Beyonce’s Ego Is Outta Control

Wow! Beyonce is just not going to stop until she converts me into one of her sick stans. I admit it, I listened to the leaked version of her album last week and have been playing it every since. Though not a perfect CD, it has quite a few songs on it that I am really feeling- espcially Diva. Now comes a new leak from the singer titled Ego and it is such a bold in you face confident track. I know some people hate confidence and bravado in other people- but I love it. I love a sista who ain’t scared to admit, as Beyonce does in this song, that “She has every reason to believe that she’s that b%#&. And though the song is not technically about her, I personally think it’s about Jay- Bey has no problem tooting her own horn in this song as well.

Check out the full version of the song here.

Word is the track will appear on the Deluxe Edition of I Am Sasha Fierce.


  1. :brownsista: Love it too! I’ve been playing it all weekend. My faves are Disappear, Halo. If I Were a Boy, Diva, Radio, Ave Marie, Ego, etc. Heck, I’m loving this album! πŸ˜†

  2. yes its great my favorites are disappear, brokenhearted girl, halo, satellites, diva, radio, and video phone….i cant wait to finally hear smash into you, and hello they sound like they will be .

  3. i remember back in the day when i would put on a record and listen to the whole album, but these days music has changed. i like some music from beyonce, but i love b day. i listen to the leaked album on youtube”still buying the album so you so called stans dont beat me up” what is a stan anyway? but i love beyonce version, sasha is ok, dont my kind of music, but i love ego and diva, hate video phone, but she has improved and the beyonce side is timeless and classic

  4. I’m a fan of Beyonce and her larger than life; life. Like Stephanie, I admire women who are bold, brave and confident. Don’t see nothing wrong with writing your own script; that’s what makes you stand apart from the crowd. :brownsista:

  5. Beyonce is a good entertainer but I can’t stomach this CD. I will just go back to listening to DIL – this CD has too much going on. Pop, rock, acoustic, psuedo opera, r&b, rap – all that is too gimmicky in my opinion. I like Disappear so I will be buying singles. All this Sasha mess is getting on my nerves. I like ego, but she is trying too hard. In interviews and movies she is like a deer in headlights – I think all this bravado is an act. :stop:

  6. 60’s Chick:

    A stan is an obssessed fan. It would made popular by Eminem in a song called “Stan” – this guy was stalking him and taking his music literally. He was so obssessed with Em that he killed himself.

  7. Well she is that B**** so I guess she is speaking the truth at least in the song. Its ok. I can see it growing on me as most of her songs do for some reason. I always thought that was weird… lol

  8. I haven’t heard all the leaked tracks, but must admit that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halo. “Disappear” I kinda like….”Radio” I don’t like at all. I wish it were so you could buy only one half of the album (and no I don’t have ITunes…I’m old school like that peoples LOL). I’ve a feeling I’ll really like the I Am Beyonce side πŸ™‚

  9. Wow she that b*tch she want to play wonder woman mmmmmm. Yes her ego is getting really big lol.

  10. I have to agree I’m not bothered at all by Beyonce tooting her own horn. I love confidence and bravado also. It’s sexy when it’s “realistic”. STEPHANIE, I noticed on another thread you mentioned listening to 105.1 and (I think) WBLS so you must be from NY. I am too so I think it’s definitely a NY thing. You know most NY dudes have that confident swagger with a touch of arrogance. It’s only naturaly that us NY girls have a certain appreciation for it. πŸ™‚

  11. @ lady, I forget the website… I think it was another popular Y-T blog site that I read it on. At this point I’m kinda like, whatever. She aspires to act, then she should be able to. Hopefully, her journey of ‘taking-over-the-world’ will inspire others with equal if not greater acting/singing/performing talent. This Beyonce-mania is just crazy though! LOL But I don’t think it’d be that bad if I didn’t frequent gossip sites and celebrity blogs as much as I do. Tsk, tsk. Such a bad habit of mine; I should really get back to work. :brownsista:

  12. I don’t care about braggadocio…I do, however, care about good music. Her album is utter tosh in my opinion..neither consistent nor congruous…It’s obviously a failed attempt at cultivating eccentricity. Either you innately like something or you don’t…Scattering random ballads on one disc and illiterate anthems on another doesn’t make for an eclectic sound…it just makes you contrived and lame.
    Sorry, Beyonce fans… Just an honest opinion from an objective music fan. If you want great eclectic pop/R&/soul/funk try Nikka Costa. She’s got a new album out “Pebble to a Pearl”… Anyway, yeah…Beyonce’s CD just sounds like somebody being a poseur becaus they can.

