Beyonce Decides To Take A Break

The time has come when one of the hardest working women in showbiz decides to take a break from the music business and enjoy life.! According to USA Today one of Beyonce’s New Year’s Resolutions in 2010 is to take a well-deserved break and spend more time with family and friends. “It’s definitely time to take a break, to recharge my batteries,” says Beyoncé, 28. “I’d like to take about six months and not go into the studio. I need to just live life, to be inspired by things again.” I’ve always worked hard, but I feel like I worked harder this past year than I have since I was just starting out. I just had all these great opportunities. I made some great memories this year and really learned to enjoy life.”So much so that “when I got home, I wrote out a contract with myself. I made a list of everything I want to do that has nothing to do with music.”It will be the hardest thing in the world for me to make myself not do an album and shoot a video and turn it in and say, ‘I’m ready!’ I already have all these melodies and ideas in my head. I have to tell myself, ‘Sit down! Sit down!’ “The to-do list consists of “random things. I want to go to restaurants, maybe take a class, see some movies and Broadway shows.” (Beyoncé says she would love to do a stage musical, eventually.) She’s also keen to spend more time with her 5-year-old nephew, Daniel, whose mom is Beyoncé’s younger sister, Solange, 23. “He’s a wonderful kid, amazing, so smart. And I spoil him, so it’s a lot of work. He’s a 24-hour job.”

* sidenote* I wonder if having a baby is anywhere on her to-do list*


  1. I think a break will be good for her. Sometimes we have to take a minute and look back on some things so we know which direction to go in next. It’s good to take time out for yourself and re-evaluate life.

    On your side note: I think she should have some babies. Her husband aint no spring chicken he’s 40 already. She has to think about that, life is too short.

  2. Yes it’s about time that she have decided to take some time off. I would hope her husband will encourage her to think about and maybe start that family thing. I hope on her contract to herself having a child or two was on that to do list for 2010. She has work very hard and a break is well deserved.

  3. I’m so glad she has decided to take a very well deserved break because I think the next album and new material will be like that! 😉
    She’s going to set a newer & higher standard for upcoming artist to live up to on her next go round.

  4. Beyonce does not have a “take a break” type of personality. She will release new music this year and an album in 2011. She will do something to keep her name and face out there because she is a BRAND. We already know she has a perfume coming out and that right there will keep her busy for the next month or so. She has signed a deal to promote Vizio products and a few other things. No she may not release album but girlfriend will be in our faces constantly- believe that.

  5. ‘Bout time! I wish she would take the whole decade off. She could have a 2020 comeback tour.

  6. @VAL LOL you aint lyin’ but yeah she does need a well reserved decade off. .. ….DON’T WORRY MS. SASHA FIERCE YOUR NAME STILL RINGS BELLS no matter what you do…BUT NOW B NEEDS TO SETTLE AND REGAIN PEACE OF MIND

  7. Lolz!! So i guess that new album she was going to release in 2010 was a rumour! (but iono why she said it at one of her shows! LOL!)

    Yay go B! You take a break girl!
    But yall! im pretty sure this is a MUSIC break!

    Like she has her HEAT that she is releasing (chall im buying that!!), n the concert DVD still has to be released!

    Maybe the break is like at the end of 2010?!

  8. ONLY 6 MONTHS?!?!?!?!?!?!

    let me count my blessings..somthing is better than nothing…

  9. You guys have to realize that even if she does take a break, we won’t notice it. Yes, her perfumes and DVD’s, and her clothing line will be a bit of show for a minute. But trust, she won’t disappear. The papparazzi will be on her tail where ever she goes. So even if she wanted a break, the media won’t go ANYWHERE. I think a break is well deserved though. =D

  10. i’m sorry but this must be said. Why is it anyone’s business if and when she has children. Just because she is on vavation does not mean she should contemplate children until she is ready… The bulk of the people who fill our jails are unwanted children.

  11. I agree with you Iris. 6 months is pretty quick to determine if she wants to settle down that much! Only time will tell. =D

  12. LMFAO @ CINNAMONDARKY! Wouldn’t surprise me with the way celebs try to hide it at first and then BOOM BOOM POW – OUT POPS A BABY! LOL. J/P.

  13. She is pushing thirty, her desperation to be an icon and the next Michael Jackson, her parent’s divorce, her father’s infidelity and all of the backlash from her New Years Eve performance. She may be all smiles for the cameras, but with more money, comes more problems. The girl should take at least six years off, but she is too insecure to do that. She is addicted to fame and is scared some young starlet is going to take her place.

    She should take notes from Sade and Maxwell, live life a little, try to act normal and stop trying to be little Ms. Perfect, get inspired and come back with some grown folks music. With her success and popularity, her fans will welcome her back with welcome arms in six years.

