She should be a comedian because this girl is hilarious.

  80. @Baddest chick i wait for it to come on dvd lol. I get good review about her playing the part then i get it look like beyonce in a bad wig. I heard she only in the movie like 20-30 mins. @Mario not sound like im dissing beyonce but jennifer hudson know how to come in the spotlight and step right out lol. Right now she about to do another video so im just happy she back after what happen to her. The one thing i do not like is the comparing with all of them. They all have different styles. Like with me i like rihanna the only thing i do not like is her stage present. She lack alot in that. But other the n that she doing her thing.

  81. Mario,

    People say things negative about Kanye all the time. I’m a kanye fan. I don’t defend him every time . Sure he has some negative things about him but he has positive things about him as well. Beyonce does too. I think Beyonce comes off way to calculated with her career moves, which may cause people not too take her too serious as an “icon” or “legend”. I honestly think she has potential but she tries too hard and she doesn’t have too lol. Alicia Keys can drop an album from a four year hiatus, taking breaks without no media attention and still come back selling 750k is icon status. Beyonce doesn’t have to over promote. She has way too much talent to be doing that to herself. I don’t hate her nor do I love her. I respect Beyonce. People say negative things all the time about Rihanna. People don’t defend her as much as they do with Beyonce. Most people tend to be bias and drag Beyonce’s name in it. I don’t know why though.

  82. Uhhhhh………..ANOTHER Beyonce post I see.

    She can’t stop (doin the p diddy dance) won’t stop…….uh huh…yeah

  83. thanks girls for the response i guess you are right i just wish people would grow up and stop pointing out every bad thing about this girl and move on and i want some more rihanna post lol i love that rehab video i keep it on repeat on my computer….baby your my disease….

  84. I rather see a post about angel lola luv’s ass cheeks then to see another post about Beyonce (no homo).

    How can people still support her even when she steals and then takes credit for it?

    Even though I don’t like or respect her music I don’t like her as a person because she is not proud of her being a black woman. She’s only using being black to her advantage and hasn’t did anything significant in her life.

    I ran across this quote and I would like to share it with you…………well it’s two quotes………….

    “A wise person will speak when they have something to say……….A fool will speak when they have to say something”
    “If you want to feel rich, just count the things money cannot buy”

    I wonder where she fits?

    @THE BADDEST you don’t need a singer /actress to play a part. Look at the Tina Turner movie. Lawrence didn’t look a thing like Ike but he played the hell out of that part. He MADE you believe he was Ike. Now that’s acting for ur ass. Angela as well. It’s all about who can portray the person the best. Beyonce didn’t portray Etta. beyonce got sex appeal to play Eartha but that’s it. She’s getting by through payola and I can’t believe how dumb people could be to not see between the lines. I bet you guys are the same people believe the world was gonna end in 2000. Buying all kinds of water and canned foods. I wish people would just think for themselves and see the big picture and see what really going on. It’s right in front of our faces and we choose to ignore it. I know what Beyonce’s trying to do and I can’t stand her for thinking i’m just as stupid and absent-minded as her. Like I said in the other post i’m too old of a cat to be scratched by a kitten.

  85. nubianj you still up here bashing beyonce? get over it… just because you dont support her doesnt mean you need to try to get other people to agree with you…most of the times comments like that is just a waste of time but anyway you love her enough to keep complaining about her…those that complain alot of the times are the ones that keep her in the sportlight….complain on sista! :brownsista:

  86. I hope that this is not true. If she wants to be taken seriously as an actress then she needs to get serious. Playing the same roles (a singer) will not earn you respect in this industry. If she wants to act then she needs to take on more diverse roles. If not, then she needs to stick with trying to do Broadway. Otherwise she will just be seen as Beyonce in a movie. I know she has that other movie coming out with Idris, but I hope that she’s not doing any singing in it.

  87. @mario you is too much i like when you and curtis come on because you get people going lol. This blog is all about comment and debating there no harm to it. But some people just be going crazy about it when it come to beyonce. She can rub people the good way and bad lol. That what make the world goes around i guess lol.

  88. nubianj you are right you dont have to be a singer to play a singing roll but at the same time if you take a movie like cadillac records, each person actually sang their part and they all sounded fantastic…it was nice to see that the actors actually song the songs that they were pretending to sing….if you havent heard beyonce sing ettas ‘all i could do was cry’ then you need to hit youtube right now because she sang! that song in the movie and the emotions showed on her face and i do believe that noone would have been able to sing that part as well as beyonce did NO ONE and thats my opinion :thumbsup:

  89. @ mario
    I see you still ain’t played in traffic yet.

    I love her because God told me to so yeah in that sense I do. What I said in my post and othe rposts don’t just go for Beyonce it goes for alot of things that is happening around us in the world and especially in America.
    I said it before and I will say it again…….I don’t want you to agree with me but just think for once and elavate you intellect. Or disprove me. I only say what she puts out there this stuff is not made up. That’s why I don’t see what’s the deal with people ignoring what’s going on. I have a right to be concerned and if you don’t like it then stick an apple in your mouth………..while playing in traffic.

