Beyonce Covers January Edition Of Elle Magazine

Beyonce Elle Magazine Beyonce and her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, are once again gracing the cover of a national magazine. January 2009 will see the singer on the cover of Elle Magazine and two different covers have been shot. One is for the newsstands and the other (right) will be sent to subscribers. As with her most recent interviews, Beyonce continues to give the public small bits of information about her marriage to rapper Jay-Z. A “power struggle” is how the singer describes her marriage but goes on to say “If I didn’t respect someone and they didn’t have that strength, then I would be bored. I wouldn’t be attracted to them.” As for retiring and having children by the age of 30, something she said she would do years ago, Beyonce now tells the magazine she is “terrified” of having children and though she wants a “couple”, plans to hold off on getting pregnant for a few more years.

Check out another amazing photo shoot of the singer, photographed by Alexei Hay.


  1. love the cover photo of her with the purple…
    Sasha Fierce looks crrraaaaazy!

  2. the purple dress is the best the rest look desprate, this alter ego thing is bull she looks like an 80s reject, and pls for the stans i am not a hater she looks lovley in the purple dress. As for kids its up yo her she is the one that will have to push them out..

  3. Dont like the photos, I prefer Beyonce to this Sasha thing. Gotta give to her, the girl is workin hard. La go fait tt pour ne pas Γͺtre affectΓ©e par la crise MDR!!

  4. Fun and cool at first but at this point, kinda played out. Next look please.

  5. Enough of this chick already. Talk about overexposure and overkill.

  6. The cover pic is nice but the rest :noway: the eye make up is soooo over the top….she looks like a catburglar..and will some one please give this chick some pointers in posing.

  7. Im not hating to all u Bee obsessive fans, but I DO NOT LIKE….at all!! it’s not working.well at least in my opinion!!

  8. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: LOve the pics, i don’t think some people know or understande what high fashion is. Its not your normal pose and smile. High fashion pics are strange poses and weired and crazy looks the you normally don’t see. and these Pics are it. This girl truely works hard and i give her respect for that!

  9. :iagree: :iagree: I 100% agree with tracey, THose pics are really nice, and people really don’t understand high fashion.

  10. beyonce is not a model
    , she looks totally uncomfortable…
    and her face just cannt hold all that make-up like that..
    I like the photo with the purple dress though.. πŸ™‚

  11. Hi everyone,

    @Coco :iagree:

    I suggest she get a new alter-ego, I think FLORENCE would be nice. She’ll be a domestic goddess who doesnt wear make up or take any photo’s and suffers from acute agoraphobia.

  12. I love it!!! She looks FANTABULOUS. This Girl has OFFICIALLY transitoned fron IT GIRL to ICON!!!!! Get it Bey, cant wait til the 2009 TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Overexposure and having all of the money in the world does not make Beyonce an icon. She has no originality, she makes songs that a three-year old can write and record, she has done nothing groundbreaking and constantly steals other artist music and ideas to pass them off as her own.

    She is a spoiled brat who thinks that her looks, fame and money can get her anything she wants. I want an Oscar, I want a Tony, I want to sing the National Anthem for Barack Obama, I want to be the next Barbara Streisand, I want to play Wonder Woman and Eartha Kitt, I want to be an icon. Get an education, some class, keep your mouth shut and learn from the ones before you. Let your work and art speak for itself.

    She is a joke and has an ego the size of Texas and New York combined who believes her own hype. Can’t wait until this girl is knocked off of her high horse.

  14. okay, i actually don’t care for these photos very much. i hate when they do too much make-up around her eyes, it can make her look evil

  15. Love the cover with Bey rocking the purple dress. She looks crazy in the 4th pic. Not feeling her poses, where is Nigel Barker when u need him ??

  16. FANTASTIC! love the pics…do i smell a super hero coming along? “who’s there to save the hero? when shes left all alone and shes crying out for help” sasha is ready and im ready for her super hero movie roll or maybe she could play the bad girl? i donno im but i think sasha got the look!

  17. The Elle cover with Beyonce in the purple dress is very nice and she looks great . All the other pics look just weird. Sorry… but Beyonce does not pull off these high fashion looks …something is definitely off.

  18. JJ said
    You are right Beyonce doesn’t but Sasha Fierce does. And for you to try and critique high fashion and at the same time make such a generalized comment such as “something is definitely off” shows that you do not know enough about high fashion to be a detailed critic. High fashion is adventurous, bold, daring, and awkward, which the pics of Sasha Fierce above prove that she is the definition of high fashion. But Love Ya!!

