Preview Two Hot New Beyonce Videos

Beyonce If you guys thought Beyonce was going to fade away into the background simply because her I Am… Sasha Fierce tour is soon to wrap up- you need to think again. Sasha has no intentions of allowing the second half of 2009 to be dominated by other artists- male or female. Girlfriend has not one, not two, but apparently three new videos that will premiere sometime within the next few months. Now even though I was told there is a third video- only two of them actually surfaced (leaked) online today; a low quality version of Broken Hearted Girl and a behind the scenes look at Sweet Dreams. Both videos look absolutely stunning and Sweet Dreams in particular looks like it will be pure Sasha Fierce glamour.

Now as I have said before, I no longer post videos here but you can view them both on Flickr. I suggest you move fast as Beyonce’s label is not happy about the leaks and is having them pulled down quickly.

Click the links below to watch each video.

1. Broken Hearted Girl Video

2. Sweet Dreams Video


  1. Can’t wait to see both. Getting kind of tired of the Black & White but Beyonce is destined to stay on top.

  2. Cant wait to see the videos! Random question…but why is Leona Lewis not featured on this site? Or she’s not as big in the USA? hmmm….

  3. πŸ™„ Another B&W WHY?! I knew she was gonna do another one. Brokenhearted Girl is a nice song but that video was so boring…she needs to take her time and do over….no point in churning out videos if every other one isn’t that good.

    Now….. the behind the scenes of Sweet Dreams however looks interesting and in color. IF she does do a another video where is RADIO?

  4. Angel other than her version of bleeding love video and song being big for a hot minute. I don’t think so because I don’t hear much of her here.


  6. Bey is soo overexposed, the fact that she constantly releases videos makes it seem like she doesn’t want anyone else to have some success, she’s relentless. Its good to be ambitious but she is just greedy. The only songs I like on I am are Sweet Dreams and Ave Maria- other than that the album is very mediocre; I fell asleep listening to it.

    @Angel uk- Leona is also very exposed in the UK, and frankly she’s boring. I’m not even certain that her success in the US was a high as the British media made it out to be

  7. i love me some Bee but Dang!!! can she give it a rest??? you don’t have to release EVERY song on your album as a single…..ugh!

  8. I personally don’t give a crap how many videos she decides to release – anyone and everyone is free to point their browsers elsewhere, turn their radio station, flip the remote, etc. Bee is doing her. If you’re tired of seeing her, it’s no big thing to look the other way. I personally don’t care for a handful of prominent artists like C Brown, Eminem, Ne-Yo but those guys are doing what they have to in order to stay on their grind, but it only involves me if I say so.

    As for these videos – they look hot! I was initially surprised that she decided to release 2 Sasha Fierce singles instead of the usual 1 “I Am”/1 “Sasha Fierce,” but with “Ego” doing well on the r&b charts, SD looks poised to be another worldwide/mainstream hit. Do it big Bee! See you July 1st.

  9. BHG looks epic and cinematic…very romantic and Sweet Dreams looks like it’s gna b str8 fire…can’t wait!

  10. I know thats right Beyonce…2009 is yours hunnie!!! “Sweet Dreams” is gonna be HOT!!! I love “Broken Hearted girl” too…I cant wait! πŸ˜€

  11. sweet dreams is my jam y’all..i love that track..when i got i am sasha fierce, thats the song i was jamming to all the time.. cant wait..broken hearted girl is ok but sweet dreams yay :mrgreen:

  12. Can’t wait to see the full versions of both videos!!

  13. *sighs*
    i get the feeling beyonce will run out ideas in the future.

  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE SWEET DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stop listening to it !! BHG is a bit boring but her vocals on it are on point! The videos look amazing especially the one for SWEET DREAMS !

  15. omg @ Angel UK


    in a literal sense πŸ™‚

    Brown Sista – theyre only gonna show like african american artists LOL!

    Leaona is like WHITE! not BROWN :O

  16. i have neva heard of artist releasing these many videos in such a short time, very strange-either she is greedy and needs spotlight or their is a fear sum1 will take her spot or both-it just seems unheard of-im all 4 success, but the short time span between them, the double video thing-very strange-2009 has 2b her year she’s EVERYWHERE YOU TURN-it has no choice but 2b hers-i just sense sumthing is up , oh well toodles

  17. I thought Leona was bi-racial??? Hmmmm…

    I’m unfamiliar with the songs, except for Sweet Dreams (wasn’t it called Beautiful Nightmare last summer?) If that’s the case, then that one I know and LOVE.

