Beyonce Covers Marie Claire Magazine UK

Interview excerpts below…

On why she uses her alter ego ‘Sasha’
“Things I do when I am performing I would never do normally”
“I always wish I could feel the way I do on stage when I’m doing a movie because I have out of body experiences…I’m so fearless”

On who her song ‘Irresistible’ is about
“The obvious person is not the person at all”
On being a pop star
“There is a time limit on being a pop star yes, being a legend, an icon, absolutely not”
“I’m over being a popstar, I don’t wana be a hot girl I wana be iconic”
“There are responsibilities that come along with this life…trying to have a romantic meal without someone sneaking in to film the whole thing. I have to work really hard and it’s fine because I like it, I love it, but it’s a lot of sacrifice”

On being a role model

“ I think I’m opening doors for more black women, just like Halle Berry and Diana Ross opened doors for me”

On Barack Obama

“I’m really proud, I think we’re making a bit of progress, it’s an exciting time. We all feel part of our country now”

More of the interview Marie Claire Online


  1. I like the cover and the black dress. On the downside, I was hoping for an image makeover, ala what Janet and Madonna used to do back in the 80s and 90s. Each new album brought a new look and something to be excited about.

  2. Irresistable?!? Anyway, she looks fierce and fabulous! Love the excerpts and I will definitely be buying the mag. And I think she’s bringing a different look–very grown, sexy, and mature, but still a little classic. Either way, she doesn’t need a new image to keep people’s attention. She gets hundreds of comments just for exiting a restaurant. She has the Internet buzzing even during her little break. The girl is ready to bust out and I cannot wait for this era. She’s already starting it on the right foot by not overhyping her album and two movies. Get it, Bey!!

  3. I love this girl soooo much! I will always be a beyonce fan no matter what.
    I just wanna know why the single has not leaked yet?

  4. This beotch is so full of herself. Sorry, when I think of icons and legends, Beyonce does not come to mind. She is more over hyped and overrated.

  5. She is looking mad good on this cover, it’s like sexy yet classy too! and i also can’t wait for that new album.

  6. She look ok to me i seen her look better then that. Im not going to knock beyonce but im little bit tired of her. She a great singer and entertainer. I hope this album is not bubble gum i need some grown and sexy music from her. Because im a grown woman and i want to here something that i can relate with her. I hope i can feel something like i feel a mary album.

  7. I think you are gonna be disappointed ms.lady cuz i believe it is still going to be a dance album

    i’m not too excited about whole dance album for her, but she’s still my idolm and she’s gorgeous so hooray for Mrs. Carter!!! lol, get it Queen Bee!

  8. She looks really nice in the black shirt and jeans. The belt contours and shows her shape. That’s a good idea to put those two together. Well, I hope this album is good, either way I don’t buy it b/c I’m not into her like that but IMO B’Day was terrible.

  9. If she wants to be a legend or icon, she needs to put out songs with more substance that will be considered timeless classics twenty years from now. Not bubble gum lyrics like Get Me Bodied and Freakum Dress. As of right now, she is a one trick pony. Hopefully she has grown since B-day. I was also hoping that she would take a page from Madonna and Janet Jackson’s book and reinvent her look with the new album. But it is the same Beyonce, same look and same interview just like when she was promoting Dreamgirls. “I want to be a legend, I want to be an icon, this is such a different role that I am playing. At least she didn’t mention the “O” word.

  10. I know she is trying to be different on each album. But I don’t know how well she can do “Dance Music”. Now, she can make music that will make you dance, but I don’t know if she can make Dance Music specifically. I just can’t see it, but who knows.

  11. oh lord and the saga continues with infamous Bey lol anyways she looks nice but yeah I agree Iwas expecting something off the wall fierce and different from Bey this time but eh she still looks great.

  12. I think she has grown since B-Day and Dreamgirls. The problem is, has her fans grown. The majority of her fans are very young. She may have gone with a more mature sound. But her fans may not be ready to except that.

    I too would have liked to seen her reinvent her look. That would have been interesting.

  13. She looks fab! Can’t wait for the new music! And no, it won’t be a dance album. She’ll have some r&b, pop, dance,etc. She has some very strong ballards too! I’m really excited!

