Beyonce Celebrates Her 25th Birthday With Japanese Fans

Hard-working Beyonce didn’t dream of taking a day off work on her 25th birthday – the Bootylicious star shook her stuff at a concert in Japan on Monday (4 Sep). The beautiful singer rocked the crowd at the famous Budokan Hall in Tokyo as she showcased track from her new album – which ironically is called B’Day. And what does a birthday girl really want? That’s right, the former Destiny’s Child member was also presented with a giant cake as the adoring crowd held special party balloons. Beyonce has had plenty to celebrate so far this year after topping the charts once again with her single Deja Vu.

Check out the performance and celebration HERE.

Check out the pics from the event below.

Beyonce Celebrates Her B-DayBeyonce Celebrates Her Birthday With Her FansBeyonce Celebrates Her B-DayBeyonce Celebrates Her B-DayBeyonce Celebrates Her 25th Birthday with Japanese Fans


  1. Damn.Beyonce is doing her thang all over the world.Good for her and I’m picking up Bday tomorrow.Big up to Brown Sista too for not hating on Beyonce like all the other sites.

  2. I will be going to pick up B’Day tomorrow because i’ve heard it all and i love every track i heard. All the tracks have been posted online and i must say that’s one hot album. I think she’s going to break records with this one.

  3. Po thang.You know she didn’t understand a damn thing they were saying over there.She’ll be back in the U.S tomorrow to appear on TRL and 106 & Park.Her schedule is tight this whole week.I’m kinda rooting for her too.

  4. I’m not buying nothing! I heard all the songs and I like two songs on the entire thing. You have to be at least 4 or 5 before I buy the cd! I’m not feeling all that screaming she’s doing. I’m glad she’s gained some weight back though!

  5. Beyonce Happy Bday Sweetie! I just purchased 6 copies and gave 5 out as gifts to co-workers. I really enjoy this cd.

  6. Your purchased 6 copies cause you know her album is so bad that her crazy fans will need to purchase that many to save it from flopping.But let me Ring The Alarm for you real quick boo and let you know that it won’t work.A few fanatical fans cannot and will not be able to push this album to sell millions of copies and neither will you be able to push the songs on the charts.The regular everday buying public that aren’t crazed fans will not spend their money on this garbage and these type of people are the kind who are the majority of record buyers.Even if Neyonce has a decent opening her album will still start to drp because you fans can’t keep buying albums every week to keep her at the top of the charts.If Beyonce doesn’t sell more or at least equal of what Christina Aguilera sold, her musical days are numbered.

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