Beyonce Dumps Father As Her Manager

Shocking news coming out of Hollywood tonight. Word is Beyonce will be following in the footsteps of fellow Destinys Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams and will be dumping her father Mathew Knowles as her manager.

According to the Associate Press, Beyonce’s manager, Yvette Noel-Schure, released a statement saying the 16 time Grammy Winner and her father have parted ways “on a professional level.”

“I am grateful for everything he has taught me,” Beyonce said in the statement. “I grew up watching both he and my mother manage and own their own businesses. They were hardworking entrepreneurs and I will continue to follow in their footsteps.”

Neither Noel-Schure or Beyonce disclosed what caused the break-up, however, I cannot imagine it was his actual management style. Despite getting a bad rap over the years, Mathew took Destiny’s Child and Beyonce to the heights of worldwide fame and made them millionaires many times over. Beyonce in particular has fared quite well under the tutelage of her father, becoming one of the most successful and respected women in music history.

Stay tuned… I’m sure this story will develop more in the coming days.


  1. Something major must have happened to make her leave someone whose management made her a superstar. I wonder who she will hire? Who could possibly do a better job for her than her own father?

  2. I can’t say I seen this coming…But it’ll probably be healthy for her in the long run. SOMETIMES working with family doesn’t always work out.

  3. I agree with @LOL, I think its time for her to grow. And this is just the first step in doing so. I cant wait for her new single and album

  4. Why people are acting so shocked and thinking something scandulous must have happened is beyond me. Beyonce hasn’t really been managed by Mathew since the B’day era. He was barely there during her last era. He started becoming more of an overseer/publicist than her actual manager. A lot of her deals were given to her simply because of her name and brand and not because mathew made it happen. She even said that she was rejecting half of the deals her dad was getting for her. It was also apparent that he was no longer her full time manager when he took the role of professor at Texas University. Her movie career is managed by ICM and has been for a while. All in all, this split is not shocking and It don’t think she “dumped” him. They just made something that has been noticeable by fans for a while official

  5. @Wohoo

    I believe you’re right…she’s been calling the shots for a long time…her father has said so…he structured deals for her…some of her biggest I’m sure…I think he’s a great deal-maker and would certainly take his class…but, artists have to grow and with growth comes change…he made her a mega-superstar to the tenth power…Sometimes you come to a point when you both know it’s time to go in another direction…I imagine it’s not easy being a mega-superstar…when you’ve climbed the highest mountains, yet as a human being and artist you must continue to climb them, reinventing yourself…especially, women whether you’re a celebrity or not…we always have to if we are to stay viable and renewed in this world!

    Alicia Keys, Keyshia Cole, Joss Stone also parted with their long-time managers…her brand is strong…she can manage her career and new management, fresh ideas, new music…a “Live Nation” deal, I’m sure…will only strengthen her brand…the latest blockbuster new talent is Nicki Minaj and Drake…not many!…so the industry is depending on these heavy-hitters…stay tuned 2011 will be interesting!

  6. LOL, oh well, she’s gonna need someone even more grimey to stop Lady Gaga and Rihanna..


    Por Beyawnsay

  7. Is this some kind of sick joke


    Without him she would be nothing and where al the other rnb 90s chicks are


    I knew the minute that Rihanna signed to Roc Nation, Bey would wanna do the same thing

    Bad choice

  8. Matthew Knowles made Beyonce the mega-star that she is today. He is the brains behind the Beyonce train. Making Jay-Z her manager may not be a good thing personally or on a business level. This could be a good thing or a bad thing.

    She is getting ready to turn 30-years old. I just hope that she doesn’t try to change up her image to keep up with Lady Gaga.


    She needs to be very careful,her vapid followers are in love with Mathew made beyonce, seems like she is trying to mature; i can’t knock that but be careful Mrs Carter 🙂

  10. I have noticed that black men never get credit for creating remarkable black children. Outside of Tiger’s mixed daddy black men like Mathew, Joe Jackson and Richard Williams are seen as bad guys rather than the masterminds they truly are. Just as the Jacksons eventually dumped their daddy, so did the Williams sisters and now Beyonce. It is like they can only achieve so much and it be credited to the leadership of the strong black father before someone gets in their ear and says leave him. I’m sure Beyonce will hire some two bit nobody with no proven record of doing anything, or someone white, and all the word will cheer.