  14. she is so predictable it’s not even funny… i wish that she will switch up her look put some pepper in the same old same old so we could all be taken back but she is sticking to her image knowing that people are stupid enough to buy whatever she does even if the new album is a remixes of b’day’s songs…. i wish her very good— never mind she does not need any luck if i trust her words she is an icon 🙂

  15. I don’t know, she sounds a little full of herself to me. Everybody keeps saying she is back. But, when did she ever leave.

  16. It seems that she has acknowledged that she is not the “It” girl anymore, so now she wants to be a legend? Sure, I bet we will all be singing Get Me Bodied and Ring The Alarm 10 years from now. Step up your content if you wanna be considered a legend or icon.

  17. She better watch her words. Crossing over and being a pop star is what made her the mega superstar she is today. Once an R&B artist has been accepted by the white audience, your career will blossom (Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Will Smith, Lil Wayne, Rihanna).

  18. Beyonce made two cds
    first was more r&b [songs with meaning]
    the second [less meaning]
    One cd had more meaning full songs and the other did not.
    People only focuse on her SECOND cd she HAs 2!!!! The first one had more substance.

  19. I agreee Wpc but what happened to DIL beyonce? the new one is too fake for me…
    I won’t be buying the album

  20. I think the 3rd cd will have mre meaning
    One of my friends works at statilite radio and said the new cd is more r&b soulful.
    Darkchild said IT WONT BE A DANCE CD.

  21. Do you boo! You will be a legend to the countless young girls (of every color and class) that look up to you.

    In their day people whispered the same negative stuff about diana ross and donna summer and tina turner (the list can go on). Do you and be proud!

  22. Her album isn’t even titled and people are already saying they’re not going to buy it. LAWD!

  23. She seem full of her self saying she don’t want to be a hot girl then don’t take off your cloths i mean why would you say you want to be an legend just let it happen hat’s not cute.

    I feel she was trying to play some of the female artist saying that, your not an rapper to make qoutes like that beyonce become an artist then i’ll say ok but until then stop it.

    Whitney houston Janet Jackson are some of the few who opens doors not being lwhat the media want black barbie, I mean she could have really made a difference in the era as britney and christina jessica blond hair but instead she just kept it that why she never look different

    I’m proud of beyonce but at the same time she haven’t done anything that make people want to know about her more you know she very boring. Good but boring she been with Jay i wanna be down z since she was like 19-20. I feel bad because she haven’t really live jay-z been aroung the block.

    the difference between diana ross and beyonce is diana live and beyonce seem to have this little predictable life.

    A qoute about whitney “She seem to have become the elizbeth Taylor, dorothy dandridge of our time because we want to see what she’ll do next. Whitney off her faults was an glamor girl. Diana ross the same

    Tell me this Stans when they do a movie about beyonce what would it be about? Other then the drama of DC. My point

  24. @The Truth, weren’t you just at another blog posting the exact same thing. Some of yall have no lives. lol

  25. I don’t care what nobody say. I love beyonce’s music. I love some of the music on her first album and then most on the second. Some people just like to be entertained people. I hope she keeps her music dance. I hope it’s a dance and r&b album because I don’t want to get bored like I have been with many of these artists. Anyways you do you B. Come harder than ever this time. Shock the hell out of us.

  26. I mean call me a hater and whatever else frankly i could care less , hater is the word people use to block out criticism and avoid taking a deep look into themselves so it doesnt matter but i got trouble in my spirit….. See i have different feelings about knowles. Everytime i see her i smile i’m like she is so cute yet Everytime i listen to her or read an interview i wanna buy a gun and get a life sentence [dramatization]

    How can such a big figure of African American entertainment industry can sound and come accross so uneducated? And she never even lived in a “hood”
    [she made sure that we know that]

    “There is a time limit on being a pop star yes, being a legend, an icon, absolutely not”

    YOu know whenever you says something its taken out of context but you keep on putting your entire leg in your mouth? That quote makes you sound so full of yourself

    “I’m over being a popstar, I don’t wana be a hot girl I wana be iconic”

    Sweetie pop star you are, pop star you will die , following your music and your attitude people elevated you to the popstar/ “it girl” status if they decided you are not anymore don’t act like its a choice YOU made the world does not revolve around you and what you want

    “ I think I’m opening doors for more black women, just like Halle Berry and Diana Ross opened doors for me”

    I think woman coming after you will walk through the door Halle and Diana opened not yours

    “I’m really proud, I think we’re making a bit of progress, it’s an exciting time. We all feel part of our country now”

    First off weren’t you a republican? didn’t you give an interview saying you were a republican? Second “a bit of progress” white person, HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE and you are reducing the fight we put up to a “bit of progress”? Third “We all feel part of our country now” What does that mean?

