InPhotos: Cadillac Records Movie Premiere

The Los Angeles premiere for the film Cadillac Records was held last night and the two Brown Sista stars of the movie were there to walk the red carpet. Beyonce Knowles and Gabrielle Union, who coincidentally share the same hairstylist, showed up for the event looking very coordinated, in basic black dresses. Beyonce, who stars as Etta James in the film, was accompanied by her mom Tina Knowles, while Gabrielle showed up with good friends and fellow actresses, Sanaa Lathan and Regina Hall. Gabrielle recently spoke about her long standing relationship with her co-star and who knew- the two have been good friends every since they were teenagers.

Click over to Page 2 to read a recent Gabby interview in which she talks about her good friend.

And as always, when there are big Hollywood premieres for movies such as this, Black Hollywood tends top come out in force. Check out pics from the red carpet and after-party below.


  1. Everyone looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to see this movie! The reviews have been great!

  2. Melissa, :iagree: . Everyone does look gorgeous here. Look at Ms. Etta! She’s looking great.

    I’ll wait for this movie to come out on DVD. Have no interest in seeing it whatsoever.

  3. I’ll wait for the DVD. I am saving my money for Will’s “Seven Pounds” in December! Everyone looks good.

  4. etta looks scary to me she should know better than to show all that skin like that… :thumbsdown:

    there are no pics of beyonce’s mother tina up here but i will say that tina looked so young and fresh last night….i couldnt believe how nice she looked and i usually dont really compliment her beauty that much :thumbsup:

    gabby is beautiful as usual i have never seen her look bad :brownsista:

    sanaa looks nice thats been my girl since love and basketball and she did good in the new “the family that preys” but that outfit…i donno looks likes somebodies momma not feeling it :thumbsdown:

    beyonce….i kinda like the belt most people dont…and that ring is nice…i would only wear it on special occasions too it cast to damn much…but im really not feeling that hair…i always hate when she pulls it to far back like that…she has an onion head dont like the earings and the dress is just….ok like the heels though :thumbsdown:

  5. In my opinion, Beyonce makes way too much noise about how she prepared for this movie role just like she did for Dreamgirls. She made it seem like she owned that movie and look what the outcome was. She was upstaged by a newcomer. And here we go again two years later, same story with this movie. It is like she has something to really prove. She just tries to hard. She is not saying the “O” word, but we know that is what she is aiming for. Talk about pathetic for a person who is not even a bona fide actress to think she is deserving of an Oscar award.

    The word is she is not in the movie that much and has little screen time, but her name alone will help sell tickets. As far as her acting skills in this movie and future movies, girlfriend needs to keep her mouth shut and just let her work speak for itself.

  6. i want everyone to remember that she even said she is only at the end of the movie so people dont complain that they thought she was going to be through the whole movie

  7. Anonymous….

    My sentiments exactly!!

    You don’t hear Gabby or Sanaa running off their mouth about winning an oscar because they are ‘real’ actresses who know the craft and do the job because they love it, not becuase they are forever competing and trying too hard to win EVERYTHING!!
    The day Beyonce wins an oscar I will be disgusted and will have no respect for the academy.. If an actresses like Angela Bassett can be overlooked she definitely doesn’t deserve one..

  8. Gabby looks gorgeous!

    Sanaa is pretty as always

    Bey looks like she’s going to a junior prom.

    Etta scares me.

    Lauren looked cute til I saw her shoes!

  9. I think it is wrong to make fun of Etta James. You should respect your elders. That said where can we read reviews. I think Etta James deserved an entire movie based on her life and contribution to music.

  10. Everyone Looks good, I’ m not going to watch it

  11. Can’t wait to see it!

    Bey, Gabrielle, and London look pretty! I do not like Sanaa’s dress :thumbsdown:

  12. “dont be lookin at me like i aint wearin no draws!” – Beyonce as Etta πŸ˜† πŸ˜† :lol2:

  13. I had a crush on Regina every since Best Man (Candy). Lauren is very pretty. I have to support my black people, my wife and I will be seeing this.

  14. Everyone looks nice, I’m still not on about beyonce acting πŸ™„ But as dreamgirls this movie is not about her

    Gabby looks stunning :thumbsup:

    lol at etta

  15. Wait a mintue :stop: Gabby Union is 36 and Beyonce is supposed to be like how in the world could they have been friends when they were teenagers? They are not even in the same age group :noway: . Gabby is 11 years older then Bey… they were not even teenagers at the same time. When Gabby was 20 (out of her teen years)..Bey was only 9. Something ain’t right..LOL!!!! Gabby says “β€œBeyonce and I have been friends since WE were teenagers” Oh my…………

  16. I know right I’m a Bee fan but I’ve known that she’s had this industry age personna.

  17. I am a Bey fan too..and even when she first came out with DC and said she was 16 she looked about 26 then!!!! Could she really be in her mid 30’s… did Gabby let the cat out of the bag?

  18. Who is that man standing between Beyonce and Gabrielle? He is gorgeous. What’s his name I think I have seen him in something before.

  19. @ Lady.. I am not saying she looks old or nothing..LOL! But when she came out with DC she did not look like a 16 year old and BTW.. I am a fan but I have to call it like I see it. Now after what Gabby said who knows?

  20. Everyone does look great to me as well. But I will wait to see the movie on DVD, even though I think everyone will do great in the movie. Just having Adrien Brody, Jeffrey Wright and Mos Def in a movie is great, so to add Beyonce, Gabrielle Union and Cedric the Entertainer is even better. I think the movie will do ok, but you know how mainstream society is about majority black film actors in a movie. But thank God for them.

  21. lol at everyones suspicion of Beyonce’s age. the world may never know. You know I don’t have a problem with Beyonce trying to improve on her acting skills, but I do have a problem with the way she is portraying Etta James. The main objection is that she is singing in her own voice of remaking “At Last”. I thought that it was a brilliant idea of Jamie Foxx not singing in his voice and lip synching to Ray Charles voice on all of his popular songs. It really looks like Beyonce in the movie playing Etta than her being Etta. That’s one of the problems I have with her playing Etta.

  22. I agree…Love Beyonce and Gabby but I never believed her age and knowing ppl in the industry that is known for doing that just to cater to a younger audience. HMMMMMM……….I mean I won’t hate on her I would be like dayam why lie but as long as she keep making good music I’m good.

