Beyonce Comes Out Of Hiding

Beyonce Beyonce, who has been noticeably absent from the last few outings of her fellow Dreamgirls cast mates, turned up this evening at the AmFAR gala to honor the works of Whoopi Goldberg and Jack Demsey.Dressed in a cream colored gown that hid the assets that recently earned her Ask’s prestigious “Most Desirable” award, Beyonce posed for the camera’s and made no comments about why she didn’t show up to support Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson at the SAG Awards.She did however take time to let the media know that she would be embarking on a solo tour for the first time this year with Australia being her first stop.You can click the above photo to check out Bey in all her splendor and click over to the next page to participate in our poll of the day.

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  1. Wow, I think she took dreamgirls kind of hard. The publicity was built around her at first, so she is probably a little embarrased. I am surprised that she did not comment on not being present to support Eddie & Jennifer. I thought she would have at least given some kind of hollywood answer. Some one may have told her to lay low b/c of all the jokes being made about her on the red carpet posing all crazy. Oh Well

  2. Yea, she thought that she had it in a bag and all the nominations were going to come pouring in. For her to seriously think that she was going to get a lead actress oscar nod going up against true verteran hollywood talent please! Being popular and beautiful versus being truely talented are two different things. She needs to stick to music and stop trying to dominate everything else. I’m glad to see a sista on top but I’m growing tired of her. I wish she’d take a little break. You can’t have it all.

    Sorry B your good looks and sex apeal couldn’t get you what you wanted this time.


  3. u people are just so crazy!! when she goes u guys know everything she does even how small it is u guyz still notice like leave de bitch alone!!! stop posting any talk about her enough….:stop::booty:

  4. Why does she have to be ashamed b/c she didn’t win that, So what the movie was based around her though, and don’t ya’ll think that’s bogus. Because her face was the only one out there on the commericals, and even the song listen was played over and i’m am telling you. But I have to be realistic and so does everyone who read this. Come on who will be mad if they made over what other actresses who have always practiced that trade. She is doing big this year. Hudson is too but she ain’t EVEN A LITTLE bit bringing in that bread Beyonce is. :brownsista:

  5. I like Beyonce’s music and her longevity it inspiring to young black women. I just don’t know why everybody else is so fed up with her. She hasn’t said or done anything to me. As a matter of fact I haven’t ever met her before. So I can’t say anything bad about her. I know everybody uses the word hater on here but when the person your dissing doesn’t know you it is called hating b/c they don’t even know your alive. So let’s love and not hate.:dance2:

  6. Everybody from critics are all over Beyonce dissing her and people she thought was fans coming out of the boondocks saying negative things about her.
    And at the end of the day these are just opinions of what we think is going on in these stars lives. I bet she sees these blogs and it hurts. Because it hurt when people assume things or make up stuff about me. Ya’ll act like she told ya’ll I’m jealous. She wasn’t even nominated for a SAG award. And she still will be at the Oscars. Everybody wants her to fail so bad they even made up a rumor she was jealous of Jennifer Hudson, but according to JH herself they never even had a conflict, and she says why isn’t anyone focusing on the craft that 2 BLACK WOMEN if anybody should be behind her it’s us. But you know people only put others down to make theselves feel better.

  7. she did not went to SAG, because she was doing 5 videos for the re- release of B-day which will include 5 new songs. One with shakira

  8. I’m not hating on her but for example: I can’t wait for alicia keys next album because she’s giving me a chance to miss her. Beyonce won’t let me miss her. She’s like a best friend that comes over all the tiem and takes your money. i love b but she needs to fall back for a little bit. she’s a product when it come to music and you can’t eat oreo’s all the time even though you may love them. she shouldn’t take offense she should take notice of the people because they buy her stuff. we’re restless, let toya, tavia, kelly, michelle, hell even farrah have a shot or some other miss new booty. she’s a star and we know that but fall back.

  9. Just what I’m talking about trying to re-release B-Day. She can’t accept the fact that her albulm didn’t do well so now she has to do it again to prove something to everyone. Her ego won’t let her be content. Why not just be satisfied with what she has already done and stop forcing herself down everybody’s throat. Overexposue is going to kill her career.

