Beyoncé Covers June Edition Of Self Magazine

Beyonce Self Cover With a new movie and tour to promote Beyonce has been all over the newsstands lately. The singer is covering no less than four magazines during the month of June and now we can add another to the list. Self Magazine will also feature the pop diva on their cover, as well as a six page spread inside the magazine. Beyonce touches on the usual- her Sasha Fierce persona, her marriage to rap giant, Jay-Z, and of course her exercise and beauty routine. To motivate herself to stay in shape the singer says she had a painting of an Oscar put her in her gym. “I look at it, and I’m like, OK, I have to stay in shape”. Also a motivator- buying clothes too small.

“I buy something too small and then say, ‘I have a reason,’ “I need to wear these jeans or this hot dress.”

To read more of Beyonce’s interview you can visit or pick up the June edition of the magazine when it hits newsstands on May 26th.

Photos from inside the mag can be seen below.


  1. What does the Oscar have to do with her staying in shape. That subliminal sh*t is not going to help her get an Oscar unless she stops singing and dedicate herself to study the craft of acting FULL-TIME. So many actresses out there that would be far more deserving of an Oscar before her…girl, please. I can’t wait ’til she goes away…I get tired of her saying stupid stuff and watch people eat it up.

  2. You just ate it up.


    Go ahead get it Bey.

  3. Exactly, the simple fact that she is being force fed to anyone paying half attention to any media outlet is what I’m talking about…like she really needed a post about her a$$ being on all over the news stand talking about nothing…AGAIN! Girl, please…I’m too grown to hate on anyone or anything in this lifetime…you got the wrong one. :brownsista:

    Raise your hand if you’re buying the mag to check for the article to see what Beyonce is talking about…LMAO!!! Killin’ me!!! 😆

  4. Yea i agree i don’t know what an oscar has to do with her staying in shape,it should motivate her to become a better actress. I really love the 4th picture it’s Amazing!

  5. well if an oscar is what motivates her to stay in shape, than more power to it think about it she didnt say she excercise to win an oscar she said a painting of an oscar motivates her to get up and work out, doesnt mean she believes you have to be skinny to win one, you have to work hard for an oscar, you have to work hard to stay in shape maybe thats how she looks at it…

    anyway i too buy clothes to small to make myself lose whatever to make it fit perfectly (shirts) and i like this look on her she looks great

  6. If you don’t like Beyonce why are you posting comments here? Because thats what haters do.


    Beauty and popularity doesn’t qualify you to be an actress or win an Oscar.

  8. Somebody needs to tell ungrateful and self centered Beyonce’s aZZ that Oscars aren’t given to you because of your looks, popularity and wealth. This girl has no respect for the art of acting or the passion for it. She just wants the award because it is the most pretigious award in the entertainment business. She really needs to get over herself because she sucks at acting.

  9. :lol2: Oscar????? Ummmmm :stop:

    That cover is very cute and Bohemian. She looks very pretty. :thumbsup:

  10. She looks beautiful as always, but I really wish she keeps her goals to herself from here on…………People will always try to block your blessing! Love her though!! She has been on every damn magazine cover except for Oprah’s O Magazine. get it girl!

  11. omg she is getting on my nerves with this oscar stuff!! just give it up!! i love bey, but why does she feel like she is so entitled to an oscar? i think she only wants one for the sake of saying she has one! you can do a lot, but you can’t do everything hunney!

  12. I love Bey, but the oscar remark in the locker was a bit much i must agree!!! But she is still the Queen and her pictures are to beautiful!! If winning an Oscar is one of her goals…. girlfriend you have to put as much in it as you did with your music. Just my 2 cents

  13. I know all you will eat that up about her mentioning an Oscar. However, as an FYI- she was asked how she is able to stay is such good physical shape while on tour and how often she works out and then she was asked the question of how she motivates herself to work out and she said:
    “What’s the point of running, if you’re not running toward something? Then it was said that she keeps a painting of an Oscar at the gym, so she’s literally running towards her next goal. “I look at it, and I’m like OK, I have to stay in shape,” she admits.

    So it wasn’t about her really staying in shape to win the Oscar it was more so having a goal and that’s one of her goals. That girl can’t win for loosing. It’s good she has a positive attitude and strong foundation because if not, she’d go into hiding and probably have a nervous breakdown from all the ridicule. And it’s funny how people say you cant win this or that w/only looks, that’s SO untrue……….Wont mention any names but there are plenty of UNTALENTED so called singers who have made it JUST on looks and popularity and I’m sure we all could name a few, one in particular.

    Have a good day!