  19. Her and Jay are having power struggles already? That doesn’t sound good to me. When she was on Tyra a while back she clearly stated that she would like to retire at age 30 and have kids. Either she’s back peddling because things aren’t going so well or she’s just trying to keep people “off balance” about what’s really going on in her personal life. I hope it’s the latter.

  20. Katrina

    What do you mean by power struggles? Please elaborate on your comment and site the source that you gathered your information to make this assumption.

  21. power struggle was used in a good way…read the above text by the pictures… as far as retiring by the age of 30 and haveing kids i dont ever remember her saying she would retire at age 30 i do remember he saying that she would like to have a couple by then but i dont ever remember he saying she would retire…people make that up from her saying settling down…that doesnt mean retirement people

  22. KSH
    It is high fashion I am sorry that you do not recognize it. Just shows that some people know nothing about being fashion forward (HINT) :hater:




    Thank you very much for pointing that out. I am quick to get on the defensive when it comes to Beyonce. I now see this and Katrina I would like to send you an apology.

  25. Adoration…LOL!!! You’re funny. Not really, but whatever. Scroll up and you’ll see some typed paragraphs next to B’s pics. In those paragraphs you’ll see some quotes from Beyonce regarding her relationship with Jay and their issues with power struggles. Mario says she meant power struggles in a “good way”. I could debate that, but I just don’t feel like it. It’s not that serious. I was just giving my 2 cents for what it’s worth. I mean that’s what blogs are for right? And by the way, it’s not normal protocal for everyone who makes a comment on a blog to site their source. That responsibility lies with the site administrator not the site visitors.

  26. :brownsista: Folks just have to go out and buy the mag to find out the whole story! πŸ˜† And of course, that’s what they are counting on! They take a line out of context and make it the headline! Can’t wait to pick this up! You know Beyonce will not be giving you all any private details! Just nuggets to work the article!

    She looks fab in these pics! Loved the Giant shoot too!

  27. If I Was a Boy went #1 in Holland and hits is predicting 160 K for next week! These sales are going great! She’s really outselling B’Day!


    not the cover, but those inside images are so damn artistic. Very futuristic; very 80s.

    THESE IMAGES should’ve been part of her CD sleeve.

    Wow. Just wow. She is bound and determined to make me love Sasha Fierce. πŸ˜† Well, I love her clothes at least.


  29. Maybe some of you need to watch the last few years of ANTM to know what is the different between commercial (beyonce) and high fashion (sasha) pictures. :thumbsup:

  30. well she said on the tyra show anytime she or people close to her (jay, kelly, michelle, solange) has a new album they all go out and purchase 20 copies…im sure people that work for her buy some too…and if it was my album i would do the same…no big deal

  31. I think im going to have to take a break from blogging because its too much Beyonce overload like no one else is in music right now. I bet if the blogs posted Rihanna, Brandy, Ashanti, Ciara on a daily basis and put them on a pedestal then they would be doing just as good. Also, I want to know why people say Beyonce is a hard worker like no one else is….Rihanna is on tour and has alot of singles that are #1 but we barely hear about that, Brandy’s and Keyshia’s album are releasing but we dont see them that much on blogs because they rather show Beyonce blowing her nose. Also where are the Jasmine Sullivan post about her being nominated for 5 Grammy’s (not on this site, its posted)? No other blogs are talking about it. Beyonce ask to be on covers and on television appearances, these people dont go to her she goes to them to promote. Sorry for sounding mad, but enough is enough!

  32. @Mario,

    Its not big deal, but when people start quoting how many albums she sold around the world I just wonder how many copies they purchased…..Matthew is known for that.

  33. Kenny,

    All artist buy their own records, esp the record company, how do you think they give out free cd at their appearances? vouchers?

    anyway, i can’t wait to buy I Am… on payday this friday.

  34. That Girl Scared of how them kids going to look.. Why She don’t give her man some kids if she love him so much. Something don’t add up…

  35. @ yeah okay… what the ___ are you talking about? “why she dont give her man some kids if she love him so much. something dont add up…”?????

    please explain what you are trying to say because what you say dont add up to me… :noway: shes a woman and have choices…she dont have to have kids until she is ready…sorry she didnt get pregnant at age 15 because she “thought she was in love” sorry hun but all of america isnt like that…appreciate her for saving her time to get pregnant till after she got married and became mature… :brownsista:

    sometimes people like yourself make me want to vomit all over you :loser:

  36. Well said Kenny. It is like she just goes way over board with the marketing. She loves the attention and having her ego stroked.

