Beyonce Covers Ebony Magazine

Beyonce Ebony Magazine Cover There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Grammy Award-winning Beyoncé. In an exclusive photo shoot and in-depth interview with EBONY Magazine, the accomplished star reveals her overwhelming backstage reaction to her recent performance for America’s first couple. She also gives readers a sneak peek into her marriage with music mogul Jay-Z. What is it that gets on his nerves? “I’m a little messy,” she says, smiling. “Oh, yeah. Whenever I’m out in public, I have to be put together. When I get home, I rebel against it and I don’t want to take care of anything. I drop it. I’m relaxed. I don’t have any shoes on. No makeup. My shoes are left at the door. My purse is in the kitchen. I think that is the most difficult thing for him. He’s very, very organized.”

Check out Entertainment Rundown, who have inside shots of the photo shoot and this issue of Ebony will hit stands on March 10th.


  1. All I can say is Beyonce is one beautiful woman.

    To the Haters: Yes she is rocking a fro..but she did in 2002 in Austin Powers .so no she didn’t change her hair to appeal to Black folks

    Yes, Jennifer Hudson wore the same hairstyle but haven’t you seen someone else where the same hairstyle before. Better yet the same outfit as someone..I Have

    Yes, she lip-synced @ the oscar…whitney houston lipped the national anthem as well as Jennifer Hudson don’t believe me look it up…they asked her to lip-synced

    Yes she is the tick tick

  2. She and Jay Z are yesterday’s news. For months they walked around toying with the public on whether or not they were married or not. Now that nobody really cares and the world has fell in love with the Obamas, Bey and Jay want to be all lovey dovey and she wants to open up about their relationship. Nobody cares Beyonce because you and Jay are old news. Beyonce has no personality and outside of Sasha Fierce, she is just plain boring.

  3. All hell is about to break loose now, as it did on all the other blogs. I find it so hilarious that beyonce can get such a rise out of people. and they still don’t realize that’s the reason she’s so successful in first place. LMAO!

  4. LOL @PRINCE!!

    i see you’ve been reading the blogs too!!
    :lol2: :lol2:

  5. Beyonce looks alright on the cover, but I’m tired of Ebony Magazine using the same black celebrities on the cover of there magazines all the time. I would like to see more black authors, activists, educators, engineers, docters, businessman/woman, politicians, designers and etc. I’ m tired of seeing the same recycle black celebs on the cover like: Beyonce, Ashanti, Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry, Denzel Washington, Tyler Perry, Alicia Keyes, Jesses Jackson, Vanessa Williams, Janet Jackson, Usher, Jamie Fox, P.Diddy, Whitney Houston, Monique, Terrence Howard, Russell Simmons, Kimora Lee Simoons, Tyra Banks and etc. Show more new black faces on the cover of the magazine who are helping the black community and doing more positive things rather then having the same black entertainers.

    :stop: :hater: Please don’t get made about what I said I’m just stating my opinion.

  6. Beyonce looks alright but I ‘m tired of Ebony& Essence Magazine using the same recycle black celebs on the cover of there magazine that been on the cover more then once all the time like: Beyonce, Ashanti, Alicia Keyes, Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington, Kirk Franklin, Usher, Tyler Perry, Tyra Banks, Mary J. Blige, Kimora Lee Simmons, Russell Simmons, Monique, Terrence Howard, Jamie Foxs, Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, Will & Jada Pickett Smith and etc. I wish they would show more black authors, politicans, docters, educators, designers, businessman/woman, activists, engineers and etc on the front cover.

    :stop: :hater: Please don’t get mad I’m just stating my opinion.

  7. People get so mad when they hear Beyonce’s name, if you don’t want to see or hear about this business woman say a way please.
    She looks great

  8. These are Bey’s best pics. Her skin look great on here. I love that she is mentoring

    Shanequa, even though Ebony does do more than Entertainment, they are an entertainment mag and has always been. And usually they are going to post blacks who are in the mainstream. That’s what they have been since they were established and that’s what makes them successful. I do understand your point, so don’t think I am attacking what you are saying.