  14. Either Beyonce has grown out of her looks or the fact that her image has been so mass marketed has made her looks as interesting as hamburger meat when she used to be Beef Wellington. She’s just another pretty girl in a sea of pretty girls…nothing special anymore. Our eyes have grown weary of her. Its like when you get a rare chance to spot Alicia Keys, Kelly ROwland, Jennifer Hudson, Ashanti etc…, its a extra special treat to see them and catch up. Maybe, I ‘ll feel differently once I poop up or throw up some of the Beyonce I have been forced fed. But, right now, I am full of her, her life, her show, her walks through the streets, her ads, her voice, her sister, her mama, her husband, her nephew, her hopes, her dreams, etc… Ugh!

  15. I want this girl to blow me away, and that is not happening,not vocally,not performance wise, not nothing,and honestly she is hurting herself yelling privacy yet giving snippets of her “marriage” with jay-z that is so contradictory and people are whispering, either you’re quiet or you talk girl, I love the dress on her but to be honnest with you , the crazy in love bey is dead and gone,shrugs Too bad! she was something way better than a washed up, trying to keep with the youth,should sit the hell down, swagger jacking piece of 🙂

    On a side note i am ready to have about 500 comments on here from stans,stans posing as hater to give some leverage to their arguments,fans,proponent,opponent haters and haters posting as stan to give themself some leverage also, when a few weeks ago people were mad at Stephanie not posting about other chicks, but when she does you can hear a needle fall all of you are pathetic even those that don’t like beyonce, if you the first to comment on her yet have nothing to say on other topics you are a hater or a stan SIT DOWN.

  16. They didn’t photoshop her legs as they did on the Marie Claire cover.

    Very pretty top. I like the Bohemian look.

    In reference to the Oscar painting. Maybe she’s looking at the ‘shape’ of Oscar. He is quite slim, you know.


  17. I have lost all respect for Beyonce. Her whole attitude is I want, I want, I want just like a spoiled brat. She comes of as a snob and very arrogant. She just wants an Oscar award so she can rub it in everybody’s face like she did when she sang for the Obama’s or when she claims Michelle Obama says she was a role model for her daughters. She has no humility what so ever.

  18. I like the 3rd picture the best :hifive: . However, it’s nice to have goals and dreams but some people need to realize that some things are just not meant to be for their lives from God.
    @ Tasha31 and in reference to what you said, “Wont mention any names but there are plenty of UNTALENTED so called singers who have made it JUST on looks and popularity and I’m sure we all could name a few, one in particular. ” Sweetie, Beyonce is a perfect example hun :lol2: :lol2: I want say she does not have talent because God gave everyone talent it’s up to you to discover and build on it. But Beyonce is not a phenomenal singer like Whitney or Celine Dion. For some people her dancing is even questionable compared to the likes of Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, James Brown etc people who could really dance without booty popping. And these three individuals also choreographed their own routines.

  19. @Kanyade lol you is funny. She just need to keep it on the stage that really it. I think she working hard at it because she tought that jenny was going to get one. When that happen she determining to get one. But not in this lifetime. You have to believable and she not. KEEP IT ON THE STAGE WHERE YOU BELONG.

    @mario what good.
    @voice i did not know you was from cali. If i know that i could hook up with you when i was out there.

  20. @ lady :hifive:

    @ Tasha31 thats what im trying to say people are taking the comment the wrong way, read the whole article before responding

  21. Now…. I luvs me some Bey


    I agree w/ those of you that say, “What does staying in shape have to do w/ winning an Oscar?” Usually, it’s when the actress strips herself of her normal look/natural beauty for a role that she gets abundant recognition and maybe even an Oscar… I’m just sayin’ *shrug*.

    I’m bored with her same ole’ look in magazine!
    These shots look just like cover shots from other magazines two years ago.
    Same damn interview….


    These publications need to think of new ways to be original {if they want to maintain and/or keep selling issues}.

    Nevertheless, of course, she looks nice in the pix.

  22. She needs to admit that its her acting that needs toning. She’s better than when she first came out, but she’s not quite oscar material.

  23. Wouldn’t be easier to just post a list of magazines that Bey isn’t on the cover of?

  24. Beyonce looks beautiful, but I need a change in hair or something. For the past years we have been getting the same look, music, and interview answers…..I honestly think she is tired and just going through the motions. I even checked out you tube footage of her shows and im not impressed, it seems to be the same routine as the Bday tour but with a few new songs added….

  25. To stefany and nicloe
    Why are you so bitter and negative.
    Why would she not win an oscar?

  26. I like Beyonce, I swear I do. But her magazine interviews are always nothing more than boring and publicist approved Blah. I stopped buying her magazine covers. Trick me once….Hell, five times…fool one me. But number six would be all my fault.

