Beyonce Covers Essence Magazine

Beyonce November 2008 Essence Magazine Cover

Strip away the flawless makeup, belly-baring fashions and superstar image of Beyoncé Knowles, and you’ll find a down-to-earth young woman who just wants the chance to be herself.

ESSENCE: I’ve heard that you and your mom are rather close. Is that true?

Beyonce Knowles: You know what’s so beautiful about our relationship? Some mothers are your friends, some mothers are strictly your mother, some mothers are both. Some mothers know when to draw the line, some mothers know when to tell you when you’re wrong and when you’re right. Some mothers don’t tell you when you’re right. (My mother) knows when to be my friend. And growing up, she knew when to be my mother.

What Jay and I have is real. It’s not about interviews or getting the right photo op. It’s real.”

She was strict but still, she explained things and made things make sense to me so I didn’t feel like she was disciplining me or trying to boss me around. I understood why, which made my life a lot easier. Another thing is she tells me the truth. My mom’s never asked me for anything. My mom doesn’t want anything from me but for me to be happy. And for me to succeed and be as good, as strong, as happy as I can be. So, knowing that, I’m just lucky to have that honesty in my life.

I always felt safe and I always felt secure because I knew that it was going to be okay. I knew it was ’cause my mom knew it was. She always let me know that regardless of this group, regardless of me singing, regardless of the movies, whatever, she loved me. And I’m young and I’m smart and everything I’ve ever wanted to do, I made it happen. So it goes beyond that, like I still have somewhere to go. I still have something else to do, this isn’t the end of the world. And I think … just knowing that, like right now if I never sell another record, it puts a whole ‘nother perspective on this.

ESSENCE: Do you think as Black women, we are expected to be superwomen? Even in relationships we are expected to hold it together.

Beyonce Knowles: Yeah. Guys are babies sometimes. Like they need you and it’s like, I need you and you are just supposed to drop it. I mean it’s very beautiful when you all are just doing the same thing for each other. But I know you just expect the woman to drop everything and fix it. A woman doesn’t even ask for it because they’re supposed to be strong enough to take care of it.

ESSENCE: What is church for you, in the real way?

Beyonce Knowles: I completely believe that you don’t have to go to church at all if you are disciplined enough to sit down and dedicate time to pray and get to know God and read the Bible. But me, it’s better for me to go to church because it’s hard to, for real, sit down by myself for that long, as long as I would be just totally committing myself in my house with the TV on and the distractions. It’s way harder to do that than to go to church with a bunch of people who believe in God, where you can just feel it so much more.

ESSENCE: Will history still remember you as having the soul of the artist? As opposed to just a girl who sold a lot of records.

Beyonce Knowles: I don’t want to be remembered as a member of this huge group that, you know, did whatever. I want to be acknowledged as a woman in a very talented group with great harmonies and great songs that made history and changed the culture of women, not only in America but all over the world. (A woman) who could sing a cappella and write her own songs and produce her own songs.

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  1. Bee looks fierce. Hurry up and drop the song bee im ready :bowdown:

    fingers crossed

  3. Wow, I am shocked that I am first to post. Thank you Stephanie for this article. This is an very appropiate article since tomorrow is the premiere of two new singles. First of all, Bey makes some interesting statements and I have to say though they are controversial, in a sense they are truthful statements. Women are our(I say our because I am a guy) backbone and have always been. We don’t appreciate them enough. It is funny that Alicia has a song called Superwoman. That’s a song that Karen White had back in the 80s and it seems that this has been the case for a long time and I feel one of the reasons why relationships are messed up as they are, is because many men don’t appreciate the jewels that women are and destroy them to the point where they don’t trust men anymore. So it is good to see Bey pay tribute to her mom as being a strong black woman who held it down for her family so that they could be in the position they are in now. If more black families had this, we as a community could all shine….

    Finally, I see the last comment she made about her wanting to be more than just her image. This is the second time she has said this, in a month. So she putting herself up to a higher standard and hopefully she is serious about this. I love Bey and she has so much talent that I don’t think she even sees and for sistahs everywhere, I want her to step up in every area musically and I believe she will. Even her Bermuda performances, I could tell there was a peace in her that I had not seen in a while and I like it. I also hope Bey fans really support her as she grows because growing is not easy to do when even fans want their fave artist to do what he/she has been doing to make them successful and fall in love with them. Anyways, thank you Stephanie for this site and keep being the strong positive sistah that you are.

  4. Lucky08, I agree. She does look good. I like the new era look. She’s maturing and growing. This era is going to be great and it is great for music because the more our talented artists grow the better music becomes.

  5. Beyonce is one of the best and she WILL be one of the great ones. She has everything it takes to become Legendary.It’s good to here her being open and honest for a change. I look forward to all of her new work.

  6. WPC I am shocked her single hasn’t leaked by now. I expected a leak weeks ago, but I guess her ppl really kept a tight reign on who had access to her music.

