Beyonce Delays Video Release

According to a tweet sent out by VEVO, Beyonce’s long awaited video for her new fledgling single “Run the World (Girls)” has been delayed. The Francis Lawrence directed clip was originally set to debut tomorrow and according to those who have seen it, is awesome and almost guaranteed to breathe new life into the track which now sits at a dismal #65 on the Billboard Hot 100 and an embarrassing #167 on the iTunes digital download chart.

VEVO gives no new release date and explains the delay away by saying “Beyonce is perfecting it.”

A fourth preview of the video, described as a trailer (a term used only for movies), was released on the singer’s official VEVO page yesterday and has thus far garnered over 100,000 views.

Check it out below.


  1. She said it was to be released next week at her album listening party. And also sista, that pic is fake.

  2. There Beyonce fans go lying again. I swear when you all don’t want the truth to be known you run out in force to tell lies on as many blogs as you can.

    VEVO would know when the video was due to be released better than anyone. I mean its VEVO.

    If they say the video was due to be delivered to them then that is what it is.

  3. i don’t think it matters. The song cannot be saved. It is too low on the charts. Look at Gaga’s Judas. It has performed a little better than Run the World but it is essentially dead which is why Gaga released a new song.

  4. The fall of Beyonce is coming she has fallen off so hard…

  5. @RANJAY

    The stans who listened to the album said that Columbia wasn’t sure that it would be released on May 13th was a rumored date via word to mouth. BEYONCE later told them that she had a few things to sort out before she released the final product next week. Thats why Vevo released that Twitter Statement. There were no lies, and this was discussed on twitter before Vevo released that statement.

  6. Beyonce knows her power is in her iamage and not her actual music. She is selling herself with Run the World, not the song. Don’t count her out just yet. Even though the song is almost dead, a good video and more emphasis in the video on the beat rather than the song itself can propel it back up the charts. Of all the clips that have been released none of them feature Beyonce singing. It is all about beat and that beat is a banger.

  7. @Wizay…if she is banking her career on her image, she is soon to be bankrupt. She is approaching thirty with the quickness which is a death sentence for women in that business and she is high yella, which means the aging has begun. After 30, very few artist are sought after and her looks has already taken the turn to not so young, delicate and sexy. If she is smart, she will put her ego on the back burner and pull another single from that cd or shelve the project altogether before the whole thing along with her image sinks from that one single. Her audience is getting older and smarter. Its not as easy to fool them with smoke and mirrors anymore. You have to bring something or stepoff the stage.

  8. @Wizay, she “brings something” when she steps ON the stage. Don’t fret, she’ll be alright.

  9. “if she is banking her career on her image”
    If? That’s a fact she based her career on her image, and that was to me her greatest mistake… I love your post tho and welcome on Brown sista 😉

  10. I think they’re trying to wait on a slow news cycle…line up all the ducks they can…release closer to her billboard tribute, it makes sense to take her time and give it her all! I’m sure Rihanna will be releasing “Man Down” if CKB doesn’t move up the charts, it happens!

    It’s been eventful…from the royal wedding, tornados, the capture of bin laden, J-lo deemed the most beautiful woman, The Voice, showcasing people who can really sing beyond image, Lady Gaga’s HBO Special and people discovering she’s actually VERY TALENTED, even though, Judas isn’t at the top of the charts, Common making big headlines, (Jill Scott stealing the show) with the Republicans, people who didn’t know who he was do now…who’s currently charting well…ADELE…something different…it’s a difficult business…but, it’s only a single…I’m sure the video will enhance interest in the single…I love fashion so I know I’ll tune in and probably really like it, if not the song…the visual for sure…

  11. Can’t wait for the video, I’m sure it will be all I want and more. Beyonce/her team know what they’re doing believe that. And that pic of her is absolutely beautiful.

    SN: Whether Beyonce sells 1 record or a million records, she’s still going to have a WORLD tour, heavy promo, and most of all still be relevant. Nothing’s going to change people.


  13. FYI!!!!

    Rihanna’s MAN DOWN goes to POP on May 30. It has not been released yet!!!!!!!

    LOL, at the excuses for Beyawnsay. The child is sick in the head, or just plain delusional. She showed up at the MET Ball and had to be assisted up a flight of stairs because her damM dress was TOOOOOO tight. She wanted an ultra slim waist appeal and she got panned instead. Her troubles started early on with this upcoming release. She had practically no promo and usually her machine is saturating an already soaked sponge to death!!!!!!

