Beyonce & Mama Tina in the U.K.

Singer Beyonce Knowles and her mother Tina Knowles were in London over the weekend to debut their House of Dereon line at London Fashion Week.

The collection will be available exclusively through Selfriges and features Mama Tina’s classic glue gun creations, one of which Beyonce wore for the debut.

Check the pics and and backstage interview below.


  1. Had to throw that lil jab in there lol.
    But alot of people are actually saying good things about the clothes…Unbiased people that is.

  2. I can’t believe im about to say this, but i think they really stepped their game up. The clothes actually look nice and they don’t look like some cheap made thing like how dereon usually looks. Bey and tina look beautiful by the way.

  3. I saw the collection and had to wipe my eyes. They had some decent stuff.

    And Beyonce looks gorgeous. Look at that nose spreading…You go mama

  4. I keep forgetting that she is pregnant lol… You know when the nose starts spreading they say its a girl! We will see once her stomach is more pronounced. If she carries the baby high and bullet shape its a girl for sure! I am from the South and you all know about predicting the baby’s sex by the way mom carries her/him. Boys are low and round 🙂

  5. I must say Mama Tina boots are FIERCE!!! Bey looks good and you can tell she is preggers. Look at that nose. And she got thick really quick! I love it!

  6. Mama Tina needs to lay off the botox. She looks surprised….like all the time…

  7. I really like the pantsuit Bey has on in this post….really looks good. Yeah, the “glue gun” comment…not necessary. The bottom line is SOMEONE is buying the clothing. Their company must be making a reasonable amount of profits in order to justify breaking into new markets. The sales may not be great in the U.S., but brisk in other countries. I’m not a HOD wearer either, but I DO like to see Black people….MY People succeed. Congrats to Miss Tina and Bey!

  8. Her outfit is ugly, Congrats on the baby. a bunch osHouse of dereon stuff is on sale at ross for $3.99, the only people i see working it are hoodrats, fat girls, or gay guys, basically her fan base, some people just need to let it GO!

  9. Alot of the outfits were actually nice, and Beyonce and her mom look beautiful.

    Stop trying to create a bubble for this woman’s fanbase! It’s so childish and annoying.
    Dereon is an urban fashion line like Baby Phat, Apple Bottom, Rocawear etc. This is their upscale version. Obviously both HAVE to be doing well in order for them to still be in business, just common sense. Of course no one think the same about Baby Phat I bet huh? When in reality all those urban clothing lines have the same clothes, with just different company logos.
    And news flash MANY different clothing lines are on sale at Macy’s, Marshalls, Ross etc. it’s called the clearance rack.

  10. 2get real, It wasnt on the clearance rack, it was in the midst of the rest of the item of clothing for sale i know because i bought a baby phat top for my sister at 22.99$ and the dereons items were a dime a dozen , so your desperate attempt to defend dereon Failed miserably, second i don’t have to create a bubble for her fan base , they do an excellent job at that, themselves, third baby phat just like rocawear, and phat farm altought urban brands, have managed to cross over and appeal to more than black folks, i have plenty of asian and white friends males and females that wear it, and don’t complain, everything that I have seen from dereon is trash, granted i don’t follow beyonce’s every move like you, so maybe i missed something, but i do not recall ever seeing something dereon and thinking it’s cute, and finally, i really wish you would stop electing yourself as beyonce’s comandant in chief, everytime i come in here, you appoint yourself to follow people and indirectly answer to them, I don’t care what you think , and i wish you wouldnt care what i think neither.
    ps: a clearance rack is the last item(S) (two or three at the most) of a collection.
    You’re very annoying and i would appreciate if you stop answering to me, or even reading my comment.

  11. ps: as long as beyonce has money , dereon will “do well”, we know successful designers when we see people wearing it, often, not only banqueisha or keke, but people that have more class, than that , and/or celebrities,or designers themselves, When is the last time you seen someone rocking dereon on the red carpet? or to go to a job interview? or even to the club ? i dont know why you people think anything beyonce associated is golden, maybe to you but obviously not to the rest of the world. and those who buys dereon as soon as you take a look at them , you know they are beyonce’s fans, Please i don’t ever wanna repeat myself to you again, don’t address me anymore.

  12. Too bad because I am whether you respond or not, that’s on you.
    So you’re saying if I see someone wearing Dereon most likely they’re hoodrats, fat, ghetto etc? That’s why America is this way now. Very sad that like I said YOU and her other naysayers love to judge people based off of who they like. Just because you fail to see people of other racial statuses not wearing it, doesn’t mean they don’t. By the way I’ve never seen Baby Phat etc. on the red carpet (doesn’t mean anyone hasn’t though).
    You people talk as if you know everything when in reality you know very little. Like I said Dereon HAS to be sellin very well for them to still be in business and expanding their empire. If my memory serves me correctly they opened up a DEREON store in I believe Korea about a year or two ago, so that just broke your “only ghetto black fat classless women wear Dereon” bs. Even though you’ve already figured it out, yes I was addressing your comment, or did you need me to type your name? Also the way you’re demeaning black people because of their names is sick! If you want to get technical, your punctuation is all over the place. And you didn’t HAVE to address me if you didn’t want you’re a grown woman..hopefully? So you keep bashing Beyonce (and black people with unusual names) and everything that she does, and I’ll continue to support ALL hardworking WOMEN.

    One more thing, I don’t recall ever talking to you…EVER maybe one of your aliases?

  13. The house of dereon is … Not my style. I don’t like beyonce’s outfit nor her moms, but good luck on all of her future ventures

  14. Kudos to the Knowles for using the opportunities they have as we all would if given the chance to do so. There is nothing wrong with that.

    However, from a fashion perspective, the clothes are awful (just my subjective opinion) and the material and fabrics used look really cheap. The inferior quality of the clothes are only emphasised when compared with other British Designers showing at Fashion week in London at the moment where Beyonce launched the Dereon range. Nevertheless, if you have got the name that Beyonce has and the opportunity, then why not try it.

    Have to say though, as beautiful a woman as Beyonce is (and there is no doubt that she is extraordinarily beautiful) I just don’t get the constant blonde hair, she never looks classy and her outfit was awful. Also, I would say this about anyone, I think that it is really irresponsible to wear such high heels when pregnant!

  15. So people who wear blonde hair are not classy? Its irresponsible 2 wear heels while pregnant? Only hoodrats are beyonce fans? Bey does publicity stunts? Smh at the foolery on this site. Is this brownSISTA or mediafakeout? Its several black people that wear blonde hair. Its their head & has nothing 2 do with class. Oprah & michelle obama are bey fans & they’re not hood rats. Plenty of pregnant women wear heels. And bey gets publicity 4 just walking down the street so the publicity stunt comment is just stupid. I cant with the ignorant comments on this site. Smh.

  16. @wow – it don’t matter which site you got to- as long as it’s a ‘black’ site and Beyonce’s name comes up, you get the stans, the haters and the people in the middle like me who can’t make a comment without being called a stan/hater buy a stan/hater.

    That’s just the way it is!

  17. I love me some HoneyBey.
    King B and Ms. Tina look lovely. I would wear the boots the models are rocking. Also, I like the long print and the black jumpsuits they had in this runway collection.

  18. Nobody was talking about Beyonce until she announced her fake pregnancy.

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