    Vids look interesting πŸ™‚

  18. is it just me or is this the 1st time an artist has released so many videos in this short duration. Either she is greedy, scared of leaving the light & sum1 takes it or both-I’m all 4 sucess but at least space it out, at least she didn’t do that double video thing, but it just seems kinda bugged out 2 me. The summer is not even ova & she gonna have 7 videos -2009 has no choice but 2b her year-she is EVERYWHERE-B don’t play

  19. Uhm im not sure.

    but i think ‘brownsista’ means ‘african american’ yeah haha.

    Yeah it was Beautiful Nightmare. but the name got changed when it was put on the album!

    yes i love the song too!
    i loved it since april last year LMAO!!!
    coz its so good!

  20. Could this have something to do with so many old school artisist are coming out and people are literally waiting for them. Because this seems a bit desperate too me. It’s just my opinion and don’t start bombarding me with your foolishness. It just seems wierd that every other week or so she is coming out w/ a new video. Now I know her girl has the number 1 song on dance and it is rapidly moving up the hot 100. This is just not a good look that she keeps coming out with all of these videos. Everyone who is going to buy that album has already bought it. It’s enough already. I think her management is over working her and in a minute she is going to have somewhat of a break down. No one can continuously work like this and eventually not feel it physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

    If she has anyone around her who loves her and cares about her they will tell her to slow down. If people are your fans then they will wait for you. Look at Maxwell he didn’t have a cd out for 8 years and didn’t come out with a cd nor a single he came out with a sold out tour. Look at Whitney say what you want to say about her but there are tons of people waiting for her to come out and generally want her to do well. The same w/Sade people are waiting with anticipated breath. And if she is an icon and a legend like people say she is then she can take a break as well. I am not a fan of hers but I am worried about her. She looks like she is tired. She has a lot of money hungry people around her and they all make money of off her. I pray that this young lady get some rest.

  21. quick ? When did kanye’s hearbreak hotel come out? How many videos has he had so far? Not being sarcastic-genuine. don’t really watch the video stations, unless i pass thru & sumthin catch the eye , which is almost neva unless its positive or listen 2 radio. his paranoia song i luv but the video was disugusting, Rhianna looked like a whore, but people kept saying she did her thang. ANy1 can lay in bed naked and she played crazy good cuz she still luv a boy who beat her down-wouldn’t ub crazy?? Remember i aint a beyonce hater- i rag on all these broads in the game who ain’t classy.

  22. no bee, it has nothing to do with old school artists coming out and people supposedly waiting for them. she’s been doing this for 12yrs bee, i’m sure she knows her limits. she works hard b/c she wants to and her loving family supports her. they are not going to tell her to stop working b/c folks like you are supposedly tired of her, yet you can’t stop talking about her in every thread πŸ™„

    this is only her third set of singles. she’s been planning on releasing these videos forever but she held out b/c halo was still doing really well on the charts. she was going to release BHG as a single, but decided to release sweet dreams here and internationally. BHG is NOT a single, it’s just a video on the above and beyonce vid being released on tuesday. if you think she’s overexposed, find some less exposed to entertain you. at least when she’s in the news, she’s actually working……..

    can’t wait to see these vids when they are officially released. go bee!

  23. omg!so brownsista is only for african-american women?…..rihanna is baijan and Sade is nigerian why the hell are these yellow sistas on brownsista?……do you have any idea how african-american women are loved and cherished across the globe,women that are written off by the american media are still loved and celebrated by the world…wow! i’m shocked but these comments will never change my love for african-american women.