  9. I agree@ Jenaki.

    If you’re not a fan, and you’re regular of this site, don’t post. That’s stops all the arguments and make things better.

  10. 🙂 I can so believe Jay gets annoyed w/her mess at times- too cute. Him being a Sagittarian male… uh! they are rentless and anal about neatness & organization.

    I love that she shared that little tidbit on her marriage.

  11. Nne, not me. 😆 I am different that way. I can be VERY messy. I am not no neat freak.

  12. I gotta say I love this look on her. I’m glad she switched it up and I like how the answers she gives in interviews are less robotic. Good job and congrats to Beyonce on the cover!

  13. She looks STUNNING! Haters have got to fall back on this one! :bowdown: :bowdown:

  14. I just read an article about the relationship between your SAT score and your music taste. I have to say, the result is funny. Basically, the dumbest people listen to Lil’ Wayne and the smartest love Bethoven. I don’t like Lil’ Wayne nor do I listen to him but Idon’t care for Bethoven either. So I guess I’m not that smart LOL. But the study result is the number 1 artist dumb people listen to is Lil’ Wayne followed by T.I and Beyonce. DON’T THROW STONES AT ME. I DIDN’T DO THIS STUDY. I’M JUST REPORTING CAUSE IT’S FUNNY AND SILLY.

  15. That girl is FIERCE! She looks very Angela Davis/Pam Grier in this pic! Wooork it Bey….DAMN I cant WAIT for the haters to see this….READY….SET…..HATE! LLS

  16. 2 words! LOVES IT! I heart her and Jay, nothing like black love :thumbsup:

  17. We see it, who exactly are we looking at this week? Black beyodel or LaTina wanna be Beyodel? You all are foooooooooooooooooooooooooooools. 😆 😆 😆

    :lol2: Oh my freaking goodnes! This chick will not stop even when nobody seems to care about her career anymore except her stans.

    she’s gracing an african american magazine and saw fit to APPEAR black temporarily. Next week she’s be on El Latina with her bleached blonde lace front.

    I don’t see how anyone can take this chick seriously, well at least Hollywood doesn’t. They know she’s a fraud.

    Exactly what is she trying to accomplish at this point in her fading career. She is making herself available everywhere, she pays to sing for Obamas, she prostituted herself at the Oscars in fire engine red slutfit too small for her, and now she’s back in our faces looking like a negro again. Bless her heart and the fools that worship this mental case.

  18. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:
    Why do the :hater: always write the longest post! Truly, the CARE TOO MUCH about her!

  19. I didn’ t plan on commenting on brownsista Today but I am so Rotfl @ Bey’s stans looking for haters, It’ s like you people
    actually want someone to say something so you can rant about how good you are because you support a fellow yellow sister
    and how she got 80 millions and blah…

    “NEWSFLASH:We are interrupting our schedule program to make an announcement ”

    Unless beyonce give you a piece of that 80 millions everything that you say here is IRRELEVANT and you are an immature little brat that needs to get out of their hollywood dreams and get a damn life, YOU ARE NOT BEYONCE =======] read that sentence again
    this is a recession and instead of looking for jobs or if you have one looking for more ways to make money you are on a haters hunt? stop believing that by defending beyonce you’ ll get to her level, Cause she didn’ t sit on a computer talking about how much Tina turner made to become successful she got off of her ass and start to shake it (joking joking) But i mean she went to work for her money , Good enough she found some people that need someone to look up to, and chose her, We are in an economic mess and people are struggling
    and you are sitting on your -ss trying to diss people over a girl thatdoes not know you from scratch are you serious? What you thought being a celebrity would be easy ?
    people will criticize you and tear you down, but there will come a day where someone will say “u know what i hate beyonce but she killed this or this thing.”
    It’ s not up to you to go on a hater chase or even call the haters when they ain’ t even here .. You wanna blast the haters but You are a hater just as much as them because when it’ s not beyonce your
    Little hypocrite behinds want to jumP up and call other celebrities names and wishing them to flop and sh-t, Why can’ t we speak on beyonce? Because she got 80 millions? So the fuck what ? she don’ t sh-t or pee?
    She don’ t bleed once a month? Jay-z dnt fuck her? he has to watch her sleep only ? Get a mofocking Life cuz guess what ? a hater hate and go on with his/her day, But you stan wake up to beyonce and sleep to them and you are the saddest of them all boo boo
    You A re the weakest link