    Honestly I didn’t like how she didn’t reach out to poor JHUD! OMG Very surprised in Beyonce for saying she went to the funeral and JHUD”s family member put Bee on Blast saying she never attended, sent a card nothing. Plus Media Take out said that Bee said No she hasn’t reached out but JHud is in her prayers. To me that’s messed up. EXTREAMLY MESSED UP. but man her cd is fire. (SMILE)!!! πŸ™‚

  23. @Tanya i know what u mean. I knew she was older when they show her on star search. That show on in the late 80-90 i was like she older on there two. You know she going to be upset with gabby lol. Because Gabby do not look her age either.

  24. @ Lady..Yeah Gabby looks great but you know black women age wonderfully…but Beyonce will smack her around later for trying to reveal her real age :lol2: . Well atleast i don’t have to think that Jay-Z was robbing the cradle now because him and Bey are probably about the same age …maybe πŸ˜†

  25. Everyone even beyonce’s stans know that her ass is about 34 years old they dont say it but they know, adn i love gabby but the lying aint cool, they sooo good friends yet we aint never seen them hang out together?
    and since when does beyonce kick it with women that are prettier than her based on popular beliefs? beside that one time with KLS and tyra banks :stop: :lol2:

  26. sdot that my be true but i kinda would like to believe that those are rumors i mena we know how everyone tries to start stuff with jhud and beyonce anyway and the age thing i dont care either she could be older or maybe not…if shes in her 30s good for her to still be performing like that! if she aint then good for her to seem mature at a young age in my opinion..

    but i mean did she start school 10 years late or something because you dont see anyone from her high school saying that she went to the prom… i dont see anyone from her high school going to the media saying that she is older…so i dont see any evidence to say she is lying…oh well i dont really care…if shes lying i feel sorry for her because in my eyes age doesnt matter

  27. yeah if thats true thats sad but you never know it could be lies… i mean what if someone made up the lie about beyonce claiming to go to the funeral or whatever then that might make jhud familly believe that beyonce is really fake and it might not even be true…but the way i see it rumors start about people all the time so until i hear out of beyonce mouth that she attended or sent a card and then hear from jhud mouth that she didnt then i dont believe anything

  28. well damn, that’s got me wondering. i did think that destiny’s child was like in their 20’s when they first came out, but that’s because they had this kind of grown up image. i don’t quite understand that comment, gabby doesn’t have a reason to lie, but i don’t know, if they were gonna lie about her age, i think the cat would have got let out the bag years ago. i mean, i’ve never really seen her age flip-flop in magazine articles or anything. hmmm….

  29. not calling gabby a liar either but you know how when people have other starts that they are in a movie and they say good things about them even if its not true…she could have just spit that out there just to have to have something positive to say about her…

  30. of ALL the members in DC, only bee is lying about her age πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„

    if she’s in her 30s, so are all the other members and that would make solange 28 right? you people kill me with your HATERATION. yeah i called your haters πŸ™„

  31. :stop: Nobody is hating..Gabby said in the above article on page 2 that β€œBeyonce and I have been friends since WE were teenagers.” Gabby is 36 and Beyonce is 27. How is that possible? Maybe Gabby was misquoted and I am a Beyonce fan but that statement seems weird considering the age difference.

  32. btw, that would mean that she was 20 when she was on star search in 1992 right? go look at a clip of bee on star search and tell me that that was a 20yr old ya’ll were looking at. i will wait πŸ™„

  33. I am just making a comment on what was written in black and white. As I stated in my previous post maybe Gabby was misquoted.

  34. The ladies look nice :brownsista:

    Adding this film to my Netflix queue πŸ™‚

  35. I don’t think Bey lies about her age even if she looks way older than her age!
    I mean Letoya was bey’s friend since childhood and she’s 27 too and I don’t think she would lie…
    Some people look older just look at Rihanna for example … She doesn’t look that she’s 20 at all!!

    Gaby is beautiful sanaa is wonderful (that’s my girl!)
    But for one of the very few time I’m not feeling bey at all!
    The dress is ugly at hell, I’m not feeling that hair anymore and these earings…DAMN!!
    Come on bey you can do better than that!!
    (I really miss the old beyonce when DIL came out she was so natural and flawless…)

  36. @Wohoo,

    I think if they believe Beyonce is older it would make them feel better. Beyonce and Gabby don’t even run in the same circles. Sounds like more tongue and cheek if anything.

  37. Anyway, I have been hearing wonderful things about the movie. Critics are really claiming Beyonce came through in this film. I’m sure this will open doors for other projects. Can’t wait to see this. The NYC premiere is next week too.

  38. @Melissa:

    Really? I’ve just read 2 review and there were no claiming things very positive about Bey!
    Actually They said that bey gave a good performance but wasn’t so much on screen and that Jeffrey wright and Most Def were the ones who stole the show!

  39. I love the first picture of Gabby… It’s flawless. I’ll actually go and support this movie. Etta James is one of my favorite old school singers. Beyonce better do a good job portraying her!

  40. Beyonce’s album debuts at number 1 with 505, 593 first week sales according to Hits Daily Double, :bowdown: which is normally right, though it can tend to be 5 or 10k too high or low… Good first week sales, lets see next week. In 06 B’day went from 541k to 162.5 k, a 70% decrease. Though B’day did go triple platinum states side and sell 5 mil round the world, let’s hope this one doesn’t take such an unprecedented decrease and that it does well without the many gimmicks of b’day. πŸ™‚

  41. You are over a week late honey. We knew this already. And if B’ Day was gimmicky what do you call an alter ego, robotic hand, and 2 single release?

  42. Marie: You’ re right Rihanna look 16 with her goof self!
    I really miss the old beyonce when DIL came out she was so natural and flawless…: WE ALL DO SISTER WE ALL DO

    Etta James is one of my favorite old school singers too but if they would have chosen a better actress i would have support it but nah! hell nah!

    505, 593 the first week is lower than bday? I want to know why the hell her stans always opening their mouths didn’t bought multiple copies so it could have been 7502k the first week? Shat up with it!

  43. What is Gabrielle talking about? lol Was this a quote manufactured by someone involved with the film to make Beyonce more personable so that she can get the Oscar buzz and so that it, in turn, could push the movie to #1? I don’t understand…Gabrielle was an adult by the time Beyonce was even known on the national level…Is she mad? πŸ™

  44. 505,593 that’s it anyway good job Beyonce. I would love to see this movie just for my girl Gabrielle Union but am not.

  45. 500K sold is amazing now with the way things are going for artists… To do more would mean something was truly earth-shattering…
    Also, where are people reading reviews? Marie and others… I haven’t seen one….