  24. @ bee. the reason why she is coming out like this and putting out so many videos and songs, is because she knows that her music is nonsense and non substantial. yes she might be making 87 million and all, but she knows she has to stay relevant somehow for a while, because 1 year from now people will move on to the next hit song and obsess. so she feeds it to the people, so that when she has fallen off, she would have gained some kind of place in the industry. now before i get spit on for saying this, i used t be her fan when DIL came out, and i was 13, i thought she was gods gift to earth, but obviously…
    anyway, beyonce IS NOT THAT TALENTED. she is absolutely stunningly beautiful. i repeat she is not that talented. and the only reason she is the only black female artist out there is because she has good management. that is all you need in this industry to be on top.and then she is gourgeous. now if you are looking for legendery, talk about the one and only Jill Scott, Erykha Badu, India Arie etc , you all know it and so does beyonce. those women give us MUSIC and they show us what the beauty of music does to your soul. i dont care if they dont sell out their concert with 20,000 people, but they have their fanbase and those people love and respect their PURE talent.( because they dont try to blind us with their beauty ) beyonce will never ever be considered a legend. all her fans are men and young girls, and her music WILL NOT be remebered 5 years from now.

  25. when did black folks start listening to white music??? so now we are all supposed to be wanna be white right?? I got teased for “sounding white”. Now its all good for ms sell-out central to make money doing something that i was put down for??? These songs suck…point blank period…They are euro-trash sounding, ear bleeders!!!!! She looks like lindsey lohan in the first and whats up with her robot fetish??? is she preparing us for something thats going to be happing real soon???? And even when Madonna or Cher or Janet was at the top of their game, they didn’t bombard us with too much of them…Even Britney wasn’t this overwhelming…and yeah..we can change the channel, turn the radio off..why don’t we just pluck out our eyes and ears cause this heffa is everywhere….. ENOUGH!!!!! Maxwell is a great expamle of an artist..not a star…this is a quote from his jet magazine interview…
    Unlike other entertainers, he says he is not married to the limelight-thats why he was able to take a break.
    “I have a real life. I am not scared outside of the spotlight. Fame comes and goes so fast. Stars are stars, but they are not artists. The music is all that matters to me.”

  26. No um Bee very good points. Yeah.

    @ lizz I lol didn’t know that BrownSista can’t mean only AA women if Sade and Rihanna are talked about ….. I dunno I take it if they are big US stars or maybe at one point were then they are talked about.

    smh @ James.

  27. πŸ˜‰ I agree ((WOHOO)) your absolutely right. I mean who can knock her hustle

  28. @ James

    Leona Lewis is bi racial, her Father is black. She is not white as you say which is why I was asking about why she is not featured on this site. Not that its a bad thing, it was just a question. It cant be about her not being African American either….Naomi Campbell, Estelle and Jamelia are featured on this site, they are black and British. And bi racial stars are also featured on this site such as Alicia Keys, Kelis, Halle Berry, Tracee Ellis Ross, Tatyana Ali etc, so the asking about Leona was a legitimate question and I will appreciate not being patronised.

  29. I sense some of you here are less than genuine. Who doesn’t know by now this site is only about Black women. Some of those Black women are from the us, some from the Islands, the UK, Africa, but all are Black. The fact that Leona Lewis doesn’t appear here often is no big deal. Let it go and keep it moving trouble makers.

  30. @Wohoo I never said anything about being tired of her. You did not read that anywhere in that post. What I said was I was worried about her so don’t put words in my mouth. You don’t have to be a fan of hers to see her. And just because someone has being doing something for awhile does not mean they can’t get tired. Stop trying to argue about someone you don’t know. And I am not in every Beyonce post but if I was last time I checked this was still America and as far as I know I still have 1st amendement rights.

    I have never seen her nor any other artisist put a new video out every other week. No one has ever done that and it does not make her a hustler. Many people have it confused about what a hustler does. A hustler does next to nothing and let everyone around them work as hard as they can and they rip all the benefits. That is what they use to call pimps a long time ago before it became fashionable to be called pimps. Hustler where men in the old days who didn’t work and had a bunch of women they were living off of. Being called a hustler is no more of a compliment than being called a whoree or a pimp. Educate yourself and learn the true meanings of the words you use because they do have power.

    What I said to me is this seems like desperation. Again like I said before everyone who was going to buy that cd has already bought it. NO one new is going to buy that cd. What this is is when your record company only promotes one artisist and all the other artisist leave you begin to whoree that one artisist out while you are looking for the next best thing. So her record company did this to themselves by only promoting one artisit and now that is all they have to promote. She in turn is actually the one being hustled.

