Beyonce Finally Gets Real

Beyonce wants the world to know that she is all about being open and showing the world who she truly is with the release of her upcoming ‘4’ album.

For those of you who have listened to the 12 track disc, you know that the 29 year old singer has put aside the usual dance songs that have become her trademark- and instead chosen to share songs with her audience that she feels will give them a glimpse into who she truly is as a person.

Beyonce’s new found level of openness also seems to have also found its way into her interviews. Never in my opinion has the notoriously guarded, self-proclaimed icon, been as open and as forthcoming as she has been in the latest issue of Dazed & Confused magazine.

I though her Essence cover story was the best interview she has ever given but I digress. D & C got Beyonce to give it up and give it up she did.

Excerpts below… and completely typed up by me. I’m tired!

Beyonce on her first single “Run the World (Girls) being leaked online:

“I have no idea how they got it. It’s scary, but what can you do?” It happens to just about everybody. It’s really unfortunate when it’s your first single and you’re not prepared. People have had to judge it without me presenting it to them. I shot the video early to pay attention to the details and not have to rush. It’s disappointing but you can’t dwell on the past. I recorded the song nine months ago and it’s been really hard to keep it from leaking. In the end it leaked five weeks early. But that’s better than nine months, so I guess I can’t complain.

Beyonce on not wanting to replicate music she has already done in the past:

“I don’t want to hear about ‘Single Ladies’ or ‘Crazy in Love.’ I don’t want to hear it. I believe that there are certain things that happen naturally. I killed off Sasha Fierce. I don’t need her anymore. I am Sasha Fierce. It’s interesting because now I’ve done it for so long it’s easy for me to go into that performance mode. Literally, I go from being a country girl in the dressing room who’s laughing and being silly into, ‘Okay, it’s time to work!’ I don’t have to mentally prepare myself for it. Honestly, I’m much more interested in showing people the sensitive, the passionate, the compassionate person that I am. More so than Sasha Fierce.

Beyonce on what motivates her:

“Being an icon is my dream. It is the ultimate compliment and it has a lot of responsibilities. I take it very seriously. I feel like every time I take a picture and every time I perform on stage I am conscious of my legacy. I’m conscious of the fact it’s going to be around even when I’m not

Beyonce on her famous figure:

“I think it’s interesting because people think I’m a lot curvier than I am. I’m definitely not like what people’s perception of me is. Every single day of my like somebody says ‘You’re tiny!’ Every day! I guess everyone else puts more focus on it than I do.

Beyonce on playing dress up during photo shoots:

I’m not at all shy about having the freedom to wear something fashionable, or something sexy or showing more skin. I have no problem being whatever character I need to be. I have my limits clearly, but I think that’s the beauty of being a woman. We have so many different personalities and I love tapping into all of those.


  1. People have had to judge it without me presenting it to them.

    Were that song any good she wouldn’t have to present it to the world. Good music should be able to stand on its own merits.

  2. Nice she’s a friend in my head. I like Beyonce but you can keep that bitch SF. LOL

  3. I like how she knows how to get serious at the drop of a dime..Good interview, and she’s gorgeous in that picture of her.

  4. I appreciate her candor and agree she doesn’t need “Sasha Fierce” to sell records anymore. She never did…

    Love he talk of legact because that is what’s left when we are gone. That and our money, material wealth, etc. Her family never has to want for anything ever again. Steady grinding for that reason alone is admirable.

    Nice interview. 🙂

  5. i dont get the thing about the curvy figure…she more than anyone lese. imo. has always talked about how “curvy” she is. and her shape and her figure. ive always thought she was tiny, and tall. when i think of curvy i think on kim k, she talked about how buy ing clothes she couldnt fit into or didnt look right on her because she is a “curvy” girl. anyways… she always says too much and then when she tries to “correct” it she looks like she is lying… i dont think this interview is anymore real than anything she has done before..oh well.

    ha ha i love how she always tells us that she is sensitive and blah blah, sensitive people dont talk openly about their “softness” she is just weird….

  6. oh and her sashs fierce statement. how do you say you “…killed it off, but yoou are it” what tha? and you dont have to “…mentally prepare yourself, but you can tell yourself…” what? omg. she talks too much and mostly not enough sense. ok then…

  7. Love B! Can’t wait to get her album and to see her in concert. She is fire!

  8. hey,

    lil’ tipsy’

    ‘but i’m lisetning to some of these ‘leaked’ tracks.

    #1 – 1+1 >>>>>>>>this sounds like the song BKC would’ve written back in the 60s maybe when Jay was about to go off to war or come back from war. This song is grooooovy (thank you Prince-riffs). I’m moved by this song and by “alguhbruh” LOL i like it A LOT.

    #2 – Best I Never Had >>>>>>>pop influence, bruce horner and vanessa carlton with the piano flows. creschendos. this could easily have been a taylor dane, robyn, vanessa carlton, becky with a guitar, drum, piano singing this. BKC covers it well. kind of a baldn song for me though. with a good video treatment this song will work better. i wold love to write the treatment for this. pass that on to BKC and her camp.

    3 –

  9. 3 – (told ya i’m tipsy lol) GIrls (RTW) this song is still turrrible.

    4 – “I care” >>>>>> raw vocals. raw and real. anger. I LOVE IT! The beat ridiing back there some where while she up here in the corner singing to it.

    Beyonce’s voice has gone CINEMATIC with this record.

    5 –

  10. 5 – PARTY sounds like she had SWV singining background,……did she???

    This souns like SWV BROWNSTONE ENVOGUE Harmony!!! I like it. But would never have said it was BKC. EVER. 😛

  11. Lol kanyade go girl
    yeah she is so real (two snaps) hmm hm
    gir tell them!

  12. lol@ kanyade- what you been drinking girl?! must be nice haha

  13. Beyonce Jay-Z has Set you up so you would FLOP and come home and have His Babies!!!

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