Beyonce: Black Culture

A never before heard track by Beyonce called “Black Culture” has found its way to the internet. The song was reportedly meant to be a tribute of sorts to Michael Jackson after his death and samples the singer’s 1979 hit single, “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough.”


  1. I heard this yesterday it’s ok it has to grow on me some more, I love the vibe though.

  2. it is kinda catch, i like how she laughs it makes her seem down to earth, but trust if she makes a video for it people will magnetically begin 2 luv it.

  3. I dont like it, but i commend Mrs. Carter for trying somthing NEW..Its very fresh and hopefully that new sound she is working on has something to do with this…This is the Beyonce that i love that most people fail to see….She gave me a taste with the IAM Part, But i know she has is in her and she will let the people of the world see…THE REAL BEYONCE…Im exited

  4. Listened to the track. It’s not a lot of effort. Kind of sounds like she was just having fun in the studio. Alas, don’t think a video would save it. Again, a fun track…maybe them having a good time.

    @LMAO, will this “REAL BEYONCE” be part three of her personalities? I am Beyonce/I am Sasha Fierce/I am the Real Beyonce???


    Happy Holidays everyone

  5. The real Beyonce is “Sasha” on stage photos etc. and Beyonce in…reality.Just like Mary J Blige has “Brook Lynn” that comes out when she’s performing I dnt hear that she has mental problems lol.

  6. the difference between what Mary did and what Beyonce is doing is Mary didn’t claim that “something takes over her” when she performs on stage..Mary did that in fun..she didn’t name a whole album after her!!! Get a clue!!!

  7. this chic is trtying to stay relevent her album is a year and 2 months old go take a break shes sooo overexposed

  8. this is junk people keep callin her the new mj but i dont see it this chic is a pure copycat why cant she do her own thing for once . not once in her career did she be original

  9. wow this site has too many haters for me.

    obviously stans of other female artists are jealous that beyonce is still on top running the game. she’s not the female artist of the decade for nothing.

    she is very talented and whether you like her or not, she isn’t going anywhere. she isn’t overexposed, she just had a very successful year and you can’t take it.

    sad how much hatred there is for someone you dont even know personally.smh

  10. This website is trash! I noticed that the moderator deletes comments that goes against her opinion! Sorry sweetie, everyone will not agree with you. How is this a open discussion board if you constantly delete comments?????? Are you afraid to debate? Why did you delete my comment? I was very respectful with it.

  11. And btw, the song is pure trash! When did people start considering this as real music???? Mediocore at its best!

  12. K I’m sorry, are you DENSE???? are you 5??? what the hell do you mean jealous. jealous of what exactly??? you think people are jealous, cuz what,she is doing her job??? wtf. what kind of silly-assed statement is that. did any of these people on this blog tell you they wanna be singers??? the song is nonsense period. that is what the post is about. the song. not her successful career. i swear some of her fans are the most ignorant people in America. seesh….

    your whole post is a tired and played out argument for her fans, when everybody is not feeling her. for your info, BK is really not everybody’s cup of tea. damn

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