Beyonce at the Met Gala

Who: Beyonce Giselle Knowles
Where: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Event: 2012 Costume Institute Gala
What She Wore: Givenchy Feathered Lace Couture Gown


  1. this dress is embarrassing to me, especially the ass shot, with the cheeks hanging out.

    dont feed me the artistic stuff either…

    she didn’t have to do this, it reminds me of one of ahsanti’s latest outfits.


    *prepares to be blown away at how others will LOVE this*

  2. embarrassing……..

    anything where your butt cheeks are hanging out isn’t classy nor artistic to me.

    that’s just my opinion

    i am neither a STAN nor HATER but the positive feedback this dress is getting has me thinking IM the one from MARS…

    its the same silhouette time and time again, i just cant.

    *waits to be further confused by the amount of people who will LOVE this costume*

  3. She looks stunning. What I like is that this look (dress) is kinda different for her. And no big hair, earrings, demanding accessories etc. Great look.

    LIVERPOOL- To be honest, I see a lot of your comments about her and…from your comments I wouldn’t expect you to like ANYTHING about her.

    Also people it’s the MET ball, only the biggest night of the fashion industry. So you SHOULD show up and show out…and maybe show a little skin, its all in the name of fashion.

  4. I guess the one thing about this is that Bey isn’t wearing the dress how its supposed to be worn. Bey added that supposed to be but isn’t fleshtone undergarment and it messes up the look. A better undergarment and she would have rocked it. As far as the back shot Bey is queen of leotards so nothing we haven’t seen before. Go look at the back of her latest CD cover………..

  5. Don’t like the look at all. she would have done better with black undergarments. and yes, i have to agree that her a** shot was NOT the business. Does anyone know y she is doing the “im a little teapot” pose in all her pics lately? lol

  6. i guess its ok to show ur arse and call it fashion…umm..ok

  7. A very tacky dress, non-flattering fit, ugly fleshtone, feathered mess, makes a beautiful train on a uber gorgeous, very famous woman, intended to make tongues wag, like she didn’t know it was tacky, that was the whole idea, so when she shows up for the next red carpet, tongues will wag. Angelina Jolie does the hits and occassional miss very well. Rosario Dawson did a tacky green number at the White Press Dinner, totally exposed and inappropriate, it made the fashion police list of worst dress, free press!

    Solange and Sophia Vargara SLAYED!!!

  8. I kind of like the piece…mostly from the front though. The back shot is ‘meh’. LOL at Andre Leon’s expression. I like the feathers and the purple…though how cool would it have been if they were blue instead? LOL The baby has changed her body, for sure.

  9. Beyonce is just a Beautiful woman! Love her!

  10. Not sure why she chose this dress, but I still love Bey!

    Wants to show off her post Preg figure!

  11. Does anyone know y she is doing the “im a little teapot” pose in all her pics lately? lol

    I call that her mannequin pose. She poses like a mannequin now. That pose came about after her pose with her hands behind her head showing her underarms was slammed by the media.

  12. I will never understand why people do not like this woman….or any artist for that matter. Unless you meet them or have some kind of connection with them where you found out that the artist was some sort of Bit_h; Then why must everything be so negative at all times towards someone?

  13. I totally agree – that fleshtone undergarment ruined the dress. she should’ve gone for a black classy undergardment. As for the “baby-got-back”shot – well its hollywood, its kinda expected. So i dont blame her for trying to keep up with the Naked Brigade.

    Other than that its a stunning dress and I like her overall understated look – makes the dress stand out even more.

    7/10 from me on the whole look!

  14. I didn’t know the media said something about her underarms!

  15. Leave that woman alone! i think she feels strange having a baby and wants the world to see she is still beautiful and Desirable!

  16. I think beyonce could have done better than this. The fleshtone thing under it really messes it up. However it looks great from the front, but the back part? was no. She however looks great after having a baby.When she talks about being a mom she just lights up!:)

  17. Yea black under there would have taken that dress to a whole nother level. It would have given it the look I think the designer was going for. But why just her on the story there were tons of gorgeous sisters there. Why do we just put all the focus on her.

  18. I love the front of the dress but the back is a little too revealing for me but Beyonce makes it work…
    She’s comfortable half-naked

  19. @Blacksista

    That list of female stars who love to be half-naked is long: Britney, Gaga, Rihanna, J-Lo, christina and the list goes on!!!

  20. She is absolutely STUNNING!!!!

    Most Beautiful and best dressed ?

  21. i love the dress all the way till you get to the upper leg area. i don’t like the bottom or the tail of it. otherwise she is stunning and beautiful

  22. The dress looks like it was on its way to be beautiful and just made a u turn. If there was a perfect time for bedunce to wear her butt pads, it was under this dress. Solange and Chanel Iman looked the best.

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