Aretha Still The Queen+Beyonce Covers GQ Mag

Rollingstone Magazine recently name Aretha Franklin the greatest singer of all time and called upon her protégé, Mary J. Blige, to write the overview. Check it out: You know a force from heaven. You know something that God made. And Aretha is a gift from God. When it comes to expressing yourself through song, there is no one who can touch her. She is the reason why women want to sing. Aretha has everything — the power, the technique. She is honest with everything she says. Everything she’s thinking or dealing with is all in the music, from “Chain of Fools” to “Respect” to her live performances. And she has total confidence; she does not waver at all. I think her gospel base brings that confidence, because in gospel they do not play around — they’re all about chops, who has the vocal runs. This is no game to her.

As a child, I used to listen to Aretha’s music because my mom played “Do Right Woman” and “Ain’t No Way” every single day. I would see my mother cry when she listened to those songs, and I’d cry too. Then I discovered her on my own with the Sparkle soundtrack. I must have played “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” 30 times in a row; eventually, I connected the dots to that voice my mom was listening to. Even the way she pronounces words is amazing: In “Giving Him Something He Can Feel,” when she sings, “Many say that I’m too young” — the way she says “I’m,” you can almost see her saying it, like she’s all in your face, but you’re still right with her. You can really visualize her hands when she sings, “You’re tying both of my hands,” on “Ain’t No Way” — it’s the powerful way she hits the word “both.”

When you watch her work, you can see why Aretha is who she is. When we did the song “Don’t Waste Your Time” on my album Mary, she just went in there and ate that record like Pac-Man. She could be doing a church vocal run, and it would turn into some jazz-space thing, something I never encountered before. You’d say, “Where did that come from? Where did she find that note?” It’s beautiful to see, because it helps people with a lack of confidence in their ability, like myself. I look at her and think, “I need a piece of that. Whatever that is.”

Click over to page 2 below to view yet another magazine cover featuring Beyonce and page 3 to see her perform If Were A Boy on Oprah.


  1. Aretha was that chick back in the day. She is a legend and you can’t take that away from her. Back in the 70s we cared about each other and loved each other. Aretha was at the height of her fame during the Black Power Movement. Her afro and unapologetically Black style made her an instant icon.

    Today, you need to run away from your real self, your blackness, like it is a plague. Natural hair and beauty is out. Fake everything and mediocre lyrics are in.

  2. Aretha Franklin R.E.S.P.E.C.T. :bowdown:

    This is not a flatering picture of B :thumbsdown: . They could’ve done a better one.

  3. Its a nice picture but probably not the best . That hairstyle looks cute on her.

  4. Gotta respect the Queens! :bowdown:

    Aretha is a little before my time, but I’m still familar with her classics.

    Bey on the cover….not a bad pic, not great either, imo. However, I loved her Oprah interview and performance. Both were great


  5. The Sparkle soundtrack =Aaaahhhh!

    Ms. Franklin gave me “Hooked On Your Love” and I’m grateful to her for it.

    *Now I don’t know if I wanna pop in the movie or just listen to the cd…*

  6. What mary worte was beautiful i was moved 🙂 Aretha is the queen 😆 I love and r-e-s-p-e-c-t Her get it? LOOOl i’ m tired lol

    Bey is ugly on this shot , nice performance thought i just can’ t feel her emotionally and i’ m a very emotional person, I just can’ t connect with her but that song is the thing! 🙂 Glad she learned something about changing up one’ s look

    Good night

  7. i love when she sing the last “better man” that run she does i love it lool
    I went on youtube not one of them child could hit that note but a chick named lisa lavie Loool i died laughing

  8. Arrggghhh I just lost a profound and meaningful comment about her music :thumbsdown:

  9. yes i actually dont like the pictures of b….were they taken recently or a while ago but just decided to use them now?

  10. They might be old pistures because Beyonce had her hair like that for Me, Myself, and I.

    I wasn’t too fascinating. I loved the movie Sparkle and I love Giving Him Something He Can Feel. I like Aretha’s version and I like EnVogue’s version since I came up durin ght EnVogue era.

    I saw Oprah yesterday. Beyonce comes across as being phony and scripted to me. She lacks personality and that’s sad.

  11. Beyonce looks cheap in these photos I do not like these at all. . Anyways I liked her performance on Oprah even when she sings “if I were A boy” she can’t help but leash Sasha out on stage lol. Also she looked beautiful on Oprah.