    Rihanna is Rihanna. She is far ahead of the game and just coasting and Beyawnsay is racking her brain trying to distinguish herself when IT IS AS SIMPLE AS BEING HERSELF FOR ONCE. But does she know who she is???

    VEVO also updated their page to say something else, not gonna bother searching Twitter but how can a perfectionist perfect a video that’s pending release? LOL….

    Her ego is in the driver’s seat, common sense was left curbside a long time ago. She should just drop the next single and stop with the high fashion crap because it is NOT her at all.

    Oh where oh where oh who oh who is Beyonce? LOL…

    If she is relying on a video to save face then she better reminisce about Deja Vu video fiasco because Run This World looks crazy busy…war, fashion, all kinds of mess going on.

  14. Brownsista you are such a BEYONCE HATER- we see u ain’t comfortable in your own SKIN> why hater?

  15. Rockon: You speak the Mf truth with a hint of craziness for Rih But the truth none the less.

    @John: And i can live with that , but can her delusional fans? I don’t care if she never sells a CD a day in her life again , if i hear a song that i like; I will purchase it. Her fans are the one suicidal hanging to every each of her accomplishment as their own…

  16. It’s really become annoying at this point…seriously release the damn video already or on to the next.

  17. @Shontelle no craziness for Rihanna just holding the sister down for doing just as much and accomplishing just as much IF NOT MORE success than Beyonce. Its insane the way Beyawnsay’s stans run rampant on the Internet downplaying Rihanna’s success BUT when Beyawnsay gets not one, not two, not three, not four, not five but SIX flat tires BEFORE her album drops, they want to make excuses and justify her failure…and that is exactly what has been happening…FAILURE.

    I can’t think of one person truly wanting to see Beyawnsay FAIL but her stans and even she act like she’s teflon and if you look at her discography, copyright infringements and style jacking, Beyawnsay has been struggling for a long time. #1 she doesn’t know her true sound. #2, she wants the fashion icon status too much and not because she represents high fashion, but because she perhaps feels Fashion Icon honors should have been bestowed upon her before newbie Rihanna.

    Truthfully we get what we earn, not what we deserve, what we deserve is the desire of the ego.

    She just needs to scrap the single and all things associated with it to save further embarrassment. I mean what sense does it make to receive a Billboard Award with a current struggling single and bad press? Not just bad press for the single but all sorts of things.

    Beyawnsay is too much of an opportunist to really appreciate what she has to offer. She has something but it’s fading in the background of her insatiable appetite for fame, money, and awards.

    To whom much is given much is EXPECTED!!!!

  18. Brownsista you are such a BEYONCE HATER- we see u ain’t comfortable in your own SKIN> why hater?

    Champ, about three weeks ago I was sitting on my blog minding my own business. That day a 6 second clip of a new Beyonce single leaked online and like, and, I excitedly posted the leaked audio.

    Unlike those sites however, crazy Beyonce stans (not fans) descended on this blog, hurling insults and making (empty) threats to try and get my site taken offline.

    To make matters worse, those same crazy stans, at the behest of other crazy stans, decided to hit up twitter and ATTEMPT to harass me there as well.

    So how did I fight back, I used the power of the pen (my keyboard) and instead of writing fluff pieces about Beyonce and her failing single, I simply told the truth, straight up- no chaser.

    so Champ, my skin is quite comfortable.

    If you want bloggers to be nice and write nice things about your girl, then maybe you all should start being nicer to the bloggers.

    I bet the crazies are longing for the day in which I wrote articles like this:

  19. brownsista you do hate on BEy a lot what gives?

  20. Not true- and did you not read my comment above? And what you call hate is simply the truth about her single. I have never written about Beyonce personally.

    My entire body of work on Beyonce shows no personal ill will. I am a grown ass woman with a life, who enjoys writing online. I am a supporter of Beyonce and black women in general.

  21. Beyonce has the talent and potential to be the USA version of Adele. I don’t know why she doesn’t leave the Booty Shaking, Crotch touching and Licking and Leg spreading to the no talents like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Britney, Ke$ha and the list goes on WHO HAVE TO DO THAT to distract people from their below average voices and keep them interested…

    Come on Beyonce you don’t need to do what they do to keep people interested. Give us some Adele soulful in-depth Music..