  46. LMAO Is it true that she’s actually going to sing at the Inauguration? I just went to google to find a review (since obviously I’m one of the only people to have read 0) and they’re reporting Beyonce, Jay Z, and Leona will sing at the Inauguration. LOL That’s wild!!! This can’t be true, can it?? I know he’s in touch with the people, but this is too “pop”…Give me Aretha any day…or Stevie! I’m young but I’d enjoy the nostalgic “how we got over” moments with them!

  47. 505k is great but last week Taylor Swift sold 592k and she did not do as much promotion as Beyonce. Matthew Knowles predicted 750k to 1 million. The cd is NOT a flop but I think her team was expecting bigger numbers.

  48. -first week numbers arent everything longevity is more important to me…

    -as far as the reviews you can read them everywhere they are a few out on the net from creditable sources that i have read that gives many props to the main characters as well were impressed with beyonces acting towards the end of the movie…

    -if beyonce wasnt in the movie i would still go see it because i like hearing the story of music history and for those that wont see the movie because beyonce is in it…well thats your lost she aint even in the whole movie and its not mostly about her…get over it

  49. 500K sold is amazing now with the way things are going for artists

    not for her
    her ass is spose to be a legend, her fans define her success by how much record she sold u mean to tell me that lil wayne is more of a legend and successful than bey? I mean i know yall masters of twisting thinkgs bt come on loool

  50. Interesting… isn’t Gabby Union in her mid to late 30’s? Not that it means much, but I would think the friendship between she & Bey woulda have started when BEYONCE was in her teens & Gabby in her mid to late twenties. I am @ least 1 yr older than Beyonce & I know that Gabby Union couldn’t be that close in age to me. She has got to be @ least 34 or 35. If that woman is younger than that… all the “she looks good for her age” will go out the window for me :lol2: . Yea Gabby looks good, but not good enough to claim to be 27 or 28. Her looks give the impression that she has long passed her 20’s.

    I need more ppl for this movie… I think it might be one of the ones that I rent from Blockbuster.

  51. I think that girl Taylor Swift was number one and TI I think was number two and Beyonce was number three. I saw it on Billboard website. That’s still not a bad thing. But I thought it would be more listening to the people on this blog I thought she was going to sell more. I saw a blog today I think the person who runs it is a little touched by they showed that by herself she has only sold like 9 or 10 million albums world wide. They had all of the female artist on their and the top three were Whitney Houston, Barbara Striesdand , Celine Dionne & Maraih Carey tied. Whitney Houston has sold over 225 million albums world wide and over 80million singles world wide. I think we now know who the baddest chick in the game is wearing her own chain. Say what you want, but, if she comes out with a half way decent album she is going to blow everyone out of the water.

  52. Hi everyone,

    I think the ladies look great! Gabby has always been one of my faves – still cant forget how hot she was in Bad Boys 2! She is a real dark beauty like Ms Kelly and I love dark beauties! Unlike some light skinned girls who are “pretty from far but far from pretty”!
    Dark beauties really are the embodiment of African beauty in my opinion :brownsista:
    Keep representing us Ladies – we support you :bowdown:

    As for Beyonce – and her appearing at the end of the movie – why would she wanna do that? She cant get an oscar unless she is a real leading lady. I think her father/management is selling her out for celebrity rather than credibility! She should step away from that and get a movie where she is the real leading lady and not just a gimmic to get people into the cinema. Papa Knowels WAKE UP!!! Your baby is being used for her star power and not her acting skills!

    Besides if she has a small role – why make all the noise? Why all the relentless self-promotion like she has the starring role in the movie? I dont get that? I thought she was the star of the film?!?!??!?!

    Where are you people reading the reviews? I wanna read some too… and Im happy there are more moives with black actors in them I cant wait to see this movie – for MOS DEF of course hhmmm that man is just waayyy tooo fine!

  53. if i was in a movie for 2 minutes i would be telling everyone about it…hell i saw myself in the audience of oprah and i was calling everyone and hyping it up

  54. Yes, I would too, but it gave me the impression that she had the starring role in the movie cause she talked about it in every single interview, I didnt think she would do that again – you know after the whole dreamgirls saga.
    Anyway wishing her all the best – Im still going to see the film for the music and MOS DEF!

  55. luxe i understand…recently she has been saying in interviews that she is only at the end plus she is the executive producer so its important to her that the movie does well other than her acting in it…but i understand because she did over hype dreamgirls…i enjoyed dreams girls in its entirety mostly for the story not only because of beyonce but she really didnt have much impact on the movie and i will agree that the way she promoted made me feel like it would be her time to shine and it surly wasnt

  56. @ everyone…i think gabby was speaking on Sanna. they are good friends.

  57. tosha SHE WAsNT SPEAKING ON NO SANNA :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: SINCE WHEN IS SANA SASHA FIERCE? :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:



    When Beyawnsay perform SL on the AMAs the audience was luke warm, and then she started cocking her legs and gyrating. It’s a shame she is boring to look at without make up and pounds of horse hair. She is very average and looks very womanly for someone who claims 27. She is NOT 27. No way!!!!! JayZ is about 43 years old. He’s been around although he’s still dressing like a hoodlum, with his pants saggin. Maybe Obama will sit JayZ down and tell him it’s time to act his age and pull up his pants.

    But Beyawnsay is really fighting to get her shine back. Her stans keep saying she’s the #1 chick with no competition. That is simply not true, and only the way they want to see it and if we say something enough, we start believing it just like her payola music.

    I hope Beyawnsay visits this site and other sites and realize people are not haters, we just see through her smoke and she needs to take a BREAK and get a creative juice injection instead of botox.

    Jayz brought Rihanna into the game after he slept with her he made her a star. He got with Beyawnsay because of her fame and now that he’s back on people’s tongues he really could care less about Beyawnsay.

    Her stans act like her gawdy diamond is the only diamond on the planet. Who cares after they’ve been for 6 years, their marriage is a sham and she’s using it now to sell records. So much for privacy. PHONY!!!!!

  59. @ Bria, Those numbers for Beyonce are based on two albums. Whereas the other artist have many more.

    Ummm, Gabby grew up in CA, how the heck were they such good friends. Sounds to me that Gabby is just running her mouth trying to act like they are tight. Beyonce’s circle is in Houston and she is only 27.

    Beyonce has gone gold in one week with another #1 album. Umm, yes, Lil Wayne sold 1 Mill in a week, but he has yet to cross the 3 mill line since the release. It’s all about longevity folks.