  31. @ Rashida

    Yeah I understand that, it just started off being a simple question. I didnt have a problem with her not being featured, but I guess here she is classed as very mainstream whereas in America she may not be yet. πŸ™‚

  32. @bee,

    please, how is this desperation? this is only her THIRD set of singles that she has been planning on releasing forever. i never called her a hustler in my post, but thanks for attempting to educate me on something that i never even talked about πŸ™„ i said she’s a hard worker, i don’t know why you decided to equate that to her being a hustler. she’s hasn’t released a video every week so i don’t know what you are talking about (if i were a boy and single ladies were released in oct, she released diva and halo in dec and didn’t ego release until may), how is that releasing a video every week? furthermore, if you read what i said, you would know that BHG vid was supposed to be a single with ego (a video she shot back in feb) but she changed her mind. b/c she was intending on releasing it, she put it on a remix anthology type thing that is being sold at walmart meant for the fans who want to buy it. she decided to release sweet dreams, that’s why there’s going to be a sweet dreams video. no, everyone who wanted to buy the album hasn’t bought it already b/c if that was the case, she would have fallen out of the billboard 200. yet, she’s still sitting on the charts at #23 (the album was released in nov) while some musicians who released before her or after her have fallen below her and some have even fallen out of the top 200. if you think her record company is hustling her, that’s your perogative. the president of sony himself said that she’s the biggest artist on the label, they know she sells and she garners attention. this why sony now gives her half of everything she sells and makes for the label. i don’t know about you, but that’s not being out hustled by your record company, that’s you hustling them out for your worth. her contract is officially up after this album, best believe sony is going to come with the cash to keep her. if you feel that she’s desperate simply b/c she’s doing her job, then once again, find someone who is less desperate and appeals to you. go bey!

  33. Because these videos were leaked no one really knows what they are for or when they will come out. I read they were for the dvd release of Sasha Fierce which sounds about right. I mean this woman released videos for every single she had on her last album. She recorded some 7 or 8 extra videos in about 2 weeks. The fact that she is creating even more videos should not shock anyone. Beyonce isn’t played out, overexposed or anything. Her album is stilll in the top 50 and selling well. This woman works hard and knows how to sell herself and her product. I wish her well and much success.

  34. @ wohoo!! Preach on preach on!! I think you said it well and I agree 100%!! Queen Bey is a hard working woman. You can call her a lot of things, but you can’t call her lazy. If she isn’t doing magazines, movies, award shows, you better believe she is somewhere working on her craft. That’s why people love her, she never gives up. She makes mistakes and everything she touch is not gold, but she tries and comes back swinging!! I think she has a very supportive fan base and that’s why she keeps giving more and more!! Hell, people say Jamaicans work hard, I think they need to look in to the creole blood as well!LOL

    Love her all day every day!!

  35. @Woohoo get over it child. Everyone calls her a hustler. You have your opinion and I have mind that is what these blogs are for right. For us to comment on people we don’t know. I didn’t say she was desperate I said it looks desperate. And that is my opinion of how I think it looks. Sometimes you can overexpose yourself and loose some people. It’s no need to argue about it let’s just say we agree to disagree and leave it there. I personally think it’s over kill and that could by why you can still by tickets to her concert. If every time someone look to the left and right and there you go that can turn some people off. And sometimes you need to chill just to regroup and readjust and that’s everyone. That is why people take vacations. As far as finding someone who appeals to me that goes without saying it doesn’t mean that I can’t state my opionion in a genre that is just for that stating your opinion.

    But hey as long as you think she’s alright that’s all that matters right. But when you can start playing a song and you can fit any of the words to any of her songs into one song it’s time to take a break you are just duplicating stuff now. So again I will say I can state my opinion just as you state yours and I will respect your right to disagree and I hope you will respect mine.

  36. Sweet Dreams might be interesting. But Broken-Hearted girl looks boring. Just like Halo was boring. Well, the entire first disc is boring. I tell no lies when I say this is what I put on when I can’t sleep. But her upbeat songs entertain me. So Sasha Fierce needs to make more songs and take over.

    I always wonder though…with all the money Beyonce and her team have, why are they still so cheap with videos? 😐

  37. *nods @ bee*

    lol @ majesa ….. the only reason I liked Halo other than the song was Michael Ealy…..fffffiiiinnnee.

