Beyonce: “Broken Hearted Girl” Video

Beyonce: Broken Hearted Girl Video

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  1. BEAUTIFUL, you know what i think so so nice and simple but yet so meaningful, is when the video change to color….if you listen to the song thats when the song mood changes i just really love this video

  2. yawn

    this girl has been reduced to $20 concert tickets, and videos. Fade away, boreyawnsay, fade away.

    Hey did you all hear her shady pappy only wants boreyawnsay to be the only female performer at the BET Awards

    funny her videos are not in rotation, and
    I thought he wanted to make her a pop star. LOL

    i guess they need that platform to entice people to her flop concert. LOL

    letoya keep your head up, boreyawnsay and her pappy her finally getting their karma, slowly and surely,

    her cd sales are declining, she can only get money from endorsing any and everything short of horse dung.

    they don’t want real r&b artists with mature lyrics and interesting, FRESH performances to upstage predictable, boring, overrated, overssaturated boreyawnsay.

  3. @Mario hey baby what going on.
    @boreyawnsay you is tooo funny.

  4. I LOVE this song because it’s so meaningful and just to see the video it made the song pop even more. Love the story line and how she evoked emotion throughout whether she was smiling or straight faced. I loved the ending too, how it went into color. Now I can’t wait to see Sweet Dreams, she’s gonna kill that!

    Overall, beautiful job and she looked stunning and youthful. For some reason it reminded me of the old Madonna video “Cherish” when she was on the beach! Good look Bey~

  5. Wonderful job! she has not been reduced to selling tickEts for $20.00, she is doing only 2,000 or less for unfortunate people, trying to help out the economy. Flashy is not always the best way to go and this video did not need it. Neither did the others. I love how she showcases her TALENT! Some people dont need all the glitz to make a point…

  6. I think this was a beautiful video. I like how it changes into color in the middle of the song. I actually like the song too!! good job Bey on this one!! Now bring on Sweet Dreams, that’s my song right there!

  7. @ boreyawnsay people like you just need to go away and let it go… save yourself because it HONESTLY isnt that serious…

    no one has any room to complain about this song or video, it is very pleasent, like everyone else i cant wait for sweet dreams as well

    @lady whats up boo!

  8. she looks gorgeous!! i hate her neck is so thick though. lol, and those eyebrows too, but i heard thats in now. the video just made me like the song a little more. i like the scene where she puts the rose back together

  9. @Boreyawnsay if u dislike her so much why read about her .You must secretly love bee.Keep it up Bee.Haters keep on movin.

  10. Its a lie her father did not want he to be the only one performing at the BET award.

  11. @Kriss exactly there is no creditable source and how would that look anyway? people make up stuff for no reason, and why do people give so much power to matthew and beyonce? the haters give them more power than anyone else as if he could really make something like that happen

  12. i like the video but not feeling the thick eyebrows.. buy anyway go beyonce!!! cant wait to see her perform on the BET awards!!!

  13. have yet to listen to her album..

    anyway.. loved when Mariah 1st came out. her eyebrows were crazy thick to. she said she never tweezed them. but that was back when she was happy being biracial…

    go figure

  14. That was beautiful! I loved the putting the flower back together scene and how she went from black n white to color this is one of my favorite songs on her album.You better Go Beyonce!!!!!! @ BOREYAWNSAY LOL…will you give it up already?! πŸ™„ Dont you think its getting a bit old…yeah

  15. i have to say that i am impressed. I’m happy that for once she made a video which shows that she had any soul ( by that i mean emotion, depth, spirit). elements she has always been void of in all her videos, this was simple and beautiful. the one video i expected her to be dramatic was kissing you and she failed it when she made that rubbish she called a video. but anyway i think shes absolutely killed this, because we can see and feel the song completely for once without her being half naked. come to think of it this is the first time she has had all her clothes on. hmmm 😯 wow . it is a new day. πŸ˜€ but i wont get used t it.

  16. @boreyawnsay For the record, the majority of her shows in Europe this spring did extremely well (sold out or close to it) with only a few dismal turnouts. It’s a bad economy, it happens. She just added another dozen shows in the UK this November b/c the demand for her is so high, and two more shows in Australia have been added. She is doing well for herself.