  37. @ Nicole, Child Boo! Mario is right and I don’t think he is a drama queen. What I do believe is that you are unaware how important it is to be ready when you decide to have a kid. A woman should respect herself enough to ensure that some choices remain her own. How good of a mother would she be if she had a child and was not ready? I applaud Beyonce for not giving into a man and standing on her own two feet and making her own decisions. Some women kill me. One minute they say things like, “I don’t need no man to tell me what to do or make decisions for me” and then the next minute they say “You should give your man anything he want even if you not ready for it” I guess your comment shows what category you fall into. :noway: Have some dignity my sister and BE INDEPENDENT! :loser:

  38. ^^I didn’t call him a drama queen because of his statement dear, but because of the last line of his post. When I’m speaking to people with a difference of opinion, the notion of him getting so flustered to the point of throwing up on me is something you express if either you’re a drama queen or immature, you chose. They’re ways to disagree about something without the distasteful comments. I didn’t know it was that serious…

    And for the record…I am a 38 y.o. married mother of a 3 1/2 y.o. son. I DO know the importance of being mature enough and ready for a child. I had my son when the time was right and when God saw fit for me to have him… if that makes me a loser, I’ll be that… πŸ™„ You got the wrong one, love. πŸ˜†

  39. shes so boring..i cant wait until the next hot young thing comes along that can REALLY.. sing and dance..and trust she is out there..a record company is grooming her as we

  40. tosha so you are saying beyonce cant really sing or dance :lol2: oh ok sista…

    nicole… get over yourself

  41. @Kenny I think I am going to have to agree with you. Plus these comments and conversations are getting scary. This use to be a cool site. There use to be a lot of different topics about different things. But since Stephanie along w/Bossip, Concreteloop, & mediatakeout started getting paid by the Knowles it has become a Beyonce fan club site. I guess I have to go back to reading serious news. I wanted to take a break from that because it’s so bleak, but, this is becoming mind numbming.

    Out of all the black women out here doing great things everday she has to have sometimes two and three post a day about the same damn thing. It’s sick and maddening Stephanie. There are no other words for it. You have to give it to those Knowles though, they know how to work the publicity game on every level. They saw the blogs were becoming extremely popular so they paid them off. Really smart.

    @Yeaokay: I don’t think she’s afraid of how the children are going to look. She and Jay Z are not bad looking people. She’s afraid of what that body is going to do. Let’s face it she’s not a petite woman and it would take a lot of work to come back from that. And don’t try to argue w/Mario about this woman. I think he is sitting around with candles and pictures praying to his goddess. Let him answer for worshipping idols on his own.

  42. Mario. Better shut that up. I am not the one. I could care less. Im crazy and i have no shame. U lucky my last comment is awaiting moderation.. I say what i want about Bey. She can give her man a baby. This is why couples break up. Mario wouldnt know cause hes single and lonely. Dueces.

  43. Yeah. Bria boo u right. Ima stop. He just pissed me off. People cant even have opinions cause of crazy Fans. Bey can have kids anytime. Its her choice. But i kind of feel sorry 4 jay. Dont be surprised if jay has a baby on da way and bey aint pregnant. Lol.

  44. I’m glad more black women are appearing on the covers of major magazines!

  45. Mario, I don’t get it. What does “get over yourself” mean?…

  46. bria again you keep my name in your mouth dont you? putting my name in what you type and yet again i havent been referring to you…stalker? thanks for the admiration but i dont need it… anyway enough with you think what you want its not that serious its a blog…

    yeah okay you didnt state an opinion you down right said something aint right about their relationship just cuz she aint have no baby by him yet…thats pure ignorance…sorry that i pissed you off…didnt mean to…i mean i never thought i could piss someone off on a blog talking about beyonce…you must be very interested in her… and who said i was lonely? i like how people take it on a personal level as if you know me, please those comments dont hurt :noway:

  47. anyway…so back on beyonce…cadillac records was GREAT! :bowdown: saw it late last night, and for those that wont go see the movie just because beyonce is in it…well…ill just say that sounds like a personal issue….she aint even in the movie but for like 20 minutes….

    the entire movie was great the story was great and it was nice to know a little more about our music history. even my partner grew up in the 50s-60s and he learned some new things as well…so if this is a blog about black women or celebrities in general and you like that topic then i advise you seeing it….beyonce made me laugh the cursing was just to funny. everyone had their light and everyone shined…gabby was beautiful and did an awesome job as well! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  48. Simply beautiful! Love the photoshoot and I love the album as well!