  60. Annon, you have deep issues and care too much about Beyonce that you would write all of that! It can’t be that deep! If you watch the video the crowd jumped to their feet as soon as she hit the stage! It’ ok! To sum up your issues, your mad that Beyonce is a superstar, pretty, rich, famous, and is married to Jay-Z. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  61. beyonce sells pretty low considering the hype. i find it interesting she has never made diamond status..yet she is supposed to be the whitney mariah toni of this generation (so the fans say) and yet all those ladies went to diamond status effortlessly during their hey day..beyonce only sells between 3-4 million..


  63. For you stans, the reason ppl do not like Beywoulf, Beyaki is b/c we all know she is mean, selfish, will stab ppl in the back for fortune and fame. Look how mean she was to Jennifer Hudson during Dreamgirls and tried to outperform her during the oscars, Beyonce is an awful person and her time will come. Plus new artists are coming out RiRi is doing well, Jasmine Sullivan is hot, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson will blow her away once she is done mourning for her family (you are in our prayers J-Hud) Beyonce is an evil person, and I agree with what people have been saying about Kelly, when it was your turn to stand up you didn’t now they left you out in the cold serve you right, but as for Beyonce the bitch, what comes up most come down, and I can’t wait hahahaha

  64. @Tosha
    Her fan base has not grown, the same people are buying her albums. We all Know that Beyonce can sing and dance, its not being denied but she is over hyped because of her sexual influence. Beyonce will never be on Whitney, Mariah, or Celine’s level because they are too deep for her…they write their own music without including slutty or dumb lyrics. Beyonce relies on others to write her songs so she can add one line to it, if Beyonce wrote her own songs they would sound like nursery rhymes. The girl can put on a show but as far as deep, groundbreaking, and empowerment Beyonce is not it for me. Just my opinion πŸ™„

  65. maybe for young women marrying a jay z is considered an accomplishment..but as a grown a## woman..jay z is nothing to be proud of..a former drug dealer a man with serious issues about women and his obsession with “light” women (He admits to all this in his music)..his history of lack of loyalty to friends..(foxy damon dash tierra) stabbing folk.. He is trashy to me..

  66. @ tracey..poor kelly had to flee the country to get sum shine..she may actually like it over there..but im sure a part of her wishes she could be as accepted in the states..

  67. ……but they are a match made in heaven, they gravitated to each other for a reason because they are both cut throat.
    I watched how Beyonce treated the other girls on t.v., calling them devil children and making snide remarks about them, then finding out the girls didnt know they were out of the group until they watched Say my Name on BET. I know alot of this is old history but if you dont look at history you wont know how a person is and Beyonce is dirty. Jay still brags about selling drugs to blacks to this day, he raps about having so much and how much others dont have. I cant believe people still put up with it. Contrary to what people believe not everyone is jealous of someone because of money or fame, there is a lot that comes with it and I enjoy having a clear conscience.

  68. @Tosha :iagree: he is very trashy and classless. Him and Beyonce deserve one another. And do you ever notice how he chews that gum on national television? He is utterly embarassing, ignorant, ghetto, and stupid looking. He could never compare to Barack Obama in the real men department. When have you ever seen Barack saying or doing something as ignorant as chewing gum on national televison while giving a speech? :noway:

  69. @Tiffy said: Those numbers are based on sales. There were some artist on that list like Alicia Keys who had over 26 million sold and this is world wide. I think if you can sale 100 records you are doing okay. That meant that a hundred different people had the same idea to buy your album. I would be proud if I made an album and sold two. All I am saying is that all of this she sold over a 150 million records including with Destiny Child is a lie and there is no need to lie. She is a successful person so her father should stop doing that to her because it’s not necessary.

    But all of this she is the best thing since sliced bread should stop to. When you over expose something people get sick of it. I think if she would have waited until next year or even the year after that and released this album it might have worked better. Something like this is something you do when you have been out of the spot light for awhile. Not when you have been in the spot light constantly. But I don’t think this will be a big successful album. Nothing against her it’s just music is changing and like I said before she is not changing with it. It happens all the time. I think people are ready for the songstress again.

  70. damn, is this ya part time job to be in here debatin bey on every post. ya hatn women jus dnt stop…y do ya even waste ur time..u look so pitiful. bey aint thinkn bout ya fools in here…im embarrassed my damn women wonder y most of ya aint got a man…ya love arguing and havn an attitude over ish that dnt even really matter to ya…ya stay with sum attitudes…..WELL I DNT LIKE BEY CUZ SHE…BEYAKI IS STUCK UP BC SHE…YADADYADA…get a life

  71. o and about those sells
    if anyother artist out today would hav released their WHOLE DAMN ALBUM ON MYSPACE, AND LET THE WHOLE ALBUM BE LEAKED B4 IT CAME OUT AND STIIIIIIIIIILLLL SOLD OVER 1/2 A MILLION COPIES, HECKY YEA SHE MADE MORE FANS AND HECKY YEA HER SALES ARE SUMTHN TO B PROUD OF….its obvious she realy didnt care 2 much about sales, because the hype that was around this album, if she wud hav kept it locked up until the release date…i bet she WOULD hav sold over 800,000 ATLEAST….think about all the hatin a## people that download her ish bc they suppose to “not like her” but still want to her her music..its so many damn closet beyonce fans….bey is that ihs and no matter what ya fools in here taknbout, my b#tch got another #1 album…im outty

  72. Before we get into the facts, please look at Beyonces booty and tell me what happened??????

    Did you know that Beyonce has won 9 grammys but of those 9 grammys, 3 stem from her career with Destinys Child and the remaining 6 are collaborations?

    Did you know Beyonce has never been nominated for “THE BIG FOUR” categories at the Grammys which include: Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, or Best new Artist?

    Did you know of those 9 Grammys, all are limited to Rap and R&B categories? So much for her mainstream appeal (giggle).

    Did you know that Beyonce has had 7 songs to appear on Billboard hot 100 and none are for solo songs? Her first 4 comes from her career with Destinys Child which include “Bills Bills Bills, Say my Name, Independent Women Part 1, and Bootylicious. The remaining 3 are Crazy in Love, Baby Boy, and Check on it which are respectully supported by Jay-Z, Sean Paul and Slim Thug. She can NOT stand on her own. A real diva should stand on thier own and climb the charts without a collaboration. Maybe thats why she did not allow any collabos on this album and maybe thats why we haven’t seen her on the #1 spot for the Hot 100 via billboard with this current project.