    Dang I was a Beyonce fan once but now she leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I didn’t do anything to her she did it to herself. It’s only a matter of time when she falls. I would be happy for a black woman to get opportunities she has gotten but black people have gotten comfortable with settling. After all that has happened and black people are still settling. I’m not settling for that junk she puts out. I don’t care how many awards or accolades she has gotten. The same goes for any black person. We should know better therefore do better. So HELL TO THE MF NAW I’m not happy with all this buffoonery. It’s a shame that blacks will sell their souls for fame and fortune that will only last a hot second. They almost never come back to help out the people of their community. Which by the way buy their crap and keep them famous by making sure their name stays in people heads. She is as tacky and unprofessional as they come and I ain’t cutting her no slack just because she black. I’M NOT GONNA TAKE IT! (in my dave chappelle voice)

  90. :lol2: I know I am late but dang Stephanie called tk out… :bowdown:
    I just want to say that I respect many artist. I love Rhianna for being different and bringing something fresh to the game, besides the girl is fly. I love Jennifer Hudson for being a strong woman and not bowing down to people that wanted her to change her look. She is who she wants to be and I admire that. I admire Beyonce for always bringing her A+ game and for setting goals and never looking back regardless of her critics and for that she has brought us an album that will touch every emotion if one allows it to. Everyone is indeed entitled to their own opinions ; however, we all have things that we are not proud of in our life and I am sure that we have all said many times that we wish people could focus more on the good that we do and not the bad. With that said these artist that supply us with GREAT music to get thru our bad times our, at the end of the day, just human like us. I am sure that they would also like for us to remember the good that they have done and not always the bad.

  91. BTW I believe Tisha Campbell Martin would have been good as Etta. Queen Latifah would have ripped that girl to shreds. Beyonce getting the attention because she put money into the film and made herself executive producer. She couldn’t executive produce a roach show let alone a movie. ITS PAYOLA! She believes money will buy into and out of anything. Drug dealers do that but it only last for so long. I don’t have to wish for anything whether its good or bad. She creates her own destiny and I will only be a mere witness of her falling on her own sword. I could hope she does well all I want but if she produces bad seeds well……………you should know the rest

    at the post above me……..I would bring my A game too……..if I had the playbook!

  92. lady i like to see you up here too you know you my girl…where is voice and darksista at??!?! i miss my other girls too!

  93. @ NubianJ
    How many swords of your own have you fell on? πŸ˜†

  94. who wants to play a game? let’s call it the how many posts this thread is going to get game :lol2: :lol2: i’m guessing 175 :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    stephanie i know your source is a reliable source, but somehow i don’t believe it. that eartha kitt thing has been floating around since 2006 (if she was really doing it, it would have been done by now) and unless this new movie is being shot at the end of 2009 or 2010, she will not have time for it. she just started releasing dates for her tour, so i doubt she’ll be on tour and shooting a movie. like you said, it’s been floating around for years and both of these are rumors to me too.

  95. Bottom line companies are in business to make money that is the name of the game. Beyonce did a really good job at playing ETTA and the resemblance is there. Why would you attach a name like Tisha Campbell Martin to that role? That does not make business since, she is a sitcom actress my dear. Now as far as Queen Lathifa I will not disrespect as I love her and I think she would have done a great job as well, especially after seeing her in Chicago; love that movie. I just don’t think the resemblance to ETTA is there when it comes to Queen. So once again when casting a role you must be business minded and as realistic as possible. NTWAY!

  96. I haven’t fell on any because I always been cautious. If things happened I learn from them and keep it moving. I surround myself with certain people because I don’t want any trouble. I make sure I ask someone who knows or google it if I have a concern about anything whether it is the law, policies whatever. I have never done anything that I would regret accept have Jesus in my life sooner. My motto is prevention is better than correction so that’s how i live my life. I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs, go to clubs, or even listen to hip hop (<—anymore lol) Bad things usually happen to people at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. Even though I’m not rich like Beyonce or even a z list actor i would never stoop so low to do the things I’ve read about she has admitted to doing. I do work for the community because I live in Chicago and we need prayer. A Chicago Officer and I are raising money to help the people of our community by help with college work and teaching them how to live. I live by example and people should to

  97. adoration 4 b i also agree that queen would have done a good job as far as acting but there is no way that she would have been able to sing the songs in the movie as powerful as bey did

    Lola where you at?!?!?! i wanna know what you thought of the movie….i actually wish that the movie was longer this movie didnt have enough time in it to tell the story as well as it could have been if it was 30minutes to an hour longer…

  98. Trust me adoration. I went and still go to school for business so I know how it works. You just talked about resemblance and Tisha has it. Tisha did movies before she did sitcom. Uh duh. But anyways the ACTING is what makes it realistic. Not solely on looks. Beyonce is pure Marketing 101. (believe I said this in other post so not gonna rehash it). They’re promoting her as a cash cow. Companies are in business to Swindle you outta your hard earned money. They are hoping America will stay dumb so only 5% can stay rich and you stay poor. Like the bible said my people will suffer due to lack of knowledge and it also says the love of money is the root of all evil. Those business people love money and don’t care how to get it. My Degree is Finance with a minor in Economics and currently getting a Business management associates while going for a masters in Finance. I KNOW what going on I can’t believe Americans don’t read this stuff for themselves. You nust be really stupid to believe the gov’t got your best interest at heart. That who owns most of your big businesses in America.