  38. @ Majesa

    i was wondering that too.

    and i think coz like. she DOESN’T NEED TO?

    u think?

    Coz its Beyonce. she can obivously afford an expensive video. But maybe its like ‘why go through all the effort?’
    Coz she can release anything and everybody will eat it up.

    My other theory is like, Beyonce’s been out for 12 years!
    shes been there and done that. Just releasing another video, it wud just be similar to things shes done before.

    Shes never gone for that simplicity factor before, or the black and white. So i think thats why she does it that way πŸ˜‰

  39. Beyonce is definitely not being hustled(anymore) She is a hustler. Every1 like 2 blame her father for everthing bad and give him credit when things go good. She is grown woman with mucho dinero, whatever she does grimy or good-its Beyonce. She wanna make every video 4 every song she made in her life since birth- i guarantee its Beyonce’s idea. She wanna put out 2 movies, 8 singles and a dvd in 7 months-that’s all her-trust. She’s like her worshipping $ husband-Jay-z -i refuse to call him Jayhovah cuz he aint God of rap or anything 4 that matter. She’s a virgo-they will do anything 4 spotlight. Ima a Sag and i dropped about 4 virgo chicks as friends, cuz of that, their ridiculous with wanting attention. i don’t know how Jigga does it.
    Virgo-say sumthin lol

  40. You know what’s funny? since my delivery i have been off the internet and off of blogs, try and take care of two set of twins all of them under 2 years old πŸ˜† but anyway i haven’t seen or heard of beyonce for about 5 months i see rihanna on TV,i see keri hilson, i see mary , but not beyonce and as soon as i get on blogs, bang here she is, she own “Black blogs” a lot, they are hyping her up to the max, but anyway, i don’t care for the song, halo was my favorite off the album, after i heard her live with it i was done, and i don’t care if she wants to make 23 videos remixes and behind the scene footage, it’s her money,her life so more power to her.

  41. @ Angel UK

    i would have loved to have heard leona sing HALO wich was written for her, not for or by beyonce….

    i think the song was made for leona’s voice… πŸ˜₯

    *kicking rocks*

  42. @I aint demented, well just a little bit the last video that beyonce released before the recent ego were halo and diva which were released back in december can you count how many months ago that was?\

    and broken hearted girl isnt all black and white it fads into color as well

  43. Who plays videos on TV anymore! TRL is gone and 106 & Park is a hot mess! The videos are for her DVD release this month. Their for her fans! If you’re not a fan, you have nothing to worry about! Keep it moving!LOL

  44. If u people are tired and sick of her dont read about her.keep it moving.

  45. Hey Dark Sista!! How are you sweetie? We missed you and congrats on your babies!! πŸ˜€

  46. To Kelan: This woman’s beauty is not for real. She wears piles and piles of makeup, thousands of dollars of wigs/weaves, and then airbrushing Autotune and photoshop go to work. What you see is really a created image. Take it all away, and she is just a plain looking girl with a big butt. She is the most overrated, over promoted, overblown performer I have ever seen, with such an unremarkable voice, unimaginative dance steps. This just shows the state of American music today, when rubbing and wiggling yourself constitutes talent.

  47. bee YES: but no i don’t want beyonce to slow down, i want her to keep working until she kills herself on the task, i’m done feeling bad for her and stuff her fans think people are being negative but for real bey is tired look at her? the energy is not there anymore her fans wont let her do her, always hyping her up to teh max! Let her work until she just drop dead then maybe her fans will understand what people means by “SIT DOWN”

  48. Bee says : Educate yourself and learn the true meanings of the words you use because they do have power



    Just because a song is written for them, doesn’t necessarily mean it was meant for them.
    Rihanna’s umbrella, was originally written for Mary J Blige 😐
    can u imagine mary J singing that song?

    Irreplaceable was originally written for some country artist(lol forgot their name) but Beyonce sang it and it was a mega hit.

    both those songs (irreplaceable and umbrealla) weren’t written for them, but omg they were the biggest songs of 2007.