    Please!!!! *Sigh* ok

  22. Well I think she’s very smart. Why push with a single or album that’s not gonna work. Go in fix or scrap what you need too and then put it out. Instead of just putting it out regardless of the response. I’m not the biggest Bey fan but the woman is worth $300 million. One thing she isn’t is an idiot.

  23. One thing that’s the saddest and Stupidest things is see particularily on black blogs is how only 1 black woman can be on top at a time. Riri can be there and so can Bey and Jill and Janelle etc…. you get my point. Black folks don’t need skin heads or klansmen or any other hate groups. We do it to ourselves increasingly well, and at the speed of light. I may not love her music but she is a capable singer.

  24. Just go to youtube and watch video’s by the industryexposed…lenonhonor and you will see what “her” agenda is really about…its a sad day indeed..

  25. @Lark I agree why push on with something that’s not working just to save face. Tweek and work on it till its right. I think she made a smart move.

  26. This is all so very sad. Sista, you’re correct…the single probably is a flop. No point in tryna sugar coat anything. But you know what? That’s ok. How many singles have we deemed as a “flop” from Rihanna?

    I use Rihanna as an example because she was (once again) brought up in a thread where she doesn’t belong. Rihanna’s Rated R era (minus Rude Boy) was a FLOP. I actually loved that era, but it is what it is. To major blogging circles, it was a flop. Kinda like RTWG. And what did she do? She came back harder on Loud and found major success again.

    ONE single, and people are already making malicious comments about Beyonce and the state of her career. Is she not entitled to a flop?

    The thing is, people aren’t critical in the constructive sense…some of you are straight up mocking her. Mocking Rihanna. Mocking all the other black artists that you’re not all that crazy about. Reading these bitter comments is ridiculous.

    Don’t count Beyonce out. At the end of the day, if all of her singles “flop”, she’s still BEYONCE. You know, the woman who’s still got a beautiful voice unravaged by drugs, a personality that seems to remain humble despite her success, a stage presence that’s arguably better than every other artist of her generation (esp Rihanna, let’s be real). Just let it be, damn.

    All I see is a bunch of delusional Rihanna stans. Rockyawn, your statements are intelligently crafted but clouded by your infatuation with Rihanna. Riri4Life, your name says it all…how can anyone take you serious with a name like that?

    Don’t you guys get sick of hearing/reading yourselves? You will NEVER catch me on the post of another artist I DON’T like, which is why you’ll only see me on Beyonce/Rihanna posts. Yeah, everyone’s entitled to an opinion. Yes, we live in a free country. But none of this gives us the free reign to shove these “opinions” down other people’s throats all the damn time and call people “crazy” and “delusional” when they disagree…

    …because as vehemently as “stans” stick up for their favorite artists, some of you do your best (and waste your time) trying to argue against that, which makes you just as delusional and a little crazier than the people you’re insulting. You’ve got to be insane if you continuously argue with the people you think are crazy.

  27. ROCKON- You are hypocritical at it’s best. The same people who are telling you to “preach” were the same ones saying you were a crazy delusional Rihanna stan when you would post things like, “RIHANNA IS THE QQQQQQQUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEENNNN!!!” But since you don’t like Beyonce, they’re praising you.

    I think the thing with Beyonce and why many don’t like HER, is because she’s a very professional person who you won’t see taking naked pics/sextape, hasn’t gone from man to man, who (from what WE’VE seen) hasn’t had a particularly ‘hard’ life, doesn’t spread her legs with no panties on, doesn’t say inappropriate things for the camera, no disrespect to the celebs that these things correspond to. But maybe if she starts doing some of the above things mentioned she might get more respect from women, black at that? I always hear “do you have your own life” or “you must be on here payroll” etc. but can’t the same be said about her naysayers who comment their “opinions” every chance they get? Some of you act as if she has the talent of Britney Spears, and shouldn’t have a single award at all. She has talent, and has worked hard for what she has which has gotten her to where she is. If “Run the World” does turn out to be a ‘flop’ it’ll just be a bump in the road.
    One more thing her, Rihanna, Mary J., etc. can ALL be on top which they are now if you haven’t noticed.

    Big difference between opinion/hate, and on this particular blog there’s alot of hate spewing around. And not just for Beyonce. Let’s stop *Sistas*, not cute.

