Beyonce Debuts “1+1” Video

I respect Beyonce’s grind immensely. She understands that she is a brand and that her brand must at all times be kept polished and shining brightly.

That is why she has just released the video for her single “1=1.” It doesn’t matter that the song was released to iTunes almost two months ago and didn’t exactly set the world on fire. What matters is that she loves her song, she believes in it- and she is willing to back it up to the fullest.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she bankrolled this video herself, just like she did with the bulk of the singles from B’day. Whether a track goes to #1 or #101, Beyonce is going to give it her all.

Chart position be damned- “1+1” is a hit because Beyonce’s work ethic won’t allow it to be anything else.

She has my respect.


  1. Wow this video is amazing…It’s beyond sexy….I love the video!!!!

  2. This song is NOT a single. Releasing a song to itunes does not make it a single. It has not been served as a single to any type of format at radio. itunes plays a huge role in songs charting on the hot 100, but not all songs available on there are singles.

    She has shot a video for a mojority of the songs on 4 with the exception of End of time, which is expected to be shot in Brazil in the next coming weeks. Expect her to be releasing videos for songs that are not officially released as singles

  3. I hate it when people make up lame excuses? It was a single? What makes it not a single? Radio can play that song anytime they want and with it being released to Itunes the public was more than able to buy it. Had it gone to number one I bet you all would be calling it a single. Radio isn’t even needed for a song to become a hit. Itunes is the deciding factor. That is why a song can be released to Itunes, hit number one and then hit number on Billboard. If your song is not a digital hit it won’t be a Billboard hit.

    Anyway, the video is nice. Twitter folks is slamming it as low budget but I like that the visuals take a backseat and the vocals are allowed to be the main attraction.

    Can’t wait for Party and Countdown.

  4. @JBL,

    1+1 is NOT a single. I don’t need any excuses when I know my facts. The ENTIRE album is on itunes for download; is every song now supposed to be considered a single? Radio plays songs all the time that are not singles. Urban was playing party, but the song does not OFFICIALLY get released as a single until Tuesday. Yes, itunes plays a significant part on billboard, but simply releasing a song to itunes and having it chart on the hot 100 doesn’t mean those songs are singles. Taylor Swift had 6 songs charting when she released her album because they were available for download but only 1 was the single. Beyonce NEVER officially released the song as a single nor did she OFFICIALLY service it to any format at radio. A song may also be a single for one format but not for others. Some of her fans thought she could have released it as a single to adult contemporary stations, but she never did.

  5. There are songs that become hits on itunes which causes the artist to release the song as a single. There are thousands of songs on itunes, but a good majority of them are not singles.

  6. I meant not official singles released by artists to promote their albums

  7. She looked STUNNING, like someone else said, it reminds me of the female version of D’Angelo’s “how does it feel” video. Sexy and not trashy, simple yet elegant at the same time.

    It did remind me a bit of her “heat” commercial but the visual was incredible and she looked like a bronzed goddess. Her body is on POINT. Nice post~

  8. She looked STUNNING, like someone else said, it reminds me of the female version of D’Angelo’s “how does it feel” video. Sexy and not trashy, simple yet elegant at the same time.

    It did remind me a bit of her “heat” commercial but the visual was incredible and she looked like a bronzed goddess. Her body is on POINT. Nice post

  9. I thought the video was nice. She looked very beautiful in it. I learned not to expect anything when hearing about a new Beyonce video. Because majority of the time the expectation is always wrong….well with me it is. So i can appreciate the video for what it was. I do however think that she is going to do a big budget video with End of time, Countdown, and Party.

  10. Simple yet artistic…I love it.
    And yea the official singles will have big budget videos for sure.

  11. Simple yet artistic…I love it.
    And yea the official singles will have big budget videos.

    SN: Wondering what she’ll perform at the VMA’s?

  12. #1. Beyonce shot a video for 1+1 because SHE wanted it to be a single but her label told her NO. She faught like crazy but her label said the song was too risky so they made a way for her to release it because it’s her favorite song.

    I love,love,love,love this video. Not just because i am a Beyonce fan, but it so gorgeous and sexy and classy. Good job Beyonce.

  13. Love the song.
    Over the whole “sexy/shy/amazon” persona .

  14. I didn’t get into it untill the end with the guitar solo. That part was gorgeous. Then I watched it again & I really loved it. Two great videos from two beautiful artists (Rihanna being the other one)

  15. I like the video! I think it does the song justice. Still waiting for Party though 🙂

    Also, I really like the lipstick she has on at the beginning (when she’s all oiled up)

  16. ok have you ever seen prince ?????? “when doves cry” she copied his video.

  17. Saw it on another site and there’s already ‘origination’ videos showcasing where many scenes in this vid were taken. Sigh.

    Anyway, minus the buckets of oil, I felt this video suffices. I particularly like the wind-blowing/billowing scenes with her hair and the dress/fabric she’s wearing. And this algebuh thing, I wish someone would let me in on the joke of it all…if it is a joke…

    Very sensual, very pretty video, very minimal and it works.The fact that she’s making another anthology of vids should make her fans truly ecstatic. Good going.

  18. Love the video, it fits the song perfectly.

    I know she had to “baze” a long time to get all that baby oil off lol. She also has flawless skin.

  19. she could have done so much for this song rather than stay around half naked, but thats beyonce;s creativity for u , this song is amazing tho.