  11. Am I missing something?…or did they come out with a press release, saying she’s going to be managed by ROC NATION?
    Knowing Beyonce and how private she is we MIGHT not hear about this sitaution for a while.

  12. What a lame title.

    Only the weak and tired Bey haters are sYing Roc Nation.

    Matthew already has a manager for her, who has been around for years like he is really going to let just anyone manage her. Some of you are more dense then I thought.

    And I really see Matthew stepping down as manager only from the public view, he will remain in her corner.

    Anyway, Bey will continue to do her, I know she has something up her sleeve, some are just not ready.

    Stand back, because the Queen Bee is about to sting 🙂

  13. THIS IS OLD OLD NEWS….it was stated LAST YEAR…#UGHHHH anything to keep her name in a post….especially with all the upcoming promotion soon….!GTFOH

  14. I wish ppl would stop throwing Roc Nation out there. That company is way too closely affiliated to her husband for her to sign with them. They both say they really don’t get involved with each others’ careers. Jay has said in Rolling Stone that Beyonce would be a good A&R if she ever decided to get into that. I think she can manage to be her own manager. Then, she’ll be able to do the things she wants, heading her towards legendary status. At first I didn’t feel so good about her decision, but now, I think it’s good for her. GOOD LUCK BEYONCE. I’LL BE PURCHASING THE SINGLE AND THE ALBUM

  15. I have to also say that Beyonce is more than capable to manage her own career. People really take her to be a fool but this woman seems to be both business saavy & extremely aware of her brand. Don’t let that Southern Peach, shy, softspoken image fool you. Those behind-the-scenes clips of her dvd’s & such really show a serious businesswoman. I think this is the best move for her.

  16. You can blame all her success on her father all you want but talent is talent and there is no other entertainer in the business like her and that’s a fact! all the other gimmicks don’t count. She should be her own manager! Just as she praised Barbra Streisand for being in control of her own career I highly think that she will do the same.

  17. I die the way Beyonce stans act as if bloggers worship this woman as much as you guys do. I want to ask Nick how this is old news when the chick and her daddy just released the statement last night? Every blog and news agency has printed this story. The title isn’t lame it is the truth and the story is very up to date.

    You have no future in PR.

  18. I think she will be fine.She is 30yrs old she has been in control anyway.He will always check on the buisness and I’m sure the team is well trained.Her mother will be with her for every step.

  19. LOL- You couldn’t have said it any better. Beyonce wants you to think she’s stupid. She’s one of the smartest business women in the game. She’s ready to do some damage, and “upgrade” her A-list status even more.

  20. Idk. I’m sure Matty taught her some serpent like moves and I’m sure she caught on very well. I don’t think anybody is gonna have her best interest like Matty boy. Yeah ppl are still gonna want to do business with her but if she is as pitchy as ppl say she is then business might not always be good. If some hired manager pisses her off, then she can give them a good cuss out, but if it’s her dad, then some words are gonna have to be substituted and the attitude level has to come down. If Jay is gonna manage her that would be her downfall b/c Jay is looking out for his best interest. Also signed to Roc Nation is Riri and Willow. And what about all those other chicks he signed like Rita Ora? She needs to come womanly and stop the ska*kiness and stop stealing ppl ish. She said she was gonna do a new genre of music with live music but that’s already been done. She should of grown up a long time ago. But this will be interesting.

  21. I do not beleive it…its just a bunch of hype to purchase her new album…don’t beleive it

  22. I think this is GREAT NEWS. Change is always good, im rooting for her.

  23. Beyawnsay is NOT going to be 30. She is going to be 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Everyone needs to grow and that’s what she’s doing, show kudos to her.

    SN: SISTA, you know you have a virus on your site right?

  25. Beyonce hardcore fans are funny. There’s no way she is going to manage herself. Are you telling me that she will make all the phone calls, meetings, deals, contracts, bookings while performing? It’s humanly impossible. That’s why they have a manager.

  26. “talent is talent”
    Delusional beyonce fans, Are any of you sane? My sister was looking up the riia list last time and i came across the list of diamond selling artist, and beyonce was nowhere near it, Even britney spears was there but no beyonce.