    Leona even said that the song suited Beyonce’s voice better, and that she was happy Beyonce sung it instead of her.
    But i think she was being slightly biased, coz shes fond of B after meeting her for the first time at the fashion rocks ‘just stand up’ performance rehearsal thing. And Beyonce was like the only one that came and said hi to her and made her feel welcome and shit (coz she was feeling so intimidated by all her idols n stuff).

    yerr lol 😐 i dont really know if that proved anything lol, but yeah sometimes the artist the song was written for isn’t really the artist that shud sing it πŸ˜›

  50. yes beyonce is a powerful singer and her voice is ridiulous. but who all of a sudden appointed her as a ‘”diva” . maybe im confused but i thought that title was appointed to you by fans and the music industry. she is putting herself on the same level as aretha franklin, donna summer, and mariah carey, these DIVAS have been in the game for more than a few years. in my mind she is not yet on the same level as these ladies. just because you have a strong following and are prominent for 5 or 6 years doesnt mean that people will love you in the future. same deal as kanye, if you dont know he claimed that he was the best rapper EVER? WTF? these musicians today go to the top and get such a big head its just outrageous. both of them really need to chill out and bask in what times are nowadays and time will tell how they will be remembered, kanye is no biggie, tupac or nas. as well as beyonce is no aretha, donna or mariah. time will tell and we shall see what these “DIVAS” and “masters of rap” really become. but at this point in time, dont think you can self-appoint yourself a title and it will follow you!

  51. @voice, Dont you think thats mean, and perhaps taking it to far?

  52. @yo where you been? beyonce has alot of haters but one thing i knoew is music artist and producers RESPECT AND APPRECIATE BEYONCE MUSIC and say themselves that she is a legend, icon, diva so yes the music industry has appointed her as that, check youtube you will see a great deal of producers and singers that talk about how big beyonce is and check out how many of them attend her concerts

    @suga, please autotune? you must have never been to a beyonce concert or seen her do anything live, those who speak like that are those that have never been there to see it, go see her live first and then make that assumption

  53. Before all the makeup I won’t say unremarkable. I mean I think i’m cute to most people lol w/o makeup…I think she’s just pretty w/o makeup. But wooowww lol @ Sugar.

    @ James um Ne-Yo wrote Irreplacable before Beyonce’ tried to claim it um so he wrote that for a country artist first? AND umbrella I could hear Mary singing that actually. Oh yes.

  54. @Voice girl where you been miss your comedy. I don’t want her to kill herself. But I do think there is some bad energy around this young lady. I have never seen one person get so much crazy attention. I don’t want to say negative it’s crazy. She needs to sit down and reconnect with God. She use to say she was a christian all the time, but, now she is too famous to go to church. Everyone in life has to take a moment to reconnect and she is no different. She is a human being just like everyone else and she needs to sit down and have some alone time w/herself. I don’t kow if she does this or not, but, this young lady looks tired and she looks like she is doing everything to hold it together. I speak from experience because I am in the field where people have break downs and you tend to be able to recognize the signs. And whether her fans wants to believe it or not this lady is human and she has that I can’t take it anymore all over her face.

  55. @Bee i wish you would stop making assumptions, how do you know she needs to reconnect with god? man you people kill me STOP JUDGING you speak one thing than you do another, maybe you need to connect with god and then you wouldnt be talking like that about HIS children, do you know that she doesnt go to church? i guess you follow her every move, shame…im a big fan and i dont assume that she does or does not go to church what is your problem!

  56. @mario,

    i completely agree. people kill me thinking they know what is best for other people. focus on your OWN life and your relationship w/God and not someone else’s. people are wishing she kills herself cuz she’d rather work? πŸ™„ if you don’t want to be bothered with her, don’t be. people kill me acting as if they have no choice but to look at her videos and click on her posts on blogs. these videos are for her fans, meant for people who buy the dvd. if you go out of way to watch and comment on it, that’s on you.