  28. Wouldn’t it just be easier to say, you don’t like her and move on?

  29. Someone needs to call Matthew Quick. She really needs him, her going it alone is a hot ass mess.

  30. I’m a Beyonce fan, but she needs to bring it. She needs to show who she is and just bring it. Maybe she can’t bring it as effortlessly as Rihanna can, and that’s ok. She always wants to be seen so perfect and when she does let us see her imperfections THAT’s STAGED as well (except for the tight dress). Maybe Bey is now as dated as those outfits Mama Tina used to create? Maybe Bey needs to get back with Kelly and Michelle? I don’t know what she can do at this point, but I do know she needs to freshen up her whole image. This is not working.

  31. I’m just trying to figure out, why people are acting as if the album has already come out and sold only 10,000 copies?
    How about waiting until everything happens, to see if your wish does come true.

  32. @LOL, you just made me Laugh out louder. LMFAOOOO There is no hate, it’s the truth…plain and simple!!!!

    If you all want praising and butt licking go to

  33. @Get Real. Stay on topic please. They can call be crazy stan for RIhanna, HOWEVER THEY ARE NOT DUMB. If you are too immature to understand that they see and hear just like I do, them that’s your problem. You need to grow up and get a clue about the facts, that’s all I’m putting out in my opinion. Don’t come at me because they just happen to agree. Actually someone called me out for my re Rihanna, did I get my pannies come apart about it??? NOPE.. Did I call SONY execs and bitttch about it? NOPE. LOL, You have never read Queen Rihanna in any of my posts. LOL. You are so stuck on stupid stanning for Beyawnsay you’re associating Queen with everything. LMFAOOOOOOOO quit the whining. Big girls don’t whine!!!

    ((((Now hear this)))) Beyawnsay is far from professional. Her craft is about as tainted as a tarnished piece of silver.. A professional gives credit to songwriters, not steal credits, manipulate lyrics and add her name for money. A professional does take an entire video, recreate it and act as though she was the originator of FOSSE. LMFAOOO A professional does not fly overseas and tell an audience she thinks doesn’t know any better that she wrote Irreplaceable. LMFAOOOO Again, a professional gives credit to the rightful owner. A professional does not call her former group members bad seeds and then punk out and avoids being seen in the same room with them. LOL. A professional does not use the term ni*ger in her lyrics. LOL… A professional shows the utmost respect for the legendary Jackson Family and refrains from disparaging remarks. A professional does not pretend to be perfect because she is willing to learn from mistakes. A professional does not beg and plead to sing and perform for high profile events just because they want bragging rights and give her stans ammunition to terrorize the Internet. Do I need to keep going? LOL,

    Don’t start with me because you don’t respect my opinion. Thats your damM problem not mine!!!

  34. @Rockyawn, it’s YOUR truth, boo. Don’t go pawning off your biased rage as fact. The fact that you do so ahould amuse you just as much as it does me.

    Both Rihanna “THE QUEEEEEEN, whose reign won’t let up!” & “Beyawnce” aren’t checking for you, or me, or anyone else. That’s TRUTH…plain and simple!!!!

  35. LOL- I was thinking the same exact thing, if ‘you’re’arguing with people calling them crazy, insecure etc. because they take a liking to someone, then what are you? Because every chance ‘you’ get, something negative about the woman is going to be said. Take a look at yourselves people before you start name calling.

  36. @ROCKYAWN,

    So Rihanna IS a professional? She uses nig*er in her song G4L! Or did that slip your memo when you were tryna call somebody else out for their use of profanity?

    She’s being sued by David LaChappele for ripping off his photography in her S&M video!

    Speaking of which, she hijacked MIA’s whole concept in her Rude Boy video!

    I’m a Rihanna fan, but don’t hype her up into some Beyonce antithesis. They ALL are flawed, just about as much as your plastic argument. Get it straight homegirl, seriously. How many times do you need to voice that stale, overwrought opinion of yours? “Beyawnsay, Beyawnsay, Beyawnsay blahblahblah”…”Rih Rih da QUEEN, she’s an icon! That reign just wont let up! Beyawnsay wish she was Rihanna!” That ish gets SO old, about as stale as Beyonce’s hairstyle.
    Get a grip! And give back Perez Hilton’s lexicons since we’re talking about stealing.

  37. My open letter to SISTA.

    Dear SISTA,

    As a faithful visitor of your site and someone who works in the blogging industry (I’m a web designer and most of my clients are bloggers), I would like to tell you that I love your blog. Your are running a tasteful site that empowers “Brownsistas”. You run stories about “brownsistas” that I don’t read anywhere else. Unlike other celebrity blogs out there, you do not treat women like object, don’t focus on how “their thighs are too big”, for example or how they look without makeup, or how much cellulite they have. You focus on the positive, the stories that give all of us lessons to learn from.