  7. I meant HEAR HER not Here….LOL! :bowdown: B’s that chick.

  8. @ Curtis what you said was really nice. 🙂 I basically commented to this topic in the other post. Again the images are fierce. :brownsista:

  9. Stephanie….that’s actually good. It keeps the anticipation. She already learn from B’day. Think tomorrow, she will be all over the radio and music videos anyway, so it won’t matter whether it hasn’t been leaked or not.

  10. Stephanie u mean october 14th lol

    I think the song is going to leak tomorrow but its not going to hit radio until the 14th. Like how britney spears realease ”womanizer ” a week before it hit radio

    Have u read the review of the song. I think the song is gonna be huge, well at least I

  12. she is maturing, if she upgrade her performances and music she might win me again
    go bey :hifive:

  13. Upgrade her performances!?! U must be on crack!! :hater:

    Umm…just check out her performances on YouTube…MTV VMAs 03 when homegirl came out singing upside down….BET AWARDS 2006 “Deja Vu” with Jay-Z….”Ring the Alarm” VMAs..cocaine is one hell of a drug that you’re on to say that she needs to upgrade her performances. Please!?! Have you seen the reviews for The Beyoncé Experience…well read them sweetie.

    I hate when folks can’t just stay positive and hold up talent when they see it instead of hating on bs….

  14. oh i see she aint hiding her face behind a purse ….. cd bout to come out aaight bey i feels you ….playtime is over its time to git back to work ./…… maybe next time …bootlegg wont make me buy this lolol

  15. She looks like a whole new person, i love her new look, its very furturistic almost. And i’ve seen the reviews of her new single and critics on every web site i went to said that it was the best they’ve heared in 2008, and that she has a new sound and that the world has to listen to it. So i’m very eager to hear this song!

  16. Wow!! Beyonce looks gorgeous!! I can’t wait for the new songs and cd. I am definitely buying it. She inspires me that if i work hard I will most definitely be rewarded. GO BEY!!

  17. I’m not particularly fond of that ESSENCE cover something bout that lace-front and forehead ain’t right; but I don’t need a magazine cover to know that Bee is an exceptionally beautiful person. And I agree with Curtis 100%. Woman aren’t appreciated as often as they should; particularly black women; because we are expected to be 1000% stronger than most women.

    No hate here. I love Beyonce and she seems to be a real down to earth Virgo. People will always have something to say about her because she’s loved and ambitious and that makes a lot of people salty; namely cause they wish they had it. :brownsista:

  18. Wow. I think her song will be big hit because mediocre is in. I remember when I heard Whitney Houston’s song I will always love you or Phylis Hyman’s song Old Friend it sent chills up my arms and I guess those days are over for black music. So it will be a hit because like I said mediocre is in.

    Those pictures look uncomfortable. Like she is forcing herself to be chic and it’s just not her. I dont’ think it’s a coinicedence that she is trying to look effortlessly chic since it worked so well for Rhianna. Not that I am a Rhianna fan trust me I’m not but it did go over well for her.

  19. @bria
    “Wow. I think her song will be big hit because mediocre is in”
    The soNG is not even out yet. HOW ARE U GONNA JUDGE A SONG U HAVE NOT HEARD?

  20. Bria have u even heard the song yet, damn now thats hating :loser:

  21. I won’ t even bother answering To any piece of sh-t in here , if i break it down in my lower English you won’ t even understand , you are not even on my level i can’ t afford to argue and go back and forth with you groupies so know your place.
    I have accepted that screaming “hater” is a protection shield.

  22. The word hater is overused and has lost its effectiveness. I too wish people wouldnt use it. :brownsista:

  23. The only time I called someone a HATER was @ bria. Since the first time I’ve been on this site this counts as the 1 and only time I used it. I feel like me calling BRIA a hater was justified because her statement was made without even hearing the song. How can u judge something u have never heard.

  24. Bria * undercover B fan* I see you beat me to, yet, another B post. You are indeed a busy bee, so keep up the good work LOL.

    As for the new B materials, I’ll hear them when they come out. I’m not feeling these new pictures. The outfits are blahhh. Nevetheless, it is a very nice interview.

  25. Curtis: I agree with you, we shoul dbe respected more after all we are the essence of life
    msblknasty1: u funny

    jaylen: so if the reviews were’ nt giving bey props yall wndt buy her cds? not everyone is feeling her whle routine some pple gve her bad reviews are they right? somene said if u tk the dancers and whole fireworks away she was boring are they right? some critiques said that she cldnt sing without belting are they right? Some critics sd that she shld shut up and be pretty ar ethey right? and all of those critics are relevant people in the business r they all right?
    you so called fansare full of it u are the real haters, u only like her because someone else do? get yall own opinions nd lives if i tell ur ass to describe me a typical bey’ sperformance caus ei didnt watch enough of those u cnt even do that clling people name

    bey what is up with the hair? girl??????????????? but i’ m so so happy for her she has one interview where people will not say she
    is robotic and dumb and stuff but did she compare churches with tv shows? good for her I wish her the best for her upcoming album n i wish her gain loyal educated fans taht are going to bring people to her and make people like her and apreciate her talent better than those kids that [cnt even buy their own tampons/underwear] follows hr and i am eager to her thta sound lke smone said its the sc time she said she wanna get away fromn the pop girl image i hope she knows what she talking about and slap everyone even me down with her new music if its like beautiful nightmare idk

  26. n were did yall see the reviews n the song aint out yet? gimme sm link people

  27. Mrs. Carter looks fierce! Love the look and the outfit! :bowdown: This new Beyonce era is going to be off the chains! I am so looking forward to this interview and love the direction she is taking!

