Beyonce Covers French Glamour

French Glamour refurbishes InStyle Magazine’s Michaelangelo di Battista photo shoot with Beyonce Knowles for their February 2012 issue.

Because the images were shot back in August, they clearly show a svelte Beyonce, minus the baby bump she has been sporting for the last few months.

And speaking of baby bump, Solange tweeted news that contrary to online reports, her superstar sister is still very much pregnant.


  1. wasn’t august the same month she showed that fake baby bump to the world on the MTV music awards?

    *counting on fingers*

  2. For this year honestly we all need to leave this deranged chick alone, let’s hope she “delivers” whatever she is carrying safely and move the hell on.

  3. @lady and liverpool,

    You both look stupid because these images were shot back in April while she was in Paris and was stated so by InStyle themselves. These images are taken directly from her instyle photo shoot.

    And fake baby bump? This woman has shown her bare stomach in a bikini and you could clearly see her bare stomach last month when she was rocking a sheer cover up over a bikini. She’s been around enough celebs who have hugged up all up on her enough to notice if she was indeed faking a pregnancy.

    The bitterness and hatred this woman brings out of some you black women is astonishing. It’s obvious misery loves company!

    @collector’s shop

    You and many of the “women” on here are the deranged ones. You all stay commenting on someone you don’t like. If that ain’t pathetic, then I don’t know what that is!

  4. @WhoHoo shut up and get a grip. If that is what they think they have that right. Anyone can clearly see that this lady is pregnant. Stop taking stuff about her so personal you don’t know her and she could care less. She seems to be living her life just fine and not caring what peoopole think.

  5. @woohoo
    no that’s not it. Pathetic is getting pregnant ” ” for attention, pathetic is having your prosthetic bump fold and collapse on national tv, you know we are telling the truth that’s why you are so defensive, don’t be do emotional I’m sure the now 10 months pregnant beyonce will have a baby to carry around so you can convince yourself that you are right , it also goes for you miss @ Bria “anyone can clearly see she is pregnant” why the statement if it’s clear to see?

    \__. \__. Both of you

  6. Smh. I dnt care if I knw the woman or not, no woman should have to constantly hear that a part of her is false. What is it about Beyonce that pol hate so.much? Is it the fact that she’s a black successful young woman and your daughters look up to her more than they do you? Is it because despite all the rumors it seems she’s a happily married woman who is expecting her first child with her husband? Is it because she’s rich and doing what she loves and you’re working at a job you despise and living paycheck to paycheck? Let me know when I’ve gotten close.

  7. Because to me she looks pregnant. I don’t think she was as far along as she wanted people to believe when she announced it but to me she looks just like all the other women I have seen who was pregnant. I personally don’t care and this will be the last time I comment on this subject. Either way whether she is or not some child is about to be taken care of extremely well shouldn’t that be all that matter. If the child is loved and provided for. @Shanice you are not in that woman’s womb nor are you her doctor so you have no idea what is going on with her body.

    The ironic thing is for years there was a rumor just about every year stating that she was pregnant now that she actually appears to be now everyone is doubting it now that is just funny.

  8. No..that’s what you call, damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

  9. I don’t really care if she’s pregnant or not. I’m sure she is though and that’s reallyy great. I wish her the best. However, the pictures on the inside are great,but the cover picture is the same ol’ same ol’. I wish beyonce knew how to change it up a bit and surprise us sometimes.She still looks beautiful and is doin her thing tho!!

  10. @WOHOO

    Because the images were shot back in August

    dont yell at me boo boo, im not the one who wrote the article…

    dont shoot the messenger

  11. It kills me that you all act as if beyonce has not raised enough reasonable doubt this whole pregnancy, Alicia keys could have had a surrogate but no one speculated about it because :
    her stomach didn’t fold on national tv
    her belly didn’t change size overnight
    she wasn’t pictured slouched down like she didn’t have a care in the world
    her feet were too swollen for high heels
    she didn’t wear heels
    she gained weight
    same with Mariah and j. HUD, maybe beyonce is a super human beign to whom pregnancy (her first) is a walk in the park, but all these events in her pregnancy are enough to bug an enquiring mind.
    I never called her ugly, poor or unsuccessful, I don’t think she is very intelligent but that doesn’t overshadow all that she is… I’m not going to keep having the sane argument with the same type ofbeyonce’s (tattoo her name in them, stab ppl over her) certifiable Stans If you didn’t once raise an eyebrow with this pregnancy then you are a very simple minded person and belong in beyonce camp.
    I’m so done , all stans and beyonce crazies will now and forever be ignored.

  12. **back on topic**

    I agree with Rihanaholic that the cover shots really are always the same! Always big hair, short tight dress.

    The inside ones ARE dope though the one middle one with the snake is a bit unnerving!

  13. @collector’shop,

    Well, let’s ask Katie Couric (who recently interviewed Bey). Katie….get this….actually reached out and…wait for it….Touched Bey’s belly at the beginning of the interview. She did it before she actually got permission to and then asked Bey is it ok to touch your stomach, After she had already done so. I think most would consider Katie a reputable journalist, so I can’t see her going along with any kind of fake baby bump nonsense.

    @WooHoo, I agree 100%

  14. One more thing, regarding the magazine photos. Magazines “recycle” photos from one publication to another all the time. Like someone said before these photos are from an earlier InStyle photoshoot. Using these photos was an editorial decision. Maybe the magazine needed a quick story and had no time to waste, so they filled their space with old photos of Bey and probably a recycled interview as well. These decisions belong to the editors of the publications and not the celebrity. Celebrities may get control over their image in the inital photo shoot, but not what gets printed.

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