    @mario…….no babe just dissing you now…… ARE the weakest link…..goodbye

  99. @ Curtis.
    Curtis, the song “Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets” is from a 1950’s musical movie called “Damn Yankees”. This should point you in the right direction to find out about that song. :thumbsup:

  100. nubianj like i said you still in here…. :lol2: but anyway only a person like you can call beyonce marketing 101 you dont know true talent because you waste to much time trying to turn the positive into the negative…do yourself a favor and take a break from all that school you taking…maybe it will make you look at the world in a better light honey

  101. Oh Stephanie,

    This post is at 107 already…….


    I have nothing to say but good luck Beyonce :brownsista:

    If portraying famous singers is her niche, then ride it ’til the wheels fall off.


  102. @ NubianJ
    I am sorry, did you say something? All I hear is white noise.
    @Mario , Yes I agree the QUEEN would not have been able to pull those songs off, I mean maybe in a lower key but why restructure a song when u got someone in your cast that can sing the heck out of that song. Don’t worry about NubianJ he drunk way too much Hatorade and he himself realizes how weak he is therefore needing to place emphasis on you. You ever know those people that say so much but at the same time they are really saying nothing. Well let me introduce you to NubianJ! :hifive:

  103. You people should be ashamed of yourselves… The owner should ban some of you. Is it really so important to you that you have to police comments/flood the site with drivel?

  104. @ NubianJ. Oh did you say associates degree, in other words a 2 year degree. So you have taken your basics and maybe a few concentrated courses. Baby please come back and speak when you atleast are working on your Masters. By the way would you like me to tell you what a masters degree looks like since I already have mine. (Smooches)
    Trust me I never said that the Government has my best interest at heart I can tell they don’t by looking at my paycheck deductions every 2 weeks. I am hoping for a change in the near future. GO BARACK!!! :bowdown:

  105. I like this site. The owner is fair-minded and respectable and I just hate that some of you really weird individuals are ruining her site. If you have a favorite star that you’re obsessed with, go to his/her fansite instead of trolling entertainment blogs for negative comments and if you, on the other hand, loathe a certain celebrity for some insane reason, avoid topics on him/her or at the very least ignore his/her fans who won’t suffer negative comments. You’re ruining the site. Nobody wants to read your tit-for-tat –it’s senseless and childish. I really hope the owner considers banning all of you.

  106. :lol2: :lol2: I am trying to figure out why, you guys are jumping down Beyonce’s neck. Have we forgottin that so many legends and Icons of the past have done way more musical movies then BEyonce. Lena Horn, Judy Garland, Diana Ross, Dorthy Dandreg, and Eartha Kitt! I think you people or should i say “Blockers or HATERS” which ever of the two have forgotten that these wonderful legeneds have become what they are by doing these kinds of films. And its not beyonce’s fault that bloggers keep writing about her. I mean thats what people are interested in Don’t you guys realize that on every BEyonce post she has the most comments!

  107. The Baddest, My point was to attack Bey in her doing movies, I want her to bring in more talent since she is executively producing movies. I said that I like the fact that at least she knows her niche. Relax, man. They’re just entertainers.

  108. Nubian, I apologize for the way I was yesterday. I always say they are just entertainers and there is no need to defend them like they are our family but I was just taken aback by your comments as well as the other poster’s comments.

  109. @adoration I’m a she BTW and what did I do to you? I just answered your question and YOU got defensive. We can all have a intellectual debate but for some reason we can’t. I was addressing from yesterday what I said to Mario. I can’t believe you got a masters and continue to use “Haterade” How juvenile! I love how to got your masters though. I’m all about positivity but if you put yourself out there publicly you deserve to get dissed publicly. Look the girls needs help there is no denying that. I hope she gets it and become whatever she wants to be without having to step on peoples back. BTW you trying to show me up didn’t work because in my twenty three years on earth I have education, my OWN condo, don’t have any children and manage to stay out of trouble. Not alot of twenty three year olds have done what I have while being a black female! I am blessed and happy of what I have accomplished and can’t wait to be able to help others in my community to get to where I am. Anyway this is soooooooo December 9 so I will end this and continue my day.

  110. Loveroflife, that’s a good point. Rather than complain about it, people should put their money where their mouth is and not support it at all. But peeps would rather complain than do that because it is easy to do. I am like this, if I am not a fan of someone, I just bypass them even if they have a project with someone I am a fan of. That’s how I am. I am not a fan of Kayne, I think he is super arrogant if someone like Bey or Alicia or Jennifer or Fantasia or Jasmine(you get the picture) does something with him, I am going to ignore it. It is that simple. Support indie black films, that’s the best way peeps can rebel against what is going on now.

  111. :iagree: with Nubian J on the marketing 101 thing. I’ll give it to her, she gives a good performance :booty: , but when you get through all the circus freaks, clowns, pyrotechnics, tightrope walkers, smoke and mirrors, her talent is mediocre. Her Marketing and PR teams are beasts.

  112. Thanks Curtis but no need for apologies lol. What I say about anything applies to everyday living not just with Beyonce. People need to think PERIOD! I don’t like talking to people who have everything to say but no evidence. They’re a waste of space. People have differences and I’m not tryin to change your opinion just trying to make you get your creative thinking cap and use it but apparently…………

    Anyway I gotta go………good day to everyone.


  114. :iagree: with NubianJ on every single post.

    Keep telling it like it is. Like they say stand for something or fall for anything.

  115. :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: @ SEAN you are so so so so right! people don’t even think to realize that!

  116. Good point@ Sean. I comment because I am a fan. I am going to comment on Jen now because I am a fan of hers. I like talking about entertainment. That’s how I am.