    I mean you can say what you want, but beyonce was very lucky to have a ruthless,business savvy father as her manager, Matthew MADE HER, she is just another blond light skin woman that can sing and shake her butt, but her father made her out to be the female version of Michael Jackson and you people drank the cool aid, as a matter of fact you’re still drinking it, thinking she stands a chance without him,Delusional.

    Beyonce can sing and her stripper moves are the business, she deserves to be successful,but truth be told she didn’t do it on her own,Her father was behind paying people to blog about her, post her music, nominate her at awards and everything, not to say that she didn’t deserve all of this but let’s be honest, Most of you would not be checking for her, and they would drag her trough the mud, and expose her for the self hating, bubble head that she is “(wish i was latina, people hate me cause I’m pretty, i make black records)” and they would leave her discredited and humiliated, but Matthew knew them oh too well, so he played their games and protected his daughter; This is not the thanks that he deserves.

    I wish her the best of luck the girl is a sweetheart, but what the old man see sitting down, the young man can’t see standing up.

  27. ^ IDK what is wrong with this site, its supposed to be hearts not question marks 🙁

    I guess I will have to do it the ugly old-fashioned way…

    I <3 <3 <3 Beyoncé 🙂

  28. @Leaan, I agree with you 100 but you know & her fans know that there are millions of girls that can dance like her or better and without butt pads. It’s funny you said he doesn’t deserve this because I just heard on the radio that Matthew said he doesn’t deserve to be treated the way Beyonce is treating him and that Jay is behind this and wants her to sign with Roc Nation. Like I said above, Jay is looking out for Jay or as MC Hammer would say, Hell boy is looking out for Hell boy. Basically, Jay is just another version of Matthew. They say girls always marry their dad.

  29. Well the only bright side I see in this is if she fails, she has made enough money to really enjoy a life that most ppl would love to have. And she still has her youth.

    My opinion is based on me not liking Jay in the equation and the way she is letting go of the one man who loves her reguardless to whatever her fate is. Her father, Mathew.

    If she is reacting out of anger, then she needs to grow up. There are millions of ppl in her situation and nothing makes her more special than them. Dad’s sins are his own to bare. Rather than being angry and unforgiving and realizing it’s a bigger matter for her parents, and not her. She should be counting her many blessings of even having both parents around and deeply involved in her life until she became an adult. And still they never left her. Her mother is a strong woman and needs her support, not having Bey fight her mother’s battles, by showing disdain for her father.

    Maybe Bey needs to step out of Hollywood for awhile and spend some time with the real everyday ppl. I mean really, what harm can it do?

  30. Have any of you people thought that maybe, just maybe, it was an ACTUAL amicable decision on both parts? Of course not! Ya’ll know that he is teaching courses at a university right? Maybe he wanted to be focused on thatt and the music industry is getting a little old to HIM. Him and Tiffany Evans just parted ways as well. Stop assuming, it’s annoying. It’s funny how her “dislikers” (made it up) ALWAYS know what’s going on in the Knowles household. Give it up. We might never ever know why, and I’m completely fine with that, but I can see some aren’t.

  31. John, you do know that many of us base our opinions on what we’ve read or seen in the media. So the possibility of you being only 50% right also appies here. The latest news has been that Mathew wasn’t pleased how things worked out. Whether it’s true or not, I’m sure it left many ppl to ponder over and give their opinion. Reguardless to being a fan or not. so you being annoyed is senseless and wasted negative energy. I mean really, Does it really matter what ppls opinions are? The Knowles are set for life and I doubt they care what we have to say or think. But it is nice to read what’s on other ppl’s mind and to be able to share how you may feel.

  32. EVA- I guess you can’t be faulted for that huh?..I’m the type of person that NEEDS facts, always have and always will. I don’t go by what I hear, we all know the old saying don’t we? Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you…SEE. We have NEVER seen her bleach her skin, steal songs, get abused by Jay, etc.

    Or am I wrong?

  33. EVA- Oh and you’re absolutely correct, I could be totally wrong. But what I said was a THOUGHT, I didn’t say it as in the sense that i was 100% correct.

  34. the female version of Michael Jackson

    This statement/assumption is such a stretch for me. Not on the bandwagon here. Would rather she be “Beyonce” and NOT “the next MJ” (female). 😐

    I think her father will still look out for her in spite of who on paper her manager is. That’s what good fathers do. I feel like at the end of the day, she could handle things (and probably does already) on her own.

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