    You see girl you cute, and can bedazzled the hell out of everything your choreography are sexy and all that but sweetheart without an education you aren’t and never will be anybody you better ask someone who knows or shut up……
    damn she is ignorant

  27. Im sooo sick of people calling her ignorant. When u watch her interviews u can tell she just does not want to say the wrong thing. She takes her time whats the big deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Wpc:
    There is a difference between no wanting to say the wrong thing and being ignorant, how does she not want to say the wrong thing but come out saying it anyway?
    Ie: “we all feel a part of our country now” what does that mean? explains it to me maybe i’m wrong, maybe i’m just tripping please help me understand…

    should i take it back to all of the ignorant comments she made? i’m not making anything up i’m just stating the fact the girl is not bright or maybe she is but does not want to appear so i don’t know… but i see her [and i’m sure i’m not the only one] as an ignorant person

  29. ya’ll haters NEED to STFU. how can you say you want more meaningful songs then sit up here and praise the likes of rihanna because “she’s doing her thing but putting out meaningless songs and cutting her hair?” how can you come to the conclusion that you are not going to buy the album when you haven’t even heard a single song yet? that tells me that some of ya’ll don’t care about the music (even if this album is a classic), ya’ll just don’t want to support her in hopes that she flops so your favorite flopping artist (insert whatever artist’s name you want) can have a chance. yeah i went there.

    also, how the hell can you say she’s full of herself based on reading the little excerpt? they asked her questions, she answered them. i don’t know if it’s because ya’ll are never satisfied with her or ya’ll just don’t have any lives and would much rather hate than give props when it’s due. i COMMEND the child for wanting to move away from being just a popstar and wanting to move INTO iconic status. popstars are only as as hot as their records, icons are remembered FOREVER. i guess she shouldn’t strive for anything cause ya’ll want her to go sit somewhere. it’s time for ya’ll to over yourselves, your hate and know that just cause you are not pleased with her, doesn’t mean MILLIONS of people aren’t either. if you are tired of her, there’s no need wasting time writing essays and being one of the first one’s in here posting as soon as there’s a topic of her.

    call me an overzealous fan or a stan, i don’t care. all i know is that, nobody deserves some of the hateful things some of ya’ll say about this woman and the assumptions ya’ll make. if you were her (or if i was her for that matter), we wouldn’t be able to last doing what she does and the scrutiny she goes through on a daily basis. sure there are some artists i don’t like, but you’ll never see me going from blog to blog saying the same crap and talking as if they’ve done something personal to me.

    on the pics: she looks ok. can’t wait to read the article and i hope she keeps doing what makes her happy in her life. i hope at this point in her career, i hope she realizes she can’t please everybody and puts out what SHE believes is the best work she could possibly come up with. whether it’s a classic or not, that’s an individual’s opinion!


  30. Bey Stans I am going in.

    I know why Jay and Bey are a match made in heaven.

    This is how it works, you can’t say you want be a icon, the “people” bestow that on you. You become iconic by changing the trajectory of a field, not by saying I want to be iconic. To be an icon one must have penned sonic masterpieces, championed sweeping social movements, and breathed life into sounds yet unimagined music.

    Sorry Get Me Bodied ain’t gonna cut it. You have to have carve out a specific place in the musical fabric for YOUR SOUND.

    You have to challenge the status quo and dramatically expanded the possibilities music and film.

    Another thing every successful black person does not open doors for the next. We have to drop this concept when it doesn’t apply. One’s mere existence doesn’t not qualify as opening a door unless you REALLY open a door ( mentor, spotlight other talent in a REAL meaningful way).

    The other way you open doors is to DO something others BW have NOT been able to do. You can’t do all the stuff black women already did and say I opened doors like Marion Anderson.

    To be an icon, you become a chapter in music ie.

    Before & After Stevie

    Before & After Aretha.

