Beyonce is Back

Beyonce made her triumphant return to the stage last night, performing the first of four scheduled shows at the newly built Revel Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

From what I gather from those who were there, the singer’s show was jam packed with hits, 26 to be exact, including minor tributes to singers Lauryn Hill (Ex-Factor), Donna Summer (Naughty Girl) and Whitney Houston (I Will Always Love You).

Beyonce reportedly started the show off with my favorite song from her “4” album- “End of Time” and finished with her biggest hit to date- “Single Ladies.”

In between the pomp and pageantry were 7 costume changes, each more exquisite than the last and designed especially for the occasion by Ralph & Russo Designs.

As expected, both fans and critics alike were pleased with the singer’s performance.

Rumor has it British pop star Adele was in the audience, as well as First Lady Michelle Obama.

With an audience like that you know Beyonce was gonna bring her A-Game.

There have been dozens of videos uploaded of Beyonce performance tonight. Because I cannot post them all, I have decided to simply post a few that were the clearest.


  1. i heard alot of people say that she did good. And that the videos on YouTube do not show how good she actually is. I guess i will have to wait till she goes on tour to see her

  2. I honestly think Beyonce is phenomenal. Her work ethic is unparalled, and she is an inspiration to any aspiring artist (especially Black Female) that we can be strong and take reigns, and be in charge of our careers and images. I mean, I’m utterly amazed. Real talk, I used to be a Beyonce (hater) until I started studying her work and bought her live at roseland dvd and just really grew to appreciate her artistry and talent. She and Adele are two of the best live performers in the game right now. I hope that they release the Revel show to Dvd in the future 🙂

  3. Hardest working woman in the biz (after Lady Gaga?).

  4. Congrats to Beyonce for her first nite concert! I’m sure this will be on DVD. In spite of everything, this is a great time for women, especially, sistas! Black girls rock!

  5. The red looks really good on her skin!

    All in all, looks like what we come to expect from Beyonce,good job!

  6. “Beyonce is Back” <—but she ain't go nowhere. LOL

    I like the red and black trapezoid outfits. And I like her makeup or lack thereof. Just basic natural beauty and talent shining through. That body gave birf! She's changed. At work now; gonna sneak and watch the vids.

  7. I was there….everyone from MICHELLE OBAMA & her girls, Adele, Jay Z, gayle king,… The list goes on…BEYONCE, the show & it’s poduction were unbelievable… U don’t get the full effect from the YouTube videos… If u ever have a chance to see BEYONCE live… It’s an experience… She gives 500%… More than just a concert…mouths dropped, real talk…. Oh, the revel resort is FABULOUS….WORTH EVERY PENNY…..

  8. Her body is different and it should be expected. I think her performance was okay considering that she has been in “mommy” haitus for almost 9months. Honestly, I don’t think I can take her seriously as a performer anymore until I see more of her as a nurturing mother. I notice that she (or her management team) didn’t waste anytime posting images from the show to her personal website, but there aren’t any pics of her being pregnant or Blue Ivy. Just too much media games for me…

  9. @STYLISHCEO you sound as if Beyonce owes you her life! She owes her fans music not her personal business!

  10. @VVSROCKS you sound like you took my comment more serious than I did. You don’t tell me what Beyonce owes her fans or anybody else, I’m capable of making that personal judgement without your assistance. And stop patrolling everybody’s comments, it makes you look psycho.

  11. And by the way, I respect Beyonce’s drive and ambition…a lot! I think she’s a very determined individual with good work ethics and strong family values. She’s actually one of my top 10 female artist. Happy? Have a bless day everyone!

  12. Shes just greedy. Now yall can have a blessed day.

  13. i will never ever judge this woman again…Ive being judged and persecuted wrongly and now know what that is like…she has passion for, and loves what she does, her family supports her. Fin!
    in life that is all that matters…if you don’t like what she is doing honestly mind your business and don’t comment. lol. now i understand why people say that.
    as long as human beings exist, there will always be conflict and disagreement. God knows i dont agree with half of the things she does wears, etc, but she continues to live her life for her the way she wants to. you just have to respect that. that is beautiful, she does not care what anyone thinks. wow. i want to get to that place in my life. we all need to.

  14. I think she needs to re-invent herself, she is a good performer, but it’s time for her to bring something different to the table

  15. GO BEY!

    And i’m so happy about her new role. A black evil queen in a 3D animation. I think this movie will be epic as it’s titled.

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