  12. Aretha ain’t the Queen for nothing! Much respect to her!

    Bey’s hair is cute on the cover. But that pic is :bag: !

    Her interview with Oprah was nothing really different from her Dreamgirls interview. Her performance was good. She looked wonderful, but I wish she had brought Sasha with her b/c her interview was boring as hell. :thumbsdown:

  13. I hate how Bey tried to do a little acting at the end of the performance. If her acting is anything like that in Cadilac Records we are in for a horror movie.

  14. I didn’ t watch Oprah , But good performance of her :thumbsup: and nice hair dress and make up :thumbsup:
    Aretha is the queen who Ever thought about denying it? Child…..
    Sparkle is one of the best movie i seen so far 🙂

  15. Very recently, Aretha appaered on The Early Show. She sang a couple of her classic songs and one more song from her upcoming Christmas CD called “This is Christmas”. But it was her interview after the singing that surprised me. Aretha said that she recently went to the Juilliard music school to take some singing lessons. Singing lessons? Aretha? Is she joking? Aretha can go there and give a full semester of lessons on the proper way to sing… TO THE TEACHERS!

  16. Kudos to Aretha. Much Respect. Much Love.

    German GQ – ahhh, that blonde-blonde hair, I hate, but it’s her trademark I suppose. What’s up with the placement of her leg on the cover??? The composition gives me great pause…Beyonce is gorgeous but these images just ‘are’ and that’s about it. *shrugs*

    Beyonce on Oprah – Wooo! I tell you what, I loved her interview MORE than the performance. The performance was ‘blah’ and she seemed a bit winded; but they record early in the morning on that show, don’t they? I loved her interview. She seems MORE RELAXED than I have ever seen her in an interview. And maybe it’s because she was talking to Oprah; it was like watching girlfriends’ talk almost. Her comment about Hamburger Helper Queen was endearing. This interview really made me view her in a new light.

    But I must admit that I came to one conclusion after viewing this. I like “Beyonce’ WAYYYYYY better than I like “Sasha Fierce”. 😆 Sasha’s attitude is stank and I just dislike her, the crazed stage persona. And the fact that I’m referring to her ‘other self’ makes me about as bi-dual as she is with this craziness. LOL. But seriously, love Beyonce in interviews, love her as a person, but can do without the Fierce melodrama stankness, so definitely that side of the album I won’t be listening to. :brownsista:

  17. Aretha is the Queen and she has lasted so long. I give props to her and other women like Tina Turner, Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan, etc. because they are still doing their thing.

  18. I am a Beyonce fan, but her interviews are so boring and scripted to me. She says the same things all the time. It is like her people have her in a box and she better not get out of the box.

    I just wish that she loosens up some. Yeah, she is admitting that she is a married woman now, but people already knew. Don’t openly admit it now that you have an album dropping.

    I am not going to comment on her marriage or what they choose to do, but if you are madly, deeply in love, it will show and you will want to scream it from the top of the mountain.

    Their whole relationship is arranged to melike her whole life. It will be great when we can get a Beyonce interview where her answers are not scripted. Where she can answer the question how she wants and not how her people want her to answer it.

    She said she is telling too much. Why? You grown, you can tell what you want. Is she scared? Is someone beatin her behind closed doors? Don’t be scared to open up and let your fans see the real you

  19. I wouold have loved to seen the faces of the instructors when she walked in the class or when they walked in the class and saw that she was their pupil. I bet they were just shocked for a few moments. That is what an artisist does and that is why she is the queen. Always looking to improve their craft. There are some artist out that can sing but just need training in how to control their voices. But my favorite two songs by her Do Right Man and Day Dreaming. Just two classic and beautiful songs. You can play her songs today that she made before I was born and they can relate. She made music for women.

  20. I just watched bey’ s interview Idk i could never never ever connect with her so wathever she says even if she laugh it’ s still fake to me , but HER STANS were in the house looool :thumbsup: ]

    Bria :iagree:

    @the real nicole:if you are madly, deeply in love, it will show and you will want to scream it from the top of the mountain.

