Beyonce Covers LA Confidential Magazine

Beyonce Knowles If newspapers and magazines want a reason as to why their readership is dropping they need only look at this photo of Beyonce on the cover of Los Angeles Confidential Magazine. What’s so odd about it you ask? Well for starters, those of you who visit regularly know that you have already seen the cover photo and most likely the images inside the magazine as well. Myself and many other urban (that means Black y’all) bloggers posted this entire Tony Duran photo shoot about two weeks ago. Half the battle to getting people to buy your magazine is the cover.

Interviews rarely reveal anything we don’t already know about most celebrities, so the covers are really what act as the motivator for people to buy magazines these days.

However, the popularity of the internet and the availability of information is making the need to buy magazines almost obsolete. Why buy this magazine when you have already seen the cover, the inside shoot and read most of the interview online?

The internet has almost made things less fun. Remember back in the day when you used to get your magazine in the mail and be excited about who was on the cover? Now, by the time you get your copy you have already seen who is on the cover and read what they had to say.

Yeah, it’s great having information at your fingertips the minute it becomes available- but it still kinda takes the fun out of certain things.


  1. I gradually let all my subscriptions run out. The more time I spent online I saw that I no longer needed the subscription. I don’t buy newspapers either. I get all the news I want and then some online as well. Digital subscriptions are taking off and online magazines like Clutch are the new thing.

  2. I think people do not magazines because sometimes there is nothing to read about, personally a cover wouldnt make me buy a copy, its the content that matters……………..and beyonce on a cover these days isnt the best way to sell copies..sorry

  3. Stephanie,

    I used to COLLECT: Vibe, Honey, Suede, Essence, Upscale…and a couple of what “I” deemed high profile BLACK magazines. A couple of the ones I mentioned no longer exist (bows head in memory of Honey and Suede) and the others, I get weekly updates via my email so there’s no point in paying 5-6 bucks on a mag. with info and images I can view online just as easily. It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is.

    With that said, in regards to the cover: the grease is back!!!



  4. One more thing…who will buy this magazine??? and others like it??? Very FEW. But many, perhaps more than who purchase, will PERUSE in their local bookstore. *raises eyebrow at myself* LOLOLOL

  5. Bey looks AMAZING HOTTT AND SEXY in that photo……although I’ve already seen it…she looks hott still…she’s just a beautiful girl, no doubt about that at all.

  6. Steph you are right! I can’t remember the last time I bought a magazine. I really don’t even read Beyonce’s interview because they ARE usually pretty redundant.

  7. :lol2: Bey looks photoshopped to death! :lol2:

    She is definitely going through something.

  8. I wouldn’t buy this magazine just to see photos of Beyonce or any chick for that matter. But I will purchase the O magazine with Michelle Obama and Oprah on the cover!!!!!! That one is a must have! Beyonce, my goodness, I’ve seen so much of her I can do without seeing her for the next 2 years and I wouldn’t miss a thing.

  9. I like to buy magazines with Naomi Campbell on the cover. I also like Black hair magazines. Everyone was buying that All Black Italian Vogue.

  10. Beyonce looks fabulous! I love that baithing suit and I will be pickin up my issue! I collect magazines I have over 100 magazines! :brownsista: There so useful, wanna new hair style, new look, just basic info about stars and people that may relate to you. or just ANYTHING you can always pic up a mag.

  11. so,beyonce is making mag readerships go down?You mean spirited black women.You just hate to see a successful black female..

  12. Beyonce looks HOT! I always get magazines I enjoy reading them, and I always get mag’s wit Beyonce on it, but I have to get em early cuz they are always gone when I hit the grocery store or CVS up! πŸ™

  13. Well, I still buy magazines if the cover pulls me in (Unless it’s Cosmopoolitan…I subscribe to that humor). Beyonce convinced me to buy that Essence when she was on the cover…now the interviews sucked horribly and the magazine did little for me, point is I still bought it based on cover alone. I also bought her elle.

    I see someone interesting on the cover and there’s a good chance it’s going in the bag.

  14. @ tk,

    I think the blog owner and the rest of us are talking about mag. purchases in general. Not only has the internet/gossip blogs/entertainment websites affected those sales, these sites have also affected channels like MTV and BET in terms of their entertainment segments.

    And by the way, I love seeing successful Black women PERIOD. They don’t have to be on the cover of a magazine. I just think the discussion revolves around magazine purchases in general and how spending of consumers like myself, like Stephanie, like others here has become quite limited. Why buy when you can go online and view pics and articles?

  15. @ kanyade
    well, tone and mood of her{stephanie} very long essay says to the contrary.its easy to see she aimed or was jabbing at beyonce.Oh and btw,she’s always lovey towards other females like rihanna calling them fashionistas.Just check her negative tone whenever its beyonce on a cover or sighted somewhere.