    I am not saying you won’t be a icon, but from what I now about “icons” when they were creating they weren’t thinking I am going to be iconic they were thinking I doing good music.. and the iconic title can’t be denied.


  31. @darksista,

    she has NEVER claimed to be a republican. if she had said that, people wouldn’t have wondered for years what political party she was affliated to. on the question of what she meant when she says “we all feel a part of our country now,” i’ll get back to you on that when i talk to my mother and several of my colleagues who have said the exact same thing.

  32. Wohoo: Did she or didn’t she perform at a republican event? now which democrat attend a republican event? or [i’ll allow it ] which independent show support to a specific party? I know she is an entertainer and that’s her job but there is a time to stand up for something and as far as i’m concerned she never did now if it quack like a duck what it is?

    THere is nothing you can explain to me that can make sens in this whole entire matter

    i don’t know how she [if i believe your words]your mother and all these people can only feel a part of their country now, after all Dr king,Claudette Colvin ,Malcolm X,Marcus Garvey and more been through for us to have the right to do whatever we want in this country regardless of what the oppressor think

    but you can try….. 🙂

  33. To Wohoo
    Why do we have to be haters?
    Its my money who is she or you to determine what i should listen to, who should i love and why? I don’t want to support her i was a fan now I’m not in her camp anymore it is not against the law not to like beyonce No one hates on beyonce , rihanna or alicia keys people just don’t share your opinion
    get over it and as someone said her same ol same ol look is not going to cut her some slack for i don’t think the album will sell a lot of copies she did lost a lot of fans in the last year
    either way good luck to her!!!!!!!

  34. lot of you motherfvckers talk about meaningful music. look how many meaningful music is out and no one buys them this is a business supply and demand. if ppl want meaningful music the would be in the top 10 . so until you all stop talking and buy the meaningful music stfu

  35. it’s call promotion. just cause you peform at a republican event doesn’t make you a republician. besides, this was back in 2001. people have been known to change political parties you know?

    at ya’ll last paragraph, like i said i’ll ask my mom.

    this is MY opinion, not what bee meant or what my mom meant. sometimes you can be in a group and not feel part of the group. there are some people who have genuinely not felt like they are a part of this country for years based on how they are treated based on ethnicity, race, religion, etc. although there are muslim americans, many of them don’t feel like they are a part of “their country” because of how many americans perceive them. you get where i’m going with this? to me, i think when people make statements like that, there is a deeper meaning behind it and it’s open to interpretation. some are literal, some are not. it all depends on how we as individuals perceive certain comments. personally, i feel as though that comment is no different than michelle obama saying that she is proud of her country for the first time. i felt like i understood what she meant which is why i didn’t understand why people were making a big deal out of it. it’s also a part of the reason why i never asked my mom what she meant either cause i assumed i knew.

  36. @Dark sista Is obama’s Vp

    If you don’t understand what Beyonce meant by “We all feel part of our country now” then YOU’RE the one that’s ignorant because the sister couldn’t have said it better. And there rest of her quotes were true as well pop stars do come and go legends are for ever, and I see nothing wrong with her stating that she strives to be a legend. Like someone else said all the great before got there fair share of critisim and ridicule you keep growing doing what feels right to you Ms. Knowles,you’ll get there.

  37. But they could have done something better for this shoot I’m not really feeling these pics but I know there will be plenty of mag covers coming in the next few months maybe next time.

  38. @voice

    first of ya’ll i wasn’t speaking directly to you. i skimmed through the comments and wrote my comments. i had no idea who said what and just like i addressed darksista personally, if i was talking specifically to you, i would have done the same. if you don’t believe you are a hater, no need to get your panties in a bunch cause i supposedly referred to you as one. you have your opinion that her look is tired and i think her look suits her fine. i’m one of those people who believe that musicians should be musicians and if they want to re-invent anything, it should be their music and not their looks. if they were in the business to try different looks every season, they should have chosen to be models. that’s my opinion on that

    that’s your opinion that the album won’t sell and a lot of copies. people had the same opinion about b’day and well, we all know they were wrong on that too. i agree she lost fans during the last era, but she gained a lot of new ones too. you don’t sell out tours in ethiopia, russia, phillippines, 2 nights at MSG, staples center, DC and a lot of other states and countries and have a concert dvd be in the top 10 8mons without gaining new fans or having lots of them. trust me there are a bunch of us and we are CRAZY……….LOL!! please don’t think i’m literally crazy, i know how blogs can be