    The video is great, but I admit my bias due to my proud status as a Beyonce fan (not stan!). She inspires me to go for mine, and at the end of the day, that’s really all she owes me. That and a kickass show in Atlanta next month, can’t wait!

  17. oh. i don’t know why she is smiling at the end? πŸ˜•

  18. video has simplicity to it BUT I REALLY THINK that Beyonce needs to take some time out of the spotlight it is starting to dim 😳 and now for the “SWEET DREAMS” video i think we know what to expect.

  19. If you don’t own this site or own the server it’s on or moderate this site you don’t get to tell anyone where they can go or if they can stay. NOW…..I like the song but this video was disappointing ….. it went to color for like a few seconds ah I said here we go some COLOR and theeeeennnn it went back to b&w *sighs*….the guy was kinda yum….it could’ve been better. A lot seems….missing,

    lol what’s wrong voice?

  20. :mrgreen: im wiff boreyawnsay …. you said it clear .. folks hating on your comment means you hit a nerve 😳 she is getting boring same shit diffrent day ❗

  21. I really like the video! Simplicity is always a good look. Thats what I love about Mrs Carter she is never a disappointment she puts 100% in everything she does and the guy in the video is pretty cute too πŸ™‚ this is one of her best videos to date. SMH @ all you haters that hate on Bee so hard but always in her threads πŸ˜† Shame on you.

  22. “letoya keep your head up, boreyawnsay and her pappy her finally getting their karma, slowly and surely” – I truley do believe that statement. Her and her Daddy are buying up everything, movie roles, magazine covers and even singing for the Obamas.

    I smell a tell all book coming from one of the former DS band members. I hope it is Kelly Rowland. That would be so scandalous.

  23. boring..the color change was unnecessary and served no purpose. maybe if only the rose had color it would have served a purpose but i thought the video was wack and also “Ego” waas wack too. She need some fresh ideas cuz I AM….bored dahling. And i like Beyonce so im not hating. i jus want her 2 do better.

  24. Love the video, loved the song, and Beyonce looks gorgeous! This is one of my favorite tracks! Her voice is amazing on this song!

    LOL @ the haters camping out! Those who want Beyonce to take a break, let’s see if you can take a one week break from talking about her! She’s doing her job. However, you’re choosing to be in her world!

  25. @Drea the purpose of a video is to compliment the song, listen to the song when the video changed to color and you will then understand the reason of why it turned color for that short amount of time…god…

  26. I gotta agree that the first thing I thought of was Madonna’s Cherish video (infinitely more memorable, by the way), not to mention Chris Isaak’s Vicious Game video.

    Girl does know how to copy from the best, tho.

  27. @Mario

    Ahhh – taking a break from the internets and getting out and interacting with real, actual people for a change!

    No offense to any of the socially-challenged commenters – i’m still one of you.

  28. haha banji you a trip but i know what you mean and this blogging can get addicting and annoying at the same time, i take a break every now and then maybe a couple days or so but you….man you take months at a time!

  29. Yeah, I’ll stick around until the stans get my pressure up, forcing me to get back on my heart meds! πŸ˜₯

  30. Compliment the song it doesn’t…. not as much as it could’ve been. Simple is fine it just wasn’t all that interesting.

  31. love da song, she looks pretty & haters the eyebrows look nice.

  32. *takes the word ‘haters’ out back and shoots it repeatedly until it is dead*


    This video, very pretty πŸ™‚

    That is all.


  33. Better idea Kanyade KILL THE STANS drop them in hot boiling bleach and watch them die πŸ˜† the world will be better without them :mrgreen:

    I swear i aint psycho

  34. wow uh…… just the word(s) hater(s). Stans are bad but not bad enough to kill… let’s not be homicidal. Some can still be helped the don’t need to be killed. Stans can be stans all day they don’t need to misuse and abuse the word hater. Hot boiling bleach good lawd -_o. Woosah voice woosah. When I have had enough with a stan I just lol stop responding to them not plan their deaths lol. I’m sure you’re not psycho but let’s bring the rage down a notch or lol……. 15…. maybe 50. ‘kay? ‘kay.