  73. Beyonce wants to be a DIVA but lets see the Divas numbers in album sales, shall we?

    Barbara Striesand – 71.0 million
    Madonna – 63 million
    Mariah Carey – 61.5 Million
    Whitney Houston – 54.0 million
    Celine Dion – 49 million
    Shania Twain – 47 million
    Reba McEntire – 38 milllion
    Britney Spears – 31 million
    Linda Ronstadt – 30 million
    Enya – 26 million
    Alicia Keys – 26 million
    Faith Hill – 25 million
    Janet Jackson – 25 million
    Sade – 22.5 million
    Toni Braxton – 20.5 million
    Alanis Morissette 20.5 million
    Jewel – 18.5 millioin
    Mary J Blige – 17.0 million
    Rihanna – 11 million
    Beyonce (solo artist) 9 million
    Dangerously in Love = 4 million
    B’Day = 5 million
    so that totals
    9 million for Beyonce! MY FACTS ARE CORRECT!

    SIT DOWN BEYONCE!!!! :loser:

  74. @dsom Trust me what artist put their entire online to be downloaded before it comes out especially not Beyonce They may put incerpts of each song but not the entire album. :loser: How do you know who has a man or not commenting on here? And of course we know this is your full-time job because you have been using alias names :lol2: It sounds like you are pathetic and ignorant to make a statement you can’t prove. But that’s ok we understand you are just like your girl B desperate to shine so you will say and do anything. :lol2:


  76. the real facts but guess wat add dem destinys child in album sales and shell be up der. amd first of all beyonce has sold more seats than half of them up der. she has made 80 million last year. more than all of them…..oh and rihanna sold that many because she has an album out every year……and more than half of that was with gggb. how many concerts have rihanna done. world tours 0. so ur facts may be correct but beyonce got all dem beat because she does more than sing

  77. According to Billboard, Beyonce sold 482K records. This is 10ok less than what Taylor Swift sold last week and hers is a country album and it is also less than B’day first week sales. With all the promotion that Beyonce did— talk shows (Oprah, Elleen, Tyra) , SNL, magazine covers, she should have higher sales. With her father predicting sales of 750k to 1 million , these numbers will disappoint him.

  78. I hate getting involved in the Beyonce back and forth but what was the list of album sales based on? Celine Dion has sold over 200 million albums to date over her entire career and Madonna has sold 250 million ablums and 150 singles over her career. So why does everyone have such low numbers on The Real Facts list? Just asking….

  79. :lol2: :lol2: JJ are you saying that Beyonce sold less that her last album in its first week? Now that is sad :lol2: :lol2:

  80. well if your facts are correct, then you would know that most of those people have sold more albums than you have posted

  81. I thought daddy Matthew said that Beyonce was going to sell 750,000 to million her first week. New flash daddy Matthew Beyonce only sold 482k and that is less than her last album. I knew Beyonce would not have out sold Alicia Keys first week. Nice try Beyonce and I dont care if anyone call me a hater because all am going to do is :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  82. Ok, so Bey flopped. Is that what people want to hear? Because I will say it as much as y’all want to get y’all off her back. πŸ˜† I mean, really how many black females of this era is doing almost 500K in their 1st week? Unless its AK, Mary or Mimi(Mariah), artists would kill for these #s. But in a sense, y’all are right. The “expectations” have to stop. We as fans should have to revert to sales to “prove” that Bey is as good we feel that she is. It is what it is. If we weren’t “expecting” 750K-1 Mil(thank Mr. Knowles for fueling those expectations), then many would not be on Bey’s back like they are. She sells a lot of records, but she is not the top artist. Not even in her age group. It is what it is and we need to face that reality and be happy with 3 #1 album debut solo and 6 #1 debuts str8 counting DC. I am happy and I anticipate this tour being that it is going to be a 110 city tour WW. That will be interesting.

  83. Janelle, I knew this too. My expectations were actually 600k-650K but I KNOW that Alicia Keys has a bigger fan base than Bey does. I know this and Bey is my fave female artists in the 20-29 age group in the industry. Probably because AK is more relatable and I can say this as objectively as possible.

    The only reason I thought 600K is because it was more commerical than B’day. So in that sense, it surprises me a lil but it is ok. If this what people want to “humble” Bey, then ok. Almost 500K is still outstanding for a black female artist. Hell, I hope other female artists sell like this(Ciara, Brandy and Monica for example) because female artists should be selling more than they are. But it is what it is.

  84. damn you guys r right about bee shes played out and u know what jazmiine sullivan cd is killin beyonce wack shit i love rihanna these days shes original and latley bee is biting her style shes doin two more videos and shes wearing a vail like rihanna in disturbia what a copy cat she aint no diva if i had to pick a diva these days its rihanna shes killin that hoe every move she makes

  85. I just wanna take this opportunity to wish all you Brown Sistas and all you fellas a very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your families, enjoy all the good food, take care, be safe, and please be blessed.

  86. Curtis I here you but the truth is Beyonce is suppose to be bigger that Alicia Keys ‘yeah whatever’ right and your telling me all she sold is 482k not even 500k. That is really low else for someone like Bee.

  87. janelle…why are people making so much noise of first week sales? i really never understood it…i have never cared about sales period but if they were important to me i guess i would care more about the total sales withing a longer time period not just america but world wide sales

  88. Come on, people, be fair. If Beyonce had first week sales that were greater than Alicia 742K…you all would be in here gloating…Granted, Beyonce’s sale numbers are good but there are not that great for the Superstar that she is.

  89. Who’s ORIGINAL? :lol2: :lol2:

    I think 45ok is great! It’s only the obsessed stans and the obsessed haters that think its not good enough. DIL sold about 300k in its first wk and yes The Real Facts DIL almost went diamond, if not more than that. So beyonce will be ok.

  90. @Real Facts are you the same person who has that hate on Beyonce blog? If you are seek help. You are just putting way to much energy into Beyonce. If you don’t like her just don’t by her music. And your record sales are off. Whitney, Mariah, and Celine have all sold way more records than that. Mariah has sold over a 100 million albums and Whitney has sold over 200 million. Why do you think she is still w/Arista. In this day and age they don’t keep artisist long if they don’t sell.

    I think Beyonce will be okay if she retires tomorrow. Everyone knew this wasn’t going to be a big sellig album. But she will be okay.