  13. Bee is back!!!! So looking forwrad to owning this album. Love this ‘Ego’ SONG.

    I think as sistaz we need to feel ourselves and do what it atkes to back it up. She just motivated me to get on that stepper when i get home and go on being my fabulous self. :booty:

  14. @Stephanie
    I love this album I really think u need to listen to the delux straight to get this album. The ballads REALLY SPEAKS TO ME. I LOVE THIS CD WAY!!!!!!!! MORE THAN BDAY.
    This is the cd I wanted her to make for a long time! :bowdown:

  15. I’m not a fan of bold in your face arrogance. But I just wish she would make up her mind. In her interview she always talking like she is so humble and she is not that kind of person. Then she turns around and makes songs like “DIVA”. She also says she speaks through her music and if you want to know about her, just listen to her music.

  16. @ maja

    @ Liyah

    I like your thoughts. You make some good points. Scattering random ballads on one disc and illiterate anthems on another doesn’t make for an eclectic sound…it just makes you contrived and lame. I’m going to listen to the album once it comes out, then I’ll get back to you on whether or not I fully agree with this….but I ‘see’ what you’re saying most definitely; given the tracks we’ve been exposed to thus far. And for the record, I felt ‘B-Day’ was a mix of the latter. In her interview she always talking like she is so humble and she is not that kind of person. Then she turns around and makes songs like β€œDIVA”. She also says she speaks through her music and if you want to know about her, just listen to her music. A conundrum indeed. Good point.

  17. While I applaud confidence, because confidence is needed to survive in the industry, did she really have to lower herself to “that b!&$#” ? I hated when black women do that. It’s so vulgar.

    Did she really call herself that?

  18. I love seeing my sisters with confidence, but can we please stop calling ourselves bitches!! It just doesn’t suit queens. :brownsista:

  19. @ Anon and Zephorah, she’s got to keep with the lingo, keep it ‘gangsta’ and swagger-filled…in that regard I suppose it’s okay to refer to yourself as a b*(tch. But she isn’t the only one, Trina was ‘da baddest ____’ for a hot minute *shrugs* Maybe the club-kids love it. πŸ˜†

  20. I think Beyonce is an attractive young lady with high energy and a great figure, but that’s it. I think sometimes she can be wack and there is just a lot of hype surrounding her b/c she is very private which makes people more interested. *shrug* sorry… πŸ™

  21. @ Liyah

    I think Beyonce is really humble and sweet, but her music/performing brings out another side of her ie, Sasha Fierce! πŸ˜† I think she just creates fun songs and some people like them, some don’t.

    I like the I Am….tracks better, but I will be copping the cd :thumbsup:

  22. Also, I am a fan of Bey because she always puts on a good performance. She gives 110% each time and I’ve never heard or seen a bad performance from her. I can’t wait to see her in concert, because I know I will get my money’s worth! :brownsista:

  23. I like the song.

    What’s wrong w/ doing something different and thinking outside the box?

    She has to do something different, if she did the same old song as before, people would STILL have something to say. What are you doin with your life? I hope it’s something consrtuctive. I like music period.

    It’s cool to not like a song, I mean…. everyone wont like it, but please don’t be extra with it.

    She obviously doin something right, go one Bey.

  24. @Zephora Magazine I could not agree with you more. That term is just degrading. Is she saying I am that female dog in heat and will let anything screw me that is walking past. Because that is actually what she is saying. We have to start paying attention to words and the meaning of them. I don’t know when it became acceptable for women particularly black women to call themselves that, but, it’s not cute. A female dog in heat is just that in heat and will let any dog make love to her. She may even try to hump your leg if you are sitting by her. So that is what you are saying about yourself when you use that term.