    Excuse my vulgar language and let’ s back to our regularly scheduled program

    I love love love her hair, i want to know where to get the weave / wig Fashionista ( wink wink) Love the dress, I guess she is playing Angela Davis after all good for her
    That fist Picture is very powerful, Go beyonce :bowdown: but please girl get rid of those stans there are the reason people can’ t stand you in the first Place

  20. @Curtis
    I see a lot of posters missing on here but present on other post so im guessing they decided to ignore this posts yet alllllllllll stans are here calling ,begging for someone to hate i wuldnt be surprised if they make up fake names to post some hate then respond to themselves, Sad Situation….

  21. How do you know a stan start all the arguments against the alleged “haters”? Just read the first comment. Nobody even started to comment and someone already called out the “haters”. That first person even included Jennifer Hudson and Whitney Houston in his/her comment. :lol2:

  22. I just wanna applaud Every poster that usually Post their opinions about beyonce and get called haters For not posting on it today Let the stans play themselves don’ t even participate in their madness Let them scream haters when there is no haters around :bowdown: and fashionista u better find me the hair on beyonce lol :d

  23. Nah sweety just got enough of people acting crazy as h-ll and making it seems like everyone that supports beyonce is uneducated, simple minded, inarticulate, and plain old foolish, Some fans actually have their lives together

  24. :iagree: I’m gonna have to agree with Shanequa…the same celebs are being used on the cover over and over again…its time to switch it up a bit….on a more positive note…Bey looks beautiful

  25. These are some gorgeous images and I love the afro.

    I see Bey is buckin’ for that role of Angela Davis………… we go, Black Power 2010! :noway:

  26. lol @ FlowerChild

    I love how after the President & First Lady have been praised for their PDA Beyonce suddenly wants to become more open about Jay-Z. :loser:

  27. LOL @ ALL the so called NOT HATERS…Beyonce looks beautiful and in case some of you idiots are lost, in an interview the star usually answers the questions the interviewer askes. so if she talks about Jay its b/c the interviewer asked her about it…BEYONCE LOOKS BREATHTAKING…WAVING *HI* TO THE :hater: ‘S!!!!!!! HAHa

  28. Girl6

    ?????? at the name. Then again, it’s your perogative. 🙂 As far as interviews go, celebrities can choose not to answer the question altogether or circumvent it like Beyonce has usually done in the past w/ questions regarding Jay-Z. They can also request that such questions not be bought up.

  29. shanequa, i so agree and am so tired of it. but i was on a “main stream” page and they complained about the same thing. they would die if they read ebony and essence, i swear they use the same ten people.

  30. yes shes everywhere and i love it, as i stated before, i would hate to not be her fan because she is everywhere and i love it….i probably would talk trash about her too but its not going to get anywhere

    :lol2: she pays to sing for the obamas :lol2: its funny how these lies come out of nowhere

    @Ivory your post is too long, probably only one person would read that book you just wrote…

  31. Beyonce looks really good in these pics. She has really changed up her look to an even more classy and sheek look its really working for her. To me she seems more open and down to earth in her interviews, how could you NOT love Beyonce?? lol I guess seeing too much of a person may cause that… I dont know her but she seems like a sweet heart. Go head Bee I aint mad at cha! :bowdown:

  32. Ivory, I hear you and I thought it was a good thing that it was happening because until I see that those who are not fans of Bey stop coming into her threads, I was going to stop posting in them and go to other celeb threads because it is annoying to see LONG posts from the same people, time after time, just to criticize and attack Bey. You don’t like her, I get it. Now go away. That’s how I feel. Now on the other hands, the “stans” bring it on too with their criticisms of artists just to lift up Beyonce. I know it goes both ways.