    Bria hope you’re ready! You have lots and lots to talk about! 😆 😆 😆

  28. Oh gosh, get ready for Beyonce over load again. This chick is going to kill her own career with too much over exposure.


  29. Eighty million dollars and she speaks like she has no more than a fifth grade education. What a shame that she doesn’t invest her money in getting a better education or take some speech classes. And will somebody please explain to me how Beyonce and Destiny’s Child liberated and revolutionized women with their music. Beyonce, please get over yourself. People only worship you because of your wealth and beauty.

  30. Wow! I think Bee looks fantastic! Can’t wait to the album drops.

  31. her mama should have known how to dress her to look like a lady and not a tramp! If your mama don’t know how to teach you to dress decent who is? But like they say sex sells, I guess money was more important than having respect for yourself.There are so many pictures of her on the internet showing things that only her husband or boyfriend should see., Those are the pictures her daddy should have been trying to get pulled off the internet, not those of her falling and bustin her ass on stage!

  32. It is about time that someone can really tell the truth…actin like a hot hoochie ho and then getting “praise” because of it is not cool.. i guess Harriet Tubman should have put her “freakemdress” on and her master would have let her free right??? My only question is why didn’t she come out as a solo artist to begin with??? I guess lyrics like this would have been too sinister for a 15 year old to sing solo right??

    Do you ever wonder when he
    Don’t come home who he goes to see
    And why in the middle
    of the night he leaves
    you alone
    Cause everything he likes is with me

    If I was in your shoes
    I would have had to let him know
    From the first sign of
    him tryin’ to play
    If he wants me to stay
    He’s gotta let all that go
    No, but no, you wanna stick around
    And not believe in what you see
    And while you’re waitin’
    Thinkin’ everything’s gonna be okay
    I’ve got ‘m, I’ve got ‘m
    right here with me

    Repeat Chorus

    I wanna call you so bad
    Tell you where we started
    And what we do
    How long it’s been goin’ on
    Why he ain’t gonna never come home
    Cause I know what you didn’t do
    To make him stay
    You see a bad performing
    Unfulfilling woman
    Drives a man away

    Repeat Chorus

    Now as far as I know
    He’s in good hands
    So you can stop callin’ all around
    Sayin’ have you seen my man
    Ain’t no need to fuss and fight
    Tryin’ to make it right
    Certain things ain’t meant to be
    And that’s why, that’s
    why he’s right here
    with me

  33. I’m really sick and tired of these devil spawn critics that are so quick to wanna spew hate about Beyonce. Stop riding her jock strap. The woman is rich, beautiful, can sang and is doing her thing. She had great parents with an equally great upbringing and like Harlem Chic said people WISH they had that.

    And what are you doing with your life? Getting on blogs and lambasting her cause you don’t have nothing else better to do! And maybe…just maybe your life really sux. Dayum people are just so unhappy with their personal lives that they’ll go as far as posting an entire Beyonce song to prove…nothing! I really cram to understand why people are so personally invested in dragging celebrities down on a day to day basis! Every time Stephanie does a Beyonce post its the same negative folks over and over again…creating over 900 comments…

    Get a life. For real. Cause the same standards and criticisms that you judge Beyonce by will be the same measuring stick used against you. Karma’s is real and you don’t even realize that the negativity bounces right off B and sticks to you. Trust that your fodder makes her success grow. I find it quite impossible for negative people to be happy in their own personal lives. All these negative posts goes to show you is that they’re are a lot of people who’s spirits need to be checked.

    Yes we know that Beyonce isn’t perfect and that she doesn’t sh*t flowers but I find that the things people write about her are so scathing and personal its no wonder why black women have so little. We could have so much more as a group if we just would stop being jealous of each other.

    *Off soap box.*

  34. ^^^^^Speak on it brown sista!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes the truth gotta be uncut!

    Freakum dress is about being in A RELATIONSHIP and when ur man is acting up u put on that dress that reminds him what he has been neglecting all this. THATS ALL!!!
    ITS NOT about being a ho or anything like that.
    ITS FUNNY TO ME that back in the day so many soulfull singers madE songs about having an afair and all this other stuff, but since it was soulful I GUESS THAT MADE IT OK!!



  37. @ youaresocorrectjaz what you say sounds very lame on your part…so what she was that age most people have sex at an earlier age than that now and plus its just a song…get over it its really not that serious…then you post the lyrics HAHAHA! :lol2: ANYWAY IM WITH YOU WPC and Gunning for B. i hear ya! tell it like it is! im impatiently waiting on these songs to hit the internet today!!! WHERE ARE THE SINGLES!

  38. I just wonder. If Beyonce was doing what she is doing but was dark like Kelly Rowland, would the media and folks still defend, idolize and worship her like they do. Just wondering.