  35. Ebz I was joking πŸ™‚ i can tell you’re new you’ll get use to me, i play around a lot

  36. I’m actually just new to commenting…I’ve known if this site for a minute, -_O I got you were jokin. lol I got an occasional dark sense o’ humor myself too. *nods*

  37. NOTE: since ‘hater’ is such a strong word i decided to use ‘disliker’ πŸ˜‰

    Come on, you can’t just tell the girl to “take a break”. bottom line is you can’t mess with people’s hustle. if she wants to stay in the spotlight for another year then that’s her choice or mathew’s or whomever…..then what i advice you to do is the following;

    1) Change the channel
    2) love/like her
    3) talk about how much you dislike her (come on, don’t be acting like we don’t need dislikers, if they aint hatin’ you aint’ hot)

    As for the video……I LIKE IT for now idk, I might change opinion later on
    oh and ‘Sweet Dreams’ is coming out in august I think

  38. I just wanted to say that I’m not a Beyonce fan and just because someone is not your cup of tea it does not make you a hater. It’s ridiculous how so many people jump on her train and say that those who do not care for Beyonce is a hater. We all have people who we do not care for, but it does not make us haters, that word is so overexposed right now and frankly these celebrities that we all love to blog about so much could care less about us even the ones who defends them as if they were their lawyers. It’s a blog it’s not that serious we do not need to attack other people’s opinions. I will say that I like some of Beyonce’s songs , but sometimes in her videos and when she performs her emotions seems forced and not real and that is why I don’t go crazy over her she is not relateable she seems perfect and no one is we all have flaws and I would love to see her flaws just for half of a day.

  39. So, I guess the haters, naysayers, distractors, and those who don’t care can’t stay away from a Beyonce post! Oh well!LOL

  40. @voice lol you are so bizzare,i’m still waiting for you to start your own blog….remember you promised.

  41. My plea to other female artist is to not follow this trend of making a video for every track….some of us are blessed with active imaginations and wud love to intepret the songs in our own way,our senses are not dull please dnt entepret everything for us,our brains need to excercise their own creativity….i know they read blogs even if they claim that they dnt

  42. she is really boooorrring….. πŸ™„ I think she needs a looooooong break!! I luv ego, but of course the video was boring 😐

  43. @lizz the point of making a video for every track is for the real fans not for those that dont really care for her, if you want to leave the song to your imagination cant you just not watch the video? duh

  44. lmao @melizza

    you actually said she seems perfect, but talked sh!t about her at the same time. makes no sense

  45. She looks gorgeous, but the fake crying and non face of the guy is irritating. I guess I just can’t get with Beyonce this time around. I have like a total of maybe 2 songs this time. This whole b/w concept is just a bore.

  46. lmao back @you mrs Jones and anyone who called me a hater. Thankyou I must have hit a nerve I appreciate your responses but I stand by what I said and I’m entitled to like who I like and not like what I don’t like and so are you. I hope Beyonce pays you well I’m pretty sure my opinion does not matter to her,but I wanted to be heard and I was so thankyou.

  47. beyonce gets soo much attention, she has so many followers and yes that includes you haters hahaha

  48. @mario im calling on other female artist and their labels,we are not retarded …..beyonce can make a video for every track,remixes and bonus tracks i dnt care anymore coz i’m no longer her fan i used to like her when i was a kid,yes her fans need her videos coz they lack the power of imagination and depend on her team for visual stimulation … long as she is not standing on the way of others i wont have a problem with her,she can bootyhop all the way to old age….my 4year old cousin likes her so she will still entertain the next generation our future grandchild and aldult ADD fans.

  49. @ Kanyade

    Luvz it!

    Um, it really makes no sense tryna stop the stans from using the WAY PAST ITS PRIME term “hater”. It’s basically the only word they can use to express their disagreement if you have even the SLIGHTEST critique when it comes to Bey. Or basically when they run out of steam and can’t really articulate any further debate. Other default arguments include:

    – At least she’s making that paper!

    – She’s getting her hustle on, and you’re not. (NOTE: Hustlers are generally people who sometimes use disingenuous practices or methods in order to get over. I’ve never heard of TRUE artists who are known as, or refer to themselves as “Hustlers”. Okay, maybe most rappers, but we all know about the shelf life of most rappers, right? On the other hand, I’m aware of superstars who succeed on sheer talent and artistry alone. Some are extremely successful, and some forego riches for the sake of their art and do not compromise when it comes to true expression.

    – She’s getting her game on. Hmm. Yeah. We all know that showbiz is a big game, and one must play well. But again, the true players transcend the game. In other words, a real player doesn’t refer to the game. Sort of like, if you have to say that you’re cool, then chances are, you’re not.

