Beyonce Covers Harper’s Bazaar

Singer Beyonce Knowles is covering the November edition of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.

The mommy to be spoke candidly about her pregnancy and why she feels now is the right time for her to become a mother.

The extended interview and behind the scenes video is posted below. The full interview can be read on Harper’s Bazaar official website.

Bazaar: You started working towards your career at age 8. If you could go back in time and give your younger self some advice, what would it be?
Beyoncé: I would tell myself to trust myself. I am finally at the stage in my life where I am not so concerned with other people’s opinions about my life decisions. It is so liberating to really know what I want, what truly makes me happy, what I will not tolerate. When I was younger I had a hard time setting boundaries.

Bazaar: You’ve described yourself as very shy but you seem to radiate confidence. How did you earn it?
Beyoncé: I’m not as shy as I used to be. I’m a good listener and I like to observe and sometimes people think that’s being shy. I think I’m confident because I love what I do and I work very hard.

Bazaar: You have pointed to Diana Ross and Tina Turner as inspirations of yours. What about their careers would you like to emulate?
Beyoncé: They were fearless and are icons. They are great performers with amazing style and beauty. As black women they both rose above adversity and showed the world how truly strong they are.

Bazaar: You are very close with your sister, Solange. How have you avoided having sibling rivalry?
Beyoncé: I think it’s because I have always been the big sister. I am five years older than Solange and just always felt the need to love and protect her. I just never had it in me to fight with my sister. We are very different in what we like and how we do things but those differences added to our friendship.?The love I have for her is indescribable.

Bazaar: What have you learned from seeing Solange become a mother at a young age?
Beyoncé: I saw her in a very different light. Suddenly her strength was at the center of who she is. I learned patience and honesty watching her relationship with her son. She added a beautiful human being to our family. My nephew is an unbelievable child. He is smart, inventive and strong. All the things my sister is.

Bazaar: What is the best advice your mother has ever given you?
Beyoncé: She has given me so much advice but the one that stays with me the most is that beauty fades and it’s most important to be beautiful on the inside. She is generous to everyone she meets and has taught my sister and me how important it is to give.

Bazaar: Are you a fan of contemporary art? Which artists in particular and why?
Beyoncé: My mother has been an art collector and always taught me the value of art. She has encouraged me to invest in art since I can remember. The first artist I was truly inspired by was Vincent van Gogh. I was 17 and began doing my own paintings. I used to copy his style. When I was 20 I visited the Sistine chapel and saw Michelangelo’s work and it was one of the most spectacular experiences of my life. I then went on a tour around Europe and visited all the places Picasso and Matisse hung out. I then visited Art Basel and was exposed to all kind of contemporary artists. It got me into art that’s more abstract. Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring are two of my favorites but I appreciate so many contemporary artists. Art inspires me in so many ways. I use art as reference when I’m looking for inspiration for my performances, wardrobe or a video I might be working on. My husband and I collect all types of art from Basquiat and Warhol to Marilyn Minter.

Bazaar: What was it like the first time you met First Lady Michelle Obama?
Beyoncé: She is an amazing person, inside and out. She inspires me to want to do more, to want to know more about the world and work harder to make a difference.

Bazaar: You sang at President Obama’s inauguration. What was that moment like for you?
Beyoncé: To this day I am still overwhelmed by that experience. It would have been enough of an honor to go to Washington, D.C. and witness history. To have been asked to sing for their first dance was one of the biggest moments of my life. I had to keep telling myself, to snap out of it and sing. I look back at the performance and I still don’t know how I kept it together.? ?

Bazaar: Have you ever seen any of the videos of babies dancing to “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”? What do you think about it being such a hit with the diaper set?
Beyoncé: I have seen them and they are hilarious. There’s something about that song. Maybe it’s the repetition and the simplicity of the video that get the babies’ attention. I’ve heard that babies like black and white images so maybe it’s that. Whatever it is, it goes to show that music speaks to everyone.