  57. @wohoo i totally agree, people talk as if though bey doesnt practice her religion, yet they dont know if she reads her bible before bed at night after she performs, i just dont get why people take it so far…and IF she didnt practice religion whos business is that other than her own? i just want people to start explaining theirselves and give me good reason why they assume such things that deal with her personal life that she rarely comes out and talk about anyway…she is the most private celebrity i can think of, but some people have the nerve to say she needs to reconnect with god as if they talk to bey on the phone and heard her say she worship the devil

  58. Can’t wait look hott Esp sweet Dreams..>That’s my jam anyhoo’s! πŸ™‚

  59. Make sure you catch BEYONCE, Tonight on BET Access Granted at 7:30pm, the will be showing behind the scenes footage of the videos including that of sweet dreams

  60. she is a video girl….lol,@voice you are so right,she realy knows how to turn stones into bread and we all know what that leads to.

  61. @Mario: Yeah it kinda is, but it is seriously what will happen if she doesn’t make some her time, and i am not talking about the commercialized “every other week” time she take off, I’m talking about some serious time to enjoy her marriage and her young life, Seriously i know it is none of my business but she spent almost her entire life in the spotlight, lucky for her Jay-z is also a celebrity and seems to love her very much, who will accept their companion rarely been there? and when they are there all they wanna do is go back to work? don’t blame me she said it in an interview, Honestly mario nobody is super woman at some point it’s going to take a toll on her it’s starting, she look extremely frail old in the face,I’m just saying, I used to feel bad for her all the time but whenever i voiced it people wanted to call me a hater, it’s like i got your hater in my purse all you have to do is call it out to my face LOL so you know i don’t mean of course i don’t mean her to kill herself literally i’m just saying, everyone need a minute to sit down

    @bee girl i have been around i ‘s have a boyfriend now and don’t you know he is trying to lock a sister down loool but you kno bee doesn’t need god, didnt you her her and hova? they are all the god they need πŸ˜†

  62. @Mario you don’t know her either. I never said I know her. I do know this about 6 or 7 years ago everytime she had an interview all she talked about her was how much she loved God and going to church and now she says she is too famous to go to church. If you get to a point where you are too famous for God where do you go from there. You make assumptions about Beyonce all the time you just do it in a worship kind of way. You don’t know anymore about this young lady than anyone else on this blog, but, yet you will defend her to the death. A person you don’t even know. Everyone needs to reconnect to themselves in life at one point or another. Be it physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Even when someone tries to say something caring and be a little concern about this person you people come out swinging. Read the statement again before you try to go off on me.

    You are not Beyonce protector and she would probably have her security sweep you away if you tried to approach her. You don’t have to go around here trying to jump down on a person you don’t know. I know I don’t know her do you. Get a life you and that woohoo. You all makes arses out of yourselves everytime you try to jump down someone’s throat. I can have an opinion I about a person I don’t know just like you. So there were both pathetic together.

  63. @bee,

    she didn’t say she was too famous for church. she said she didn’t go to church as much anymore b/c people are taking pics of her w/camera phones and asking her for autographs in the middle of sermons. furthermore, she still talks about God. she still talks about how God has blessed her and how God has shown her favor in her life. just b/c you don’t think she’s not talking about him like she should (i guess you want her to mention it in every interview) doesn’t mean her personal relationship isn’t strong with her God. who are you to tell her or assume that she’s needs to go and reconnect? for all you know, her relationship w/him is stronger than yours. mary was just talking about how she used to read her bible everyday, but now reads it when she needs it. are you going to assume that she has lost her connection with God and needs to go and reconnect? does going to church or talking about God 24/7 prove that you are connected to God? a man went to a church that he has been attending for years and began shooting up the church. a pastor’s wife who is in church and reads the bible everyday took a gun and shot her husband in the middle of the night. some catholics priests talk about God and stay in church yet they are raping little boys. there are pastors who stay in the church but continue to commit adultry and fraud. so for you to assume that just b/c someone is not talking about God everyday and is not going to church as much means they are disconnected from God is crazy b/c there are people out there who act as if their connection with God is strong, but then turn around and kill, steal, lie and cheat. i’m making an a$$ out of myself b/c i’m calling you out on your bs? you are tired of her and think she needs a break but you click on her every post to discuss her life and what’s new in it? you think she should take a break but you click to watch her videos? LOL at you talking about someone not knowing her but is defending her to death when you don’t know her either and yet, you have 101 opinions about what she should do with her life and what her connection to God ought to be πŸ™„