    All of that said, I don’t hate Beyonce. Beacuase I don’t KNOW her. And any criticisms I have about her WORK is based on my knowledge of entertainers dating from Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Nancy Wilson, Diana Ross (her closest comparison, if you ask me, and Diana was and will continue to be a true ORIGINAL whether you like her or not), to her modern contemporaries such as Leela James, Ledisi, Jazmine Sullivan and Chrisette Michelle. Most of all, it’s just an opinion. I’ll say it again, OPINION. For those who say if one has something negative to say, why bother commenting, how on earth can one idolize an ILLUSION (for that’s what entertainers SELL) and profess that figure to be perfect. It’s a bit unnerving to say the least.

    And lastly, this IS NOT A FANSITE. Not an official one anyway. And people are free to express dissention. I swear, some of y’all sound like you’re from some country under dictatorship – disagree and die!

    END RANT. Now try and play nice, or just have fun and debate. IT AIN”T THAT DEEP.

  50. lizz dont wast your time once you said we lack imagination i stoped reading, because again..people like you make assumptions and you talk as if its fact when you obviously know nothing, thanks though

  51. @Mario

    Hey, guy. I think you’re one of the most coolest Bey fans, by the way. There are lots of other Bey fans here and on other blogs as well, whose comments I enjoy. You ain’t no stan!!

  52. aww, Thanks banjiboi i really appreciate that, at least you can see my heart

  53. LOOK MWE MINIONS!!!!!!!! just because others on here is tired of this chick gives you a right to diss anyone πŸ™„ !!! and i co- sign as well its a nice song,BUT,I’m also tired of her ass as well 😑 !!!!!! she needs to go sit down!!! cause she not coming with it like she use to,and its not cause of the recession ,its cause of the dirt surrounding her and her family thats know being expose and people is tired of it!!! πŸ‘Ώ now go to tell your bitch boss that!!!! for everyone thats tired of this chick,check the truth of this chick and all the other former members of DC on DESTINYS CHILD RUMOURS BLOG πŸ˜‰ AND KNOW THE TRUTH!!!!!

  54. LOOK MWE MINIONS!! ROTFL that was priceless, Lizz i will it is the time that is missign see i dont be posting or arguing like i use to my man demands a lot from me , so does my studies but i will ima creep up on you and BANG πŸ˜†

  55. And any criticisms I have about her WORK is based on my knowledge of entertainers dating from Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Nancy Wilson, Diana Ross (her closest comparison, if you ask me, and Diana was and will continue to be a true ORIGINAL whether you like her or not), to her modern contemporaries such as Leela James, Ledisi, Jazmine Sullivan and Chrisette Michelle


  56. haha that sounds interesting i would be up there everyday! and i will be making sure you keeping up with the latest beyonce news πŸ˜†

  57. The vedio was alright to me. 😐 I watched maybe 2 min. πŸ™„ However, it did not make me want to continue to watch. 😯 So, now I am here commenting. πŸ˜€

  58. @Voice you my girl but her latest comparison not. You my girl and you know if you started a blog I would be all over it and I would hope that the ladies that you have at the end of your comments would get some play. Because they damn sure won’t get any here. This lady that runs this blog is stuck on the same 4 or 5 ladies and there are a lot of brownsista’s out there doing there thing. So I hope you would really promote those ladies.

  59. Mario: You know i will i always have something to say πŸ™„ well i dont give a funk πŸ˜†
    Bee: Stephany tried many time to bring people to the light but no one comments sometimes its only me her and someone else, i’m even tempted to comment under a different name to boost the comment up!, so you know what can she do, this is her business,i’m sure you can’t find more than 10 beyonce’s song in her mp3 players but she have to give her some time on here for business sake, like when i have my blog ill promote everyone and im talkign about real music not no goddamn” i’ve been got so sick of benjays i can’t spend “and decide to make a business out of it Of course i’l talk about beyonce, my opinions won’t change and the stans will run to the rescue while the nay sayer will cosign me imagine how many hit you can get with a lil bey worshippers vs realists war? that’s like winning the loterry Lool but on my blog ill also have many many other celebrity including a topic folder just for new comers old schooler and those who deserve to shine, I don’t need the money , your girl is SET but you know what i mean!

