Beyonce B Day Clips

I listened to these clips earlier today and honestly I do not know what to think.They are only small clips of several songs, but they leave me totally cold.I have never been a DC or Beyonce fan, but several of the tracks on Dangerously In Love were pretty likable and almost made me buy the album.This CD however seems to be going back to the sound and style of earlier DC albums.They lyrics are very childish and trivial.Lot’s of talk about spending money and not lettin’ another woman take her man is not something I expect to hear from a 25 year old singer or want to hear personally.This is of course just my opinion, you guys can download the file and decide for yourself.

These samples are no longer available.


  1. I expected more from Freakum Dress.The title alone had people interested.I’m not feeling what I am hearing.It is no Dangerously In Love.I don’t know if we should be comparing the two but after DIL I expected the same or maybe more.

  2. everyone is entitled to their own opinion but jus becuz u dont like freekum dress doesnt mean other ppl wont…even tho i wasnt able to listen to the samples of the cd i still think its gonna b a hit…

  3. Get a grip Dianna.Did I say the rest of the world didn’t like it or did I say I didn’t like it? Geez!

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