  27. It is definitely time for a change in her style…..I would like to see her bring out her ethnic features with a new hair color and style. I like Beyonce too, but she does need to go away so we can miss her some. She shouldn’t be scared to take a break and a much needed one at that. Please we do not want any break downs like Brittany Spears had. When you do come back Beyonce please come back with a new look and sound…..

  28. :lol2 :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:



  29. Listen whoever can actually see her act then watch the likes of Angela Basset, Halle Berry, GAbrielle Union and many more, and honestly say she deserves an Oscar-you are no longer a fan but a cult follower and are beyond reason. Yes, she can blow it down vocally, yes she is an okay dancer, yes she is pretty but acting is not on this list. That comment was bold considering I know she read at least some of the bad reviews she got from OBsessed- Denial seems to be her best friend.

  30. @ GAbrielle

    I agree, Beyonce is not he best actress, but she is coming along, she is growing in my opinion

  31. @Beyonce Fan
    Please stop drinking the Kool-Aid. This girl can’t act and you know it. :lol2:

    Beautiful pictures as usual, but boring as usual.

  32. To each their opinion if someone can act or not, it really depends on a persons taste. With that being said the general public somewhat agrees as to her not being able to act or portray a character properly without Beyonce coming through. Beyonce has to work on the way she speaks and learn how to form sentences, seriously not joking…..The Larry King interview proved that she is not that bright upstairs but can make money selling her image and performing which is cool. Once she works out the kinks with her speech issue then I think she will be well on her way.

  33. Don’t get me wrong, I like Halle Berry, but if she could win an Oscar (sorry she’s nowhere near Angela Bassett or Lynn Whitfield), then Beyonce with 10 years of acting lessons and dedication could probably be on her level and win one.

  34. Beyonce looks fab!! Love what she has on as well…Its funny b/c I buy things small too, so I can loose what I need to fit it….Me and my girls call it “Goal clothes” lol and I cant understand why SOME of you folks gotta hate on her so hard?! Just because she really wants and Oscar…whats so wrong with that?? Everyone has something that they really, really really want and wont stop until they get it. The media has mentioned this Oscar more times then Beyonce has mentioned it herself, so of course it looks like she always talks about it…but she doesnt. ANYWHO GO AHEAD BEY and work til you get that Oscar…If Jhud can get one, Im sure Beyonce can too wit the right part.

  35. I’m not bitter or negative…and when did I say I didn’t like Beyonce. I have her on my mp3 player and as a matter of fact when I take my daily walk, “Video Phone” is at the top of the playlist. I can say I’m probably not the typical “fan” in that I can tolerate her music career but SHE IS EVERYWHERE. I’m not interested in seeing her everywhere I go and in every part of American media because she is a bit mudane, especially when she opens her mouth…and like I said before, who’s checking any media to get some kinda quote from Beyonce like she ever says anything relevant.
    Thank you Tasha for breaking down what the article actually said because I didn’t read it nor do I want to (BTW, that painting is going to have her a$$ thin as a rail because she is so far removed from attaining that goal and even she knows that, so I guess it makes sense :bag: can’t believe I just types that :lol2: )…but the part of the article BS chose to share at the top of the page (To motivate herself to stay in shape the singer says she had a painting of an Oscar put her in her gym. “I look at it, and I’m like, OK, I have to stay in shape”. ) doesn’t make any sense to me and I feel it’s fodder that aids the notion that Beyonce is not the sharpest pencil in the box.

    READING IS FUNDAMENTAL… :brownsista:

  36. If you ever looked real hatred in the face I think you’d change your vocab…you guys kill me with the hater stuff. :lol2: I guess everyone who has a differing opinion has to wear that label nowadays…kids, I tell ya. 😆

  37. Beyonce looks beautiful as usual! Can’t wait to pick this up!

    :lol2: At the haters being the first ones running to a Beyonce post, but yet you won’t find them anywhere else on this site! :loser:

  38. Lol for those who are ‘sick of Beyonce’


    But obviously!!

    Shes gonnna be all over the blogs, n magazines still. n pictures of her ‘getting fat’, ‘getting skinnny’, ‘is she pregnant’,

    blah blah

    it wont seem like shes gone away at all

  39. All I can say is….I love B and I can’t get enough of her life and her success…I wish her the Best…She’s so successful at what she does that she can’t keep peoples names out of her mouth….

    How inspiring…

  40. To stefany and nicloe
    Why are you so bitter and negative.
    Why would she not win an oscar?
    @ KRISS

    Because an Oscar is something you earn, you don’t just have an Oscar handed to you just because you want one..Beyonce is not a great actress and NO I’m not hating but her acting is no where near Oscar worthy…And on top of that she doesn’t even respect the craft enough to take acting lessons, why? Because she seriously believes she can have an Oscar just by simply putting the word out there, her world wide fame and popularity has given her the idea that she can have anything she wants.