    I was starting to tell you that everyone is different and some people are better off quiet then i realize nahhh when you’ re happy very happy you want to scream jump and everyone to know so :iagree:

  21. I watch Oprah everyday, and I was not impressed with Beyonce’s performance or interview. The little Chinese girl that was discovered by Oprah sang and performed 1 million light years better than Beyonce and she has been doing this for 10 years longer. And when Oprah asked her if she is happy being a wife, well if you noticed there really was not an answer. So actions speak louder than words all the time. Now I can respect the fact that she is protective of her marriage but all this lying needs to stop. First they lied and said what wedding we did not get married and now you are saying you are 7months later. That’s the typical Beyonce and her camp always lying that’s why a lot of people have lost faith in her. She has lied about so many things writing her own music and still continues to lie about that. And she is still lying saying she has 10 Grammy’s. Beyonce has 5 Grammy’s of her own and she shares 5 with Destiny’s Child. There is a big difference in trying to take ownership in the way you speak your sentences by saying you have 10 Grammy’s by yourself rather than being honest and stating I share 5 of the Grammy’s with Destiny’s Child. I think for the most part the only thing I found agreeable that Beyonce said was, “you have to have your own life before you can be someone else’s wife” now that’s real talk :thumbsup: .

    @ The Real Nicole :iagree: “Beyonce comes across as being phony and scripted to me. She lacks personality and that’s sad.” I really think you made some valid points. And I really respect the fact that even though you are a fan you were not bias in your commenting :hifive:

    Aretha is a living legend hands down :bowdown:. And what I respect about her is the fact that she earned her position through her talent, not gimmicks, and lying about album sales etc.
    @Bria nice post and I must agree I wish I was a fly on the wall to see the instructor’s reaction to the living legend wanting to take advice and training from them.

  22. . Beyonce has 5 Grammy’s of her own and she shares 5 with Destiny’s Child.
    I heard oprah made it clear too i heard she said something about she met her when she won her first five grammy’ s back in 2003 i wish sasha would have get up and say miss please those was my second 5 grammy’ s old lady LOOOOl

  23. Beyonce won SIX grammy’s without DC, and FOUR with DC. But who’s counting… 🙄

  24. @REAL TALK
    She did not lie they never said they did not get married. Thry never even put out a statement!

    IIWAB IS #1 ON ITUNES AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oprah is one powerful :thumbsup:

  25. I used to love Beyonce back in the day. She was so full of life and had so much promise. I envisioned her back then as a future Diana Ross or all Black Mariah Carey. She accomplished alot in her life but now her desperate need to stay in the spotlight is making her look hella cheap and out spent.

    i always did and always will :bowdown: to aretha’ s voice, I see a little bit of her in Jennifer hudson, Once jennifer learn to fully control her voice It will be 100% better than it is now

  26. I listened to i am sasha all over again and stuck through every each song so i wouldn’ t have to make a critic without any real argument and i stick to what i said “Boy”,”Ave Maria”, “”are the one’ s worth buying they are great songs lyrically as well as instrumentally , some of the song i feel could have been beautiful “smash into you” if the lyrics weren’t so poor, Over all Speaking as a temporary believer of her alter ego madness
    i think she succeeded in Bringing “Sasha fierce” to the table she steals the entire Show
    besides those songs cited the entire beyonce album side sound like bad country music album to me
    and the sasha fierce side sound like a bad female rapper

  27. @ Baby T apparently you and I are counting and a host of other people because this has been pointed out numerous times before 🙂

    @WPC the way I see it they did lie becuase there has been clips of outings where Jay-Z was specifically asked about the wedding and he replied, “what wedding” Beyonce has been hidding her ring as an attempt to deny marriage rumors etc. So I don’t know if you understand what the definition of a lie or lying is but according to merriam webster that means anything that is said or done to decieve someone else. In that case making a official statement is irrelevent to the disscussion at hand the underlying issue here is Beyonce and Jay-Z lied.

    @ Voice LOL you are too funny “i wish sasha would have get up and say miss please those was my second 5 grammy’ s old lady LOOOOl” :lol2:

  28. Lol real talk
    i’ m serious!!! But i know Oprah would have slapped her into the color purple straight up
    do not let the hair fool you Oprah is A G!!!!
    Sasha fierce can’ t beat nobody but beyonce’ s simple behind
    Dang i need to stop hanging with the stans 🙄

    On a serious note her and jay z are ridiculous Hiding your relationship won’ t help a man stay faithfull, It won’ t help an other woman from making him feel just like you do if not better, They need help!

  29. That is right that pitiful Beyonce only has 5 Grammy’s of her own and share 5 others with Destiny’s Child. :loser: One day this tramp is going to have to pay for all her undercover evilness.
    Aretha Franklin rocks forever and Beyonce will never become a legend like her.

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