  16. @TK

    STFU! You sound so judgmental. If that is true haters need attention and they know how to bring it ,HOW U ASK??…A POST ABOUT BEYONCE lol She’s the only thing to talk about now a days! :hifive: No one brings in a buch of comments like the queen does, so wheather you all talk sh*t or not Beyonce is in her own world making money off y’all! LOL Check her YOUTUBE channel out…45 MILLIONS views in less then 5 months!!!! LOL Who else can pull that off??? πŸ˜† Go Beyonce she is friggin hot!

  17. @tk,

    With all due respect, I think you’re reading too much into it. πŸ™

    But whatever floats your boat. :brownsista:

    @Rhonda J,

    I hope you were being facetious, because this post currently has all of what 19 comments? :lol2: If not, then :lol2: anyway. :brownsista:

  18. @tk

    This post was about a comparison of Internet vs. Magazines. It was not specifically against Beyonce. :noway:

  19. I know I buy fewer magazines these days, but that trend happened before seeing the magazine online. I od’d on magazines subscriptions in college, but I noticed that I was reading the same information, no matter the magazine name, every month so I let them all go eventually.

    But I will still buy a magazine here and there – when traveling, sometimes cuz I know I just want to be able to keep it around for a while (online databases aren’t always reliable), plus there is still something about being to “hold” onto my favorite image.

    But overall, I think magazines, particularly, fashion/beauty need to have more valuable information – not the same recycled garbage (I’m looking at you Essence) every month.

  20. I love getting magazines. I love reading them while I’m in the bath tub. Saving the images for inspiration. And just using them for me time. No online experience can give me the tactile experience of flipping the shiny pages. I think there are way too many magazines and I’m glad to see the trend of 5,000 mags shrink to 500.

  21. I rarely buy magazines, every now and again I’ll buy a Jet. I read the newspaper on line as well. But there’s nothing like flipping those pages. So I don’t think that hard copy magazines will become extinct. I think that magazine companies should cover more people on their covers, I hate seeing the same person on every magazine cover.

  22. Mrs. Carter: have a seat! Nobody does or can do what you do, the way you do it. You won’t be slipping if you chill for a few.

  23. :stop: steph, we know what urban means? what are u trying to accenuate?

  24. Beyonce has been in the game for 10+ years. she is slippin and just about gone… thank goodness

  25. @ kEYADE

    :lol2: :lol2: No disrespect to the editor but not that many people come here anyway so how many comments do u expect?? lol

  26. beyonce is played out her cd is wackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: and why is she saying she the number 1 diva sounds insecure to me

  27. @ Kim

    It is clear by some of the post that nonblacks, unaware blacks, and foriegners visit brownsista, hence, the explanation of the term “urban”.

    I stopped all subscriptions to black and Christian mags about 3 years ago. It is easier to go online to search for the latest. I also found alot of the aritcles lacked depth and research.

    I subscribed to Essence for like 15 years! It was easy to quit once it was sold to a nonblack company. I also was saddened by what I felt was the mag’s flagarant non support of our black fashion models by putting more celebrites on the cover.

    My fav issue was January’s “timeless beauty” issue where women from 40 to 90 something were celebrated for there good looks and great health. Those are the kind of stories that make a mag worth buying. Does Essence still spotlight these fabulous everyday beauties?

  28. :hater: y is she on tha cover ewww all dat crisco ..lolo she suck πŸ˜†

  29. @kanyade,

    i remember HONEY and SUEDE!!!! and i liked vibe vixen. wonder why they all went under? πŸ™

  30. if her c.d is so wack and she is fading then why the hell is her album selling 1 million copies a month? she is already at 3 million worldwide. i wont even go into how long it takes all these other artists to even go platinum. she even outselling britney.

    and she boosts about her being the #1 diva in the game because SHE CAN BACK IT UP. Like she said, she is stating facts. She been in the game for 12 years and is still the #1 black female artist in the game. That’s a FACT. get over it if you dont like it.

    I like other artists as well, but some ppl hate to see a successful black woman on top.

  31. and beyonce has been getting the most comments on every black blog for years. look how much attention keri got just b/c people thought she was talking about bey. the girl is popular there is no denying that.

  32. I used to buy mags every week, but 2 reasons stopped me. 1. they got too expensive and 2. They stopped putting models on the cover πŸ™ . I will buy a mag that has Naomi on the cover, she’s my fave :brownsista: . As for celebs, they don’t usually have a story to tell, cause although they say exclusive on the cover, when you read the actual interview it’s just light stuff . I live in Jamaica and a mag goes for $500 or more.

  33. I can’t remember the last time I purchsed a magazine! It’s ALWAYS the same tired people on the covers so why bother!!

  34. Beyonce looks flawless!! I will definitely be buying this issue. Go Bey!

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