  41. OMG some people on here have some serious issues.
    You beyonce haters act like you know Bey personally or something. You dont know what she does or doesnt want.
    And yes some of you ARE haters because there’s a difference b/n opinion and full out hating and some of you definitely crossed it.
    and the main reason some of you seem like haters is because you are first in line to comment on beyonce posts but you’re not present on any of the other posts.smh
    anyway bey looks great and she will have her oscar as long as she works hard and gives it her all.

  42. Beyonce : “To me, sexier [is] when it doesn’t look like you go to the gym. If you look like you’ve been spending a lot of time in the gym, then it just looks like you spend a lot of time in the gym”


  43. Regardless of how you want to look at it image is everything in Hollywood. She is right to use the Oscar as her motivation because to cast roles you have to be eye candy to the right audience. Sex appeal is just as important in movies as music. Remember Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, and Halle Berry—when did they win Oscar’s? After portraying highly sexed characters. However, I do think the Bey needs some more training to be more convincing in her roles.

  44. Why all the negativity? The girl isn’t allowed to set goals now, no matter how ambitious they are? Geez…

    Thank you Tasha for posting the quote in its full context. Folks always take what Beyonce says the wrong way.

    And I love how folks just assume she wants the Oscar handed to her. Do you know her personally? How do you know she doesn’t take acting seriously? How do you know she hasn’t been taking acting classes? You don’t know. None of us do.

    I didn’t see anyone jumping down Halle’s throat when she said she wanted a Grammy.

  45. i can tell beyonce is trying really hard to get her acting together but she can’t do that if she is focused on music. Real actors concentrate all their efforts into that next role and go out and find things to bring to that character (example, if playing a crackhead, one would go to a rehab facility and listen to recovering addicts stories and try to see some in action and deeply think about the causes of that addiction, really withdraw into one’s self.) Also i think she tries to do what she THINKS actors do on screen but it comes off as fake and posed to the audience because she hasn’t taken classes or done actor exercises/role-play.

  46. Reach for the moon and if you fail at least you are amongst the Stars– Beyonce continue to be the best you that you can be-I am for anyone that reachs for a higher goal or challenge–

  47. :iagree: with just a thought! If this were ANYONE else NO one would have anything negative to say. PLEASE anywho @MARIO “EGO” is very HHOOOT!!!

  48. Beyonce and her interviews are so boring. The only time she is interesting is when she is on stage performing. Other than that, she spends way too much time trying to have this cookie cutter perfect image. Take a break Beyonce, do some community work, have a baby, try to be normal for a change. She is so shallow.

  49. Why are people considered haters because they don’t like Beyonce’s acting? Are people hater’s because they don’t like Madonna or Mariah Carey’s acting?

    Beyonce without a doubt will go down in music history as one of the biggest and best artists of this era. And that’s whether you agree or not. However, her acting is terrible. I wouldn’t pay to see her perform in a school play, let alone portray Angela Davis. The only reason why she keeps mentioning Oscar is because she wants the Academy to give her one. Her acting skills aren’t good enough for her to earn one. Beyonce would not be casted in any of her roles if she weren’t” Beyonce the Mega Pop Star.” Bee needs a LOT more practice to be considered Oscar worthy.

  50. @MzLady

    i don’t recall Sharon Stone a winning an oscar, Julia and Halle won for there pure acting skill, not sex appeal. they were able to transform there self into another person. :stop:

    please don’t belittle the act of acting, academy award members don’t give a fukk about eye candy, they look for hard core acting skill.

    academy award members take a serious when picking best actress and actor.

  51. Love the pics!! She’s georgous!

    Sorry but I don’t understand the story with the oscar…She tries to stay in shape by watching a painting of an Oscar while doing gym? Can someone explain me what she’s trying to say?

  52. I swear, whenever this chick talks, crap falls out of her face. What on earth does an Oscar have to do with being in good shape? She is such an idiot! As the above posters stated, she just wants an Oscar so she can say she’s got one, bottom line. An accolade chaser, pure and simple. Go away already!

  53. @Voice I was thinking what you typed as I read it. Is there any substance to this young lady. Everyone has a little substance. She is just to predictable. If she des not change up her game I can guarantee her next cd will not be successful. Look at that halo song just couldn’t make it to number one. This is just insane this is who want our young girls to try and emulate. Because she is not makeing this for grown women. This is for little girls and men. This is crazy and it is just to over the top. That jerk dancing like she’s about to have a seizure after awhile you get to old for that.

  54. folks need t get over it.. A message board is for one to post thier thoughts or opinions and all are not going to be favorable..duh.

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