Beyonce Booted from ‘Star’ Remake

Beyonce’s on again off again remake of the classic film “A Star is Born” is officially off again.

I reported this news some months ago, but today all the net is a buzz with news of the singer backing out of the project because of a rumored pregnancy.

The real deal however is a bit more complicated. Originally the film was in constant limbo because of producers inability to find a suitable male lead.

However, my source, the same one who told me the film would never be made with Beyonce in the lead, says Clint Eastwood put the brakes on the film not to find a suitable male lead, but rather to find a replacement for Beyonce who Clint is apparently none too anxious to work with.

This version of the story is basically backed up by Eastwood who recently told E! News that Bradley Cooper is being considered for the lead male role and that it is now Beyonce’s participation in the film that is in question.

When asked about the Queen Bey, Clint said: “She’s great. I don’t know is she’s available, but we’ve talked a bit.”

Really, Clint? Wasn’t Beyonce attached to this film before anyone… including you?

Crazy old white man or not, Clint has mucho pull in Hollywood and if he wanted Beyonce out it was as good as done.

Word is the lead female role will now be played by an empty chair wearing a blonde wig.



  1. After the Republication Convention I had a feeling this was going to happen.

    Clint is being a HATER.

  2. Actually, I think that’s a smart move. Not too many people are interested in seeing ANOTHER Beyonce-lead singing movie role. It would have flop written all over it. Hopefully, they’ll cast a real actress.

  3. Girl I totally agree! She is not a good actress and this role should be given to someone more deserving and actually qualified for the role. Privileged is what Beyonce feels due to her celebrity and it doesn’t translated well into her acting.

  4. Honestly, does anyone expect this movie to be made? How many remakes of A Star is Born are there? Three now? The movie itself isn’t doing anything that hasn’t been done or seen, even in recent years. Plus we’ve had tons singer-turned-glorified-actresses in do these types of “undiscovered talent turns out to be a superstar” films in recent years (Sparkle, Burlesque, Dreamgirls, Glitter) just to name a few. None of them were box office successes and all of them happened in the last decade. It’s time for something new.

    Maybe Clint Eastwood is being a crazy old white man, but honestly, it’s Beyonce. She’s going to be just fine without this role.

  5. @Sista, unlike many, i’m not a deranged Beyonce fan, but maybe i’m reading too much into your posting because you seem joyous about Beyonce not doing this film.

    Anyway, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Bey’s been attached to this film for over four years now. And maybe there is some truth to what Clint is saying because Beyonce is in LA working on her 5th album and also filming her other film, “Epic” where she is playing the vileness Queen Tara.

  6. I think there is some truth to what he’s saying, she has like 2 others films in the works and he’s ready to get on the ball! But I think part of it is their different political views. A lot of republicans nowadays hate if you aren’t apart of their political party and see their views.

  7. Oh so now the movie was never going to be made with Beyonce in the lead? Interesting that your “source” told you that considering the fact that Warner Brothers wanted her as the lead for years. Directors originally attached to the project wanted her and she kept turning it down. She didn’t sign on until she was sure Clint was going to be directing it. In earlier interviews, before she got pregnant, he was really excited to work with her. If he really didn’t want her in the film, why not just kick her off of the project when she got pregnant? Why not say that they’re going to move on with production anyway and replace her? The movie studio had no problem doing it with Hilary Duff.

    She singed up for Epic slated to be released next year and she’s already working on the album to be released next year. She really may not be available for it. If he doesn’t even want her in the lead like your source claims, I don’t know why he’s even entertaining whether she’s available or not.

    Anyway, new music and a tour is better than a movie.

  8. 1) isn’t “Epic” just a voice role? I thought it was a cartoon-character…

    2) it’s been my understanding that she’s been attached to this remake since there was conversation of a remake—-namely a conversation had with both her and Clint some years back. i recall him saying how he wanted her for the flick. now it’s changed…and he says he’s only spoken with her a little bit about it? *side-eye*

    3) Word is the lead female role will now be played by an empty chair wearing a blonde wig.