  39. And as always. Bee getting her focus on and laughing all the way to the bank with Jay by her side.

    Someone said it best. Bee need to do her best to bring what she wants to her fans. The rest can all take a hike. I think Beyonce is beautiful, talented, sweet, and hardworking; but that doesn’t mean that I don’t prefer her over Jill Scott. I have nothing bad to say about Bee cause 1) I don’t personally know her and 2) Karma’s a bitch. I honestly think Beyonce gets a rise out of people because she’s soooooo successful and accomplished. People don’t like when you do too good. Just good enough.

  40. I will not name names, but some of you are undercover fans. I admire those who are unapologetic. I love the second pic. She’s a wonderful performer. I was sold on BDay the day she performs her singles live. [I didn’t need to be convince in the first place that she had this in the bag LOL]. This lady is so much better live than on record & videos. It’s unbelievable. Because I avoid making predictions, I’m waiting to see what she brings to the table this time around. Nevertheless, I expect It will not be disappointing because she pushes the envelop. She does not come accross uneducated. In fact, she’s appears very smart via her personal and career wise descisions.

  41. Wo : It does not matter who you addressed you called haters people that said something that was not necessarily praise to beyonce yes or no? I took the liberty to address you because you were kinda like the last drop in the bucket if you know what i mean 😉 I was just expressing myself following a comment you made its my right right? I respect your opinion i i do think you are above the crazy ignorant teenager beyonce fan but stop with the “haters” anthem because it does makes you slide right back under everyone can think whatever they wanna think and if the artist is talented nothing will change no matter how much talk is talked iukwim ^^

  42. Wohoo :
    I know it’s call promotion but like i said sometimes you have to stand for something even if that means sacrificing something you know what i mean? In the entertainment industry people are subjected to scrutiny why would you promote,perform whatever for one political party only and expect not to be taken as part of it? you follow me? and the reason why i was revolted was because beyonce seemed to have jumped in the obama train when a lot of black entertainer did and also when jay-z showed his support , it’s like she needs some kind of validation before stepping up and standing up for anything

    “i feel as though that comment is no different than michelle obama saying that she is proud of her country for the first time.” and did you see how much heat michelle received for heat? I love michelle and i respect her as a strong black woman but it was wrong for her to say that because it reduced years of fight and struggle to insignificant acts and if anything it makes barack look like t\his color is the reason why he should and would be elected president do you know what i mean?

    Its like this what if obama was not black but stood for the same ideas of change would you still not feel a part of your country? I mean to me its like she said “i’m happy we are having a black president” and if that’s your reason to vote than don’t even vote at all because color is not the topic at hand but whether or not can this country regain its international respect, if Our lives can change for the better and if america can get back to its world leader status.

    To Kim:
    “If you don’t understand what Beyonce meant then YOU’RE the one that’s ignorant”

    How so sister?

  43. Beyonce is so full of herself. A lot of these new artists are full of themselves. They want to have (including Beyonce) the kind of impact that artist like The Beatles and Michael Jackson had on the music industry. Well, they were what you call revolutionary and phenomenal.

    Michael Jackson was not only the best and most influential entertainer of our time, but he was a great songwriter, producer and he took the music video world to a whole new level. Artist back in the day did not strive to be icons and legends. Their body of work spoke for itself. And they did it based on their talents without overexposure from the internet, having clothing lines, high profile endorsements and doing movies.

    As far as Beyonce being in movies, sorry sweet pee, your acting really sucks. The only reason producers are hiring her to star in movies is because she has a fan base that can help sell movies.

    Other than overhype and over exposure, what has Beyonce done that makes her think that she can be an icon? She is the most overexposed African American artist since Halle Berry. She is part of this new generation of artist where looks and image rule over real talent. If she starts making better music continuously over the next fifteen to twenty years and people are still fascinated with her, well then she can call herself a legend. But right now, she needs to swallow a piece of humble pie and get a real education.

  44. Sooo gonna sit this discussion out 😆 Other than to say, her pics are pretty. Typical Beyonce 🙂

  45. It’s a shame that it’s so difficult for some people to believe and understand that everybody doesn’t like beyounce. We are all entitled to our opinion without being called haters or worse.