  39. Well sisters and bros, please don’t think I’m throwing stones, but we SHOULD go to the house of worship. “Chew the meat and spit out the bones” meaning: don’t worry about the bad that may go one there, just focus on the Good and the Lord. Hebrews 10:25, says that we should assemble ourselves, we NEED the house of the Lord. Bey is entitled to her opinion but its not totally true.

  40. While I wish the best for everyone who tries to live their life right. I have to be honest and say that I think it is kinda of insulting to people and fans that now since she has music and movies to promote she wants to supposedly open up. When before no one could get the time of day but now it suits your personal interests and you want people to be all interested. I am all for celebrity privacy and paparazzi boundaries but they went about it in such a way that I kinda feel like now, so what you wanna tell me you are married. I just don’t feel like it is genuine. But that is probably the typical celebrity when it is time to promote, they conveniently open up to get you to buy a CD or go see a movie. She isn’t the first and won’t be the last. Oh well just a thought.


  42. Hmm.

    First, she look alright in those pics. Pretty typical. But I do respect her interview, nice to see that she’s opening up a lil more to those that admire her.

    Secondly, I don’t too much care for alot of things Beyonce say for my OWN PERSONAL reason, but not too long ago she said in an article that “I can’t please everybody’, and you know what? She had a very d@mn good point. I figure if she can come to terms with this, so can everybody else who so tiredlessly go out of their way to prove that either she’s better than the next person, or how she’s became a media whore. Either way you slice the cake, both arguments are wrong and unjustifiable.

    Rather your a Super Pro Fan, or an Overly “Tasteless” Critic (less than a non fan), I personally don’t think any of us are the forces behind this woman’s nature or existence. The only people who should be making a democracy out of Beyonce’s success is her parents and maybe her sister because they sacraficed and paved the way for this chic – not me. I just paid $13.99 for her CD, but never had I needed to give up my house or quit my job just to please her. So I’m chillin on her. Okay!!!!

    I am learning that constantly praising or degrading these artists for their success is not the key to my own. I have bills up the @ss, a single parent, much less came from a dysfunctional family, my career is doing well, but I hate what I do now, I own 3 businsses and again still have bills up the @ss….so what’s the point? Let Beyonce, A. Keys, Jhud, Ciarra, “Gabby” Union, etc…do them – and I’m going to do me! That’s where the real “sweet victory” comes in at when praising/criticizing these celebs if your looking for it.

    That’s it!!

  43. she is not the bast shes so wack her cd b-day was bullshit she aint no soul singer like faith evans, kelly lauryn hill or jazmine sullivan they can really sing the best group to me was xscape, swv,tlc,envouge they should have that title beyonce is so concieted she really thinks shes the best singer in the world now shes so full of it i never been a fan of her :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :stop: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: 😆 :noway:

  44. she thinks shes a god or something her voice is not r and b to me

  45. the answer to qwert’s question is no. the industry is 90 percent image and 10 percent talent no no let me change that 98 percent image and 2 percent talent. beyonce is a beautiful women with the right image so their you go. but you can’t knock her though she makes the most of what she’s got. she knows the industry and what sells.

  46. Gunning for B:
    Maybe if you try and concentrate on the positive your life [revolving around beyonce] will be so much better
    people give beyonce props when props is due there are some things that are undeniable about her like her ability to perform, the fact that she is very funny, and seems like a nice person at times and her stunning beauty, some others are debatable like her singing and relevance in the industry you might think she is a legend but in my opinion she is as much as a legend as britney spears , because i see her as a pop star nothing more or less

    You have to remember that people have their own opinions You can’ t force yours on others, the first thing you said in your list of compliments was that she was rich that let me know first hand that you aren’ t and your definition of success is wealth and i don’ t disagree or agree with you , but i won’ t judge you based off that.

    Don’ t nobody jealous and envy beyonce but her own fans, i don’ t wanna be her, yet i’ m happy with who i am and there is stuff i wish i had none that she has, i have great parents that aren’t only after my happiness but everyone’ s they come across them, i have loving friends i can rely on and i am definitely not as rich as bey but that doesn’ t make me less an individual than her,does it?
    Why are you trying to make people feel like they are below dirt if they don’ t support her? If coming to blog and give opinions make us losers then we are all in this TOGETHER beyonce’ s fans are as much losers as anyone else.

    I can’ t stand beyonce [the artist ] i feel like the evocation of her name only ,divide us and bring us back into stereotypes , i don’ t feel what she stands for, i don’ t think she represent me as a black woman , i think she only represent herself , I will never buy her however for the same reason i never buy any pop star cd because her music doesn’t touch me point blank if that make me a hater i’ ll wear the hat proudly Like someone said karma is real, and if beyonce never did anything wrong in her entire life like her fans are arguing then she will stay on top of her game until the day she [god forbid] dies.

