Beyonce Chastised for Pepsi Deal


Does Beyonce’s new deal with Pepsi somehow clash with her participation a few years back in Michelle Obama’s ‘Move Your Body’ Campaign? The public health advocacy group The Center for Science in the Public Interest seem to think so, and they are petitioning the singer to rethink her $50 million dollar deal with the company.

In an open letter to the singer, The Center chastised Beyonce for lending her likeness to a product that “knowingly contributes to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, tooth decay and other problems in adults and children.”

The Center went on to specifically urge Beyonce to use her superstar status to effect positive change in the diet of black and Latino children, who they say are often targeted by soft drink companies, noting that “Almost all obesity-related health problems have a disproportionate impact on low-income, African-American, and Hispanic communities.”

And though The Center may have a point, Beyonce’s deal with Pepsi does not mean she endorses children, or people in general, over indulging in the beverage. Yes, soda can be bad for you if you drink too much of it, but so can just about everything else we eat. Moderation is the key.

In my opinion, Beyonce isn’t doing anything she hasn’t already done before, the difference is she is simply a bigger star now. Beyonce’s relationship with Pepsi dates back almost a decade, to her Destiny’s Child days to be exact. She’s done several campaigns and commercials with them and has had several of her tours sponsored by them. Not sure why this is such a big deal now.

At any rate, Beyonce hasn’t responded to the hoopla and probably won’t. This deal was more than likely signed months ago and is legally binding, especially on Beyonce’s end. Pepsi probably has some sort of clause where they can dump her, but I doubt there is one where she can dump them.


  1. Sounds like a reasonable and valid point being made by The Center for Science in the Public Interest.

  2. Does she ever respond? And for 50 million why should she? 50 million where Pepsi will help HER put forth HER creative projects. *kanye shrug* I agree, moderation is key. Perhaps they should’ve kept the amount of the deal out of the press release.

  3. I agree CJ. What does she need with Pepsi? Is stuff that bad? Why doesnt she look for more meaningful companies? It seems like she just went with whoever was giving the bigger check. Im sorry but from what I see on a daily is more white ppl drinking more soda than blatinos. We grew up on hawaiian punch, kool aid and that grape drink 😉

  4. “And though The Center may have a point, Beyonce’s deal with Pepsi does not mean she endorses children, or people in general, over indulging in the beverage. Yes, soda can be bad for you if you drink too much of it, but so can just about everything else we eat. Moderation is the key”

    AND the fact she’s been affiliated in the past for several years this is reaching. Did they Petition David Beckham? I’ll wait……..smdh get your money Beyonce~

  5. @Gigi-I’ve been ressurected by your entire comment………..specifically “blatino’s, hawaiian punch, and kool aid.” That as hilarious! LOL 🙂

    Happy Holidays everybody! 🙂

  6. I guess not 🙂
    posted comment earlier it never posted.

    “And though The Center may have a point, Beyonce’s deal with Pepsi does not mean she endorses children, or people in general, over indulging in the beverage. Yes, soda can be bad for you if you drink too much of it, but so can just about everything else we eat. Moderation is key” COSIGN!

    AND Beyonce has been in association w/Pepsi for years so….I dont recall a Petition being drawn or slack when DAVID BECKHAM was doing it but of course when it’s Bey……SMDH wonder if anyone can enlighten me on that, I’ll wait….

  7. Anybody who thinks this contradictory to move your body is, how do I put this nicely?, STUPID. Beyonce’s involvement with the Move Your Body campaign is exercising through dance. She has ALWAYS been an advocate of this before Michelle’s campaign. She has always talked about her love for popeyes, she has talked about overindulging herself with unhealthy foods and she has talked about having to work out afterwards, specifically through dance. I just saw a special yesterday in which Michelle says she’s putting aside her campaign for the holidays to indulge in Mac and Cheese. And guess what else, she’s going to back to exercising after she eats what is considered unhealthy too. I’ve seen her girls eating ice cream and drinking soda on occasion and she allows that because she’s smart enough to realize that a small sip of soda or scoop of ice cream doesn’t make anyone fat.

    It’s so funny how everyone wants to scream Beyonce isn’t a role model for my kids when it’s CONVENIENT to them, but when she signs a 50mil deal, all of a sudden, it’s her job to look after YOUR children.