  91. In THIS economy, 450K I think is pretty damn good. LOL. Maybe this CD will be like B’Day…a grower and will sell great overtime, PARTICULARLY after she releases HALO. That is my song! I don’t think I’ve ever liked a Beyonce song as much as I’m loving this one. :brownsista:

  92. And Gabrielle isnt prettier than beyonce, but she has the sexiest smile though.

  93. Its interesting though (reading over comments) how some of you who I’m sure were expecting crazy sales of her third LP in its first week run, are in a way, making excuses for it, saying well if ‘this’ happened this way or it ‘didn’t happen’ this way so she sold this much because of ‘this’, etc. Why? Just let it go. She didn’t sell what Daddy Knowles predicted. Move on. Fans shouldn’t have to use album sales to further their love for an artist. It’s crazy…and creepy. And @ dsom, I’m sure there are other artists on myspace who release entire albums all at once…why is Beyonce so special because she did it this time? And why do you think this contributed to lower-than-anticipated first-week sales? I think the myspace move was meant to ‘increase’ sales, but obviously it just didn’t work. Still, in the long run, this album is a solid effort with a few shining stars and will sell well because of who the artist is. :brownsista: She just needs to hurry and bring it with HALO. πŸ˜† :hifive:

  94. I think that with all of the heavy promotion, releasing two singles at the same time, admitting to her marriage and her superstar status, Beyonce and her team were expecting her to sell $750,000 or more. I am pretty sure they felt that she would at least sell as many as Lil’ Wayne and he did not promote his CD as much as she did. She is overexposed and over hyped. The only ones that are buying her whack music is her overzealous fans who believe the hype. Beyonce and Kanye West both need to check their huge egos at the door.

  95. I know beyonce flopped, I’m i surprise ? Definitely No, Did someone ever told you, You’ re funny I like you but those people you’ re hanging with, NO so i can’ t hang with you? That’ s the case with beyonce, I knew she wasn’t going to sell more than 550k, All You have to do is go around blogs and look, My pregnant bored self can be find in almost every blogs, Lol, People are sick of beyonce, because her fans insist On everyone treating beyonce like a queen,If someone wears a dress someone wore, It’ s a “swag jack”, If beyonce wear a dress someone wore before “well damn they don’ t only make the dress for one person”, This goes to all beyonce’ s fans, It’ s Not her fault she flopped, It’ s yours! It doesn’ t have a damn thing to do with the Economy, For all educated people know this crisis, Did Not start 2 months ago, We’ ve been in this mess since the beginning of the year, and it just amplified with time, Everyone is sick of beyonce, EVERYONE, i’ m talking about male, female, gays , lesbians , even some of her own admirers (ie Me)

    People are tired, You made beyonce the devil, No one else, But the stans, I said it already in a post the day she released her album, When beyonce flops she can thanks her fans, I will not be long, But i do feel for the sister and i hope that her new singles bring her more loyal fans, because those that she has right now, are nothing but classless broads and unloyal that i’ m sure are the real haters of her

    Hey Kanyade

  96. Okay Dsom: I agree with what you said maybe because she putted her entire album on myspace is why people didn’t buy it, That make sense or you’ re just pissed off “your baby a A list celebrity and a legend, ” By any standards that define her FLopped Its all good BUT Britney spears will put out her entire album on her page for people to listen, So did kanye west, I swear on everything i have that if they sell more than beyonce, Yall stans are going to cry ! Yall gon get it! You best pray kanye and britney flops like bey too, You best pray :lol2:

  97. Wow. This thread has gotten interesting since yesterday morning. If I may, here’s my 2 cents on Beyonce….

    Point blank….Beyonce did good numbers for her first week sales.

    BUT JJ pretty much summed up what I was thinking…if she did more than 742k her first week, her fans will be gloating, but because she didn’t, there’s explanations of why she should still be happy (the recession, no R&B artist sales that much the first week, etc.) and talking about longevity (which Beyonce will have) but you can’t ignore the fact that the superstar Beyonce has been made by the media and her fans, technically she should’ve sold more. It may be a recession, but people will buy what they really want. I know I do.

    Unfortunately, Beyonce is like glass. Baby girl needs to realize that everything she is doing is so transparent and calculating to get her the prestigious titles she’s so desperately wants. For example, I saw Ellen yesterday (I love that show). She did a wonderful job on the vocals, but when has Beyonce ever wore a business suit to an interview. A suit? I don’t remember any interviews, but if she has, please enlighten me.

    If she lets go of trying to become an “icon” or “legend” and just be an artist, who loves her craft, she will naturally progress and become an icon to the masses (and not just her fans), because she will produce music that will put her in that category and no one will be able to doubt her status. Yes, it is common knowledge that Beyonce loves music, but she loves working on being an “icon” or “legend” more.

    Basically, what I’m saying is, “Beyonce, just let it naturally flow and stop to trying to force things too soon and it will happen.”

    As Forrest Gump would say… That’s all I got to say about that.

  98. @Mario Please dont come to me with that crap because I can bet if Beyonce had sold 750k or million your a$$ and everyone of her fans would be up in here gloating but since she didnt you guys want to make excuses. I would say it again I knew Beyonce won’t bet Alicia Keys first week sales. 482k :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  99. janelle

    im not coming at you with anything…i wasnt trying to be smart i was really asking why numbers matter so much off first week sales…im only asking because i never really looked at numbers and if she sold a million the first week i wouldnt brag about it because i dont care how many she sales as long as the music that is on the album is something that i appreciate

    the same goes for movies…i dont own one movie that beyonce played in because i didnt like them much…i would buy dreamgirls but not because of beyonce and my first time ever watching the fighting temptations was last week when it was on BET….

    my point is i wasnt trying be rude to you…all im saying is that i dont care about numbers…i bought all her cds because i like the music but never bought a movie dvd because they werent appealing to me….oh yeah weight i do have that austin powers movie but thats only because my brother gave it to me for christmas which it is still in the plastic…never opened it…dont wanna see it again…

  100. voice…i really dont see how people say that her album flopped? or is people saying that because she didnt get more than 500k? i swear im really confused and im not trying to be rude…

    and no jj i wouldnt be in here saying anything about beyonce selling more than alicia if she had done so…everyone in here say im obsessed but im not like the average beyonce fan that put others down…i always give alicia her props and i have never compared the two…its just not my style…

  101. Mario like I said please I dont want to here it maybe you dont care or maybe you do but could you honestly tell me that if Beyonce had sold million her first week you wont be in here gloating even little bit.