    The girl does look amazing in these photos but I agree with others that she needs to come out with some new material. The bubblegum tunes were cute for awhile but now its gettin a bit dull.

    I also agree that although she is a megastar she does sound full of herself. Nobody is perfect, including her (remember the tumble down the stairs..the wig glue malfunction?) so don’t act like your star’s poop don’t stink. I wish her luck with her upcoming album but this time I hope she gives credit to whomever assists her with her songs.

  46. Image make overs are for gimmicks 🙂 Beyonce has natural talent that transcends hairstyles & hoochiedom lol.

    And she looks great, as usual. I can’t wait for her return. Award shows have been severely lacking without her high powered giving everything she got performances.

    And when the best you can come up with to demean a celebrity is she fell down the stairs… then you reeeeally need to get a new spiel. 😀

    Come see me… I’ll show you how to do it properly. LOL

    *true story*

  47. @ food for thought…

    Have the Icons in your life told you what they were thinking & how they felt?

    Yes yes… but you are all-knowing..

    Must be wonderful in your world 🙂

  48. I ‘m looking forward beyonce new album but i know i won’t buy it! I was always a great fan of bey since her destiny’s child years! I’ve bought all their albums and dangerously in love and i was really fond of her she was like a model! But since b’day, I have to admit that I don’t like her anymore! I don’t know maybe it’s her who changed I think she is so overexposed, trying to be what she’s not (light skin, blong wig) or maybe i’ve grown and matured!
    Now when I see people like Rihanna I say I have to admit that Beyonce is getting old and her style too! If you take bee 5 years ago she’s still the same chick! I f you take Rihanna 5 years ago you won’t recognize her! I mean an artist has to renouvel himself, try new things, new music, new style! Tought bey next album is a “dance oriented” material I it won’t work! Just look at her she has not the style like britney or RIHANNA have! she has to reinvent herself, do a radical change (cutting her hair, new wardrobe…)!

  49. Beyonce has natural talent that transcends hairstyles & hoochiedom lol
    than why doesnt that show? whay isn’t she as classy as alicia? why doesn’t she inspire us? name one song of her that can be called inspiring? “get me bodied”?”upgrade you?” “sugar mama”? the last song she made that was worth the money was survivor
    don’t say her natural talent transcends nothing because if anything she has used style and fashion sens and hoochiedom disguise as “fearlessness” to climb on top
    Nevertheless i like her and i can’t wait to itunes her entire album

  50. i jst luv her and there’s somethin’ thats been runnin’ in my mind which is really bad but kinda good: gettin’ ready 2 see bey kickin rihanna’s ass out the way it’s kinda nasty tho simply because these days ya’ll know Rihanna’s been playin’ Bey so i jst wonder how she gon’ feel when the original comes back !! lol 🙂 🙂

  51. Beyonce should get tired of people calling her uneducated and do something about it, It’s not like she doe’snt have the money istead of always going shopping and out to dinner. The only thing most people comment on is that same old line (she looks good) as if she going to look ugly all of a sudden. If greatness is based on how good you look then she can take a number and get in line. Damm our we only about looks in this country, beauty will fade what will they do then? Oh I forgot go under the knife what a sick soceity we live in. I see why america has fallen through the cracks we are only obbsessed with ignorant things.

  52. It will be interesting to see what’s on the new CD. I’m looking forward to that.

    As far as her wanting to be an Icon, I agree that she will need to come harder than what she has been doing. Icons create Classics, not just for the moment songs. As stated before that would be hard for her to do since the majority of her fan base are in their teens or early twenties and they are into for the moment songs. But she will need to do something because she is pushing 30 and you can’t make kiddy pop at 30.

  53. BEYONCE songs that will last the test of time
    Deja vu
    in this world
    flaws and all
    forever to bleed
    keep giving ur love to me
    I rather be with u
    me myself and I
    The closer I get to u feat. Luther
    dangerously in love
    gift from a virgo.

  54. Well, she already the icon on this site. Her threads gather more post than any other artist of this blog! So, folks are devoted to talking about her! Haters and stans alike!