    I respect Beyonce’s work ethic I like some of her music, I love irreplaceable but good greif take a break.

  10. That’s true Ms Jay. Hell have to admit, I don’t care for the girl much but I respect her work ethic. But the truth has to be told, she is going to kill her own career if she doesn’t chill out a bit. Letting people miss you is healthy. We won’t forget who she is. I think she is soooo driven, that nothing is enough. I am starting to see that Jay-Z is right. I hope that its no longer a strain on their relationship.

  11. this is why dr kings dream hasnt been fulfilled, we are still hating one another…you are not forced to buy anything of beyonce’s or listen to her music….stop trying to hold other people hostage…move forward in 2007 please!!!!!:

  12. What Ever!

    We are all entitled to our own opinion. But what we need to do for 2007 is get rid of the word HATER!I’m so sick of you people using that word every time someone disagrees with something you like. Not being a fan of someone does not make you a hater for the 100th time! I do believe Dr. King’s dream did include black people having the right to an opinion which is why we’re able to have this wonderful site in the first place.

  13. :iagree:Well, a lot of you have made some very good points! But the fact is that beautiful Beyonce is over exposed. I really like this H-Town Chick (I am from Houston) and I am happy for all her success; but she cannot have it all, and while she did good in Dreamgirls, it was not award worthy. You cannot force or will these organizations to GIVE you an award. For such a long time, I never knew that Jennifer and Eddie and Danny Glover was in the the movie: all you heard about was Beyonce. She should have been at the SAG to show her support. I did not quite understand why she received a Golden Globe nomination–it was not deserved! I too think she should fall back a bit and give us a chance to miss her. I think she is talented and just gorgeous as hell. So giving her contructive criticism is not being a HATER!!! I think with acting classes she will get better as an actress; but her thing is music: she sang the hell out of “Listen!”

  14. Some of you really need to let this overexposed thing go because it just doesn’t wash.In the early 80’s Madonna released an album a year and stayed in the headlines even when she had no single or album on the charts.

    For the entire decade of the 90’s Marian Carey released an album a year also.She stayed in our faces and never took a break until her body gave out and forced her to.

    I never recall people screaming about Madonna or Mariah taking a break so why do it with Beyonce?

    As Blacks I swear we just cannot stop trying to tear our own down.Beyonce has a hit album, single and movie to promote so we should see her face everyday.At least we are not seeing her out partying, getting doped up and showing us her crotch ala Paris Hilton and Britney Spears who get twice the press Beyonce does and for what? They sure as hell haven’t earned it.

    Let this Black woman live her dream and represent us beautifully around the world.She hasn’t hurt anyone, keeps a clean image, and has grown into quite a professional young woman.She is a beautiful brown sista and I am proud of her and you should all be too.

  15. Ms. Jay: i can see you don’t know shit. for you to say Beyonce album did not do well, I know you’re just hating. the album is 2x platinum going on to 3x platinum in the USA. 4X platinum worldwide. the album has been in the top 20 for 5 months. where are Janet, Xtina , Monica and fantasia just to name a few. Irreplaceable has been #1 for 9 weeks, the Spanish version is #4 on the Latin chart & spend 9 weeks @ #1 on the world chart. B day has the highest first week sales for women in 2006. so get your shit straight. she just a business woman the new songs on the release will have Spanish songs. why should she take a break Gwen Stefani just have a baby and she has an album out before she had the baby she had and album and before that she had and album with her group no doubt. Stop trying to knock the hustle. The woman is always on the grind

  16. She may not win the awards but she’s taking the biggest cheque to the bank from the movie as an actor. she makes $10 million for her fee plus she gets 17% of dreamgirls cd sales thats almost 20 million could be more base on sales. dreamgirls cd is handle by Matthew label

  17. Malcolm,

    Thank you for pointing that out DUMB ASS, you’re probably gay anyway you seem to be the only male on this board full of women sounding like a stright up bit** cat fighing about Beyonce. You said I don’t know sh** you probably ain’t sh**. You sound like a looser ass fanatic with a serious crush on a woman who probably wouldn’t look at you twice, quoting all of Bey’s sales and stats like you campaigning to be her manager. Only retards like you sit up and get mad over someone who don’t even know you exist.