  60. ^^^^^^^TO DO YOU GIRL!!!! SISTA POWER!!!! and don’t be a bandwagoner like most sites *coughs* NECOLE BITCHIE!!!! :mrgreen:

  61. Can’t wait for ur blog voice. I like a site that covers everyone pretty well ……. don’t care for pro-enter a celeb name here sites….. let it be equal opp even if I really, really (no stan) like an artist Ion freaking wanna about him or her all the time or act like they can’t do no wrong lol. Some sites are so bad it really be feeling like a war lol against stans not just Bey stans against like one or 2 people and they try to like to run them out it’s funny…. but annoying. This one site I used to go on was unofficially Kanye central like that’s where his most go hard patrons LIVED lol. Anyways when is this site coming?

  62. @Voice I hear you, but, I think if she did it more often and post some of their music people would start commenting. Even now if you look Beyonce’s post don’t get nearly as many comments as it use to get. That’s the reality of it. The music industry is changing and she could be on the cutting edge. These artist are not selling because everyone uses the same producers and they have the same videos and the same hairstyl, clothes , and etc. It just gets tired after awhile.

  63. @Str8*coughs* NECOLE BITCHIE!!!!
    don’t cough ITS HER satan have five daughter she is the fourth and beyonce is a fifth πŸ˜† not but honestly if this chick isn’t the biggest beyonce stan/rihanna hater of this generation i don’t know who she is, She wears her nickname very well, she is one of those dark sisters, You know the one that only feel secure following the popular light skin girls and always bullying people trying to be different, This chick literally condoned what happened to rihanna, she did anything but spill it out loud!

    @Ebz it is coming soon , I think i am going to start with a blog spot first and see where it goes before i get the website i am going to start tomorrow morning since i have this entire month off ill let you know what i like as far as music and maybe it will be a little harder for people to call me a hater ^^

    bee: I know what you mean πŸ™‚ Well lol

  64. Only a Beyonce video can get this much debate on both sides. *sigh* Anyway, I like the video. I love the way that Sophie(the Director) mixed Black & White and Color to give contrasts which is what cinema(sp?) is all about. When it comes to love, there are always bad times and good and no matter what, as long as it is not toxic and abusive, you work through it because nothing that is good is ever easy. My favorite part is Beyonce putting the rose back together(I know she didn’t do that, that was the film rewinding to make it seem that way), because that’s symbolic of how miraculous it is to rebuild love when it is gone and how important it is to appreciate it while you have and cherish it. That’s what BHG is about and that part convey it well.

    I also love that the video ended in color because that’s how life should be period. Vibrant and exciting. I do have some criticism though: The plot could have been more defined. The Beyonce videos have been more like mini-movies whereas the Sasha Videos are more to showcase Beyonce the entertainer. IIWAB and Halo had a more defined plot. More fluid in conveying it where as it seems that this is bit more rigid. Nevertheless, good job for Bey and Sophie and I like Sophie producing videos with Bey. She did Deja Vu and Ring The Alarm and those are good videos in my opinion. Have a blessed one, everyone.

  65. Banjiboi, the problem with your arguments is she’s not them: Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Nancy Wilson, Diana Ross, Leela James, Ledisi, Jazmine Sullivan and Chrisette Michelle. Now if you are saying that the quality of her delivery is not good as their’s then I agree with you on some level. And that’s ok. Bey has her own lane believe it or not and it’s ok if she’s not your cup of tea but the problem is when people insult those who like her. I mean, ADD generation comments are unnecessary(I know you didn’t make that comment so don’t jump on it). Not everyone likes Ella, Dinah, Nancy, Diana, Leela, Ledisi, Jazmine or Chrisette either (I do, because I love music and entertainment and dig what they do) and don’t make them the standard of great entertainment as I know you don’t see Bey that way. Whatever Bey does, it works for her and her fans like it. It’s okay that she releases a video for every song. She don’t need it, her fans like her music as it is. But she can and it works for her. People will say it is not her offical website, but a lot of Beyonce debates would be saved if some who are not fans would just skip by her threads. Seriously. Tired of her? Pass her by. It’s that simple. And don’t get me wrong, Bey stans are just as bad. I don’t give them any pass. It’s just a shame that videos that an entertainer does gets this much debate. It’s ridiculous.