  117. I for one don’t see no harm when singers act cause i love me some divas
    la Diana ross,Whitney Houston,Cher,Janet Jackson and so on. BUT…………………Beyonce just doesn’t have that star appeal like she has wth music. Her manly down south accent is truly annoying. And the Begging is in jennifer aniston tone is so UNcool :lol2:

    And her saying that thing about the jacksons, way out of line :stop: All the Janet stans Stand up lol we don’t play

  118. πŸ˜† @peace and love. Janet and Michael fans should lol at the statement. Their impact on music is secured and any beyonce dumb statement(and it was dumb) will be seen as that.

  119. First and foremost dang Steph went hard! πŸ˜† I dont know if I should be relieved that multiple people out there have really don’t have such passionate feelings about Beyonce, or disturbing that internet folk have such unfufilling lives they put forth the effort to create different personas just to get whatever attention they’re deprived of in a place I like to call “The Real World”!
    As usual I see the post is full of the regular including the oh so deep pseudo-intellectuals who only seem to have opinions on anything regarding Beyonce πŸ™„ what puzzles me is why act so mystified at her constant “successes” when most of you dedicate so much time discussing her? Did you not consider that the same obsession would be taking place at the opposite end of the spectrum? Lawd lets keep our eyes peeled for more petitions πŸ™„ , heaven help us if Beyonce gets another movie role, shes giving you so much to fawn over !
    Now as far as what actress bears the most resembelance to Ertha Kitt, I agree that Beyonce is far-fetched physically, but where the hell did you all get Tisha Cambell? If anyone can pull it off I say Robin Givens, I mean she’s very petite, just like Ertha, and she also has strong the distinct bone structure , Tisha Cambell has the shoulders of a Cornerback or something! obviously some should spend less time obsessing over Beyonces career moves, and playing Casting director, and more time addressing more pressing issues that are more deserving of an “educated” persons attention πŸ˜† πŸ™„

  120. It’s b pleasant to see her do something different. 5 movies where ur a singer ? πŸ™„ I wish her luck anyway. I dont know why but when I see her in films, I keep seeing Beyonce, not whovever. Even in Pink Panther although that was funny ( dunno why ppl slated it) Wow, she’l have been in about 8/9 films after this.

    Anyway she’s on the X factor (UK version of American Idol ,as it were) this week for the final and I hope she’s Alex mentor. It’d b the incing on the proverbial cake for this girl to win, and she has to win. Woop!


  121. Sean Said:

    I am trying to figure out why, you guys are jumping down Beyonce’s neck. Have we forgottin that so many legends and Icons of the past have done way more musical movies then BEyonce. Lena Horn, Judy Garland, Diana Ross, Dorthy Dandreg, and Eartha Kitt!

    Sean your point is well taken but the difference b/t the women you named and Beyonce is that they are/were good actresses. Beyonce is a bad actress and there are so many other sistas out there who have studied the craft and aren’t getting roles. I love Beyonce’s music and I’m the first one to hit the dance floor when her songs come on but when it comes to acting, she’s not bringing it.

  122. Never under estimate that ignorance comes in large numbers, this woman is the biggest fraud I have ever seen and some people can’t see or don’t want to admit that they see it. She has already become a millionaire with a her average singing and butt shaking concerts, now she wants to take over the movies with her no-acting behind. Do she ever think she is taking jobs away from some real talented actress with a family to feed and support? that is real greedy and selfish for someone that wants to try to come across as nice. Beyawnce you have enough money to last you a lifetime, don’t be greedy it will come back on you as it already is people are sick of you! Your stans remind us everyday of your millions, so what are you trying to prove? We know you rich but money can only go so far, one day you will see what really is important when you have to come back across all those you have stepped on to get to the top.

  123. @MATI
    She will shock the hell out of u. She can act now im so serious.

  124. Okay. I saw the movie on the net, and I can say, she’s still a bad actress.

  125. Just to see Judy Garland’s name in the same sentence with Beyonce is WRONG. It’s an insult to a legendary actress.

  126. Stephanie-thanks for this site. No one else covers black female celebrities like you. I like the way you hold it down!
    Blame it on the rain-I agree with you. I too would like to see some other actresses portray these roles. I love Beyonce and I think she has talent, but I would like to see Sanaa, Taraji, Tisha, Nicole Ari Parker, Essence Atkins, and Wendy Raquel get some of these roles!

  127. I cant take Beyonce’s acting seriously, it seems that she wants accolades more than to learn the actual craft. I have not seen the movie but I already know that Beyonce sang great and she looked fab while doing so, which leads me to believe that I would be watching a Beyonce video. Diana Ross was the star in Lady Sings the Blues and Mahogany, this lady killed these roles with emotion and grit but Beyonce seems to sheltered to be able to get real, she only knows how to play singers because she can relate to them most. I have a problem with Beyonce playing Etta James because she never met with Etta or spoke with Etta to get the true feeling of her life, instead Beyonce went to a drug rehab center. This bothers me because it affects people differently, why didnt she speak with Etta to get first hand account? I figure that Beyonce & Co. got word that Etta didnt want Beyonce playing her because she thought they looked and sounded nothing alike, her son had to convince her…. Also, Beyonce & Co. Produced this movie so they were going to do whatever they wanted.