    For the life of me I don’t understand why women who have young daughters allow their daughters to listen to and try to immulate this woman. She disgraces herself a lot. And it is really sad that as black women we have gotten so use to seeing black women in such a bad light that we think this mess called Beyonce is what passes for class.

    My nieces will be looking up to the first lady in waiting Mrs. Michelle Obama. That is the definition of class. I doubt that Mrs. Obama will have her performing at the inauguration because that is probably not the image she want her two young daughters to see. Beyonce has lost her way because she has so many people making money of her and that is why she seems a little off.

  25. I love Ego. Before I heard it, Diva and Hello were my favorites. I love it when a person shows confidence in themselves and express it their way. I don’t like it when people degrade themselves though. It is not necessary to jump on the band wagon of derogatory words that sounds like deep down we have no respect for ourselves. And plus she says she is a Christian, so even though you can sing to express your feelings, there is no reason at all to let your goods be evil spoken of. I can understand the Sasha Fierce because every great person will tell you that they have an alter ego, but it does mean you have to degrade yourself.

  26. HEEEYYYY! She gon have er’ybody ATL snappin’ to this joint!!!

    I think it’s alright…. catchy enough.

  27. Im glad I already have the entire ablum, now I dont need to waste my money on part garbage. I liked Diva until she mentioned she was 15 in stilettos and people asking her age, I was lost. I do like Halo and Dissapear, other than that its a wrap for me. :noway:

  28. Everyone has more than one side to them and Beyonce is no different. We are all a walking contradiction πŸ™„

    Love her music and she looks great!

  29. Stop hatin on bey shes the baddest bitch in the game point blank period……..I LOVE HER!

  30. @ Bria,
    and to add on…

    It just seems like a lot of black women can be contradictory sometimes because, first they are tired of being called B*****s and h**S, but then it’s okay to be called that if you have self confidence… But then they’re ready to fight someone because they called them a b****. To some, it may be it’s cool for a “club” song, but come on! Our younger generation is looking up to this! And don’t tell me it doesn’t affect them because it does.

  31. I know some people hate confidence and bravado in other people- but I love it.

    I do too but diva is not my favorite track, ave maria is

  32. I don’ t buy the alter egoness Like i said ave maria is the best and i agree with maja and liyaj

  33. I liked Diva until she mentioned she was 15 in stilettos and people asking her age, I was lost. :lol2:

  34. zephora run before dsom comes in here and call u a “ugly dark skin hatin fat girl” πŸ™„

  35. if she wanna say i’m that *itch I just dont see what the big deal is. She is not holier than thou, she is just a person. I wish you people get a grip on reality.

    Yall talk low down and dirty about her so her sayin she that *tch is a step up in my eyes, aint no worse then the name she gets called so in the words of Ice Cube L.I.G it! lol

  36. “When someone shows you who they are believe them” Maya Angelou

    If she says she is a bitch Believe her.
    Beside Iiwab The whole album is Empty to me πŸ™‚

    Good luck to you

  37. I think there is a difference between Confidence, and arrogance, and insecurity hidden behind arrogance.
    I have no problem with aggressive women if that is what makes you, Go for it, I am more of a calm sensual thing i ‘ ll get what i want without stepping on anyone’ s toes or bruise anyone’ s ego But that’ s me However I have a problem with “when i act like this it’ s because another side of me make me do it” That is insecurity hidden behind arrogance, I don’ t believe her on “diva” and i’ m not believing her on “ego” She needs to make a choice between who she is and who she isn’t before people think about giving her real personality a chance,
    Btw i think anyone that believe the alter ego story seriously need to get help no offense πŸ™‚

  38. Why is a grown ass woman calling herself a the B-word? Beyonce is lost. But then again any woman that would marry a man that made a living off calling women B’s and H’s, probably has low self esteem anyway. *smh*

  39. well i love the album first of yall, i downloaded it and i dont buy albums, but imma buy the album. i love it, only video phone is a lil much but i love the rest. ego is so different and cocky, i love diva tooo BUY THE ALBUM