  64. @bee yes she said she was too famous to go to church, she said that people didn’t listen to the preacher they were busy taking pictures of her, I laughed out loud, SHE Really does think she is all that πŸ˜† i broke out laughing i saw beyonce many times when i was living in new york with my ex who is a well known celebrity, it was like seeing a chick walking down the street, i didnt feel any of those jolts her fans describe, so why would i let her come between me and my god?! when she went that oen time to gie food to the homeless or whatever during bday promo the people were more worried about getting their grub on than taking pics with her,some people just need to shut up looool

  65. like i stated before I DONT KNOW and i said you dont either the point is you shouldnt be judging someone especially that you dont know them personally

  66. Oprah Winfrey goes to church and so do the Obamas. Lord knows Oprah and the Obamas are more popular than Beyonce.

    Beyonce needs to get her head out of the clouds and come back to earth. She just seems so full of herself.

  67. People must understand she is a huge celebrity and going to church is difficult because of stans.

  68. Beyonce got fans, haters, distractors talking about her 24/7!

  69. By the way Oprah church is New Age,she is NOT A CHRISTIAN -She does not believe in the basic fundamentals of christianity like JEsus is the only way to salvation,Obama is for fullterm abortions and homosexuality-i don’t consider him Christian either-those were bad examples. yes, i am black also, im just a christian first

  70. Going to church means nothing-Nazi Germans went to church and still massacred over 6 million people for sport. Just look at someone’s actions or their songs. Its really not such a dilemna, ya’ll makin it complicated and it isn’t-you just might not like the conclusion you get when you start observing.

  71. Lol all these people that hate Beyonce or are sick of her.
    Well look! Beyonce gets the most comments on this site.
    You say you don’t like her, but ur still here >.>

  72. @james also the more attention the people that are tired of her give her that more popular and relevent she becomes….i guess the haters just dont get it

  73. @ kriss,

    If she can go to an NBA basketball game, she can go to church…if she wants to πŸ™‚ all she needs is security and we know she’s got it in that sex-a-licious bodyguard of hers. 😎

  74. Well if people are taking pictures of her and asking her for autographs at church that’s not her fault that is the pastor’s fault because he/she should put an end to that. But she did say she was too famous for church. And far as the people on here who keep saying you don’t know her so stop giving opinions I’ll stop when you stop. We are all giving opinions some just from a fan and some are not from fans but we are all giving opinions about someone we don’t know. Most of us are on here because we are bored at work and this is fun to see people defend someone to the death that they will never know personally. Atleast for me it’s fun. I don’t know her so the only thing I can do is make assumptions just as you are. The reality of it is this young lady seems full of herself. And one way or another if she is a Christian and she has lost her way God will find a way to bring her back towards the lite and it aint always pretty. That is not an assumption that I speak from experience. Now go and say all that you need to say behind that because behind that I am finished with this topic.

  75. “And far as the people on here who keep saying you don’t know her so stop giving opinions I’ll stop when you stop. We are all giving opinions some just from a fan and some are not from fans but we are all giving opinions about someone we don’t know.” —- *dead* lol. Not a big fan or or a big ol’ stan = hater don’t forget that *nods*.

  76. And still no one can touch her wit a 10 foot pole…So haters get on your JOB! lmao….she’s still the hottest chick in the game knocking ALL them other RnB chicks off there wagon! πŸ˜† Album is still in the TOP 20 on the billboards and still in the top 20 on the global chart, so who can stop her?! lol Get it bey!

  77. Also for those saying she dont go to church b/c she’s too famous thats NOT what she meant but of course the HATERS will turn her words into something else…She aint lying b/c when I went to church when I was living out in L.A Kelly Rowland was there along side Chris Tucker and Tichina Arnold and kids kept coming up to Kelly and Chris during the sermon asking for autographs n stuff they had to move to a disclosed location in the church where Im sure she cld still probably hear the cermon…but it was getting ridiculous. People dont care where they are now a days stans and fans just get plain ignorant when they see there idol or fav singer ect… Obama’s dont just walk up in anychurch and sit down, they have to be somewhere where they wont cause a scene. Ya’ll trippin..

  78. I think President Obama would and could and probably DOES walk into any church he wants. He’s got Secret Service (i.e. SECURITY). Ways can be made; crowds can be contained. If one wanted to go to church and worship, one could if they made the way.

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