  49. It is clear that adoration 4 B is a low class loser by the comments he makes. No one can share an indifferent opinion without being attacked. Also you must come from the streets or ghetto NEWS FLASH not all black women have babies out of wedlock. There are plenty of black women that are hard workers, intelligent, successful, married, business owners, have wonderful families and careers. Hint need I give some examples: Michelle Obama, Jada Pinkett Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Condoleza Rice, Angela Bassett, Kimberly Elise and host of non famous black women that are in our communities. Sweetie you are so fixated at tearing down anyone down that does not bow down to Beyonce until you over look the black women that surround you that are just as great or greater. Take a hint and get a life because you are sad. And to all my black and sucessful sisters keep your heads up and continue to reach for the universe because you are the real ground breakers for the future and not just an overexposed celebrity.

    @Kenny well said

  50. Thanks lola, i will get the deluxe copy. Also Beyonce videos are my new workout plan. If you can do the whole dance routine in 3 to 5 inch heels you should be able to lose those extra holiday pounds. lol. maybe i start with the gym shoes first. :booty:

  51. Mario, thanks for the rundown of the movie! I’m working a lot right now, but will check it out next week!

  52. @ mario..morning…yes i do think beyonce is an average singer/dancer at best..i may be an age difference..but i have not grown up with beyones britneys rihinnas..i grew up with stephanies angelas anitas chakas reginas etc (and if u dont know who these women are i am telling my age lol)..true SANGING soul black female singers…and when u grow up with those type of singers a beyonce is frankly far as dancing any woman can get up and shake her ass..nothing special about there is a young girl there right now that is going to put beyonce to shame..the record companys like them young and fresh..and beys time is about

  53. Beyonce should fire her stylist (well she kinda already has) and use the person who styled the “Sasha Fierce” character for these shots. I still find the entire look unbelievable and derivative (she’s merely taken bits and pieces of European pop stars’ avant-gardism in furtherance of Rihanna’s “bad girl” theme) and I’m sure the stylist giggled as he/she assembled the looks, but kudos to him/her. These pictures are beautiful and actually make sense.

  54. Beyonce is also on the cover of Canada’s Elle! That pic is fab too!

  55. @ Anonymous :stop: Before you decide to label me or accuse me of stating, in your words, “you must come from the streets or ghetto NEWS FLASH not all black women have babies out of wedlock.” If you would take the time to read what I wrote you would see that I was applauding Women for making there on decision. I also was more so defending women that make the choice to in your words be “hard workers, intelligent, successful, married, business owners, have wonderful families and careers. ” Beyonce does happen to fit into this catogery amongst many others. To answer your question, NO you did not have to provide me with your examples as I am well aware of the role models that are the epitome of a STRONG BLACK WOMAN. Just to let you know I am not from the “streets or ghetto” and if I was, does that make me worthless, NO IT DOES NOT. What is really funny to me is that it seems you are trying to say women that come from the “streets or the ghetto” will never amount to anything. I think before you try and feed me examples of STRONG BLACK WOMEN you might want to read some history about how many of these women came from what you refer to as the “streets or the ghetto”. You my sister are the sad one that needs to take a hint, as it seems that you have to tear down a percentage of your own people to make yourself look half decent. WELL IT IS NOT WORKING :noway: What you should do if you are half the woman that you claim to be is embrace and love all people for who they are and where they come from and keep them in your prayers everyday. Words of Wisdom to anonymous, “It is not where you start it is where you finish” PEACE OUT AND BLESSED BE! :hifive:

  56. I thank you Mario as well for the review of the movie. I was reading a part of Beyonce interview where she said that her mom walked out many times on the set of Cadillac Records when she would be cursing because she did not like her to curse like that. I am not able to go see the movie but will catch it on DVD. And I am glad that everyone shined on the movie as you mentioned.

  57. lola and surabi…

    no problem it was a great movie and everyone played their roll PERFECTLY including beyonce…her character was so different from herself and she played it off well! :bowdown: im so excited to see what the people that always say that beyonce would never be a good actress have to say once they take the time to see the movie

  58. @Adoration 4 B I never put people from the ghetto or streets in any catagory. However, if you were half the man you pretend you are you would not put others down for having a different perspective on life or Beyonce. But you responded to my post just the way I expected you would in a defensive and ignorant manner. NEWS FLASH ghetto is not only where you come from but it is also a mentality so is class. Your posts and attitude have reflected a very narrow view. You come across as someone with very little education, tact, or class. So if you know there are others out here that are just as or more intriguing than Beyonce you should embrace it. Please go and educate yourself as well because you are still sad. And sweetie please take your own advice and be blessed because appearantly the way you respond you are very mentality incompetant and low class. Peace

  59. well, I love the pics. I am a fan of ANTM so the clothes that on her, I appreciate a lot. They look hot on her and Elle did the darn thing with the cover. I could say other things about the tone of this thread, but sometimes it is better to be quiet.