  47. Nesh Nesh : You go sister 3 businesses? Now that’ s a woman that know how to handle hers So much for being losers right gunning?? :brownsista:

  48. Somebody said it best on another media web site that Beyonce obviously thinks she is the second coming of Jesus Christ. This woman is so full of herself that it is pathetic. Everything is about I and me. I find it very hard to believe that she does any real charity work. Just enough so she can get some publicity and make herself look good. And what really tickles me is that whenever a celebrity has a book, record or movie about to drop, they will dish out every detail of their life to sell it. She has been mum about her relationship with Jay and now all of a sudden, she has an album and movies coming out so why not talk about her marriage six months later when nobody really cares. That was yesterday’s news.

    Plus it seems the only people interested in her and Jay are the black media web sites. Remember, she made a statement that she is over being a pop star. That may hurt her record sales.

    News flash, nobody cares Beyonce. Today’s topic is this jacked up economy and the war. Tell me Mrs. I am wearing a 5 million dollar ring, what are you going to do for the country since you think your music is changing the world. Nothing. The only thing she yearns for is her desperation for an Oscar award and Legendary status. I refuse to spend my hard earned money on making her any richer because I can’t stand her arrogant attitude.

    Barack Obama is getting ready to take office. History is about to be made. A change is coming for the little man and real working class. Nobody will give a rats azz about Beyonce’s new album with her stuck up self.

  49. Hey @ Celine

    Thank you, sista!!! Girl, it’s rough as heaven and hell put together, but thank God Almighty that I’m still hangin in there. LOL

  50. The pictures are decent. :iagree: with Koko. It’s so convenient that now she has three projects coming out, she wants to do magazine interviews and open up to the people. GTFOH. It’s time to get make some money, so she’ll throw a few bones to the stans so they’ll race to support me.

    And I am so tired of the stans taking things overboard. You like her, that’s wonderful for you. It’s great that you think she’s the shyt. That’s your opinion. If it makes your world a better place, that’s great. The rest of the world just happens to see her differently. It’s no use being disrespectful and degrading to people who aren’t fans. I’m so sick and tired of hearing and seeing the word :hater: . Everyone can have their own opinion. Those of us who aren’t caught up in the matrix actually remember what good music and real singers sound like. So we hold everyone to that standard. IMO, she just hasn’t made it to that level yet. I also agree with Dark Sista…the performances need improvement. Get rid of all the fireworks, hooker outfits and crotch shots.

  51. I find it very interesting how Beyonce tones down the blonde weave when she covers magazines aimed at Black people.

  52. @ monie…what difference does that makes…we are taught that you must please the crowd…thats with anything… depending on your audience you must do what please them

  53. Celine writes, “i don’ t think she represent me as a black woman , i think she only represent herself…”

    Celine thinks Beyonce should represent her as a black woman. That’s foolish thinking. It is impossible. Sense you fail to notice, ‘Black women’ are individuals. Meaning: we think differently, we act differently, we enjoy different things, we don’t all look alike, we sound differently…I’m assuming you get the drift. How the hell do you expect somebody so different from you to ‘represent’ you Madanme??? Oh…forget all these distinctions. ALL that matter is she was born of black parents. She is JUST like me . Therefore, she should represent me [in my definition of a ‘positive way’] because I’m either incapable of representing myself or I’m too lazy. IRRATIONAL thinking.

  54. Ummmm….celebrities have been doing press prior to their next project coming out for ages and ages. Beyonce didn’t start this phenomenon. They all sit down and do several interviews with radio, magazines, talk shows and they all reveal a little bit about themselves in an effort to create a little buzz ’til their project drops. It’s nothing new.

  55. More power to her but she sounds like she lives in her own world..remembered for writing songs (which song did she right, not CIL, not IRR, not listen, not independent women,)
    What songs did she produce…wow, talk about exaggerating.

  56. Just because its nothing new means its okay…right, Beyonce is nothing new, she hasn’t revolutionized least not in the world I live in. She is delusional. Hope this material is better and not anther bite off someone else, JLO, Shakira, etc..

  57. Nesh nesh: Hang it there sister i applaud you for doing it girl, you ‘ ll be alright god is by your side
    fleur : YOu meant “Madame” right?
    I didn’ t mean it the way you took it ,The truth for the matter is every beyonce fans has been screaming that we are to support and uplift each other [as black people], Now why would i support someone if they don’ t represent what i stand for? Just because they’ re black? I don’ t think you get it but it’ s all good, I might be thinking irrationally but i don’ t think you even think at all ,Every arguments people use in beyonce’ s favors revolve around the fact that she is a “successful black women” and a ” positive role model” [correct me if i’ m wrong and if you never used these words]now if i don’ t mistake a role model is the representation of what you wish you or someone else could be or what you’ re trying to be, so therefore a role model represent you [since we’ re talking terre a terre] don’ t you think?

    And you can’ t tell me anything about being capable or incapable of doing something, You don’ t even know me .

  58. we think differently, we act differently, we enjoy different things, we don’t all look alike, we sound differently.

    You said it

  59. Beyonce looks fab on the cover! Looking forward to reading the artice! Can’t wait for the new music and the movies! Go head Ms. Beyonce!

    :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: @ all the haters up in here!

  60. Beyonce is going to have some stiff competition this go round. Britney Spears is having a major comeback. Her new music video is premiering on prime time television this coming Friday night. ABC’s 20/20 is premiering the video. Now that is major.