    Get a life you reject!

    :thumbsdown: :loser:

  18. Sounds like a lot of hating going on in here for sure! Obviously no one is tired of Beyonce. Here we are talking bout how overexposed she is, but every posting about her is sure to generate the most comments.

    There is no reason for her to attend every dreamgirls event in honor of her former cast members. She is a mega star with a busy schedule. The producers of dreamgirls used her image to promote the heck out of that movie and she got paid accordingly. It would have been impossible for Jennifer Hudson, although the real star of dreamgirls, to have generated hundreds of millions in ticket sales. Beyonce did what she was paid to do and has graciously moved on.

    She looks absolutely flawless in these pictures! She has proven to be a class act that can hang with any crowd! :dance1:

  19. Why in the world does Beyonce keep saying that the character she is playing is totally unlike herself???????? She’s playing her life story. I don’t get it. Some please do a Rick James play back on this chic like Dave Chapelle and describe the exact similarites of the two. Two words. DESTINY’S CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you telling me noone else caught that?

  20. Yoyr gonna say there is no reason for her to attend everything she is a mega star. So is Jamie Foxx and he isn’t nominated and has showed up to everything faithfully. Beyonce wasn’t being honored so in true Beyonce fashion she didn’t show. SOMETIMES IT IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! She’s talented but she didn’t want to go because she wasn’t going to walk away with anything. She can’t take not being the center of attention becaus ewe fans have spoiled her. She doesn’t know how to lose.

  21. Hating is fun!!! LOL If that’s what you wanna call it just like ya’ll wanna be save a hoes, lol. Look let’s all just keep it real put the hate and the save down and call it what it was. It was just time for someone else to have their time. God says, all in due time. PERIOD! It’s Jennifer’s time, Beyonce is saved and human. Which means she’s gonna feel bad that she lost and that she wasn’t nominated becauseI beleive she put alot into it. I knew it the moment I saw her looking like a pencil with a wig at the BET awards. So it’s only HUMAN to wanna flee the scene and keep focused on something your winning at, and that would be music. Beyonce is not Halle Berry. And since no one has said it I’ll say it, she never should have been nominated for best leading actress anyway, the whole damn movie was about Jennifer….FURTHER REASON FOR HER TO NOT WIN! I think if she was up on the supporting actress thing, she would have won. They were wrong putting her up against a legend like that anyway. Let’s keep it real Beyonce ain’t there yet, and I do agree that the role wasnt’ a stretch or powerfull and her role will come in time. FALL BACK HOMIE’S.

  22. “I never recall people screaming about Madonna or Mariah taking a break so why do it with Beyonce?”


    Maybe that’s because there wasn’t such a large amount of gossip sites and blogsites as there are now. Now EVERYONE can put their opinions out there…back then? Not so much. I’m not condoning the “hate” or “love” for these celebrities…but who’s to say people weren’t sick of Madonna back then? Or Mariah? Or whoever? They probably ‘were’, but didn’t have a way, digitally, to put it out there?

  23. This is so crazy people,

    It’s all about opinions and how a person feels. Why do we have to go off the deep end with all this hating and tearing each other down crap every time someone disagree with someone eleses opinion. All entertainers have people that are not fans of theirs. I’m sure every single person on this board has someone in the indusrty that they do not like as an artist or an actor for some reason or another. You DO NOT have to like or support an entertainer just because they’re black, and no, it doesn’t mean that you’re hating or tearing down your race just because you dislike someone who happens to be black. That’s completely crazy. There are a lot of black people in the industry who i do not like or support and it doesn’t mean that I’m a hater or race trader or what ever the you want to call it. Hell, there are just some people out there that you just don’t feel like that. To be honest I don’t see anything that’s really hateful on this board. People on here have been pretty civil compared to some other sites that I have visited.

    And believe me Madonna was very much hated in her day and still is just like Mariah, Janet, Brittany Spears, Fergie, Shakira and a long list of others this didn’t just start with Beyonce and it’s not only Beyonce that people are saying things about.

    Get a grip people!

