Beyonce Unveils New Video

So here it is: the Video for ‘Countdown,’ the most highly anticipated single off of Beyonce’s almost platinum selling ‘4’ album.

Give it a once over and let us know what you think.


  1. the video isn’t bad but I guess videos aren’t what they used to be. they used to fit the song more.

  2. I’m amazed at how easily Beyonce can go from looking very pregnant to almost not pregnant at all. Overall I like the video.

  3. So creative and great.

    Beyonce shot the first 38seconds of the vid a few weeks ago and added it to the video.

  4. It’s okay
    @ sista, yeah me too, that’s amazing, I wonder what is her secret, must be cool.

  5. I know that she did a few videos prior to announcing that she was expecting so it will appear that she is thinner than she is now. So like it. Its a whole lot of Beyonce. I LOVE her black hair color on her.

  6. oh please yall chics need to get some confidence in yourself yall must be ugly women.

  7. Its different and its ok. I must admit she is a very beautiful sista! Best wishes to her, Jay Z and their baby!!!! 🙂

  8. I have mad respect for Bey and admire her for getting down and dancing so fiercely while preggers :+) hardest working woman in showbiz…the song will probably grow on me since its rather catchy although it took me a moment to interrupt the “countdown” part lol but definitely better the Girls garbage. I am glad she portrayed black hair although the blonde becomes her better it was a cheap and easy way to add interest to her video look and grab it attention. gotta give credit where its due. go beyonce go! Ha, and I don’t usually like her stuff

  9. A list of WGM’s many usernames used to cause drama in otherwise peaceful Beyonce threads:

    No Shy
    Take Two
    Mine is Mine
    Philly One
    M to the jb

  10. Dead on the floor (bring back the smilies cause I need them right about now)

    I told y’all that it be the so called fans posting causing chaos by commenting under various usernames. I belong to a music forum where quite a few of them were outed the same way.

    Sista you should post the video of Madonna recently telling stans to get a life. It is so appropriate for this site.

  11. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistaaaaaa chick you ain’t the one and in loving it!

  12. Also love the mandatory butt shot from beyonce, class!
    @Richmond: I saw that video, and I agree with her, I mean what kind of person gets their feelings involved in an entertainment convo? Psychotic

  13. Hahaha, I LOVE you SISTA!!!! I like how you run your bizness….keeps the self-depricating haters in their place.

  14. Yo!! Beyonce looks stunning with the black bob!

    Party is my fave single so I’m waiting on that video.

  15. I’m thoroughly entertained by King B. I enjoy the various shots fill with many precious facial expressions. Nice editing. I’m especially fond of “We be making love” @ 00:32, the sholder dance “From the good to the bad” @ 00:43, “Meet him at the finish line” @ 1:11, “Ladies if you love your man” @ 1:30, “My baby is a ten” @1:58…

    Well done HoneyBey.

  16. She looks gorgeous. Nice video. Kinda GreenLight upgraded. It’s kinda the same video she’s been doing for the last 2 albums. Kinda snoozy.

  17. Got a little Check on It in there too. It’s cute. She’s stunning.

  18. I think the video overall was very nice. The sound of the song sound the same, but for some reason the video was a fresh look to me. It seemed different, like I wasn’t watching a Beyonce video. A+

  19. I thought the video was ADORABLE. She was quirky and having fun. I LOVED the darker hair especially at the end, she look gorgeous and darker hair makes her eyes really pop/stand out. Her makeup was nice too

    It was VERY different than what I expected but either way the video was nice and had that old school vibe to it which is what she’s going for this era, different than what she’s done. Some of the way she was acting reminded me of her “why don’t you love me video” which was also a cute video too. You can definitely tell she shot ALOT of this video before she was showing and the dancing + when she got on the floor, I was like ok, be careful but she brought it. Cant wait to see Party and EOT!!

  20. loved the video.. very different and that is what I liked about it. These videos nowadays seem to be all the same, big bling chains, naked girls, overpriced rides etc,etc…

    I love the old school vibe of this video. Well done Bey.. She looks gorgeous also.

  21. This is such a cute video! I loved that she used a different director than Melina. Young and Fresh overall and the song is catchy too.

  22. Beyonce is such a hoodrat, everytimes i hear her song, the mainstreams one, she sound like a stripper, “ride the pony, show him how you ride it”? really ? 30 years old, married, with a child on the way, and that is the best you can do, I am tired of her trying to mask her ratchet sounds with visuals, it’s not working anymore, for me it stopped working after single ladies (the basic chicks and gays anthem on the century), but it seems the rest of the world is catching up, she needs to drop the ghetto anthems and stripper movements, and give us something new…Please!