  55. Amber,I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to GEICO

    If i had a chance to say one thing to beyonce it would be…..HAPPY B-DAY…lol

  56. Oh yeah today s Beyonce’s birthday. Happy 27th to her? I have never been a real fan but have enjoyed a few of her songs. I look forward to hearing her new stuff and personally don’t think it will be dance pop Rihanna music. I think it will be more like Dangerously In Love, though I don’t know why people are so against B’day. It spawned a #1 single and Get Me Bodied was hot and all those extra videos she made were incredible.

  57. Let’s see: Sang with Prince, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Tina Turner, Bono, Celine Dion to name a few. Praised by Patti LaBelle, Diana Ross, Luther, Stevie, Tina, etc. She’s on her way!

  58. ^^^^^ LOL Totally agree with Missy! These fools actually think that they are doing/saying something up here by trying to attack Beyonce?? Are you serious?? Who the hell are yall??? Seriously! Yall are nobodies lol, and yall aint sayin shit that hasnt already been said before…OBVIOUSLY, its not working sweeties lol…GIVE IT UP LOL!!…I’ma need for yall to come up with something new. Let’s try a new tactic this time around so that (insert your favorite artist’s name) can get some shine when Bee comes out…

  59. @Missy she sang with them what about a song that we can remember for eva. I want her to blow my mind with this album. The people you r talking about r icon.

  60. WOW!!! Like I always say Beyonce post ALWAYS gets so many comments!!

    How about we stop worrying about her and worry about if these young black men and women are registered to vote. Seriously! I like B,I think she’s a nice looking black sista and she’s very hard working. But I think we as a people should focus on this election cause ish is real out here.

  61. Please anybody that is a Rihanna fan must be age 15 and below. She has no talent and will be forgotten just like ashanti and all the other no talent it girls.

    alicia keys classy? LMAO If sleeping with a married man is classy then hell is freezing over.

    At the end of the day Bey is the #1 black female artist today. She is an ICON. Get over it haters.

  62. 10 grammy’s
    150 awards and counting
    130 million records
    first singer on the cover of SI
    lead singer of the best selling female group of all time
    first black woman to win ascap songwriter of the year.
    #1 movies
    50/11 endorsements/commericals
    183 magazine covers
    first female artist to be honored as an international artist of excellence

    post of beyonce walking down the street=34987342387237 comments

    I bet beyonce haters didn’t even know that she had made all this history and done all this in such a short time. Beyonce has been in the game 11 years. She is not going anywhere. Sorry haters but she will be talked about for years to come.

  63. @ T

    And I guess you must be unlegally grown your d@mn self by taking the time to mention another womans accomplishments – as you so pathetically did – over a 11 year span.

    Girl, if I had time like you to type all that ish, I’d probably be in a str8 jacket by now. Get a life, and stop living through Beyonce’s!!!!

    I swear, Beyonce gots to have her family all up in these posts because their ain’t nothing more upsetting then seeing a bunch of grown women fight like DOGS over another woman’s blessings….Please!!

  64. Lace-front check, Blank Stare check, Lame answers check.Why does she has to take her time to answer questions. It’s an interview not an IQ Test. We all know Beyonce was not about education growing up. Matthew was getting his poppa Joe on. Yes, she has a talent but most people I know could care less about her. I use to like her but after B’Day I was through. Whoever listed her songs and said there are timeless that’s a lie. Just because she sung with legends doesn’t make her timeless. She is only about image other than that nothing is there. Like the other person said Beyonce has not changed since her solo she has one look, one sound,and the same ole image. Her family is all about money ,the only really successful artist her daddy has managed is Beyonce. Kelly has found fame she couldn’t have here in London, Michelle cd has been pushed back and Solange only sold 46,000 cds.

  65. This barbie doll is a joke , where the is Lauryn Hill did she dissapear from the face of the earth to subject us to this woman with an identity crisis. Beyonce is truly an embarassment to the black community, i am not even suprised that she thinks Halle Berry opened doors for black women she is very misinformed, politics and Beyonce dont mix, what a joke. Has she forgotten that if Lauryn Hill did not dissapear we would not even know who she is. She is so full of herself, did we ever her Lauryn in her hay days talking about wanting to be a Legend her aim was to educate the youth and she became an icon without even trying hard. Lauryn is no more but 10 years later people are still talking about her music , intellect and the positive impact he had on black communities and the world over, and that is what i call iconic and legendary.

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