    SISTA i got this joke. Ha ha. I think Clint is senile…or getting there. He’s just kind of all over the place. i remember also reading his version, his take, or his inspiration, as it were, on how this feature-remake would go down and while at first i rolled my eyes at yet ANOTHER REMAKE i could see what his version could possibly be.

    3) hasn’t Beyonce BEEN AVAILABLE for this role? again, harkening back to her always having been attached… i know we’re all speculating here but it sounds like some of us are making excuses…

    i hope Beyonce addresses the issue soon.

    i know her fans were looking forward to her in a new movie role as well as new music for that role (which i read also that she has been recording).

  9. By the way, that is a gorgeous pic of Beyonce. I loved her hair during that photoshoot.

  10. I am ECSTATIC! Everyone knows bey’s acting is horrendous & to let her star in a classic like A star is born would be a travesty!

  11. She was killing the industry at the time they decided on her but with that fake pregnancy shes not looking too good. She lost a lot of fans with that folding belly and clint said “oh hell no. im out.” Plus ri is a lot sexier.

  12. I’m hope this film is never remade with any actress or director! We don’t have to keep on going with this remake mania! I can see the classics like Jane Eyre or Les Miserables, Romeo and Juliet. We are living in a time where we are devouring ourselves…taking the easy route instead of using our originality and creative genius! I recently saw a really good documentary on the life of American fashion designer, Halston (the man who really jumpstarted individual commercial branding), it’s so applicable to right now!

    We want things fast, now and in a hurry, whether on our jobs, the person who takes credit for others work or friends that take every idea of yours and makes them their own or the volunteer who makes show up to take a bow or a photo-ops while others grind…we’re becoming LAZY and too dependent on “shortcuts” FOR PROFITS AND SUCCESS! This is why most music is pure crap…Pro tools instead of a live band or an artist writing with a band, where are the musical masterpieces 2.0! I hope we continue to make great films and I’m sure we will because actors will work for bascially free for a good role!

    Beyonce is one of the few that can completely bankroll and get a film made and distributed (box office too!), so kudos to her!

  13. ^^^Preach CYNTHINIA! (and thanks for that rec on the Halston documentary. i’m going to search for it on Netflix)

  14. @gigi ur on point..that woman didnt carry a baby..and shes cant act..obsessed anyone??

  15. After Beyonces heavy endorsement of President Obama, are we really that surprised that this wouldnt happen with Clint and Beyonce? If you are surprised then you need to have a seat in that empty chair that Clint talks to.

  16. Being in Hollywood I am sure Clint Eastwood has worked with plenty of people who has supported Democrats. I think those screen test that they do for the movies started coming back with her reading the lines or he went and looked at some of her previous work and thought what the hell and just backed out politely. I don’t think it is her political affiliations.

  17. I for one am happy she is not doing this because if she wants to be taken seriously she has to stay away from roles that don’t show her acting abilities. She has to find a role that does not involve singing or entertainment period. And hollywood needs to learn some original material because these remakes are getting boring.

  18. @Kanyade

    Yeah, it’s a good doc!!! Also, thank you for mentioning “Breaking Bad a while back!!!”…I only saw last season and the character “Gus” was the absolute best villain I can recall in such a long-time…riveting! Talkin’ bout “diabolical”…I was so sad to learn Gus was written out…I didn’t watch the new season…Gus was the ultimate “smooth criminal!”

    Acting is truly a pure artform!

  19. All singers turned actress won’t be great…Mary J. Blige, Madonna, Whitney Houston acting skills didn’t match their musical ability…not to say, hang it up, pay your dues and hone your craft, then maybe they’ll know for sure if they have acting chops!

    Tyreese, Justin Timberlake, Jamie Foxx, MoNique, Queen Latifah, Mark Walhberg zoomed into acting and focused and became serious actors!

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