Beyoncé Becomes a Dreamgirl

Beyoncé was in Cannes this week for a special sneak peek of her latest film, an adaptation of the Broadway hit ‘Dreamgirls.’

“It feels like old Hollywood,” Knowles says about the festival, “it’s really kind of chilling and makes me a little nervous but it’s beautiful and I’m honored to be here.”

As the most bootylicious member of Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé is used to stepping into the spotlight, but her role as “Deena” in the musical forced her to shy away from the fierce diva she becomes during concerts.

“With Deena I had to hold back my strong voice,” Beyoncé said. “I had to hold back my personality on stage because everything she did was very held back and minimal and subtle and I’m the complete opposite as Beyonce the performer on stage.”

‘Dreamgirls’ opens in December.

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  1. I smell Oscar nominations, Golden Globe nominations.This is Beyonce’s year.She is truly the New Diana Ross.

  2. that’s not a good thing to be Diana Ross she was a backstabbing two faced bitch too! So then again I guess you could say that lol !!!

    No Oscar or Golden nothing let’s hope she can act this time because anything else I’ve seen her in she was a mess! I used to be a big fan but she keeps disappointing me and just may be a little overrated.

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