  66. Seriously. Tired of her? Pass her by
    It does not work that way tho, this is a blog even if we’re tired of someone we are going to talk about them regardless and i think that is why you people need to understand i am tired of ciara like you cant believe but i’ll be posted in her posts that’s the way it is ,what you said sounded just like what beyonce said on the larry king interview about racism so i’ll give you the same sarcastic answer “Wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

  67. @ Curtis,

    Thanks for the thoughtful response. As far as my comparison goes, my point was that she’s as influential as her predessessors were in their day (Ella & co.) and her contemporaries (Leela & co.). And it’s debatable, at least for me anyway, that she is “in her own lane”. I really don’t think she has contributed anything new or even written anything that will be considered timeless – Alicia Keys has that on lock as far as this generation goes IMO. Mariah Carey is also more prolific a writer and has recorded many more songs that are, and will be considered modern classics.

    I do, however think that Beyonce is a master at creating iconic VISUALS, a la Madonna, and that I believe will be her legacy. Her songwriting credits will always be called into question, given the controversies surrounding her and her father’s alleged practice of adding a line or changing a word or phrase, and then listing her as a LEAD writer. That, alone leaves a bad taste in many music lovers’ mouths, and causes a lot of serious music followers to completely discredit and dismiss her.

    And wouldn’t it also be great if her fans would save debate and just stick to her official fansite to unload their accolades? Well, no, because they have every right to shout from the rooftops or on any blog that features her, just as those who don’t particularly care for her. Free country, and all that. The underlying point of my comment was that DEBATE IS A GOOD THING. No matter what, the girl ain’t going nowhere, at least for the minute, and there’s no doubt about her talent and impact in today’s market. Only time will tell if that impact will be a lasting one. I wish her much luck with that, tho’ πŸ˜•

  68. I’ll give her one more thing:

    I don’t think that any black artist since Michael Jackson has proven as adept at mastering the art of marketing as well as Team Beyonce and will concede that she is a Visual Icon. That is all ❗

  69. Lol voice smh I knew girls like thast in HS mmm mmm mmmm. I’ve only been on her site 3 times in life and last time was so long ago I don’t even remember if it was this year or last. Lol dunno if I wanna bother goin’ back now lol.

    And I’ll be sure to bookmark your blogspot.

  70. Banjiboi, I see a lot of your points and we have chatted about Beyonce and her music being Iconic tp heated discussion. πŸ˜† I think most people, especially Beyonce fans, will not consider her a big lyric-writer. She’s more into vocal arrangements, harmonies, that sort of thing. She even said that herself and that’s ok. Her harmonies alone are a big part of her sound and music writers always speak of those things when it comes to Bey. In fact, the New Yorker even said that she does remarkable things with her Tone and Harmonies and calls her a brilliant musician. I know it’s not something that a lot of people focus on because of the visuals(I agree with the Visual Icon point) but that’s her lane and what she brings to the table. If I hear a Beyonce song, I know it because of the things I told you. Suggestion: Go on youtube, listen to a Beyonce song without instrumentation one day. Just with her voice. You will hear what I mean.

    I know that a lot of people are into lyrics and see it as making a great song. I disagree with that but that’s cool. Give me a great melody and the execution of the vocal delivery of it and it’s a great song. That’s what made James Brown great. Not his lyrics but his sound. So for me, it’s all in what people look for as great songs and iconic. At least to me. I know we will never see eye to eye on that and that’s cool. For example, I like Mariah but I am not a fan of her lyrics. But the execution of it vocally makes the difference when it comes to her. Not her lyrics.

  71. so i guess beyonce is now strictly pop?

    i really miss proper r’n’b. i guess the world has changed.

    she looks good in the video, only thing i would change is the bump at the top of her weave, make it look more flat at the top for a more natural look.

    oh and i do like the video.

  72. @voice cruized through your blog site today realy liked it but cant register on the site it is experiencing problems plz look it up…..i want to run some ideas past you with regards to your blog site….i have a proposal and i want you to take advantage of a certain niche market.

