Beyonce Covers Vogue Magazine’s “Shape Issue”

A stripped down Beyonce is covering the latest edition of Vogue Magazine. The singer dropped her “Sasha Fierce” persona to cover the magazine’s annual “Shape Issue” and did so sans the hair, make-up and uber styling that usually entails a Beyonce magazine cover.



  1. :thumbsup: Thats a good pic, isn’t this her first time on the cover of Vogue. Good job BEy!

  2. she looks fab :bowdown:

    i’m more surprised at the fact that they put 2 black women on the cover back to back :lol2:

  3. Beyonce looks absolutely gorgeous! I will definitely be picking this up! :thumbsup:

  4. This is when she is prettiest. Take away the tranny make-up and clothes and she is just a really pretty young lady. She looks her age when she’s dressed down. She should keep this image because I think it’s the real her. I don’t know her personally but she just seems more natural like this.

  5. The way I have been waiting for her to have this moment.

    Everyone said she would never make the cover of Vogue especially after Dreamgirls and tht was when it was expected. But Jennifer Hudson got it looked fabulous and now it’s B’s turn. :bowdown:

  6. Why does she allow them to airbrush her so much if she says she loves her curves? She’s lying to us and herself. ๐Ÿ™

  7. She looks AMAZING…She’s the second singer to be on the cover…that’s just amazing….love Beyonce. So grogeous.

  8. Im not sure this is a coup. Itake it as a slight.

    The cover isnt about beyonce. Its Vogues condescending nod to full figure women…(real women) Read the up to size 20 blurb. Its like they said oh its time for our annual nod to plus sizes (fashion worldspeak size 6 and above). Hmmm who do we put? Beyonce! Shes curvy and is doing tons of promotion now! And shes started wearing edgier designers lately… Gareth Pugh etc

    Isnt it ironic than Jennifer who is way bigger than Beyonce got a cover without being a rep girl for “curvy women” or a supporting picture for the focus of the issue

    i havent been this irritated since they made Oprah lose weight for thier cover

  9. i am happy FINALLY hey at least she got it! took forever but im so happy she got it yes bey! and they said you were falling off PLEASE!

  10. It’s about time. They have been putting random white actresses on the cover for years! I mean Blake Lively had a cover before Beyonce, WTF? They are galaxies away in terms of success. Say what you want about Beyonce, but she has had a tremendous amount of success. In fact, all of the Black Cover models have been tremendously successful. While the white ones, well…that’s all I have to say about that. Hopefully, they will learn from Italian Vogue and realize that Black women can sell mags just like their white counterparts.

  11. I see they picked Beyonce to cover right under the words Nip Tuck Designing a perfect body. How appropriate. She’s already had two boob jobs. Now she needs a butt job to actually have some curves. she has good legs though

  12. she finaly made it yay! xciting yay! beyonce on a cover of vogue what a miracle,she has made me so happy and made history and is an icon,im so over the moon with xcitement coz i meausure my life with her achievements,when she achieves i achieve,i feel like im the one who is gracing vogue,she can now sleep peacefuly,get inner peace and disappear oho! she wont…..the Oscar is not in the bag yet,baby girl can gain weight,deep tan and play Oprah instead of J-hud so that she can finaly take a retirement….No! the Tony and 30 more grammies to make history and be an icon…..she looks good nothing new.

  13. For some reason, I’m in a ‘beyonce magazine collecting’ kind of mood, so I’m looking forward to this coming out.

    But now because I’m more mature and have accepted that air brushing is a fact of the business, I don’t look at the pictures quite as reverently as before.

  14. I’m glad she’s not all glammed up. She looks nice. I’m surprised she’s not wearing a necklace, she said before that she has a long neck and doesn’t like it. But I guess she’ just going for it ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. To Pam

    You made a very valid point. Never thought about that. :iagree:

  16. :brownsista: Beyonce looks stunning! :bowdown: :bowdown: This cover really showcases her beauty. I am so excited! Two black woman in a row on Vogue! Just wow! I can’t wait for this to hit the shelves! Elegant and simple! I love it!