  128. @ NubianJ :iagree: :bowdown: You make a lot of great points and you are very grounded mentally to be twenty-three years old. Don’t waste your time debating with Adoration 4 b because he is a hypocrit and a liar. He just sat on another post and stated to me how he up lifts black women as well as other people from all walks of life :noway: when I called him out. But then he is on this post trying to belittle you. I knew only in due time he would put his foot in his big mouth again πŸ˜† and start dragging other black women through the mudd. But the things above you described you are doing for your community are great. Keep up th great work brownsista :brownsista: :thumbsup:

  129. Tell me in what profession can “on the job” training pay so much. I don’t want to pay to go and see a “wait, give her a minute, she MAY get better” actress my money. Somebody needs to do another movie about Etta James and cast a REAL actress that would crack everybody’s face, because she’s out there…

    And for the record…the word “hater” and “haterade” are idioms that are overused as much as Beyonce is overexposed. Just because someone doesn’t agree doesn’t make them a hater…

  130. @Whew…you said a mouthful!

    And someone made a comment about Halle dominating the movie screen…that’s because she can act. I just think back to one of her first roles as the crackhead in Spike Lee’s movie and how she nailed it…Beyonce could have never made that believable to me. She simply lacks the range and I don’t think Hollywood should wait around for her to improve. If I were a black actress with obvious skills in Hollywood, discovered or undiscovered, I’d be a bit peeved… :thumbsdown:

  131. *beyonce keep making the music that Iove!! you inspire me to go after all that I want and desire* at the end of the day I really think that it is the haters that keep Bey’s pockets fat. If you all don’t like her soooo much why are you even reading a post about her. What LOSERS…..LMAO!

  132. So….my mother and I went to see Cadillac Records tonight. We both enjoyed the movie, and in fact, we went straight to Circuit City afterward so my mother could purchase the soundtrack. I thought each character brought something to the movie. I also think Bey improves with each movie. She played the role well, and my mother thought so too. I loved her songs in the movie as well.

    I encourage everyone to see the movie. :thumbsup: :brownsista:

  133. In response to Bey’s comment regarding the Jacksons:

    1. The interviewers question could have inquired about a comparison between Papa Joe and Mathew, as of course that wasn’t printed. We don’t know what the interviewer asked her.

    2. She’s been in the game long enough to know better, I would think

    3. Celebs are constantly misquoted

    4. It could’ve been taken out of context

    5. OK! Mag? Whatever

    This applies to all celebs, not just Bey, and not just because I’m a fan/stan. I would say the same for all


    Beyonce not on the nominations list for best Actress or best supporting Actress at the Golden Globes.

    She is, however, nominated (alongside five other writers) for one of the songs from ‘Cadillac Records’ soundtrack.

  135. thanks lola for your review! i knew you would like it. im not to big on older music but i did by the soundtrack as well…it really was nice to learn a little more about our history of music

  136. I am sorry did someone say something! Nope they sure didn’t! I will no longer be wasting my time defending myself to anyone who speaks my name. I am flattered by the way that I have taken so much of your time. Anonymous just can’t keep her big mouth shut, you obviously love me!

  137. @ NubianJ I would like to extend my apology to you from yesterday. You can come across a little abrasive, so it will be natural for people to be on the defense when conversating with you. I do think it is great what you are doing and I hope you stay on course to be the success you were meant to be. Love Ya!

  138. Can Beyonce play someone other than a singer? I know she’s supposed to be in a film with Idris Elba, but damn, I hope she does not sing in that film.

  139. I thought Ashanti was supposed to play Eartha. She looks just like Eartha when she was a young girl.

    I am however happy to see that Beyonce has changed the face of “A Star..” .

  140. :stop: This girl buys every role. I swear I will not see any movie with Beyonce in it. I loved her when she first came out solo but now this girl here needs to stop. I mean she just will not stop until she gets and Oscar. Has she seen Brad and Angie, Will, Denzel, Oprah a blind man can see what she is up to. I just don’t know what to say about her to me this isn’t about Beyonce being a hard worker I think she is all about what I got .

  141. Whoelse is she gonna play? The remake of Tina, or maybe she will play herself in a biopic!

  142. Stephanie you have lost all perspective. Will you publish someone’s email next because they make a comment about you. The reality of it is you had a really nice and classy web site and you have destroyed it. Whatever that person was doing on your site as long as it was legal you should not have called him out like that. These blogs are suppose to be annyomous.

    Whatever that person said it touched a nerve with you. Because I have never seen you respond like that. There is no more need to come on your blog now. We can just go straight to her website now. Do you wonder why her music and movies are not doing well. Becaue they bought and paid people like you and now you all on over kill and people are generally sick of her. She may be the nicest person in the world but over kill is over kill.

    But this is not about Beyonce it is about you calling out people on your blog. That is just wrong and whatever nerve he hit you should check yourself. I am pretty sure I won’t see your response because I am done with this blog. I hope you left some of yourself. I hope you didn’t sell everything to the Knowles. But I wish you well.

  143. To Bria- There was someone here calline Stephanie “jealous of Beyonce’s money”. So do you think that’s fair????? So people on this blog can call the moderator of this blog anything and she is supposed to say nothing. Why would she be called “moderator” then????? And I don’t think Stephanie has nothing to do with Beyonce not selling well or people being tired of her. Just google these simple words, would you “Sick and tired of Beyonce”. Let me know if this website even comes up. Just to tell you that Beyonce’s fans don’t realize that maybe not everybody in this world thinks of her as a good actress and people would have realized that with or without Cause honestly, it’s not hard to figure out.