    There have been a lot of Beyonce news lately and I notice that you get bashed consistently on your OWN blog. I just want to tell you that I am happy with the way you deal with those name-calling and want to congratulate you for showing us an example of class and maturity.


  38. I hate to keep talking about this becuase the song is a certified flop! However I said maybe I am being to hard and let me listen on utube. Well I click on the version with the song lyrics. Not only is this the worst song ever the lyrics are HORRIBLE! Beyonce has no depth and these lyrics prove it. Who wrote this garbage! SAD!

  39. I still don’t get the big deal for one damn song! Artists make wack records sometimes, that’s life! Why is Beyonce so damn exempt from living the life of an artist? Her songs are not that great anyway and usually are not chart toppers from the beginning. Bey is strictly a visual artist and performer who has to rely on makeup, dance routines, costumes and imagery to be hot Plain and simple. The song is not doing well at all and so goes life. If the damn video just gets released, then maybe ppl will see a change since a video is the only way she will do well.

  40. @LOL
    Don’t let my user name fool you “LOL”. I LOVE Bey! I was simply agreeing w/ @ROCKON that she should move on to the next single. Who are you to tell me I’m delusional if I happen to like Rihanna? #Gurl Bye
    Btw, I never even brought Riri up; however, Bey stans shouldn’t be surprised or get mad when some Rihanna stans leave mean comments on Beyonce. Most Bey stans have been trashing anything and everything Rihanna (or any other female artist for that matter) does since day 1 cuz they see her as a threat to Bey’s “almighty throne”. At the end of the day there is enough room for everyone b/c they are each their own artists and should be treated as such. I wish them all much success.

  41. @TIff and what mainstream artist these days DOSEN”T rely on make up and dance routines? Knowles is a strong performer, that’s one thing I will giver her. Someone dosen’t stay around for 15 years especially in America because of their music videos alone.

  42. i dont get the costume and heels in the dirt..

  43. I do think that a great video can boost a song, but at the same time the song should be able to carry itself until the video is released. In this case the song has not done that, when the video finally drops I beleive it will help the song some but I think “Girls” will be one of those where we say that the video was hot but wish it was for a different song.

    In the end Bey will be fine, one song doesn’t have to wreck an album. Her 2nd single and how she proceeds will determine that.

  44. This song is major FLOP end of story if she needs motivation she should ask Kelly Rowland. Because her single is Super HOT!!!!!! in fact her single is higher on the charts than Bey. I know Bey must not be so easy about that because n a million years she never would of thought that Kelly would have a much better single that is U.S based. KARMA is no joke Bey is reaping from the bad things she has sowed. I feel bad for her right now. I’m not a huge fan but i did not expect this from Beyonce@ all. I mean the lady is 30 married pls give this song to Willow smith or someone else. Its not working boo boo. Team Kelly

  45. Will Francis be in on the re-editing of the video or has he moved on (back to) doing film?

  46. rockon:You’ve made a very strong case, and i must admit You are 100% right .

  47. Riri4Life, your name says it all…how can anyone take you serious with a name like that?

    Your “name” is “LOL” how can YOU be taken seriously, People in glass houses ….

  48. Beyonce where are you? Bring us some good music1

  49. Team Rhianna bey needs to get some motivation from Kelly Rowland LOL. Anyway I went to u tube to hear this song in its entirety.However it was impossible to listen past a few seconds its certified horrible. I was wandering who wrote that s***. Well she has totally lost it. I guess trying to keep up with Rhianna the baddest in the game rite now. And to have that surprise blow to her ego from Kelly Rowland. The girl had a nervous break down. Because I know for a fact she never thought n a zillion years Kelly Rowland would bring it like she did with motivation. The song and Video is HOT!!!!!. She is even getting play from U.S. on this one her video stay playing and her song is getting radio play over here. And to top it off her song is killing Bey new single on the charts. Karma is a b****. She is starting to feel the heat and the pressure. This goes to show everyone fall off and no one is perfect(Bey Fans)

  50. Beyonce is as good as she will ever get some artist don’t ever grow (cue in Britney) either you like it or not,I won’t buy a dagone thing until I deem it good but good luck to her.

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