  24. Malcolm X said ignorance is worst than poverty. And you Ms.Jay just prove him right. you make an ignorant statement about Bday, and when you get corrected with the facts you cannot handle it. Stop making up shit and come with facts.You cannot dispute my facts so you have to act ignorant. When i’m stating opinion i don’t call ppl names to prove a point . I’m not that shallow. i use facts to back up my argument. keep on acting ignorant and you will always be a second class citzen in you country.

  25. If Jennifer Hudson doesn’t win the Oscar her career and moment in the sun will be over while Beyonce’s will live on.I’m not hating on Jennifer just stating a fact.Nothing anyone says or does can take away from her popularity as a singer and performer.Beyonce has already proven she can make it and now Jennifer has to do the same.I wish both the ladies well and hope Jennifer finds the career she wants like Beyonce has.

  26. First of all, Beyonce is a big star w/ many accomplishments and I don’t want to take that away from her. However, is she really that talented beyond singing and dare I say “dancing”. My beef with B is not really her fault. It’s not her fault people like her. What I’m upset about is that for about 2 years I felt that I was robbed of the chance to hear other singers. Why did we jump on the B-wagon and not let anybody else in. People want to talk about tearing each other down, so why was it when there were other singers in the mix, there was a mad dash to tear them down. Nobody could compare to our beloved Beyonce. So our we saying that it was better to tear other artist down so that B could come up? Is it better now that we judge singers by looks when it used to talent. The r&b industry has really taken a hit b/c of this for a person that doesn’t even do r&b. Anyway, next time we have an artist crossover, let’s be sure not tear others down b/c suburbia doesn’t know there name. Remember there was a time when they didn’t know all of our songs.:thumbsdown:

  27. Why do I think she is happy for Jennifer Hudson and wants to see them shine a little?
    I’ve never seen the girls ego get to her. One of the few humble people i’ve seen to be honest and i believe it. Also, since im considering that, i assume she didn’t give them a hollywood answer, probally because she didn’t have one.But hey, maybe im not hating on lady enough.


  29. Who’s to say we are not concerned about those things? I am. I’m an african American and I do vote & donate to breast cancer charities and many others….all I can do is hope & pray the $$ is going to the right place. But there is a time and place for everything and this time we are talking about celebs :koolaid:

  30. Malcomn,

    You’re not proving sh** to me. You think just because you can qoute some sales and stat information that anybody can get off of the internet that that makes you intelligent. I’m not impressed! And evidentally your not too intelligent and none shallow or you would have never directed your 2 cent comment toward me in the first place, so you have proven yourself to be ignorant as well. Keep your f-ing comments to yourself! And I personally don’t care what you think about me. Your getting upset over a entertainer who doesn’t give a damn about you and you call me ignorant. Now how stupid is that!

    These people will still be famous and rich tommorow they could care less what any of us has to say about them. Get a life brotha it’s not that serious.



  32. Would Beyonce have been a big star if white folks didn’t accept. I say she just got lucky. Right time. Right Place. Just another pretty face. For those of you who don’t agree. Let’s see where she is in a few years w/ people getting tired of her now and with so much negative publicity. She brags about her Grammys but who was your competition? There was nobody else out at the time. I mean DC won a Grammy for best girl group, but I say it was by default. I mean they were going up against some nobodys, ie. 702, who had not been out for years. I said as soon as there is some competition her crown will fall, b/c we would have come to our senses about what real music is. :brownsista:

  33. If Beyonce had been up for an award she would have been there.She skipped it because there was nothing in it for her and I understand that.Years ago Leonardo DiCaprio caught flack for skipping the Oscars because he wasn’t nominated either.The press and the director said he should have shown up to support his fellow cast members.Personally I don’t blame her.Who wants to keep showing up for these boring awards when you aren’t nominated or performing.

  34. She is embarrassed because all that campaigning and over exposure still didn’t get her a Sag or Osacar nomination. The only reason she showed up at the Golden Globes was because she just knew she was going to walk away with an award. Maybe somebody forgot to inform her that the Oscars are for outstanding ACTING performances in a film (LOL). This is a wakeup call to her and Daddy Knowles that her popularity with the MTV and BET crowds could not get her what she desperately wanted.