  144. bria what are you talking about…the person was pretty much insulting the person that own this blog….when someone calls you out dont you respond? exactly…girl get a grip

    and another thing…her music is doing very well…though im not big on numbers most of you people are and according to her 4th week sales in addition to her previous weeks, her total album sales have past those of her last two album sales by their 4th week…so since music has turned into being all about album sales…your argument just got shut down…next…

  145. @ Misty Knight:

    πŸ™„ Posting a patronizing comment denigrating the motives and (pseudo)intelligence of others on a subject which you, yourself have deemed inconsequential is disingenous, at best. It’s also hyprocritcal, as you yourself weighed in with you own inane take on it.


  146. Bria has lost her daggone mind! Go start you own blog spot and don’t post anything about Beyonce! It’s your perrogative! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  147. πŸ˜† Try giving somebody a hand up with a little knowledge and they tell you to mind your business…why the attitude? I’m just saying, I simply stated a fact…so I’m trying to understand why grown folk gotta be so ugly with each other for no reason at all. Now if I would have proceeded to judge you for the mishap and called you out your name, that would be a different story. Is your cyber posturing equal to that in person, because if it is, I can imagine people being standoffish with you…blocking blessing. That goes for a few of you… πŸ˜†

  148. Who other than STANS really give an -ish about album sales??? πŸ˜† SAD!

  149. @Adoration 4 B thanks once again for putting your foot in your big mouth and proving my point about you being a hypocrit to the posters here :bowdown: . Once I called you out above like on the last post then you tried to flip the coin and pretend you are such a positive person :noway: Why does it take someone calling you out to get you to give Nubian J proper respect as a ambitious brownsista or for that matter any other besides one that does not even know you exist :brownsista: ? Your apology above is just as fake as your post above and as smart as Nubian J comes accross I am sure she will see right through it :thumbsup:

  150. Posting a patronizing comment denigrating the motives and (pseudo)intelligence of others on a subject which you, yourself have deemed inconsequential is disingenous, at best. It’s also hyprocritcal, as you yourself weighed in with you own inane take on it.


    *sigh* says the pseudo intellectual! I knew that you would be offended obviously I struck a nerve, I would respond but then again Im having a discussion with someone who believes Keisha Cole to be “iconic” so its just a waste of time, in the words of the great Flava Flav, “if it don’t apply let it fly” πŸ™‚

  151. Bria πŸ™‚

    I have no doubt you will read this comment because people who say they are leaving and will never return always return. I have been running blogs and message boards for years, so I know this to be true.

    As for my blog- it remains a classy affair because it is a reflection of me and the other sistas who write here. What brings down the quality of my blog is people like tk and many others who come here fighting and using vulgarity even though they have been asked not to do so on numerous occasions.

    I make no apologies for my response to tk. Were she not so busy on this blog stirring up drama with her multiple usernames, she would not have been found out and called out. I rarely read the comments here outright. I usually scroll through them to find spam but when I saw my name- it got my attention and her comment got read in it’s entirety.

    What she said got my attention because ppl who complain the most about Beyonce posts have a odd habit of responding mostly to guess what- Beyonce posts. Such was the case with tk and thus when I looked into her posting habits saw she was using multiple names and of all things fighting with herself. She has done the same in the past with different usernames as well.

    I don’t need nor want ppl like that here. That person has problems and her sole purpose for being here is to get drama popping off in every Beyonce post. Sadly, if the regular posters didn’t do it themselves she would create the drama via her multiple identities. Btw, lots of posters here have spotted the fakers as well.

    As for being paid by the Knowles- I wish. There are no Paypal/Donate buttons on this site.

    Funny thing is and I continue to say this- Beyonce posts cause me the most drama here and I ain’t even hardly a fan. No way no how. It’s really funny.

    What I am is a supporter of positive sistas in Hollywood doing their thing- that is what this blog is about. :brownsista:

    God bless and I do hope to see you around these parts again.

  152. These Beyonce posts have become a breeding growd for her haters and her stans. Every post here about this woman turns into a catastrophe. I pretty much try to ignore them. And Stephanie I agree with you but let me add more. This blog in it’s infancy had mostly grown women who logged on while at work. Now a lot of kiddies are showing up and you can tell them by how they post. They are so darn dramatic and usually throw a tantrum when someone says something they don’t agree with. These are the people who make this blog no different than the fools on bossip and media take out. :thumbsdown:

  153. Bria is so full of ish it ain’t even funny. She is a Beyonce hater and is only mad cause she thinks another Beyonce hater hasn’t been treated fairly here. I too am a website owner and wonder why dumb Negroes think they can get online, behave any type of way and then say they are anonymous and should not be held accountable for their actions. tk is a well known nut case on this site who posts back to back to back on all Beyonce articles using different names and totally giving herself away. She is an embarrassment and we all ignore or laugh at her.

    Think about this too. Over the last few days Beyonce has been seen at an art show, a few parties and in France I think. Where are the posts or candid shots of her? It appears this blog chose to pass and instead write about other women. Articles most of you more than likely passed up to talk about Beyonce.