  102. It has nothing to do with the recession. AC/DC had not dropped an album in over a decade and sold 784,000 units just three weeks ago in their first week with Black Ice. Beyonce is not the it girl anymore and her overexposure is annoying and turning people off. Making great and timeless music with substance and meaningful lyrics is what makes you an icon or legend and not being in people’s faces every 24-hours.

    482,000. Hmmmm, I hope she don’t start whining like Usher did when his first week sales did not surpass his previous album. And just so you know, we were in recession when Lil’ Wayne dropped his CD back in the summer.

  103. na i wouldnt because i never do i always commend beyonce when she does something i like and i love the album thats all that matters to me….kellys album didnt sale many albums and it didnt matter to me i was still going around telling everyone how great it was…in my mind kelly deserved a million sales in a week since 1st week sales are that important but she didnt but in my eyes for the quality of the cd she did

  104. But MARIO YOU ARE YOU you are you, DSOM mrs jones amelekia and more all they have in the mouth is how much beyonce sold this and sold that, you talking bout u , we talkin bout a hole lot of ppl dnt u blog?

  105. oh no voice i agree with you in the majority that is the case love you boo!

    oh yeah and for those that like to start crap between jhud and beyonce….tyra just asked beyonce on the show who is her favorite american idol and she said of course jhud so there you go…i mean she could be just saying it to be nice but she still said it….

  106. :lol2: at people making excuses and using the recession as an excuse of her not selling up to her fullest potential. We were in a recession when Lil’ Wayne dropped The Carter 3 and that went platinum in a week. Her determined fans spend so much time on the internet defending her that they should’ve been on the grind helping her reach her goal. Now Beyonce is cool with me but you guys know damn well if she out sold Alicia Keys you guys would’ve said she is officially and icon lol. Come on now I can see the hypocrisy in some of you all posts.

  107. Mario hey,

    Listen I wasn’t talkin trash I was just repeating what I seen on Media Take out. Trust me half of what PPL say I dont believe about her because Madd ppl hate her but Madd PPl love her too.

    I always love bee. But when I don’t like something or when I do like something I’m not afraid to voice it and I respect you for that as well.

    IN all have a happy turkey day!

  108. sdot…no no no girl i wasnt referring that to you! sorry! i was just saying in general to those that say how much beyonce hates jeniffer

  109. lol tyra told beyonce that she has to tell her that she already is an icon :bowdown: lol tyra is the biggest stan i have ever seen!

  110. tyra is the biggest stan i have ever seen!

    :lol2: and it’ s sad that grown women can’ t even love themselves enough not to stan, that’ s y ppl aint taking her seriously i love her sillyness she funny but πŸ™„


  112. @VOICE

    keep my damn name out your mouth because i never said shit about how much beyonce sold. you are really beginning to piss me off with that mouth of yours. i was talking about all the people that wanna be smart a$$ posted

  113. lol mrsjones that was funny about voices mouth…she does like to run it dont she? lol im only kidding voice you know i like to flap my lips too :lol2:

  114. sorry steph, but some of your bloggers are real annoying. i’ll keep it down

  115. I guess it’s true Beyonce only sold 482k that is really bad especially for her. Wow I bet Mr Knowles is eating his words right now especially since Beyonce did less than her last cd and what he said she would. I can’t say am surprise the cd suck in my opinion and I knew she wasn’t going to sell more than Alicia Keys she never have in the first week.

  116. Recession has nothing to do with Beyonce selling under BDay. Black Friday which is tomorrow, consumers will spend millions on merchandise. people are not into Beyonce except for her same fanbase from DC

  117. whew i would say your are right about the dc fan best for the majority but i actually have a few friends that hated dc but love beyonce now…my partner cant even get enough of beyonce…lol well thats probably my fault since i beat it in his head everyday…haha he said hes gonna write beyonce a letter cuz she blocking…i just laugh :lol2:

  118. Great post, Kanyade. What she is trying to do was appeal to people who thought that she was too over the top but that don’t work because you have people like Liyah who feels she is too boring when she is “herself” and then too over the top as her alter ego. I love her but maybe after this era, she should take a 3 year break from recording(wouldn’t mind her on soundtracks and collabs) so that way, she step away from things and live life. She herself said that she don’t a bunch of life experiences, so this would be a good time to get more.

    Another thing, she said that she recorded 70 songs, most of it on being in love. Maybe that is what she should have went with because that’s where she is at and she is trying to balance the fans curiosity for Jay with trying to be private and I say if she is in love, then sing about it. It is obvious, she really want to do ballads but tried to please us as fans and even some of her fans aren’t happy because most of them want DIL anyway(I don’t feel DIL is all of that). With Bey, the expectations are never enough and it is sad but if Bey really wants to be a legend then she has to make music without worrying about how much she is going to sell and her fans not having all these expectations because they want Beyonce to be “the baddest chick in the land.”

  119. Whew, you’re right. I am a fan but the truth is the truth. I mean, Bey is going to sell but it is mostly her fan base that is buying her stuff and her fan base is not as big as we as fans thought it is. The day that some fans will stop stressing over how much Bey sells and wanting her to be #1 so they can brag about it later to address “haters” is the day Bey will be the artist that she is capable of being.

  120. Mrs Jones: Oh OH GIRL i’ m pissing you off? AND what you’ re going to do? I got my Compton card in my jean girl i’ ve been wanting for someone to make me take it out, what you need an address? whatever you need let me know you psycho person, hein abi? it’ s my fault beyonce only sold 480k the first week? botch that’ s your job to buy 100 copies the same day to boost the sales not mine? What you’ re going to do to me? what do you need first and fore, I wish you would,I wish you would! I want you too, You don’t even know how much

  121. Wow I see I have really ruffuled some feathers and proven who the real haters are since I left drum roll please…….The STANS :lol2:
    @ What yeah right whatever next :loser:
    @Tanya & Bria those are US sales alone so it’s ok Beyonce is still at the bottom? Bria it’s ok boo actually this is quite commical to push some of these idiots buttons on here over Beyonce when she loses.
    @Mova, Mrs Jones,& dsom you three are just utterly ignorant :loser: (Forest Gump and that’s all I have to say about that)
    @Mario first week sales matter so much because that’s what the Knowles brought attention to. They got this started with Papa Knowles utterly ridicolous delusion :lol2:
    @Bronze Beauty :hifive:
    @Kanye :iagree: :hifive: :lol2:
    @Renae :iagree:
    @Shane :lol2: :iagree:
    @Dark Sista :iagree:

  122. i hope that her new singles bring her more loyal fans, because those that she has right now, are nothing but classless broads and unloyal that i’ m sure are the real haters of her :iagree:

  123. I am gonna see Will in Seven Pounds on DEC 19 so I can’t go see Cadillac Records. Sorry bey I’ll wait till its on DVD

  124. Love the album! I keep playing the ballards over and over! Beyonce did her thing on this one! Congrats to her third #1 album! Mainstream media is just celebrating her 3rd #1. Haven’t heard any negatives except from posters on certain blogs that are always posting negative stuff. Same stuff every post!