  14. I can imagine she is tired cause God knows I am tired of her. Take a bow go sit down and let me and the rest of the world feel the void.

  15. @ Chey

    On the real she would be a fool to take 6 years off. That was a dumb comment. You take 6 years off of your job and see how well you survive.

  16. @CHEY

    ALSO 6 Years, How About U take six years and go to a mental insitution…LAWD!!!! I swear to god…You Haters Make My Job as a (“CRAZED STAN”..LMAO)…Your Logic is not only down right stupid, but also CHILDISH…


    Whats wrong sweety, IF U ARE TIRED OF BEYONCE…IGNORE HER…If u see her commerical…CHANGE THE CHANNEL…If u see her on a blog, GO TO ANOTHER POST..When her video comes out…DONT WATCH IT…GET A LIFE…

    If i was sick of a person that i dont see in person,dont know and have nothing to do with…I WILL SEEK HELP FROM A THEARAPIST….

    It’s 2010

  17. @ Blacksista – I think the point Chey is trying to make is if she took off six years, her fans would welcome her back with open arms. Six years off would not hurt her pockets or bank accounts, trust me, she will survive.

  18. @MO


  19. She really needs to take a long long break, and come back with some grown folk music!!!! Her last album was terrible!!

  20. It’s great she’s taking a break it’s very well deserved.

    But Beyonce can’t help that the media( paparazzi, blogs, etc.) are searching for her and when she’s seen trying to grab lunch/dinner, or shopping with whoever and she’s snapped and posted on blog sites people rant about how tired they are of her. So WARNING she will be photographed and still posted on blogs, and I’m sure this will be one of them.

  21. “I only make records when I feel I have something to say. I’m not interested in releasing music just for the sake of selling something. Sade is not a brand.”

    Beyonce enjoy your time off. Use it wisely to relax, to learn, to cultivate and create.

  22. her music is junk anyway her fans must like bullcrap in their ears

  23. I hope she has fun counting her money. It is awesome that such a stuck up spoiled brat can complain about having to take time off. Meanwhile the rest of the world is wondering where next weeks food money is coming from. I was so hoping that this depression we are going through would open peoples eyes to the fact that the image of being rich is insulting. Probably 95% of every person in america is tightening their belts but still we idolize people that flaunt in our faces how much money they have.

  24. ANDY- How’s she a spoiled brat and she’s made her OWN money throughout her long successful career? God knows she deserves this break, and you/I would to if you’ve worked literally most of your life (not saying that you have’nt). If you read it correctly nothing indicates that she’s flaunting her wealth in peoples faces, you don’t have to be rich to see a broadway musical, or to try new/different restaurants, and most importantly spend time with your family. If you would’ve made that statement about Paris Hilton in 2002 I would’ve agreed with you 100% because around that time she was living off of her family’s wealth and fame but now she’s banking her own millions so I respect her for that. Andy I just don’t understand why you would say that…in a post like this especially.

    Anyway EVERYONE please donate in any way you can IF you can to Haiti.

  25. Its about time, even though this is probably yet another lie.

  26. It wouldn’t matter if she did take off 6 months, a year, or whatever. No one would notice it because she would still constantly be photographed, interviewed, etc. If Beyonce were to retire permanently, she would still remain in the public eye for the next 20 years.

  27. She deserves to take a break and I hope one of the classes takes up is acting.

  28. ahh i hope B decides to have a baby 🙂 it’ll be sooo cute! buhh i still want her to continue singing… it’ll be a long 6 months either way xox

  29. Her and her husband need to fly to mars or something..its not that deep..she is a glorified stripper that voice is anoying…go away and never come back like smegal says in the Lord of the Rings…she is beyond tired…..Whatevea..Happy Birthday Aaliah..RIP!!!

  30. She’s taking a break long enough for her handlers to reprogram her. She’ll be back in no time. Working and sweating like a Hebrew slave. SMH!

  31. This is going to be a LONG six months for me. I can’t stand RAP and HIP HOP like Young Money and them, nor do I like Keri Hilson, so-so like Rihanna. While Beyonce is on break, I’m gonna need Whitney Houston to go promo crazy, Jennifer Hudson to skip the movie and make an album(lol), and Vanessa Williams to go on tour. Cause everyone else out besides Beyonce, I am not feeling. Hmmm, Julie Andrews I heard you were making a comeback. Mika, let’s get it.

  32. Beyonce please take a long long long break! DOnt worry about your stans because they will still be here waiting!

  33. Do Us All A Favor! Her music lacks that’s all I will say….lol

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