  40. ok now there’s a big different between havin confident and being ingnorent

    a confident person do not toot there own horn they let other people do it actions speak louder than words if you are confident you show it but with confidents it comes with humilty you never get beside yourself always remember anything can happen

    a arogent person opens up there mouth a turn people off from them because they start to get the mentality that no one can do better then them but remember there is always someone in the shadows that can do better then you but they have not come to light yet

    now the song: the song was cool until she called her self that b_tch right there reminded me of what type of man she has jay-z might have money an he might a bizz goin on but he still have a street mind set have yall heard his music latly it hasn’t change now it would of been cool if she said that chick but that other word do you know that thugs call females that to degrade them so it can up lift there EGO to make there self fell good do she know thats what a pimp call his h_oes his b_tches is she crazy i grew up in the streets of philly around dum stuff like that me and my girlfriends dont even play that type of game sayin we some so and so’s

    it has nothing to do with confidents hmmmm crack heads have confidents they think they look good the way they look hmmm look at whitney she thought she look good all them times she was even confident that bobby was the king if r&b

    an for all the people talkin bout why it such a big deal that she called her self that she has 3 different age group that love her mostly little girls can you really sit here and tell me that that it’s cool for a littlt girl to hear that from her when they see her in a positive way do you know kids are followers if she doin it then its ok to them and dont you know that they are goin to run into somebody an they are goin to call them that and they are goin to think thats cute and they are goin to be callin there self that just because beyonce did it

    you know some people just got they morals jacked up ….the song was cool bey but dont call yourself that because it make you sound like you have low self esteem problems and did i forget to add they call there video h_es that to

  41. I seriously dont see how Beyonce disgraces herself (Bria). Because Beyonce likes to act wild and crazy on stage and videos she gotta be a disgrace. I never in my life as a young black woman looked at Beyonce and said what an Embarrassment or Disgrace to Black people. Im actually proud of her and happy for her. She is doing the damn thing in an industry that is dominated by white people who like to rip off of black people’s style and sound and call it “theirs”. Too be honest with you, I think you sound absolutely ridiculous.

    There have been so many f*ck ups with in the black celebrity circuit i.e, Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson, Whitney Houston, DMX, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, etc… And yet you chose Beyonce to say she is disgrace when she has never been arrested, on drugs, molesting little children or smacked a b*tch with her cell phone. Beyonce is a grown ass woman. And do not compare Beyonce to Michelle O. One woman is the USA’s next First Lady who has to act and look a certain way because she represents the nation. The other woman is a freakin’ Entertainer who’s job is to perform for millions of people all around the world. I dont give a damn who gets mad with what I have to say. I just feel the need to speak my peace.

  42. a dr.philly you said a mouth full but i fell on that :bowdown: :bowdown:


  44. I am actually feeling “Ego.” It definitely seems to be an ode to her man and their relationship. I like the swagger, it fits the song. Just don’t do anymore duets or singles with love your man, we get it. :thumbsup:
    And about calling herself a *itch..its just a song..don’t look too deep into it. Judge a person by their actions. Beyonce carries herself with the utmost class at all times.

  45. prettyady818,
    “And about calling herself a *itch..its just a song..don’t look too deep into it. Judge a person by their actions. Beyonce carries herself with the utmost class at all times.”

    You say this because she’s Beyonce…If she were not, you would cast her in the same light as you cast video girls… In fact, many of them are educated and as naturally reserved as Beyonce in their everyday lives… Yet, they’re still almost nude and shaking their asses for money, right? And that elicits a resounding “WHORE!” from the masses. Why is it different for Beyonce? Because she dances in “costumes” her Mom has designed? Or some other designer?

  46. @Sade I didn’t say Beyonce was a disgrace to black people. I said she is a mess and a disgrace to herself. I don’t think as a black person I have to take responsibility for everything that a black person does. Beyonce behaves no differently than the women in the strip clubs who gets on that stage and parade around half naked for men to get paid. There is a difference. And I agree with the person that said she is no better than a lot of these video girls who really gets dogged out by people for doing the same things she does in her videos.

    The reality of it is if you have little girls you should not let them look nor listen to this woman because in my opinion she is a mess. She seems dazed and confused and putting out an image that she is not quite comfortable with. And just as someone else said we as black women have to decide are we offended when someone calls us a bytch or a hoez. Because one minute we are ready to have a protest and then the next minute it’s okay because she is a strong assertive woman. Which I don’t believe she is. I think that strong assertive women are Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks, Dana Owens aka Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, and a host of others whom I have never heard them referr to themselves as that .