    Everyone is talking about Beyonce. Every blog out there and I read them all and never see people there complaining as much as some of you do here. You won’t find a nicer blog than this. I love the features they add (smilies and option to edit my posts) and that they don’t come off like MTO and other Black woman hater sites. Why is this little blog site being accused of selling her soul to Beyonce and her family for money? Simply because you witches can’t stand the fact that she refuses to hate another Black woman because you all do.

    I swear Black women are so angry and bitter at anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Bria please leave and never come back. I will not miss the stench of your hate not one bit. :loser:

  154. I believe that people can make their own decisions as to whether someone’s apology is genuine. I will leave that up to NubianJ to decide. Only your fear that NubianJ will think it is genuine has caused you to try and persuade NubianJ to think that it is not. Girl live your life. Sure I like to debate like the others do and sure I put my foot in my mouth, I will admit that. When you live without fear that tends to happen. I regret nothing that I have done in my life as it has made me who I am today. I am surrounded by friends and family that love me for who I am and I am not searching for outside acceptance, but thanks anyway.
    @NubianJ my apology is truly genuine. I hope you are blessed in all that you do. God knows my heart.

  155. @ Misty Knight

    Please, don’t flatter yourself, you don’t have that much power! Those who are transparent rarely do, that’s why I pointed it out.

    Nice try, though. πŸ™‚

    And do try and avoid making blanket statements about the intelligence level of others – it tends to bite one in the arse, if you know what I mean.

  156. Sorry I’ve gone had to finsh the last of my school work. Glaaaaaaaaaaad i’m done ! πŸ™‚

    @adoration 4 B I accept your apology but there is no need. I like having friendly debates with intellegent people about certain issues but I don’t take them personal. It seemed as so you did. I know I can come off rash sometimes but like I said before I don’t want people to agree with me I just want them to think outside the box. If you agree with me that means you can’t think for yourself and that’s not what it’s about. It’s about education and growth. I want to you to ask questions and challenge me or anybody else because that means you have to research your rebuttal and we both can benefit from knowledge.

    Beyonce is a pretty girl but I can’t respect her. I cannot respect her when I go and read some of these threds people especially black women should read what other aces and nationalities say about us. They view us as big bootied oversexed, ghetto (with finger pointing and head rolling), ignorant, no manners and dumb people and all we do is shake our A.S.S.E.S! Beyonce perpetuates that stereotype and it makes me upset. Beyonce could have been what she wanted but chose to ignore being and classy, tasteful, virtuous all in the name of almighty dollar. She conforms whatever the standard is at that time and have nothing to stand for…….except making more money. What ever happened to integrity, morals, values, class and respect for one another? I guess when you get money all of that goes out the window. I wish black women could realize we can do more than shake our behinds and sing and entertain. We need to show our children especially black little girls what to aspire to be by showing them how to act, dress, talk, sit and how to keep yourself up. Its bad enough losing our black men to death, drugs, jail and homosexuality we’re losing them due to our ignorance, lack of home training and standoffish ways. It has been known that black women are unapproachable and ghetto and we need to change. We are looking at Obama for a change but it has to start with us in our communities. Out of all the issues that plagues the black community you think Beyonce cares? Hell no! So I think people need to reevaluate how they view these celebrities.

  157. @ Adoration 4 B like I said your apology and post are fake. Please get a life sweetie and stop trying to create lies on this site about other people. Any who according to your previous post weren’t you going to stop talking to me. The only person that has fear right now is you and that’s why you keep trying to convience Nubian J and other readers that you are sincere. But nice try on trying to twist that around. Just admit you put your foot in your big mouth all the time because you don’t know any better. Peace Luv

  158. Are all of you ready for this one? I hope you are. All this week I’ve been doing my Christmas shopping at the mall. I found my wife some bling-bling that I know she’s gonna like. But beginning on tuesday, I began to notice the music most of the young people who were shopping were listening to on their ipods… I couldn’t help but notice because it was so loud πŸ˜† . They were listening to “At Last”, both the Beyonce version and the Etta James version. Others were listening to blues songs that were a part of “Cadillac Records”. I could understand the Beyonce singing, but I couldn’t understand, in a pleasant way, the other music. I mean, these kids weren’t even born when Etta James , Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Howlin’ Wolf were even around. When I sat down to rest my feet, I was too outdone with the kid sitting next to me eating pizza… he was listening to Chuck Berry! All of these kids were just high school kids. Well, well, well. It looks like “Cadillac Records”, much to the chagrin of Beyonce detractors, is having some kind of influence on people’s listening habits.

  159. smooth thug ill admit that i am young and i didnt really know much about that music history before seeing this movie….and i really feel like this movie has affected our generation…i too downloaded the new and old version of the songs because they are so lovely….without this movie being made i wouldnt have ever known…sure ive heard ettas at last before but never paied it any attention till now… if people dont like beyonce thats fine but they shouldnt turn down seeing a good movie just because shes in it for a whole 20 minutes…

  160. Smooth thug the only music i LOVE to listen to is the supremes and motown…and sometimes i like to listen to Gladys Knight & the Pips,Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin,the Dramatics and blue magic and so on. and i’n just 17

  161. sorry i ran outta time to make changes for my first cmmment.