    Beyonce is the darling of the hip/hop community, but Britney is the media and music industry darling. She is global.

  61. It’s amazing to me people are saying you haven’t heard the song so how can you judge it. These are the same people that say they won’t buy Kelly nor Michelle cd because of who their managers are. Even though it’s the same manager as the so call Queen B.

    I didn’t say I hated her I honestly could care one way or the other. I simplysaid it would be a hit because mediocre is in. That is just my opionion. I saw her perform on that Fashion Rocks and again I will state if she is not jumping around and bouncing her but all over the place she is extremely boring.

    She is in my opionion, which is all I can give a basic singer. Compared to the singers that I like. But, because those singers can’t get any play on any black blog so I have to talk about what is put in front of me. And when you grow up like I did with singers like Phylis Hyman, Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Stephanie Mills, Sade, Anita Baker, Toni Braxton, Patti LaBelle, Teena Marie, and Chante Moore it is very hard to get excited about these new singers. It is not perosnal it’s just I grew up apparently listening to the best and that’s that.

    Chante Moore had a new cd come out this year and not one mention on this web site. They speak about the same females over and over and over again. So that is what I have to comment. I don’t know who you all had to listen to growing up and if you are growing up now I guess this mediocre singer would seem great to you.

    What I would recommend is that you all go to youtube and pull up some of this old singers live and tell me after listening to that if you think she is still the greatest to ever don the stage. I let my 8 year old niece listen to Whitney singing live and she was totally impressed and now all she wants to do is listen to aunty’s old records.

  62. Thanks for the correction Celine. I meant madanm Haitian/Madame French LOL.

    “every beyonce fans has been screaming that we are to support and uplift each other [as black people]…”

    Have you talked to EVERY Beyonce fans to know that ALL ask ‘we’ [Black people] should uplift B SOLELY because she’s ‘Black’? I don’t ask that. You right you shouldn’t be force to support something or someone you dislike because of their skin tone. You should tell my father that. He thinks it’s a SIN that I don’t support Obama although I disagree with him on some key points and his voting record leave more to be desired. He argues I should support Obama because of his skin tone…what a shame he thinks like that. It was fun debate though LOL.

    “Every arguments people use in beyonce’ s favors revolve around the fact that she is a “successful black women”

    Again have you read EVERY single arguments about Beyonce to reach that conclusion. I find these arguments sell her short because they put her in a distintive box. As if too say, “She’s successful…for a black woman”. Also, it is as if she can’t compete or shouldn’t be in the same league as all womankind. As a result, I prefer to say she is a very successful young woman who has good head on her shoulders.

    A role model does not represent you . A role model is someone / someone’s action you CHOOSE to follow. As for the last part, I’ll say you SEEM incapable of representing yourself since you’re asking Beyonce to do it for you LOL.

  63. I luv the shots of her! The cover is dope… very editorial, I like it. I’ll be looking out for this issue.

    I can so relate to Bey and her relationship with her mom. It’s such a blessing to be close to your mother and for her to be honest with you- no matter what.

    😆 @ all the comments any post about her accumulate and why is it that the people that don’t like a celeb just HAVE to comment on any post that particular person AND sound like 10 year olds when doing so?? I try to read what “non-fans” say {cause maybe they’ll have a point} but I can never understand them and they usually don’t have a valid point to make…. figures 🙄

    AND Stephanie has already warned you all but I’ll take the time to reinstate:
    STOP using so many “smilies/characters” in your comments!!! More than 3 is too many!!!

  64. To defend Celine. Nothing she said was irrational. She was saying that Beyonce represents herself as an individual woman with a different personality, different views, different everything lol. The only thing we share in common with Beyonce is that she is a sista. I don’t support Beyonce as an artist because she is not my style and it’s funny because me and Beyonce are both virgos and we are both black lol but we are different because of how were raised and who we are raised by lol. Beyonce represents herself the way she wants to represent herself however we are different and it’s very complicated to represent a whole group of women when we might not all share the same thing. What’s cool about the industry is that there are different black women for each of us to identify with. However it is so hard for us to say that one woman should represent everyone lol it’s impossible. I’m not a fan but I respect Beyonce alot for doing her thing and staying on top of her game.

    Now it seems to me when it comes to Beyonce people get bent out of shape and want every black woman to support Beyonce and not saying anything bad about her because she is successful. Well isn’t Rhianna successful? isn’t Ashanti successful? they have different accomplishments but they are still successful shouldn’t we support them and uplift them too? Most of you guys would probably argue that because most women have their opinions on their talents. Most would say no because they are not “real”talent. Whatever the hell that is “real”is subjective lol. However Celine didn’t mean any harm in what she said. She just doesn’t identify with her as much as some of you and doesn’t feel like she has too. However we must respect our differences amongst each and that’s what I do.

  65. I’m in my thirties and yes I prefer listen to the greats. Anita Baker and Chaka Khan are my favorites and would rap a bow around Beyonce’s voice and her lyrics. But I choose not to get scathing with Beyonce because it’s a new era and a new day. Plus my mother taught me that if you live to chop somebody down to size it will bring you nothing but pain and misery. My god…some of you are in need of healing.