    There is a new standard for black women in the world and it will become first lady on January 20, 2009. And whether you all are ready for it or not people will expect all of us to carry ourselves with class and dignity f0r those of you who don’t do it already.

  47. i didnt hear any songs yet, but i read on a site that Halo was supposed to be Leona Lewis’ song, and the songwriter didnt want to sit on it and gave it to beyonce.

  48. @ BRIA :iagree: some woman think its cute to say thats who they are .thats a hood mentality . and i say something if any of the stars said that a-key,riri,cici,janet,tyra, you know why because there in the lime light little girls love them but its funny how a female will say yeah i’m a b_tch but get mad when they is called one :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  49. I agree Sade :iagree:

    These people (a few of them “haterz”) want to drop such names as Michelle Obama, Oprah, Tyra, and A.Keys but seem to fail to notice that ALL of these women love them some Beyonce and have said so in the past, as well as the present. I mean if the Obama family like Beyonce and have no problem with her, she must not be that bad.

  50. People are so hard on Beyonce because she is so fabulous. She isnt perfect and neither are the rest of us. I have plenty of smart, educated black women call themselves bad b**ches and its all good-there is a time and place for everyone.

    Everyone keeps saying Beyonmce’s fan base is kids but the truth is that its women between 22-40, some of us grew up listening to DC as teens.

    She says things that most of us talk about on the daily.

    Its okay not to like her but to be a striaght hater is a no-no sistaz

    She is most definitely doing her thang

    Pls le me know where u guys hear hersongs on the net, im keen to do the same and Ill still buy the album coz I am most definitely a FAN

  51. I love this CD!!!!!! It gets no better!!!!!! I love the fact that there are different genres on her Cds……LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!

  52. “I mean if the Obama family like Beyonce and have no problem with her, she must not be that bad.”
    Would you get another argument ? Just because someone like somebody does that mean that they necessarily want to be that person?You mean to tell me that Michelle wants her daughter to emulate bey? Why are they in school then? Training should start right about now! What are you pople going to make up next? Michelle name her daughter sashe as a tribute to bey? Puleeze
    And further more barack is our hero our president i voted for him and cried and all but i still have a mind of my own to yes or no whatever i want so what he likes does not determine what i should like or not Get a grip!

  53. bria, no ma’am pam,

    SADE, the truth! I agree w/ everything you said.

    Bria – please post a pic of urself, I’m sure u look a mess. Worry about something more tragic besides beyonce sayin the b word, there’s other things far greater, SMDH.

  54. the new cd is trash just like b-day will she ever makes some real music shes childish :bag: :bag: :bag: :bag: :bag: :bag: :bag: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :noway: :noway: :noway:

  55. :booty: :booty: :booty: …making nosie for the masses is the knowles steelo….we cant continue to accept this mess and give it honor and praise… :stop: :stop: :stop: :stop:

  56. Oh God at the “Beyonce/Video girl comparisons πŸ˜† . What I don’t like about prude women is that they don’t seem to understand the difference between being objectified, and being confident inyou’re own sexuality. The difference between a woman comfortable in her own sexuality and a one of the more tasteless video girls is that a woman who is sexually expressive is not one of several random butt cheeks dancing to lyrics such as “Shut up bit*h swallow” or “Bounce that A** Bit*h”, or “Open you’re Mouth” or humping on the floor like a dog in heat while groups of men throw singles at thier backside. Whats even worse is that some of the women in the more lude “uncensored” videos don’t even get paid for thier services they’re doing it for “exposure”. I don’t condem all video chicks as nasty, because some videos are tame. But there is a differnce, riddle me this do you all feel the same way about Janet simulating oral sex in her stage shows? the problem I have with alot of the women in the videos are theyre enthusiastically cheesing and dancing in videos of artists whose lyrics belittle them as nothing more than sperm depository’s , while if not for thier very presence the same artist’s videos would probably not even be as popular. And I think that I touched on the whole stripper comparison before, let me repeat PLEASE VIEW THE REAL HAPPENINGS OF A STRIP CLUB!! Beyonce and alot of other artists would get boooed off the stage for doing what alot of you consider “risque”, esp black strip clubs, those girls have to do a heck of alot more than simply “dance around” for money to make a living trust Bey and alot of other artist would be starving at the local “gentlemen’s club”