    so i don’t really listen to today’s R&B music that much

  162. @ Mario: You made a good point and I agree with you… Beyonce appears in this movie for about the last 1/4th or maybe even less than that. Yet all of these anti-Beyonce people are all upset. Basically, the majority of this movie was about the blues men of the late 1940’s and on into the early Rock & Roll years of the 1950’s. As far as people going to see this movie, anti-Beyonce people included, I said almost the same thing you just said: everybody should go see this movie because it gives a first hand look into Afro-American history… how Rock & Roll was stolen from Afro-Americans by people like Elvis, The Beach Boys, and others like Bill Haley & The Comets, Danny & The Juniors ( I’m giving my age away πŸ˜† .). Even the term “Rock & Roll” was stolen from the “hood” by a white DJ named Alan Freed and applied to the music that was stolen from people like Chuck Berry and Bo Didley. “Cadilla Records” also parallels the Civil Rights Movement. To put a time frame on Etta James, Rosa Parks is shown being finger printed at the police station when she was arrested for the crime of refusing to give up her bus seat to a white man. Other scenes show the Watts Riots of August, 1964. Yes, “Cadillac Records” is more than just a movie, it’s also a lesson in Afro-American history. The funniest part of “Cadillac Records” is when Chuck Berry shows up to play at this all white night club. The white owner of the place tells Chuck Berry he can’t perform there because he thought that Chuck Berry was a country music star. What does Chuck Berry then do? He starts playing his guitar like a white country boy does. I cracked up! Who was the stupid white boy kidding? Chuck Berry is a guitar genious; he can make that guitar sound like anything he wants it to sound like.
    @ Amber: Gladys Knight is excellent. The Dramatics and Blue Magic are excellent. When Marvin Gay would sing, it was like his heart, his very soul was singing. The Supremes , along with the The Temptations, were the definition of the Motown sound. The first chance you get, listen to The Manhattans, The Stylistics, The Dramatics, The Intruders. This is some of the most romantic songs you can hear. It isn’t some jack-leg, roody-poo talking about kicking your a_ _ ( Fill in the blanks). I don’t listen at all to R & B, Hip-Hop, or whatever this mess is called. But I like Beyonce, Janet, and Mary J. Blige. All the rest is far too simplistic to me. About the only thing I get out of Rihanna is her saying, “Disturbia”. Yeah, ‘aight. Whatever. To me the soul sounds of the 1960’s and the Funk sounds of the 1970’s were the best… Parliament, Bootsy, Graham Central Station, Brass construction, The Gap Band, The Fat Back Band, just to name a few. But by far, my favorite was 70’s Disco. Musically, it was very complicated with all the orchestration and violins. The real disco stuff, not what you hear on the radio and they try to pass that off as disco, was so pretty, the singing, the orchestra, the violins, that it sounded almost like a symphony it was so pretty.
    Let me end by saying that I’ve busted you, Ms. Amber. I know what that pumkin face is painted on because I got the whole picture in an email from a buddy of mine on Halloween. You are a very naughty young lady πŸ˜† . Just for that, you are now on punishment! After dinner, you can not have your dessert, and you are to go to your room where you will not be permitted to watch TV or talk on you phone for the rest of the evening :lol2: .

  163. @ Ms. Amber: Please forgive my grammar and punctuation. It’s after 10 P.M. here in Los Angeles and I’ve been on the go all day long. At the sentence beginning with “The real disco stuff …”, I did a poor job of proper grammar and punctuation. I meant to write it this way… “The real disco stuff, not what you hear on the radio and they try to pass that off as disco,was so pretty, the singing, the orchestra, the violins, that it sounded almost like a symphony.” There. That sounds much better. Ms. Amber, I hope to hear from you again real, real soon, sweetheart. Good night and pleasant dreams.

  164. That pumkin booty is a joke..i just had to do it :lol2:

    Yeah hip-hop is a no,no for me too. I also forgot to add the great Michael Jackson too… i mean the man was a genius.

  165. @ Ms. Amber: Michael is a musical genious. If Mozart and Beethoven were alive today, they would be doing Michael Jackson’s music.

  166. I agree with NubianJ 100%: you don’t need a singer /actress to play a part. Look at the Tina Turner movie. Lawrence didn’t look a thing like Ike but he played the hell out of that part. He MADE you believe he was Ike. Now that’s acting for ur ***. Angela as well. It’s all about who can portray the person the best. Beyonce didn’t portray Etta.
    To add to that you don’t have to do your own singing in a singing role. Personally I prefer that the original singer do it. (Makes for more authencity) Look at Jamie, played the hell outta Ray, made you think you were looking at Ray himself, had all of his mannerisms, BUT he voiced over (and he can SING). Now that was what you call A-C-T-I-N-G.

  167. @ Ms. Candace: I know what ya mean. There are those who have much affection for Beyonce and there are those who are very anti-Beyonce. Either way, 197 posts only goes to show that Beyonce has a very powerful influence over a lot of people. :thumbsup: Beyonce is one truely brown :brownsista: !!!

  168. How come everything is a comparision and how come someone just cant cheer someone else on? Not sure Beyonce what ever is thrown her way she works it! She did a DAMN good job as Etta James :bowdown: and I believe that we havent seen her best work :hater: please stop no need this girl is steaming hot. AND I am proud that we have our Lindsay Lohan minus crack and a lesbian girlfriend, we have our Angelina Jolie without the sleeping around and tounging kissing her brother……………GO BEY!!! U the shit :booty:

  169. oooooooooooooooooh now I understand why she thanked and made a tribute to Barb Streisand the other day!
    I was like WTF

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