Beyonce Bounces Back with New Song

Beyonce Giselle Knowles has just unveiled “Best Thing I Never Had,” the official second single from her upcoming fourth solo CD “4.” The song is written by Babyface and reportedly produced by Symbolyc One.

Previous reports described the song as a more mature version of “Irreplaceable” and I have to agree. The single is a great bounce back for the tragedy that was “Run the World (Girls)” and in my opinion will probably be the singer’s first top 10 hit of the new era.

Give it a listen below and let us know what you think.


  1. I love it. Wayyyy better than Run The World. I think this album is goingR to be really good from what i’ve heard so far. Minus RTW, but songs like 1+1 and this new song are songs i lover to hear from her

  2. The song is mediocre and not nearly as catch as Irreplaceable.

    Why didn’t Babyface produce his own track for Beyonce? He probably could have done much better.

  3. This song’s music is a combination of 2 other songs from the eighties, though I cannot put a name to them. But I have definitely heard the piano arrangement before. I’m sure someone will reveal it in a day or two.

  4. the tragidy that was Run the World (Girls) Sista? RTWG was a strong landing/send off. Everything about it is awesome.

    BTINH, like the other songs release from “4” so far, is beautiful. At the same time, it is more radio friendly. I don’t know if that means a top 10 hit for 4, but I can already envision the video and the performances that will surely deliver.

    Beyonce is not playing with round 4.

  5. I’m not feeling “Run the World (Girls)” nor “The Best Thing I Ever Had”. “1+1” was a pretty decent song off her new album but the other songs sounds like garbage. Even though her new album will probably sound like garbage with enough advertisments, performing live and other types of public relations work her album will convince people to buy it. The only solo album I like by Beyonce was “Dangerously in Love” and thats it.

  6. I’ve heard this before, I’ve heard “Run the world ” before, can we get something new, like why not put out 1+1 it’s her most original track in a while, so why not? to me that would have been a straight number one because the song is so gorgeous, we have so many “kick him to the curb” songs, it would have been nice,to have a song for the lovers, but whatever, I don’t like it. PUT OUT 1+1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Also really? it seems like she is tripping herself out with this new album, the releases are all over the place, why release 1+1 and make us love it , just to bring this fake “irreplaceable” wanna be song? And spare me the “promo” single madness, since when beyonce does that ? Tchrrr.

  8. @Shontelle

    I guess you didn’t get the memo when it said “Itunes Promo Single” in bold letters on her website. And this isn’t too many singles. This is her SECOND single. Her first came out back in April and we are not counting the week it leaked.

    I find it so funny how when beyonce does a promo single, she gets so much flack for it. When Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kelly Rowland and countless others did it. Strange.

  9. “KING B”???


    As for the song, I think it’s pretty; very pretty. 🙂

  10. Reppinf transies are we ms yodelfest? Garbage! And it in need of being deposed! Quickly!

  11. Either Beyonce or Babyface was listening to that Vanessa Carlton song and decided to do something in the same vein. Im not feeling this song at all.

  12. Beautiful SOng!

    I Love her singing these types of songs!

    Leave the Booty shaking to no Talent Rihanna and Katy Perry who have to sell sex to sell SINGLES!

  13. I like it. I love when Beyonce sings songs like this. Her voice is sooooo good, but shes rarely recognized for her extremely good vocal control and just a good voice overall because of the songs she tends to sing.

  14. I love the song she’s singing it in a r&b type way but it kinda sounds popish. But I’m a fan of her vocals period, best overall voice today. Great control, pitch, emotion, vibrato, etc. Can’t wait for the video.

    VOODEUX- Is that the chick that sings the song with the lyrics “makin my way downtown walking fast, faces past and I’m homebound?” lol

  15. And I’m loving the mixing of different instruments she’s using this era.

  16. Is this…this…dissapointment I’m feeling?

    First off, that is a GORGEOUS photo of Bey. Love it.

    The song though…after hearing 3 very distinct sounds from her, this sounds jarringly generic. Pretty, but generic and not as exciting as the other 3 tracks. Not feelin’ it upon first listen…

  17. I love this song! im loving every song that I’ve heard so far including run the world, ths song makes me wanna dance* shrug* but uh this song does not sound generic it sounds like nothing that is out right now, nothing she has released this era has been generic….I deff think she’s going back to her r&b roots with this cd, and alot of people just aren’t comfortable with that. Im getting the album and I haven’t actually bought a cd in awhile itunes took over my life but im gonna go get a copy!