  20. She is hands down the most beautiful woman to hit the scene in the last 20 year.
    Baddest face and body in the industry.

    I’m always breaking the seven second rule with her. LOL, she is a goddess.

    I loved the video, very sensual.

    And, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the scenes from this vid make it into one of her L’Oreal commercials, she is really smart and business savvy like that 🙂 I have nothing but love and respect for her.

    Keep doing you Bey!!!

  21. @Danielle…
    I don’e see it. Maybe i’m stan blind. But I think people ste fishing.

  22. @lmao- I think that when you’re looking for something you’ll find it.

  23. I respect this article and Beyonce for loving her work so much that she stands by it no matter what.

  24. I like this song…you can’t always go by what sells…what’s important is to keep putting music out regardless…I don’t get why other artists don’t shoot their own videos instead of waiting on record companies when most don’t know how to promote and especially market to us…Beyonce definitely is on her grind…it’s a good video…some of the scenes could have been cut…almost too busy…less would have been equally as alluring…Beyonce is beautiful and sensual as ever, no one can deny this!

  25. Minus the bacon grease and the lingerie reserved to her husband and the ice cube situation, I think it was cool And the song is great

  26. Is this grease part 3? She is tired and being greasy dosent equal sexy..very demonic and evil..we need to pray y’all!

  27. …………………..what’s demonic about it? You can achieve the same doubling effect on a macbook, she just added some floaty fabrics and pretty colors. What a stupid thing to say.

  28. Artistically it’s a beautiful work, and of course she looked great with hair and makeup beyond point but the end made me SUPER dizzy and like nauseous. It could be cause I’ve had a long day at school but yeah, I am still really woozy lol…and for the unblind. Yeah, it could be cause there’s a lot of subliminal messages. However, whether the illumati exists or not, I’m trying as hard as I can to get past it and like Beyonce sometimes cuase she really does work hard. I think any artist who promotes as hard as she does should have some respect. Regardless of what they may or may not do in their personal life. In the end, we’re all human beings and the only One with the true power to bless or curse is God. At the end of the day, she’s a regular person just like any of us and all celebrities are and they have feelings so we should try not to tear down as much as we do. I’m guilty from time to time, and I’ve definitely said my ish about Beyonce but lately I’m trying to be more positive to all artists who deserve it ’cause I see a lot of growth from her. She’s clearly a better singer than she was even 5 years ago and although her acting skills are still pretty pathetic and her music pretty much sucks….she manages to sell it so hard and still make you take a listen. 🙂

  29. I usually like Bey…but she ain’t slick. As much as I love the song I’ll not be watching this video again. I see too many BAPHOMET symbolism in that video, CLEAR AS DAY! Ya’ll could dismiss illuminati conspiracy crap all u want…but there is clearly an agenda here and it’s sucking the creativity out of some of her music videos. There is always one or two videos from her each era that doesn’t adequately conceptualize the song because she and her team have to make sure they include satanic images into it. And I really don’t know or care about the Illuminati or what it entails but I DO KNOW THAT THERE IS SOMETHING SINISTER ABOUT THIS VIDEO.

    Last era it was Sweet Dreams- the mirrors, the dove and the pale horse…all of which had nothing to do with the song and everything to do subliminal messages.

    Same shit with 1+1…the video had the potential to be so much better if they were not compelled to include all that satanic imagery – the psychedelic effects, the mirroring, her hair blowing in that weird formation…the faceless man (of dubious ethnicity) she’s making love to…Folks don’t wanna believe, but the screenshots are VERY TELLING. There’s a standard of mind control in the music industry that all these artist have to comply with and sadly their stans/fans prefer to remain in denial…Idolatry is a dangerous thing.

  30. I agree with you 100 Tweet. I didn’t wanna go that far with it cause I try to stay as neautral as pssible but you hit the nail on the hammer. However, while we should be cautious, we shouldn’t let fear keep us from believing that if one works hard enough in whatever dream they have, they will succeed whether they sell their soul or not. All hard work brings a profit. We just have to rember who the true God is and press on and do our best to ensure Christ’s kingdom is represented as best as it can be with true Christians leading lives of exemplary faith, hardwork, and perserverance.

  31. okay I am a little behind I dont keep up with Bey that closely. Are yall saying she worships the devil? That is really reaching. I was uncomfortable watching cause she is selling sex and I am a female.

  32. TWEET GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!i also wanna be a singer but I wanna go the Lauryn Hill way, not this trash pop ways. the industry is sad
    PS- you dont have to sell your soul for success. Success comes from God.
    Joshua chapter one.

  33. thank u tweet..some folks are too blinded by ms jane tousauint jr to see that she’s pushing an evil agenda..just check out gives u thr 411 on ms crisco and other demonic folks like her..I’m praying for us all!

  34. I don’t know if the illuminati exist, or if she is part of it . But I do know than fandom is out if control , there must be something stringer than her beauty and singing voice driving people to straight ignorance so demonic possesion seems believable right about now, poor gullible souls , couldn’t be me , I’m too strongheaded to be manipulated by a glorified las Vegas show girl ; but to each it’s own

  35. Let’s be clear I’m not down with the Beyonce bashing. I’ve seen her live a few times already and that woman is one hell of a performer. To say she’s a “glorified Las Vegas show-girl”, is hateful and untrue.

  36. she sold sex plus copied prince

  37. when doves cry

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