  57. Voice – chile bye! I wasnt talking to you but thanks for your concern πŸ™‚

  58. some of yall on here is some straight hood rats forreal an why do BRIA have to post her pic whats that go to do what she said?????

    an if you want to go there last time i check some of bey stans was not all that cute so dont go there at all and why you tellin people to post they pic post yours :loser:

    I want to see what the stans look like because its hilarious to assume because people can see right through the fakeness of Beyonce that they are ugly. Beyonce would look like everyone else if her fans didnt give their hard earned money so Beyonce could run out and buy $1500 La Mer facial cream, Daily Body Wraps, Daily Facials, Personal Chef, Personal Trainer, Stylist, Seamstress, $1500 heels to look taller, and $1 million wig collection.

  60. Im glad Obama will make her and her husband share the wealth…. :lol2:

  61. last time i check some of bey stans was not all that cute
    They are actually the ugly ones at least those that i know and those that don’ t like her are cutter i know it sound made up but i swear lol i wish i could register on this web idk how to do it i would gladly post my picture i for one know i am prettier than beyonce hands down but that’ s another debate

  62. Give it up Voice! Ur out-numbered honey. Don’t you know Bey stans are no joke! lol



  64. β€œWhen someone shows you who they are believe them” – Maya Angelou

    :hifive: to quoting Maya :brownsista:

  65. what if bria looks better than bey then what do you look like? smh shat up

    Obama mama oh they are a joke alright they are a joke , never capable on giving their opinions on nothing else but their queen they’ re craking me up for sure
    they should give it up i’ m never out numbered i can handle kids

    Zephorah Magazine some iliterate uneducated slave minded piece of crap! you’ ll see when he gets there

    Kanyade: You said it best!

  66. wow people going like that on this site. This is me in the box. It does not matter what a person look like. As long you love yourself what does it make a differents. Bria do you baby girl.

  67. I don’t know why me commenting on a supposedly lady who carries herself with such class and dignity referring to herself as that B is making everyone so concerned about how I look. I look just like Beyonce without all that makeup and air brushing. I look like a normal woman who can still turn a lot of heads at 38 soon to be 39. As a matter of fact she and I look about the same age if you must know. I just because I said she is a hot mess does not mean that she is not a pretty person. So let me clarify I think the image that she puts out is a hot mess.

    @MistyKnight: What you said makes absolutely no sense. There is no difference in what she does and a striper. She may wear a little bit more clothes. You can be fully dressed and sexually confident. There is no reason why every man knows what she has and what she’s capable of along with her husband. Sweetie the sexually confident woman that can be half nake and parade around like a stripper is a myth. I don’t know who’s telling you young ladies that you can carry yourselves like that and don’t think you won’t have some issues later on in life. When I see this young lady I see a woman who has put herself in this box and now that she is trying to change herself people aren’t falling for it. She came out with this overly sexual image and she’s going to have to keep pushing the envelope further and further until she’s standing there naked asking herself who am I and how did I get here. And before all you nuts “stans” freak out I don’t mean literally naked. I meant figuratively naked. She is going to crack because she is not prepared in life for a set back. But for the record again I am fine in case you didn’t get that in the first paragraph.

  68. And one more thing if Bill O’Reilly came out and said oh yea and by the way I’m going to have the Bytch Beyonce on my show this evening there would be an uproar. But who would we protest against. Wasn’t there a big thing with her and TMZ because they called her roboho when she had that outfit on. So I am saying we have to pick are we offended by these words or are we not. Because you can’t have it both ways. For the record I am offended and you all should be offended as well. It was not acceptable to call ourselves this until black men started doing it in songs and movies and then next then you know you had women calling themselves those words. So don’t say it’s just a song. Because words are the most powerful weapons out there.

  69. all this pro black bullshit is just as annoying as all the racist pro white shit………if its wack, it wack, stop calling people haterz just becasue they dont agree with you,

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