Bazaar: You have said you feel best when you are curvy and looking feminine. What look do you think flatters your curves best now?
Beyoncé: I like to show my waistline and legs. I feel women should find their best features and accentuate them but it’s interesting to be versatile. I let my mood dictate what I wear before my curves. Sometimes I feel classic, sometimes I feel like a hipster. Sometimes I feel like a seductress and sometimes I feel like a tomboy. It’s great to be a woman and have the freedom to express my emotions through fashion.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video from her cover shoot below.


  1. Good article, glad it wasn’t ‘all’ about her pregnancy.

    As for the pics she looks gorgeous as usual.

  2. Beyonce looks Fantastic.

    That 2nd pics photoshopped the hell out of her legs!

  3. this is a pretty good article- i like the clothes, esp the gold dress but like someone mentioned, they phtoshopped the heck out of her legs!

  4. I still say she is faking being pregnant. Even though she is a mega star, she still craves attention and wants everything to be all about her at any cost.

  5. Enjoyed this article she is speaking well and loved the insight she gave on her liking for art. STILL for the life of me cant understand why ppl keep saying she’s “faking” a pregnancy. First ppl were saying she needs to hurry up and get pregnant etc NOW she’s finally pregnant now there’s something else. Cant win for loosing. She said it best though “I am finally at the stage in my life where I am not so concerned with other people’s opinions about my life decisions. It is so liberating to really know what I want, what truly makes me happy”

  6. @MyTheory,

    Don’t be an idiot for no reason. Be one with a purpose.

  7. @My theory:
    She might very well be pregnant, but she those changing bellys she is rocking are fake, only her knows why, her fans don’t care, she could kill someone and they will say we are hating on her, it’s redudant…

    the first pictures is the best of the bunch to me, as for the interview same thing over and over, who is she trying to convince? “i know who i am, i’m libarated” girl you’ve been saying that…

  8. @nijal why do u come into every beyonce post if u dont like her. Obsessed much? U complain about her interviews yet u keep watching them? And anyone who thinks that BEYONCE would fake a pregnancy is just stupid. How do u know what she has under her shirt? X-ray vision? Lmao u bey haters are too ridiculous 4 words.

  9. Like I said. The dumb bytch will do anything for attention. Somewhere there is a surrogate in hiding carrying the real baby.

  10. @smh, i will try to explain it so that even someone like you can understand, You said it yourself “i don’t like” beyonce, i don’t hate her, i dislike her so why would i not check up on any news from her? she is a product, she might be wearing something cute, or talking about something i can agree with, or she might have a hot new song, why would i censor myself from her, as if she did something to me? I wish we were all simple minded, and could not think logically enough to praise beyonce all day everyday, on everything, just to make you happy, no actually i don’t wish that, that’s dumb.

    Also this is brownsista not, when you catch me on one of those websites, then you can ask me 21 questions.

    I don’t like macdonalds, but sometimes i want a iced coffee from them the hazelnut mixed with caramel is the business, or a filet o fish, but over all they are not it for me, I guess i’m a macdonals hater… that’s the best i can do for you, if you still see things in black and white like the low IQ person you’re supposed to be then that’s just fine, but if you think you’re going to stop me from expressing myself up and down this post hahahahah, you should keep hope in your heart .
    I think you are stupid for acting a booty, defending someone that only cares for you in your tiny little head,THAT’S OBSESSION…. Who do you think beyonce is ? God? even him have people doubting he even exist, that’s what we do as human beings, when something is out of the ordinary ,unproven or suspicious like , idk,a pregnant stomach deflating and popping back out within minutes, we ask questions, we wonder why, that’s human, now calling someone out of their names because they have doubts in their minds, that is idiotic.

  11. @NIjal, your spelling/grammar is a bit questionable but in general, well said. I’m a Beyonce fan and yet everything you said made sense.

  12. She still doing the sexy thing? Good for her.Only beyonce can bend over ,fold a supposed 5 months pregnant stomach, and people will defend it, must be nice….

  13. @NIJAL & MYTHEORY. Just go to where they speak the truth. You guys can’t say anything w/o being jumped on b/c this site is so far up Bey’s or any other celeb’s butt.

  14. Beyonce I believe you are pregnant!
    Your Momma Breasts show it, why won’t people leave you alone?

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