Beyonce Channels Her Inner Cowgirl

Despite not renewing my subscription, my July issue of Essence magazine still came in the mail today. To my delight, the issue is actually pretty good- their best in a very long time.

The issue’s cover girl, Beyonce Giselle Knowles, gave the magazine an intimate look into her life and basically shared, via journal entries, what her life has been like since the release of her ICON making 2008 album “I Am… Sasha Fierce.”

Beyonce speaks of spending nine months devoting herself to her family and finally, after nearly 15 years in the business, taking time to actually enjoy the fruits of her labor.

It was during those nine months that “Queen Bey,” as she is affectionately called by her fans, traveled the world and was inspired musically to get back into the recording studio.

According to Beyonce, the sounds of African music, Rock and 80’s R & B comprise most of the tracks on her upcoming “4” album and says even more magnificent sounds will be heard on the deluxe edition.

“4” has a release date of June 28th and her first three singles “Run the World (Girls), “1+1” and “The Best Thing I Never Had” can all be downloaded on iTunes now.


  1. Can’t wait to hear this album! And I like the pics different for her, and magazine spreads in general.

  2. Can’t wait to hear the album either. I love this photo shoot. =)

  3. Ok Beyonce Who Are U Copying Now? Cant Yall See That Demonic Bapomet In The Pics ? She Isnt Number 1 Yet 3 Flops

  4. I really like this spread. Beyonce looks great….but… I just hate how she’s sooo thin this time around and her features look very “European”. I guess I kinda miss the “curvaceous” and “glamorous” Beyonce. Oh well, she looks good nonetheless….

  5. The lasso pic is hot, I don’t bother reading her interviews anymore , “I’m beyonce, I wrote a song in my sleep, I’m humble Blah”

  6. lol SISTA they are going to send you the bill 😀

  7. The BLONDE hair looks like it belongs on Gwyneth Paltrow. I just got this issue too haven’t read it yet.

  8. I saw these pictures a few days ago on Beyonceworld someone had tweeted them. She looks really pretty and confident which I LOVE. My fav is the one 5th one and the one of her eating. She looks SO happy and the last one w/her in the tub is sexy but not over the top. CLASS ACT….

  9. @kerihilsonstan

    What have you acheived in life? Have you even graduated high school? Whether you are ‘stanning’ for Keri Hilson or talking crap about Beyonce, it shows that either way, you have no personality or identity.

    Question to the normal people on thsi blog: When did fans turn into rabid zombies?! Like do these stans think their idol will even have an iota of respect for them if they were to meet the crazed person on the keyboard?


  10. About the scans posted- it seems as if they went for a very Americana look here- she looks very pretty.
    I think because we’ve grown up with Beyonce since she was in Destiny’s Child, we get shocked when her image changes. She is definitely less Diana Ross/Tina Turner (you know, big hair, bright clothes, gems) and more American chic.
    Wait! Maybe this just means that Ms Tina is no longer in charge of her wardrobe 😀
    TBH, Im not super excited about the new album, but I always appreciate Beyoncemore after I see her perform it live lol.

  11. i got the issue, based on the pics and the questionnaire and her comment that she reads Jays book while on vacation…

    i kept turning the page and never read…

    not feeling the bathing suit ranch theme…

  12. These pics look like outtakes from an old DC shoot. lol <3

  13. lol SISTA they are going to send you the bill.

    Girl, don’t you know they sent me the invoice right along with the new copy. 😆

  14. Great photos! Naked pic in the Tub wasn’t necessary!

  15. @ the post,

    Dear Beyonce, what diet are you on and what is your workout regimen? Thanks, signed Kanyade. 🙂

    I think she looks fabulous! Very Americana (cowgirl).

    This woman is proof that you can ‘be’ (and look like) whoever you want to be (and look like…cowgirls, for instance).

    Texas, represent! 😆


    @ KERI HILSON and other Illuminati enthusiasts (the sky is falling!),

    That’s a cow skull. That is all. There are dead cows and cows that are alive all up and through Texas. Folk sometime leave these skulls to be bleached by the sun out in the field. Sometimes folk hang said skulls on the interior and/or exterior of their barns/houses. Sometimes they use said skulls as accoutrements for photo-shoots and the like. It’s just a skull from a cow. ‘Tis all.

    One other thing, baby, if you look hard enough you can find meaning in ANYTHING. ‘Tis the beauty of symbolism. ‘Tis the beauty of design, symmetry, juxtaposition, art.

    *paranoia will destroy ya* – Jamiroquai, “High Times”, Traveling Without Moving, 1996.

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