    I’m just happy that a sister is in the game doing her damn thing and being beautiful at doing it. Especially when you’ve got the likes of Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Justin Timberfake, Robin Thicke, and Pink literally taking ownership of black music. Why aren’t all of you Beyonce critics more scathing in your criticism of those rip offs?

    I’m just so tired of the evil when it comes to Beyonce. Yeah..evil…that’ s what I’ll call it.

  66. loveroflife
    you choose to defend Celine, but you agree mostly with me.
    “She was saying that Beyonce represents herself as an individual”. She is an individual, and that’s the way to be.

    “However it is so hard for us to say that one woman should represent everyone lol it’s impossible.”
    I see we agree again. You should be on my side danmit LOL. No, no…it’s all good LOL.

    I respect B’s work ethic. I enjoy her live performances very much and some of her music. However, I don’t identify with her 100%. I’m not a star. I’m not rich. I don’t have people dissecting & judging & questioning my EVERY move right/wrong. Nevertheless, we both seem to share our reserve character…even a hint of shyness around stangers LOL

  67. The notion that if you like some of B’s music means you don’t listen to other greats couldn’t be farther from the truth. I also like me some MJ, Prince, Nina Simone, MJB, Lauryn H, Jill Scott, Ray Charles, Run DMC, Lupe, Carlos Santana, Mark Anthony…the list goes on. I don’t look down at the artist or even the genre of music. I simply enjoy good music.

  68. SnijanaFleur

    I guess I stand corrected lol. So we do agree on that but yeah I just think that’s too much pressure for Beyonce to handle as being a representation for all Black women and it’s unfair. I’m more of a Janelle Monae type of girl I’m just wild and creative lol. Not to digress the argument about Beyonce buout of curiosityt since you don’t support Obama, who do you support?

  69. I agree with you Liyah, if for nothing else being around TRUE believers encourage your testimony and walk with God when you are around them. Plus you can’t learn to love others being in your own circle.

    Okay, Bria. I am fans of all of those singers and appreciate their talents very much. In fact, Stephanie Mills is my fave female vocalist of all time. So if my taste run that way, then there has to be a reason to be a Beyoncé fan. I love vocalists, I believe that if you strip away the visuals, you will find a good/great vocalist. Now not everyone who is her fan would be one, if she stripped away the visuals but most would be. But not everyone likes all things. I am not a Sade fan, can’t stand her vocal stylings but that’s me. So I will not bust people chops for not being a fan.


  71. SnijanaFleur , I 1000% agree with you. I am the same way. And another thing, since I am a fan of great music and the artists who make them, I will go the extra mile if I have to in order to find out what they are doing. For example, M.I.A. don’t get much play in the media but I love her music and I will go where I need to find out whether if she has an album or not…

    I am not a Rihanna fan at all, but I will not insult those who like her because their taste is different from mine. Of course, some Bey fans have done that which is why the Bey vs. Ri thing always get blown up. Like I said, I love all these artists that Bria named and if I like them, there is a reason why I love Bey like I do especially as a vocalist. In fact, I wish she was less visual so people would see what I am talking about and appreciate where I am coming from. But then again, not everyone is going to because of different ears and taste.

  72. All I know is these FOLKS who CLAIM to not be into BEYONCE is writing four paragraphs about her! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    Why put any of your time and attention to her? There are many other post on this blog that should interest you my BROWN SISTAS! :brownsista:

    Just waiting anxiously for this track to leak!

  73. loveroflife I’m glad you ask. I support Dr. Ron Paul. Since he is no longer in the presidential beauty pageant LOL, I will vote for one of the third party candidate. They agree with Dr. Paul on 4 key issues which are close to my heart: Civil Rights, Foreign policy, Sound Monetary policy, and abolishing the Federal Reserve Bank which is helping destroying the $ & our economy.

  74. That’s great. For Ron Paul to be a Republican, he is very liberal. I wonder why he was ostracized by the media when he ran.

    @ Janice

    I hear ya i want to hear the song but they said that radios have been playing it already.Maybe Bey can make me a new fan lol

  75. I like M.I.A, Res, Santogold, and the most ever funky j*DaVey lol love me some Jack Davey if you want to talk about the hipsters lol.

  76. Snijana, see and I bet a lot people wouldn’t think there are MIA fans who love Bey too. Because she is so deep at times. But I love music and I have room for whatever as long as it is good.

  77. loveroflife you know he is a threat to the establishment. The media had to play its role, of course. The Mass media’s disrespect to Dr. Paul’s run was a major wake up call to me. I though channel Thirteen was exempt from that lot, but I had a rude awakening this past week. You guessed it their opinion Wallstreet bailout and on the people’s outrage of it LOL. I boycott TV now. I choose to search my info.

    I see you’re familiar with him. Don’t be so suprise I mention that because a lot of people still don’t know what his message is about.