  17. What does everybody mean by finally got it??? Got what???

    She looks loverly!!!


  18. Kanyade, they are saying that they are happy that Beyonce is finally on Vogue. That it’s about time. Anyways, I love the cover. I am not a big fan of the design of the dress but it is all good. I do like the color of it on Bey. Blue looks great on her.

  19. I agree with Bee and Sheila. Beyonce looks stunningly beautiful. :brownsista:

  20. Is there a time line that I don’t know about when you are suppose to make the cover of Vogue. She has graced so many magazine covers so why is this one so important. I really think we ought to stop giving so much credence to magazine and other things like this in the same forum as Vogue because it’s really not that serious. If that is the case then there are a lot of women who should have made it before her. Let’s keep things in perspective. It’s a picture and a really pretty picture, but, it’s not like she’s curing AIDS. And, this is not a ding towards Beyonce it’s a ding towards all these idiots on this web site who’s going just a little crazy over this magazine cover.

  21. :bowdown: Yes Beyonce’ on the cover of VOGUE she looks good. I will be buying this issue.

    Now let’s have more Brown Sistas on VOGUE!!!!

  22. Wouldn’t this be the 3rd black person? Remember Lebron was on the cover with Giselle if that counts. I have to be honest I don’t look at magazines nor buy them the same as I used to. I feel like anymore, celebrities only say that they are happy with their natural selves and embrace their body size, curves and all but then they let themselves get photoshopped to death. I don’t mind a little here and there but celebrities and in particular black women have been looking cartoonish in some of these magazines. Their hairline and face looks painted on instead of natural, their real curves and legs are often cut in half. I have some magazines from the 90’s and you wouldn’t believe the contrast of a more natural looking photo to one that has been severly photoshopped. I am all for progress in technology but photoshop is killing our natural beauty. It is our ‘so called’ imperfections that make us unique and beautiful. The cover looks fine, so I really hope she didn’t let them do that to her in the rest of the spread.

  23. Now this is a Beyonce cover I am loving!!! She isn’t photoshopped to death or to glamed up!!! 2 Dreamgirls made the cover. Let’s keep this up. More sisters should grace the cover as well!!!!

  24. She also has a stunning spread in the current Italian Vogue! Very elegant! :brownsista:

  25. I never buy magazine that gives advice about getting in shape or whatever they are just a bunch of liars, those little “Motivations” cards trips me out, and their meals advice are crappy, I think Only me knows what makes me lose or gain a certain amount of weight so whatever

  26. koko: Well said about talking about how they feel good yet photoshop the pictures to death

  27. If you understand high fashison, and its prejudices, then you understand the significance of a Vogue Cover. But then again most of you think that Coach and Baby Phat are high fashion soooo….it makes sense that you don’t get it. But that’s okay. You don’t have to like it and you don’t have to care. But I will say this this, American Vogue is the least progressive and frankly the most prejudice and downright racist magazines out there. Did the Lebron James’ King Kong-esque cover teach you nothing? Before J-Hud, you could count on one hand the number of Black non-models that had graced the cover in the magaines’ 115 year history.

    I was happy for J-Hud, ecstatic for Michelle Obama and I’ll be happy for Beyonce; especially, because Bee’s pic is actually flattering and since she doesn’t have her mouth wide open. That fact that I continue celebrate the successes a Black women, does not make an “idiot,” it makes me a proud sista :brownsista: .

    FYI, models and celebrities do not control whether or not their images are photoshoped. Once they sign a release the editors can pretty much do whatever they wanted to it — and perfection sells.