  73. MARIO,CURTIS,BANJIBOI are undercover REPS of MWE 😈 trying to pose like fans!!! EPIC FAIL!!!!! sorry but no one is stanning that hard for BEYALLMOSTIRRELEVANT KNOWLES πŸ˜† and if you not reps then you’re definately hired bloggers to make it seem like people is still interested in her when those many empty seats are a clear message she needs to either open up for someone who is popular like her but with better sales like ALISHA K,KANYA,OR NYEO cause he can throw a concert or she needs to let her pride go and cancel concerts DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST, like kelly did to her tour!!!! mathew got what he wanted and he did’nt invest well in new acts,know the money that use to roll in from his selfish child or shall i say child of destiny is now drying up with all these new acts im looking forward to seeing KARI,LETOYA,KEYLOLO(KESHIA)& many others perform instead of BEYFADINGTOBLACKSOON KNOWLES!!!!!! πŸ˜†

  74. GO BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YA THANG GIRL….CANT WAIT TO SEE HER ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  75. LMAO @ the people praying on their hands and knees that Beyonce will fall from her star…. That’s just PATHETIC!!!
    Sorry it is…

    FACE IT… Beyonce is HERE… and she’s going stay at the top until she is ready to fall back… if you don’t like it…GET LOST!!!
    Change the station… put a CD in that you prefer to hear but please quit all the damn whining… Bey has worked hard for her spot and I don’t blame her not falling back and letting these talentless so called singers take her spot!!!

  76. Whoopsy!!!! Correction

    “FOR not falling back……”

  77. Str8 Award, first of all, I am a fan of hers as I am a fan of many artist/entertainers. If Teena Marie, or Stephanie Mills or Chaka Khan was discussed in here, I would discuss them with the same passion because I love music and theirs especially. I am not hired a hired blogger, I do talk about other things when I post in here, and there are Beyonce posts that when I see them I pass by them. Banji made posts that I chose to respond and I did it.

    In fact, sometimes I think those who criticize Beyonce in every thread on various sites are Hateonbeyonce or DestinysChildrumorblog members with the sole fact to draw up controversy and drama to certain threads. But I digress. As I always say, it’s just a shame that any every Beyonce threads becomes this and….that fans of Beyonce are called names just because they actually like the chick’s music and performing. It’s kinda sad. It’s ok not to like Beyonce. It’s not cool to criticize her fans or make the statement that she don’t have fans.

  78. omg, last night at MSG beyonce sang this song VERY well!!!

  79. @str8 4ward i feel sorry for you because you are wrong, if you were at her NYC show last night, you would have seen that people ARE still checking for her, packed house, all genders, all race, all ages were there, beyonce fans have no boundaries

  80. this old white man at the show, (I describe him because people that dont like beyonce always say that her only fans are young and ghetto which is completely untrue) behind me shook my hand after the concert and said he really enjoyed my dancing haha that man was so cool

  81. The vid was really nice and simple, but I still want to see her do more soulful music than this alternative stuff, but I guess just speading her wings……

    don’t cough ITS HER satan have five daughter she is the fourth and beyonce is a fifth”

  83. MARIO………..first of all hate on bey or DCR ARE NOT the only blogs that have people that CONSTRUCTIVELY CRITICIZE or insult beyonce so if you don’t like what i said tough,oh well πŸ™„ !!! everyone is not gonna drink their kool-aid πŸ˜• i don’t financial support any artist that have used,lied snd cheated people to get ahead and i see that you and curtis & this ladyelle are pretty much the only few here supporting yet trying not to look like a stan!!

  84. I actually really like Beyonce alot, the whole thing here is that she really isn’t the way she was before and she has never denied that. Her music is now mature and very emotional but i must definately agree she has not got the finesse she used to have. Destiny’s Child was a bad stunt Mattew pulled on those other girls, from their very first video beyonce sang most of the songs and she was always what the camera concentrated on, in that regard she should be feeling bad because she destroyed the other girls by taking all the spotlight. Even though she was the best singer within the group it’s not an excuse. She knew what she was doing all along and she expected everybody to be all happy about her progress and nothing else. I hate to say it but Kelly was actually stupid for staying around! What i disrespect beyonce for, is the fact that she climbed on other people’s backs to get on top, why can’t she atleast remember that and think about how they feel for once! She is very talented and the world would have seen it regardless even if she was a solo artist . I watched dreamgirls the other day and again she was so innocent, pretty and talented! I don’t have to say it twice that nobody is innocent! Lol.:) on that note, i do love the video! It’s very creative and is exactly what i would expect it to be! Ciao Belle:-)

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