  78. SOME OF MY FRIENDS heard the song on the radio and I still didn’t im so going crazy right now…lol

    My friend in CHI TOWN said it came on at 5 OVER THERE

  80. Fleur: I don’ t have to talk to every Fan of hers, I just have to “brownsista” her name and read the comments
    I never talk before writing or saying anything,and most posts on here support the theory that we should all
    support beyonce because she is not only black , but “richer” than all of us, Its something i constated and spoke on it
    You felt attacked somehow and you responded I didn’t address you , the fact is America see you, i and i don’ t know even stephanie
    throught beyonce, rihanna, ashanti , toni braxton and more , because of their skins color ,and if you don’ t want to admit it i guess you are in denial I said and will say again
    Beyonce does not represent me ! I’ m sorry if it angers you but its the truth

    “people get bent out of shape and want every black woman to support Beyonce and not saying anything bad about her because she is successful.”

    My exact point, It seems as if [especially on this website]
    Unless you make as much money as her [as if you can tell how much money someone makes by a blog comment]
    you have to keep your opinion to yourself, yet like you stated ashanti rihanna and other successful black women get bashed daily, i don’ t say anything when i read the negative comments about jennifer hudson
    some call her fat, some people call tina turner old, some people say that whitney should go back to the crack house yet they turn around and wanna scream “hate” when you dare say something against the artist they support.

  81. I never talk before writing or saying anything


    i never say or write anything before reading anything

  82. @ qwert, sweetheart regardless of Kelly’s skin color she can’t sing, so Bey would still prevail because talent always win. I’m so sick of you black folks still screaming about complexion, go read the WILLIE LYNCH LETTER and you will see how you will never get ahead because you are so insecure about your complexion. Who gives a fuck about BEYS SKIN COLOR, I NEVER HEAR ANYONE TALKING ABOUT MARIAH CARY OR JENNIFER LOPEZ. in fact JENNIFER LOPEZ CALLED US A NIGGER IN ONE OF HER SONG AND NO ONE SAID SHIT!!!!!!! Bey is one of many talented african american entertainers and we should applaud her like white folks applaud madonna, brittney, hannah montanna, pink, gwen stephanie etc. and none of them have the vocals to match BEY. i’M GOING TO SUPPORT MY SOUL SISTER, shes private, she entertains when she is suppose to, she don’t f k for tracks, and when was the last time you seen Bey flashing her camel toe without any underwear?

  83. “Beyonce does not represent me ! I’ m sorry if it angers you but its the truth” Celine

    Celine what are you talking about? Does my tone seem angry to you? Belle…I’m simply arguing a point, and having fun doing it LOL.

    There is someone in denial, but it’s not me 🙂

  84. @tlp

    I do agree with you on the skin complexion issue not being a hindrance on Kelly’s career, but to says she can’t sing is an overstatement. Kelly can really sing. I remember seeing a video on youtube when DC performed “Say My Name” Remix and she tore it up! Yes Kelly did very good. However it seems kelly has lost her confidence and she seems misguided in her career choices which makes her come off too dependent on Beyonce. I believe if Kelly had confidence, a better image, and better producers and writers, she can do very well in this industry but considering the fact she didn’t it could have people lose faith in her. However I do think Kelly can sing she stepped it up on the “Destiny Fulfilled” album. Now someone who isn’t the best singer might be Michelle but I liked her career moves in Broadway that’s an excellent choice for her to keep her relevant.

  85. Ooooo!

    Loveroflife, you can be friend mentioning Res and J*Davey! I so luv J*Davey it’s almost sickening and I’ve been up on Res since before she {kinda} stepped on the scene

    Props to you :thumbsup:

  86. Bee looks amazing in the pics as usual. But she look stiff like a barbie but I like it.

    I can’t wait for her new music. Next to her J Hud, J Sullivan and Bee we got some real singers to put in to our Iphone. HOLLA!

  87. @Curtis I never said anything against someone. I just stated my opinion. And in my opionion I think she is an average singer. I also think that as a blog for sisters that we should celebrate all of our sisters. And not just show case the same ones over and over. I was just stating what I grew up listening to and why maybe I can’t get into these new singers.

    I also said I thought her song would be a big hit. But I do understand why she has a lot of security. Because listening to some of these people on this and other blogs she needs it. The way they go crazy if you don’t think she is the best thing since slice bread is just amazing to me. I have heard her live and again mediocre. I won some tickets and again like I said after you see someone like Phylis Hyman or Regina Belle I left her off the last time, I just can’t get excited about her. But, again that is just my opionion.

  88. i think she is not smiling in any of her new pics because it would draw attn to her cheeks and that she hasnt lost all the ETta James weight yet…lol

  89. @Gunning 4 B: What the hell are you talking about. Just because someone gives their opinion about something and it does not go in the direction you believe does not mean they are evil nor need to get a life. If that is the case what the hell are you doing on this blog. That is what the blogs are for for people to give their opionions. Otherwise why the hell else would we come on here. Get a clue.

    She made to terrible songs that will be big hits for no other reason than people are blinded and obsessed by this woman. Because the songs sound like something a Disney Pop sensation would make. And to answer and earlier question I have heard them name and I was correct mediocre at its best.

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