  35. Like most temporary fixtures in Hlywd, she will slowly demise. It’s a known fact that some people become greedy. We are all entitled,but some folks just can’t say no once they have that taste of success.Maybe at the end of the day it’s nice to sit back and look at all of the kudos,articals,awards and fan praise that you’ve been working so hard to receive. The industry is one big vanity show case & their are few who work because they truly have a love for whatever God given talent that has been handed to them. Some celebs have a place for right Now with a host of trends to set and nice pictures to give, while others will be remembered for a Life Time with much appreciation and adoration for their real body of work. All in all it’s just entertainment, but unfortunately this all we have to amuse us. I can’t wait to have a Life Time entertainer of my generation to emurge. Maybe one day the late eighties babies will see a Gladys Knight, Cicely Tyson,Michael Jackson, Angela Bassett,Aretha Franklin,Miles Davis, Prince, Quincy Jones, Yoland Adams,Lonette McKee,Lawrence Fishburne,Sheryl Lee Ralph,The Temptaions, The Supremes, Denzel Washington….. Some of these people may not have the accolades,magazine covers the past to show for their body of work, but they truly showcase their talents remarkably. Just an opinion.

  36. she is over exposed! I see her every morning I wake up. she is way over how can you not see that ish. nobody is trying to hate on that girl but she is over exposed, you get tired of seeing her on everything you look at. i’ve been seeing that girl since 2000 non-stop. take a break! every single year it was her or dc or a movie or something. you act like a break is a bad thing, it’s really not. all of the stars do it so they don’t get old quick and they can resurface and come back with a fresh look. all great performers arent’ scared to go away for a minute. janet does it and look how long her career has lasted. the only reason she has done bad the last couple is because she leaves and doesn’t resurface with a new look anymore, she’s getting old. she’s doing the same music. no one is saying beyonce is bad but she is over done. period!

  37. Keep going beyonce. You are wonderful at your craft. They build you up to tear you down and build you up again. Trust and believe your time and shine are far from over.

  38. I hope Beyonce continues on and gets bigger and better at what she does. And I also have hopes that she realizes less is more. She is not the first entertainer to be over marketed nor will she be the last.She has a beautiful voice and I can’t wait for the day that she makes a song that in my opinion is an ever laster. Not everyone can make one, but their are those artist/musicians that has that one song that everyone will remember and its evident that you and your kids will hear it in the future. I made the comment on her demising….Maybe a bit harsh, but it just seems as if she’s just a product of right now. Nothings wrong with being driven, but I often wonder with some of these celebs when they aspire to make it do they ever think beyond once they’ve attained?I look at the quality of work not the quantity. Just because someone makes a ton of songs and videos does not mean they are all worth listening to and looking at.

  39. She has been in hiding since the Golden Globe awards. It is obvious that she is still in shock that she didn’t get the GG award and absolutely no recognition for her acting skills in this movie that was way over hyped. Wake up Beyonce and Daddy Knowles that the movie business is a whole different ball game and not a popularity contest based on her work as a musician. She needs to count her blessings, stop acting like a spoiled child and realize that she is a good musician and not an actress.

  40. Here’s what I gotta say:

    Remember how when she first started out, Beyonce said that she wanted to do all she could so that she could retire at 30? That’s all she’s doing. She’s out there grinding, making her paper so that when she leaves, she’s leaving for good. Then everyone will be whining and complaining for her to come back. Me, honestly, I’ve been a HUGE fan since “CIL” came out, but I did get a bit tired of her in 2006. Those promoters in Dreamgirls used her celeb status to promote the movie. Didn’t you notice how once the buzz was on Jennifer, she was the one doing all the press junkets and shows for the movie? Now, I still am confused as to why Beyonce was nominated in the Best Actress category when it was very obvious who was lead? Beyonce should have been nominated in Jennifer’s category and Jennifer in Beyonce’s. I’m starting to think that that was a set-up made by the GG academy and Bill Condon. They knew that Jennifer would not stand a chance against Meryl Streep and they wanted that buzz on Jennifer to continue. Beyonce does what she is told to do. They set-up appearances before confirming it with her, she can’t cancel. That would look bad on her part. So, until she takes total control over her career, this is what you’re going to have to deal with. Get used to it, get over it.

