Beyonce Covers Vogue + Agrees to Oprah Interview

Beyonce is covering Vogue Magazine’s March 2013 ‘Power Issue.’ The pop diva touches on a bit of everything… her career, her marriage, and of course, Baby Blue.

The interview is really long. Click here to read it.

In other Bey news, the singer has finally decided to sit down for a one on one with talk show queen Oprah Winfrey. The chat fest takes place next Saturday at 8pm on OWN.


  1. The cover is STUNNING!!!!

    She looks like a barbie from the 60’s Hollywood era. I just love her face, so beautiful.

  2. Im not a stan, but for some reason I really understand this woman and I appreciate what she does. I find it hilarious that she has to tell herself not to read the comment sections on a story about her because she knows she will get her feelings hurt…lol. That makes her seem so much more human to me.

  3. Gorgeous woman, that last pic is really artistic.
    @CLAIRVIUS- Yea, ppl seem to forget (or just don’t give a damn) that these people have feeling just like anyone else. It kills me when ppl say “that’s what they signed up for”, no, they signed up to entertain and be respectfully critiqued, not down right dogged and disrespected by anonymous internet bullies (which is extremely easy to discern the two).

  4. Yo! Who dis? She better stop messing with her face. The jacket on the cover is nice and some of the poses looks odd but her smiles look real for once.

  5. Beautiful photo-shoot! It’s a different look, the white blouse, very nice! Oprah has been on a roll and this interview will add to her top ratings!

  6. This girl has had some serious plastic surgery done and the airbrushing makes her look eerily perfect.

  7. I do’t think she’s had work done. She looks normal on TV and other photo shoots. I think its those big ass buck teeth they airbrushed onto her that is throwing people off. 😆

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