  60. Beyonce looks like she is posing for a “funeral home” commerical…lifeless…completely dead in these pics except in the purple dress. Damn now she think she can take over the modeling She should had asked Tyra for some tips before posing.
    Also for a person that claims her relationship is so private, why is she leaking all this craziness about her marriage, Sasha has really taken over. What a joke.

  61. Oh Mario if anyone would know about stalking I am sure you would. I wasn’t commenting to you I was responding to someone else’s comment. For the record you are nuts and you and all the rest of these B’s nuts are the reason she has so much security around her. I am sure she reads these blogs and that is why her security has probably been stepped up.

    I don’t really speak of you at all so I don’t really know where that came from I just read your comments and Mr. Single lady anyone that can comprehend words would and should realize that you are a danger and probably has a Beyonce costume somewhere in your closet. So don’t get snippy w/me because people are calling you out. Let me just ask you a quest ion suppose she does retire what are people like you going to do?

  62. bria my name stay in your mouth…for what? really go and read your post and you will see you always make personal attacks towards me when i say nothing to you…to me it sounds like you have a problem to me and i aint done nothing to you…get away please…ive asked you more than once to get off my nutts so do me a favor and stay off my d!ck

  63. Children…Children [bria & Mario] :stop:
    I’m going to be the snitch sister, and tell mama Stephanie on your :booty: :lol2:

    I love me some Beyonce. That a cute get up she has in the 3rd pic. Stay bless :brownsista:

  64. :iagree: Beyonce is a true Brown Sister… it’s her time to SHINE and all of our SISTERS…

    Beyonce #1

  65. sorry SnijanaFleur lol ill try to ignore bria because for some reason in EVERY beyonce post she wants to point me out…why? i donno

  66. ^^ And she shows up in every Beyonce post, but yet she doen’t like her! πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  67. Oh oh Mario…I though you knew!
    bria likes Beyonce. It explains why B’s name is always on the tip of her tongue. Whatever you read on her blogs [about B] is just her way of expressing it πŸ˜†

    She calls you out a lot because she now likes her some *Spanish accent & wink* Mario . Danm M…don’t you see the pattern here :lol2:

    You said you’re already taking. What about you bria? IDK, maybe SOMETHING could be work out between you two πŸ˜†

  68. I was sooooo sick of Beyonce/Sasha Fierce that I haven’t commented on any of these articles about her. However, after seeing her on Tyra, aaaah she is so sweet. I am going to buy her album now, I think we get caught up in the image that we forget the person. Beyonce is a good person and I support her!

  69. The purple dress is nice.

    Not everything which is haute couture is fabolous to everybody just like Art. Difference of opinion. Can ppl chill and try not to read too much into things.

  70. I think this is a poor attempt to capture Aaliyah’s makeup from the try again video.
    Sorry “Sasha fierce” Aaliyah has already done that and did it well. Beyonce does not have an “edge” so she make one by making herself a character. “Sasha fierce” What ever that is.
    You see “B” is scared of being being mean and nasty, she wants to be a bad girl inside but does not know how to do it on the outside, so she makes up names and alter ego’s for herself. I did like the video for “kitty kat” I though that and “Me myself and I” was one of her better songs and videos. When is B going to ditch the wigs and heavy makeup ? We want to see what she really looks like! Beyonce if you see this please take off the wigs and let your hair loose, because real black women don’t have long straight blonde hair, BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!
    Don’t hide baby girl from your blackness, your not hispanic or white, your a black woman, be proud of it and let it shine! :brownsista:

  71. I find it strange that her mother would walk out of the movie because of the cussing that beyonce was doing! How did she manage to design all them half naked custumes that desnity child danced in? its all right to shake your ass in daisy dukes and sing sexual lyrics, mamma and papa knowles seemed ok with it, Im beginning to really think they are pimping their children.

  72. @ Fact you is so right lol. She better give that man some babies before he do a brad pitt.

  73. Absolutely FIERCE! Love the haute couture look.
    Don’t hurt ’em too much now, Sasha, lol.

  74. beyonce stans are stupid love yourself :booty: :booty: :booty: :booty:

  75. @Adoration 4 B you are a liar and a loser :loser: If you adore and embace people of all races then why are you on this post and other Beyonce posts hating on other peoples opinions as you call it. You are the perfect example of a hypocrit. Basically I think you are a fag :lol2:

  76. LMAO! I find it funny that amateurs are in here acting like they are experts at judging high fashion because they’ve seen a few episodes of ANTM.

    The best shot is the cover. I cringe at the thought that these were the best ones of the shoot.

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