Beyonce Debuts Full ‘Party’ Video

Beyonce hits up her local trailer park to bring us the video for Party, the sixth single to be released from her platinum certified ‘4’ album.

Though the short clip released earlier this week looked extremely promising, I think the video actually fails to live up to the greatness of the song.

Still a cute little party jam though.

Check it out below.


  1. I agree. Its not as fun as I thought it would be but I still love the song too. J. Cole’s verse not so much. Have no idea why they didn’t use Andre 3000.

    You can see parts of this video were taped months ago, probably when Beyonce first found out she was pregnant. Many clips came from that Dazed and Confused photo shoot she did.

  2. Definitely cute & very colorful. Solange is adorable with box braids.

  3. I loved it. I’m a huge fan and even I admit that 1+1 was a disappointing video to me, liked the choreography in Love on Top but that’s it, liked the baby bump shot and the Audrey Hepburn reference in Countdown and that’s about it. BTINH was nothing special either, except the flashback and reception scene.

    This is my second favorite video from her this era. Actually this and RTW are the only two from this era that I actually liked. But hey, I’m just an 80s baby, what do I know?

  4. Andre could not be in the video because of some legal issues with his company. He’s collaborated with a few other artists and could not be in the video. So Beyonce put J.Cole on the track.

    Love the video and the scenery.

  5. I thought the video itself was meh, but I respect B’s hustle. Too bad about Andre 3000 and his legal issues. I thought his verse was much, much better than J. Cole’s. But it’s always nice to see Kelly and Solange make an appearance. I thought Solange seemed to be having the most fun on set — such a cute girl. But, I have to ask — where was Michelle? It’s not a party until all 3 DC girls are bumpin.

  6. King B’s videos almost always leave me with a positive feeling. The “Party” video is no different. I like that. Sometimes, HoneyBey is such a beautiful-sexy-cornball. At first, I wasn’t feeling J. Cole’s rapping part. However, after this video, I appreciate it much more. His rap also flows well with the track. Some of the extra’s brought it. Also, Kelly and Solange look mad cute, and it seems like they had a good time on the set.

  7. beyonce is a copycat this is clearly khia’s my neck my back video.

  8. Andre is either not appearing in videos (he wasn’t in Lloyd’s either) or like the word on the street was, he was on a cruise with Big Boi. So, Bey did what she had to do.

  9. She could of kept this one. She looked like the older sister who doesn’t want to embrace women hood, so to avoid it she hangs around little kids. Bey is 30years old she could have kept it grown and sexy, real talk. Not to mention 3K wasn’t in the vid, it really wasn’t worth making. He would of looked so damn fine rapping his verse mmmm.

  10. I LOVE BEYONCE! I love this song “Party”! Um, but Imma need for them to put Andre 3000 verse back in ASAP! The video, so-so…. I thought it could have been better…. A lot better! It’s could have been a fun mature video (if that makes sense)

  11. And there my aunty was on the couch sweaty as she drunk all the liquor and tacky good God we like to party look like lmfao or another artist would make n air it on MTV or sumthn

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