    Yes, I do know that peeps actually make up competing IDs to start drama. Stephanie exposed one of them. I would like to see ONE thread of Beyonce in here especially where it is not drama. I am not talking about stuff like, I don’t like her look. I don’t like her hair. Etc. That’s fair game. I mean, stuff like this: Black beyodel or LaTina wanna be Beyodel? She is making herself available everywhere, she pays to sing for Obamas, she prostituted herself at the Oscars in fire engine red slutfit too small for her, and now she’s back in our faces looking like a negro again; is not necessary. It’s just not. Can we have ONE thread of Beyonce without this type of thing?

  33. She looks so powerful and beautiful! These are my favorite pics of Beyonce for 2009!!!! Work it Beyonce :thumbsup:

  34. i absolutely ADORE this woman and i think she looks fierce! as a fan, i like how relaxed she seems in interviews now. michelle obama spoke on her in the article:

    “Beyoncé is an incredible young woman. Barack and I have met her on a few occasions, and it was a great honor to hear her sing ‘At Last’ so beautifully at the inauguration,” Obama said. “She is so talented and so real, and we just love her.”

    now that’s the ULTIMATE complement :bowdown: :bowdown:

  35. @ curtis :iagree: with all you said

    @ wohoo you are right michelle did say those things, and to think so many people said “obama wouldnt have beyonce sing for them they have to much class to like beyonce blah blah blah”

  36. @ Mario I 2nd that :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: !!!! Beyonce is a beautiful woman and she looks incredible in these pics.

  37. I LOVE THIS HAIR ON BEY, SHE NEEDS TO ROCK HIS 4 A WHILE! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  38. OMG! Im soo late on this thread….Beyonce looks remarkable! I dont think Ive ever ssen Beyonce looks so fearless and strong! You betta werk it Ms Carter!!!! :thumbsup:

  39. Go bey its ya birf day!!! lol Love love love the cover. I will def be picking up mi issue of EBONY mag.

  40. If she had of talked about the wedding and the marriage shortly after I probably would have picked up this copy but I am over now. I don’t care anymore. Much luck to her and Jay.

    Ebony so needs to get some new stars to put on the cover.

  41. I like the darker hair B :thumbsup:
    The 1st cream gown is my fav. That is one House of Dereon dress I would love to wear 🙂 You got to love their [mother-daughter] business sense. You can really say they don’t stick to their guns and support their crafts…despite some oppositions 😆 .

  42. Beyonce looks flawless and LOL @ the haters saying Ebony needs to put new stars up…When was the last time u seen Beyonce on the cover of Ebony Magazine?? Dont worry Ill wait…..

  43. beyonce is so fake im so tired of people saying shes beautiful shes just a regular brad her cd sucks and shes boring :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  44. I guess she’s starting the promo for the Angela Davis flick.

  45. nice pictures, maybe she is trying to do the Angela Davis flick. I heard Halle has been wanting to make a movie about her as well, she’s been working on it or something. It will be interesting to see who ends up playing her.

    Hey Steph, on a side note does anyone have the pictures of Alicia Keys in the latest Vanity Fair? Her spread for her new deal with Vitamin Water is in there and I heard the pics were very nice.