    Sigh, this post only has about 30-something comments. I’m curious to see how many this gets. I’m betting over a hundred, which is odd to me considering most of y’all don’t even like this broad, yet continue to post…

  28. @ Dakhia

    The minute I saw all those weight related subtitles I knew. and Vogue doesnt care about fat people (pardon me Kanye) or even black people. This industry isnt about embracing curves or being healthy. High fashion is about preserving exclusivity and unreachable ideals… white or exotic…36 inch hips included.
    The slimming regime of choice is cocaine, pills, ciggarettes… So when they do the token love your body issue and use Beyonce to validate it… Im not fooled. She will help thier sales with her huge fan base.

  29. @bee so you saying someone such as the president or a teacher of a class shouldnt be helded to a higher standard? yes we are all human but we still do hold them up higher than others…the same with vogue, if you know anything about fashion magazine you would know that vogue is put higher than others thats why its great that bey made the cover, now of course this isnt about fighting AID though we want a cure, everything in the world cant be all about that, we have researchers for that (who are doing a great job from recencet studies) so what you are saying is Bull this post is about a fashion magazine so you shouldnt expect them to be talking about curring AIDs. now if you do want more magazine about AIDS go to (which is a magazine that i recomend everyone read because it has great vaulable information for everyone and the truth about the disease) you would expect to hear about curring AIDs

    @Marissa you said it best, sometimes people just dont get it though

  30. Marissa
    You are such a cheap broad, Your jabs are even cheaper than you, “most of you think that Coach and Baby Phat are high fashion” Really? You actually know each and everyone of us to come to that conclusion? Delusional groupie,”pic is actually flattering and since she doesnโ€™t have her mouth wide open” Putting a black woman down to uplift another one uh? You are an idiot, You are so low class and you need to get yourself Together!

    Pam: “The minute I saw all those weight related subtitles I knew. and Vogue doesnt care about fat people (pardon me Kanye) or even black people”
    Co sign, yet look at fools like marissa being so happy about a black person being on that magazine that they don’ t see the real issue here, We are being used, no matter how much money we are making , We are still being used
    talking about “That fact that I continue celebrate the successes a Black women, does not make an โ€œidiot,โ€ it makes me a proud sista” Nah it makes you a dumb ass if you don’ t see like – Like j.hud and Lebron it’ s nothing but milking the hottest person of the moment

  31. Finally she gets the cover of Vouge!
    Too bad its the ‘fat’ issue cause u know that’s what they mean. She looks stunning, but what the hell is she wearing – is that a Tina for House of Dereon? If so then someone, anyone CUT OFF that womans fingers and make sure she NEVER designs another gown. Its NOT flattering at all!
    Congratulations on landing Vouge girl!
    Fire your MAMA!

  32. Marissa, thanks for lesson in fashion and fashion magazines. We were all ignorant of the subject; thanks for schooling us. Also thanks for basically insulting our intelligence. I never would’ve called Baby Phat HIGH FASHION, but when you assume what posters know, you ‘as s’ume and you know what they say that means…

    And I know you’ll probably come after me for this, but I don’t care. I know high fashion and I’m quite sure a number of the other ladies on this site do too. That was cheap and uncalled for and totally disrespectful. And I think with my comment it’ll set this post at 39 comments total. Hardly the 100+ I’m sure you were hoping for.

    Peace, Love and Designer Hair Grease to you.

    @ Curtis, thanks for answering/explaining.


  33. Marissa:Well you think dereon is fashion period and that is unforgivable But Your point was? Besides Insulting us ? What was your point again? Since when being in a cover of a shape issue of a magazine is flattering? Or “High fashion”, They say fashion at any size so i’ m sure when you open the magazine you’ ll see baby phat and them inside the pages, And what will be your point? Ghetto rat at his best, Takign jabs at the lady of Brownsistas, Minus 3 or 4 stans the rest of us are ladies, well educated and mannered Ladies,
    So TO GET DOWN TO YOUR LEVEL sh-t the f-uck up

  34. :bowdown: Beyonce looks gorgeous! I saw one of the pics and she has on this beautiful black gown! She looks stunning! Beyonce killed this photoshoot as well as the one for Vogue Italian! Mrs. Carter is doing it well! Absolutely stunning!