  18. Sorry I am really really trying to love it but its just okay. It doesn’t blow me away. I wish the best for all brown sistas either way.

  19. love it!!!!!! sad part is that it reminds me of someone lol

  20. I like it! There is enough pop, R&B, and soul influences in it to make me happy. And her voice sounds amazing. Emotional, rough, deep… I like it better than any of her ballads from I Am.. (aside from Halo). People really do underestimate her vocal ability, and I think that’s because many of her biggest hits are pop/dance records that keep her voice in a small range. But she really is an amazing vocal talent. Good job, B!

  21. Not feeling it. At all. =/
    Why is Beyonce not impressive to me this time around.
    She’s still the ultimate performer but no originality at all. Yes, it sounds like someone else… Smh.

  22. Honestly, WTF do people want this woman to damn do?! SMH…..

    It’s Ok, it’s so-so, it’s mediocre. This song is beautifully sung by Beyonce, with a lovely melody. The first single WAS different, not the usual fare. “Run The World” couldn’t be put in a box….so people decided they hated it, yet many have bellyached over the years about her doing the same old, same old. This second single is beautiful, with a lovely melody….yet people say it’s just Ok.
    What she’s doing is exactly what so many rail on her about, she’s branching out musically and doing new things, this much is evident. But people can only see Beyonce through visually skewed eyes. Some still can’t “see” past the blonde hair and hazel eyes.

    I swear this woman could cure Cancer and somebody would bitch about that. Someone would probably say well sure she cured cancer….but which type?……

    Why this woman evokes so much disdain is beyond me.

  23. @Lol 1- “Itunes Promo Single” in bold letters on her website.”
    I don’t live there so i wouldn’t know.

    2- You people’s dramatic “Beyonce against the world” attitude is played out.

    3- Rihanna gaga and perry CAN AFFORD promo singles seeing how, Only girl in the world , Born this way , Et , and Firework BURNED the chart down! Beyonce’s (run the world) girls that you and her want to pretend is so different, is immature lyrics over MAJOR LAZER PON DE FLOOR BEAT, so when you put something so 2nd grade your follow up better ne good, and i know critical thinking isn’t her or you people’s forte, But is is real simple “1+1” was her saving grace, but what do i care, i’m not supposed to want her to do well anyway right?

  24. She released a hit…it’s generic because that’s what Radio loves, but its good…safe, but its still a damn good song. And it’s not pretty either…ya’ll hear those vocals?? C’mon miss me with that “pretty” crap.

    I’m not gonna mention RTW, cuz I still believe Beyonce fell and bumped her head with that…but who knows, it’s the last track on the album and sonically speaking, it may fit right in.

  25. @Shontelle, I didn’t write that boo. LMAO did. I think I’m gonna change my “name” to avoid confusion

  26. LOL- I don’t think there is any need to. Clearly two different names.

  27. “This” is what I want to hear from her!!!! Really love it.

  28. Yes an astonishing difference between LOL and LMAO, How did i miss it?

  29. EPIC FAIL AGAIN what is going on here? who is writing these songs? I have never really been a fan of hers but I have not seen music this poor for Bey ever. It like OMG get a clue girl your album is going to FLOP SERIOUSLY. This is the 3rd song and I do not like any of them and a lot of people are feeling this way. Bey has never really felt this kind of heat over her music before. Even her die hard stans are admitting it does not look or sound good for this album. Like come on go back to pops. Sorry jay z. you guys may be a power couple but is still goes to show no one can have or do everything. You have done and is doing better music for Rhianna. Bey is supposed to be your wife what up with that? But maybe he is trying to put her in that Rhianna space and its not WORKING. Because some of those song like Run the World I could have seen Rhianna pulling it off. Because it fits her she has versatility and beyonce is a one dimensional artist End of story


  31. Love it, Love it KING “B” back on TOP again.. she’s gone they can’t catch her…

    KING “B” get ready for summer

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