    If Beyonce endorsing pepsi, which she has endorsed for over a decade now, is going to make you drink pepsi, then you have bigger problems. I’m a fan and will not be drinking pepsi because of Beyonce. Why? I’ve always hated dark drinks and prefer sprite and ginger ale anyway. Furthermore, drinking a pepsi isn’t going to make you unhealthy or obese (LOTS of FIT people drink soda), over indulging in it with your fast food burgers, french fries, etc is what is going to make you unhealthy and obese.

    I find it hilarious that it wasn’t a big deal until the dollar amount was made public. Clearly, the deal goes beyond pepsi. The music industry is in decline. She has found a way to keep her label out of her business by getting pepsi to support HER vision while PAYING for it. It’s an extremely smart move to make on her end as a businesswoman. Now, if PARENTS do their job, they wouldn’t have to depend on Beyonce for bringing the obesity rate down. If you monitor what your children are eating and instilling exercise into them, Beyonce and pepsi will be the least of your problems.

    Lot of things contribute to heart disease, diabetes, etc. If you control yourself and your kids and teach them about MODERATION, you shouldn’t have an issue.

  8. The soft drink controversy has been going on for awhile. I used to drink a lot of diet coke (very addictive) and researched it and the studies are long and some believe it contributed to Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease.

    Of course Pepsi is targeting the African American and Latino market. Diet Coke bumped Pepsi for its no.2 spot.

    This will be good publicity for Pepsi because we will buy it if we drink sodas and support its spokesperson, which happens to be Beyonce this time around. Nicki Minaj did her campaign without issue and others because they weren’t involved in a fitness initiative with the country’s first lady, so the claim is justified given Beyonce lending her star power to helping the first lady fight youth obesity in this country. But, business is business and people know celebs first cause is self-promotion because otherwise she would have secured a different product sponsor. I don’t blame her, everybody come for us when their sales are down or they need to diversify their market. Visit nielsen dot come and take a peek at the African American consumer report, we are the “ideal consumer!””Chumps!”

  9. No one is buying Pepsi because of Beyonce or any other celebrity. People are buying it because it’s cheap and good. People give these celebrities way to much credit. For a muli bilion dollar company to give any celebrity that much money for stuff people are aleady buying makes you think what is really going on.

  10. Lol people only get outraged when something pertains to Beyoncé. She has been with Pespi for 10 years, same with L’Oreal (talk about longevity).

    I can only imagine the mess angry black women will be coming up with in February. Lawd Bey Season is brewing. Can’t wait!!!!

    I say, make that money girl, don’t let nobody stop your blessings 🙂
    Face all on the Pespi can, I see why they’re mad! LMFAO!!!!

  11. I will never understand why it is that almost every time Beyonce does anything whether it being in music, movies, or endorsement wise. Somebody Somewhere has a problem with it. Let the girl live. She’s been with Pepsi for so long and now they all of a sudden have something to say. Even Jeanette Jenkins herself said on twitter that they were wrong for bashing Beyonce on her Pepsi deal. She also said that everything is about Moderation and balance. And besides who in their right mind would turn down a $50 million dollar deal like that? I highly doubt that even the biggest health enthusiast would turn something like that down.

  12. Congrats to Beyonce and her renewed deal with Pepsi. If she farts people find a way to make a dag on fuss. I am starting to believe that because she is successful, relevant with literally no scandal. People try and create lies and nit pic over everything she is involved in. But when you look at it deeper…Her career and personal life is on point. She was doing Pepsi at 16…she is 31… they upped her already large deal. She is a bad sista getting that much deserved paper. Get it Beyonce!

  13. Anything for money…she sold out black folks along time ago so she’s just doing what massa tells her to do

  14. @ OH YEAH!!!, yes, they would! Rihanna gets more back lash than Beyonce. Beyonce have this goodie-goodie image the media love. They hate Rihanna’s I don’t give a **** image.

  15. Bleh, we parents need to parent our children not celebrities.

    Blacks and Latinos drink soda, not because Beyonce or whoever endorses it, but because it’s cheap.

    Why don’t we look into the issues of poverty etc etc rather than these what Beyonce is or is not doing.

  16. does she ever think before she signs on the dotted line? money talks & all else is above her head.

  17. Maybe she should just stay away from the White House healthy campaign. She been with Pepsi before – so the logical move would be to ditch the campaign. I am sure she not letting that money go.

  18. I don’t see no clash. If people want to replace water with drinking pepsi every time they’re thirsty then that’s their problem not beyonce or Pepsi. Proportion is the key.

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