  41. I don’t think she will ever be able to fully retire. She seems like the kind of person that just can’t quit and can’t be out of the spot light for too long. I do agree that her popularity was used to draw crowds to the movie, but hey Eddie Murphy & Jamie Foxx would have still gotten me there. Perhaps she began to notice that she was being used. I know the girl is on her grind, but she really can’t act a lick:noway:

  42. i was a fan of beyonce, but when i heard the story of latoya and latavia on e broken dreams i was horrified.
    how could she let her father do that to people who jus like her family sacrifice to be where they are. that is why the father should not have been manage to these girls, he was thinking of his child and his family scrifices and the the other girls……beyonce really does need to take a rest, i am from the caribbean and her voice is so anoying right now, it comes like mariah carey when she was on the radio too much!

    i do hot believe in this stupidness i see call ‘hating’
    but i do believe that sometimes you just can not take to much of something!

  43. a word of advice for beyonce!
    not everything in life would be yours….
    to the general public it looked like if she was not happy why she stayed away!

  44. I just know that we never really know that she is “humble” unless we actually know her. All we know is the performance she gives in interviews which are mainly robotic anyway. And I do have to say that sometimes the unhealthy ego slips out. Beyonce was once asked about the feud with J.Hud and she said I’m not jealous I’m a star I already have 9 grammy’s. She’s trying to rationalize by stating her accomplishments because she is disappointed in the outcome. When she first took the role her and her dad said she took this role because of all of the obvious reasons but also because she wants to be the first to win a grammy an oscar and a tony. She’s already got her Grammy’s and she did this movie to get the oscar. too bad it didnt work. Hopefully she won’t get too disappointed IF she doesn’t get a Tony. There are too many talented broadway actress out there so B better step her acting game up cuz it’s still not oscar or tony worthy. Just a suggestion because I would love to see her accomplish her goals. we all should

  45. Beyonce is a very talented individual. As a perfomer myself, I can undertstand wanting to take a break from the lights and cameras….because at the end of the day you need your space as an individual, as a human being! I watched the story of latoya and latavia on e! broken dreams and I do not like beyonce any less. If anything you should blame her father. It seems like his reaction to what latoya & latavia wanted (which was new management ) was the wrong reation and costed the girls friendship. But if anyone knows, when you become part of something so big friendships are scared even broken. I think that Destiny’s Child will reunite one day once everyone invovled communicates and reveals the true story. In the meantime, I admire the fact that Beyonce is a grounded individual….she ain’t on drugs, she’s not posin’ for playboy and she definitly does not need a paternity test from 5 different men to determine who her babies father is…..she is a sista doing positive things, especially around the world (e.g. Africa)… sum things up……the music business is hard…let’s just leave her alone for a while.

  46. I think that all of the controversy kept Beyonce away. She may actually be trying to prove to the public that she is not trying to be a fame hog and give others an opportunity to shine.

    The way that you do that graceful though is by showing up, looking stunning and genuinely happy for your fellow cast members. Not going makes people think that she is a sore loser, that she is a fame hog and that she has a passive aggressive personality.

    Beyonce needs to suck it up, take sometime off and pull herself together. She is a true talent and has the potential to shine for many years to come but not if she allows other people to work her to death. 😎

  47. People first say she is overexposed, then turn around and condemn her for not showing up for a few events.(Hint:One way to avoid overexposure is to go events that are most important to you.)
    Personally. I hate it when people always pitch women against women. I don’t recall seing Jamie Fox at ALL the dream girl events, on E! They showed him preparing for his tour, while Jenifer and Eddie were at some pre-oscar thing. Besides, he wasn’t even nominated for any acting awards, and the media just say that he was snubbed, but noone pitching him against anyone. Everyone gives men in this business the benefit of doubt until they come right out an bad mouth someone. People need to start extending that same courtesy to women.
    And finally,Jenifer Hudsons nomination for supporting actress is a blessing, she is a undoubtedly the stand out, in that category.

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