  46. Angela Davis or not Beyonce looks great in his pic. Why cant ppl just get over that she is beautiful, no one can deny that if so YOUR IN DENIAL. Anywho I AM SASHA FIERCE is a great album, her best CD to date. Its for the grown and sexy, you have to be able to appreciate real music in order to understand and love this album. Hey someone is loving it, it went 2x platinum in 2 months and was named the 10th best selling album for 2008, when it JUST came out in Nov of 2008. Too bad Rihanna’s “GGGB” wasnt even on that list at all! Go Beyonce your killin these lames! LMAO

  47. um @ She a diva she was just on the cover about 2 or 3 months ago……………….. But anyways love the afro. The cover is obviously for Black History Month. nice pics she looks cute.

  48. @ Bronze-Beauty

    Beyonce was NOT on the cover of Ebony Magazine a few months ago. Maybe a few YEARS ago.

    Beyonce looks glam! BEY season for BLACK history month, BARACK is my president! The B’S are taking over baby!!

  49. @bronze_beauty

    bee was not on the cover 2 or 3 months ago. barack had the cover! also, she hasn’t been on the cover of ebony since 2006 when all three dreamgirls shared the cover :hifive:

  50. why dont they just call this the beyonce fanclub site?

    and to say “dont comment”….

    get real…. :iagree:

    and yes calling out the Haters…lol..funny and sad…cuz here they came! you asked for them now dont be mad when they get at you…

  51. TYE IS A HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!! Stop hating on this chic damn its so pathetic!! Beyonce is the **** and sooner or later your ugly a$$ will have to accept it and move on. Sorry that your not as pretty as Bey is but take that up with ur maker!

  52. ok whatever not gonna stop cancer that she wasnt or not my mistake she was on the Essence cover! The article was called I am Legend.

  53. She’s fishing for the Angela Davis role. This picture is cute, but I need her to do something worthwhile and sincere besides selling sex.

  54. Some people are so dumb and judgmental! Please tell me WHAT ABOUT THIS COVER IS GIVING SEX? Dont worry Ill wait…..while waiting Id like 2 add, if it were Jennifer hudson, A.Keys or anyone else for that matter, no one would say a thing about sex or “she’s trying to sell sex”, but just becuz its Beyonce SEXY azz Knowles its about selling sex 😆 Come on now people some people cant help there sex appeal! She is sexy she is Vivasious, she is striking, stunning and all around FAB….thats what God intended for her. And people wonder why we call you :hater: s…..Making statements like that. :hifive:

  55. Smash into you, thats right no one will say that A Keys sells sex because guess what she doesn’t! She cares more about her content of music and her funds trying to help Africa and people who are in need. Now that to me is sexy, a smart woman doing positive things. Im inspired by her.

  56. Something about Beyonce and Jay Z’s relationship seems so fake and staged to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing was a shamble and no more than business. He was looking for a token girl and she was looking to get away from her controlling father. Beyonce just seems so fake like she is scared to be herself. She has this persona like she is a prima-donna and daddy’s perfect princess who does nothing wrong. Think about it, anytime their is any negative publicity on Beyonce, it is quickly pushed under the rug the next day. This girl is not normal and she will soon crack under the pressure to be little ms. perfect wanna be everywhere and at everything all the time.

  57. @ Bronze Beauty

    Sweetie you need to check my girl Bey out b4 you speak. Beyonce has been to Africa and has done a numerous amount of things for the children down there JUST as A.Keys has. Just b/c she doesnt brag about it doesnt meant it isnt getting done. She’s done alot for the people of Africa, she has footage with Bruce S. and her Husband, when he did that whole Water for Africa fundraiser. Thats why last year Beyonce won that oustanding award from the NAACP due to her commitment and good deeds. People sleep on Beyonce like she’s just an entertainer/ Diva but she’s much more then that, how bout she built a whole neigborhood of houses for the Katrina Victims, how bout she had everyone including HERSELF bring canned goods to her “Beyonce Experience” tour for the needy, how about she’s done so much for the children of the Ronald McDonald foundation… The list goes on. Thats why people love Beyonce so much, she’s def given back, prob more then alot of these other artist. (Rihanna, Ciara, Jennifer Hudson).