  23. @nijal u sound like a complete idiot. Beyonce aka the woman with 16 GRAMMYS to her resume, is a hoodrat? Smh please have a seat with that ignorant comment. Anyway i loved the video & bey looked gorgeous.

  24. @NIJAL please know that Beyoncé does NOT cater to your needs only. She gave a pretty solid album with 4 with some very beautiful ballads. However, countdown is one of the few uptempo’s in the album if she wants to be sassy let her be sassy. She’s not the first and definitely not the last to use the words; “grind up on it”. You will learn to deal. It’s a bit stupid to tell an artist what to do when you’re not even paying her/his bills.If you like it enjoy the music if you don’t like it then keep on complaining.

  25. Not at all what I expected for this song, but it’s cute. I like that she can be quirky and out there without resorting to weird costumes ala other stars that will not be named. I still believe this should have been the very first single released from 4. But overall fun times!

  26. Hate the song and video. People need to ask them selves on question. In ten years for now will you still be sing Beyonce songs like all of Monica and Brandy old songs.

  27. @MISSISSIPI GIRL don’t get the decades mixed up. 90’s music will forever be remembered. Monica, Brandy and Beyoncé have contributed to the RnB genre tremendeously. Yes there are songs from Brandy and Monica that we will sing even 10 years from now, but also songs from Beyoncé. Don’t forget the fast staccato that Destiny’s Child made popular and even selling a diamond album. As for the 2000’s memorable songs are hard to find I do agree, Which is why I respect the fact that Bey included so many RnB influenced record on her album.

  28. Love.

    She is gorgeous, and she can rock any color hair rather it’s black, brown, red, or blonde.

  29. Cute video. But why is this the most highly anticipated single?…smh

  30. @smh: yes she is a hoodrat,ghetto, cheap, you know what i mean :)what was your point again?

    Vvsrocks: ROTFL at your nickname first off, but off course ….

    i am indeed paying beyonce’s bills, i’m her boss, just like you, smh and everyone else, you know why ?because i purchase some of her product so you are damn right she better carter to my needs, did you see my post?the mainstream music she choose to promote is cheap, and ghetto at best, now if that’s what you’re into that’s fine, but don’t stand here and tell me what i can and cannot do 🙂

  31. @missisipi girl: no i won’t even remenber beyonce songs, they aren’t memorable enough, well one is flaws and all, i love that song with all of my heart….

  32. She’s fierce as alway!!! Love the black hair. What I’m finding is during her last few songs, people always say they dislike the video/song and a week later, it’s on every channel, you tube etc. If I recall, her song “Girls Run the World” didn’t get good reviews from the public but now it’S used everywhere. SandraRose (blogger) is one of Beyonce’s biggest supporters (LOL) – you can always count on this chick to write something negative. She’s obviously doing something right! Keep doing your thing BEYONCE.

  33. While well-known films gave “Countdown” its style, the dance moves were lifted, without credit, from the works of Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Studio Brussels posted the above comparison video between Beyoncé and De Keersmaeker’s moves (via Vulture), and the similarities are too close to ignore.

    “I didn’t know anything about this. I’m not mad, but this is plagiarism. This is stealing,” De Keersmaeker told Studio Brussels. “What’s rude about it is that they don’t even bother about hiding it. They seem to think they could do it because it’s a famous work. Am I honored? Look, I’ve seen local school kids doing this. That’s a lot more beautiful.”

    mmm hmm Defend that Stans!

  34. Well apparently Beyonce’s team has issued a statement in regards to the plaigarism, citing that Anne’s work as well as the other references in the video were ‘inspiration’ for the video. Anne has countered with a response. Not looking too good… If she could track down the guys for the opening to RTW, why not at least have the courtesy to contact Anne and say, “I’m inspired by your work and I would like to use some choreography from your performances in a portion of my music video”? And before you stans go ham on me, Funny Face, Audrey Hepburn, the mod scene are all iconic works, looks, performers, performances, etc. Anne is a contemporary artist yet creating works. She should have been notified or something.

    Still a cute video.

  35. Beyonce hunt them down to teach her the moves n movement clearly someone doesn’t pay attention… It african dance which she.said she been though alot of choreographers who could nt give her wat she wanted.. Lol but annie movement was easy n didn’t need all that

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