  35. “you think dereon is fashion period and that is unforgivable”

  36. even though Vogue is known as the “fashion bible” to alot of people, some of its ideas of what is beautiful doesnt represent the majority of women. in my opinion that is why they put bee on this cover, to attempt to shut up critics. their reader subscriptions are decreasing and they are trying to catch the attention of all the “curvy” girls out there, hence the “real women have curves” title, but i suppose that is just for this particular issue. unfortunately, that is not their general mantra.

  37. Beyonce looks soooo elegant and classy! Go Bee do the damn thang!!!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  38. @Mario don’t assume I don’t know something because I don’t agree with you. In my opionion Vogue is no more important as Essence or Ebony. See I don’t think something is right just because it’s white. I don’t put that much importance in Vogue. I know that is the fashion magazine that has sent so many young ladies to their graves trying to look like the stick figures they had in there. I think it’s just a magazine cover. And if you are talking about holding her to a higher standard that let begin doing that. Let’s talk about the image she puts out here to young sisters. Her act is no different than what these strippers do on stage and get paid for. And before you come back to me with some foolishness about this woman don’t. She gets on the stage and she grinds half naked usually showing some of her naked skin supposedly by accident repeatedly and then if I am not mistaken doesn’t she give men lap dances during her concert? Isn’t that’s what strippers do. So let’s keep things in perspective. This is the same woman that was just greased up in some kind oil with her breast almost popping out on a magazine cover. This the first time in a minute of the magazine covers that she has had come out as of late where she is looking like a lady. So get real Mario and stop trying to make this person to be something they are not. You can put on 50k dresses, but, if you still coming out dancing half naked and giving lap dances you are what you are.

  39. Bee: You are so on point, but at the same time SOME PEOPLE live their lives through their idols, so everything touches them, Don’ t trip

  40. @BEE

    so i guess it’s okay for janet jackson to bring a guy on stage, put him on a bed and simulate having sex with him? i guess that’s a lot better than beyonce giving a fake lap dance right? i get so sick of people acting like beyonce is the only singer who get’s raunchy on stage.

    beautiful cover by the way. get em bey!

  41. Hmm , janet never claimed she was prude, janet never said people didnt take her seriously because she was pretty, janet never tried to convince people that she had two personality she just did an album about being someone else then she left it alone, she didnt take it as far as changing hair style every two days to fit her persona, Janet never denied that she was sexualm So dont stans be putting her in the same box as beyonce cause jay is a freak and unapologetic for it, while bey is still a little girl, hiding her ho side on somebody else, grow up and embrace your sexuality HOMIE

  42. @MRSJONES:

    It’s not right for any of these grown ass women to behave like that in front of little girls. I more so blame the mothers for taking their daughters to see these grown women behave like this. I just don’t understand it. Then we sit around and say these young girls are just too much or too this and we are the one’s telling them that this is how you should act. Let’s get real people.

  43. Janet Jackson was simply Janet Jackson. She never used gimmicks to sell her music. Please do not compare her to Beyonce.

  44. janet never used gimmicks to sell her music? ROTFLMAO thanks i needed that laugh. well we see how bad janet fell off so there’s no need for me to hurt the janet stans feelings any further.lmao

    and ‘kim’ you must be blind because i see no boob job on beyonce. her boobs are kinds small and average and there is a thing called a push up bra so sit down. everyone knows beyonce has curves/hips for days so just stop it.

    and ‘ivory’ for someone who claims not to like beyonce, you sure do study her actions pretty hard. you DO NOT AND NEVER WILL know beyonce. so enough with your wack analyzations.

    queen bey has graced another cover! good for her. i know stans of other female artists are continuing to be jealous.LMAO

  45. :stop:

    What does Janet have to do with this tired ho? Please don’t compare the LEGEND to this wannabe icon. NEXT.

  46. Where can i get these Cool emotions (brownsista) so cute.

    Thanks Jackie

  47. for me i think beyonce is the most famous singer in the world rihanna is rubish u go b

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