  58. Loves the pic! Beyonce is the bomb. I am not mad at her! I say get all the money you can get girl. However, I must comment on her statement about throwing her stuff around. Ladies we must remember to be neat and clean. Men do not like “nasty” women who do not like to clean up after themselves. Its ok from to time if you put some things out of place, but not all the time.

  59. AND ANOTHER THING….Alicia Keys is a home wrecker! I love her too but she is not by all means innocent. I dont give a damn if you feed a whole heard of chidren from Zimbabwe or Ghana! If you not staright as person and honest as an artist then your NO GOOD either. She has beem messing with a married man (Swiss Beats) NO ITS NOT A RUMOR but actual facts. Mashonda already put it out there saying YES IT WAS Alicia Keys that broke them up and has been messing with her hubby even after knowing he was still married. So please spare me! You never hear things like that about Beyonce.

  60. @ MIMI

    Sweetie, when she said she was messy it doesnt mean she is NASTY its a difference. Im sure you have done some of the things that she is talking about. As alot of women do, when you come home you may just kick ur shoes off and put ur purse on the couch along with your jacket. Lets not twist Mrs Carters words up when she says she’s messy. And if you say u dont do that YOUR A LIE!

  61. Okay, so Bey really is gonna play Angela Davis? :thumbsdown:
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Bey, but she just doesn’t cut it for acting. I mean she should stick with musicals and leave the dramatics to the professionals. You can’t do everything Beyonce get over it. Really. You’re beautiful, you can sing, dance, write songs, but be a serious actor :noway: stick with what you know best.

  62. @ Truth teller

    Who are you to say someone shouldnt try to reach there highest potential? You sound really foolish at this point. And if Beyonce gets this role, Im sure with lots of training and preparation she will nail it and get that Oscar she’s been wanting 4 forever. You should be ashamed of yourself, how would you feel if someone told you not to reach for the highest stars and just stop at what you know?! Thats whats wrong with black america lack of confidence and encouragement. I say if you get the chance then GO FOR IT! I mean why not? You only live once.

    Beyonce do your thang girl. Reach your highest potential and dont stop til you get it! She looks Luminus in this photo!!

  63. Miss Andi K :iagree:

    She is fishing for it. All of a sudden a Afro come out of the woodworks. :lol2: Anything to get a movie role. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got the role. It wouldn’t be a big success because of her amateur acting.

  64. Word of Advice : Stop posting on this chick if you dont like her let the stans play their positions and stan you’ ll see how much she is not THAT interesting once you stop trying to get your point accross completely closed minded people.

  65. Didn’t know that stating an opinion make me a closed-minded person. LOL!! Sorry I don’t agree with YA’LL. Get Real!

  66. lol Regaurdless Beyonce looks stunning and you people are HATERS. Fishing for a role when Ebony Mag is the one behind Beyonce’s photo shoot and how they would want her to look on the cover. Its not closed minded its called STATING FACTS!! Go Bey …she’s a BAD MAMA JAMMA! :bowdown:

  67. @ Janice

    I apoligize for the way I said what I said. I re read it and it didn’t sound nice, it sounds like what you said. But I’m just being honest. Beyonces acting is just not believeable to me. It looks like people put her in these movies simply because shes Beyonce. Beyonce needs to take more acting classes and people close to her need to start being honest with her. With Beyonce it doesn’t look like acting is her passion, she just wants an oscar because it’s the biggest award you can get in film, her thing is to dominate, she doesn’t want the oscar because that was her dream since she was little she wants it all for the glory. I just don’t believe in Beyonces acting. She needs lots more classes before she keeps doing serious roles. I mean, you saw what happened with Cadillac Records, I’m not the only one who thinks this.

  68. Beyonce wanted be a singer since she was a very little girl, and that comes across in her singing and in her shows. But she absolutely stinks in movies. When I watch her I don’t feel like I’m watching the character, I just see Beyonce in a costume.

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