  125. Actually, Cadillac Records is not about Bee and the reviews have been wonderful!

  126. Don’t forget to tune in to the Kennedy Center Honors, Beyonce will be singing in tribute to Barbara Streistand. :thumbsup:

  127. FYI, Beyonce didn’t start promoting her album in the U.S. until 5 days before the album dropped.

  128. My best friend was outside and saw them in person. She said Beyonce is gorgeous in person and she said Sanaa who we both thought would be beautiful wasnt. She said she thinks though it was just the dress and makeup.

  129. Wow. These Beyonce Comments are so ridic. I mean really. Yall arguing over a chic that will have her name in the history books while yall plug away at boring lives. Get a clue and live ya life!

    I guess it makes sense to argue over somebody else’s life so you don’t have to pay attention to your own. I know this site is about black female celebrities but the petty thinking on these Beyonce posts are out of control and a big turnoff…I mean really…it’s like high school up in this piece…

  130. Harlem chic, I take it you NEVER ARGUED over her, or any chick you don’ t know?

  131. @Harlem
    ….so I guess thats why you wasted your perfect life to leave a comment about people you dont even know! Hypocrite Much?

  132. :lol2: she got put in her place by two people. Harlem Chic is on my bama list.

  133. Harlem chic need to stfu everyone knows how hard she stans for SOMEONE SHE DOESN’ T KNOW so shat up

  134. A hit dog holla when it hurts and I’m above it. Yall be blessed!

  135. lmao nah dog you know we’ re right so you can’ t even defend it, so bounce conasse

  136. Voice do you participate in other threads on this site? Or just the Beyonce post?

  137. Melissa u know i do sweetheart have a seat stop acting dumb that plus looking dumb is not cute!

  138. @ Curtis,

    With Bey, the expectations are never enough and it is sad but if Bey really wants to be a legend then she has to make music without worrying about how much she is going to sell and her fans not having all these expectations because they want Beyonce to be β€œthe baddest chick in the land.”

    I fully agree. She takes chances, per se, but she’s still playing it safe. I think when the ‘numbers’ truly don’t matter to her anymore, she will REALLY GROW :brownsista: Unfortunately, numbers have mattered since “Survivor”. thought I wouldn’t sell without you…sold 9 million And since then, ‘numbers’ have matter to ‘fans’. πŸ™‚

    I know this is late in responding, but hey, I was on Holiday. πŸ™‚

    *waves* at everyone! Dark_Sista :hifive: I bought Adele’s album this weekend. Haven’t listened to it yet :brownsista:

  139. @Kanyade i agree with you. Some people on here talking all that trash and calling people hater but she sold 482,000. No lie i thought she was going to sell more then that and she did not. Now they making excuse please come on people. Beyonce need to come better then that i was dissappointed with the album. DIL was that album i was listening to it last nite. All i have to say is good luck with the next album because i did not buy this one. As far as the movie im going to see my future husband will smith lol.

  140. As far as the movie im going to see my future husband will smith lol.
    girl if u dnt back off my man lool

  141. Hey Kanyade How are you girl? My favorite song is “Melt My Heart to Stone” I love this track You should listen to it when you get the chance

    Lady: I’ m also going to see Will smith in Seven Pounds, This “Lets support our people” Madness Has got to stop, I will not sit , 2 hours and suffer a severe case of bad acting and dullness, Seven pounds Is the one i’ ll go see
    And if you two don’ t leave Will Alone Jada is going to handle ya’ll :lol2:

  142. Good point, Kanyade. I forget she has that line in Survivor. πŸ˜†

  143. Lol man my friend works at target and people were buying the first day and then they returned it. That could’ve beent he decline of her sells.

  144. Kanyade great point on the survivor Line, Sales does matter doesn’t that lyrically poor song “diva” start by
    “let me state the facts “50 millions” around the world” ?

    Lover of life :lol2:

  145. loveroflife, WOW. That’s crazy. As much as I love her, if this what she needs to go to the next level artistically then ok. Even Aretha, Whitney, and Mariah has had flops.

    I will say this though: had her around 93K(in 4th place) with just 37% counted so she is actually doing ok. If their estimate is correct then she will be around 200K maybe a lil more and that will near 700K in two weeks and that’s not bad at all.

  146. Is there any other Brown sista out that inspires you all. Is she the only one out doing something. She actually is not. Nothing against her but maybe there are other brownsista’s doing stuff as well. That Tarji Henson name is being mentioned all day for all kinds of nominations in that Benjamin Bratt movie w/Brad Pitt. No mention. Gabrielle Union for the Cadillac Records if you look at this blog and others you would not even know that she is the actual main female lead in the movie. This Beyonce stuff is just getting out of control. Everyday the same people are having the same arguments about this woman. Just stop it already.

  147. Is there any other Brown sista out that inspires you all. Alicia Keys :iagree:

  148. WOW!! There’s a lot of hating going on around here. I don’t know Beyonce personally but from what I can tell, she seems like a nice person. I’m a big fan…not a stan(there is a difference). I think the reason alot of people don’t like her is because of overexposure, but it doesn’t bother me because I’m a fan like I said. Stop comparing her to other singers like Mariah or Whitney because she is not them, she is Beyonce Knowles and that’s all she can be. Beyonce may not be the best singer or actress in the world, but she damn sure isn’t the worst. I just find it funny how everybody acts like they know her like they lived with her or something. If you haven’t lived with Beyonce or walked in her shoes, don’t judge her because your opinion isn’t hurting her or anybody else. Let’s just stop all the hating…(Praying for the haters)

  149. That Tarji Henson name is being mentioned all day for all kinds of nominations in that Benjamin Bratt movie w/Brad Pitt. No mention. Gabrielle Union for the Cadillac Records if you look at this blog and others you would not even know that she is the actual main female lead in the movie.

    @ bria,

    YES! This is awesome news. Read about it somewhere else. I’m so happy for her! She is Wonderful. I’ve always liked her. Kudos to you Taraji! (not that she’ll come to a Beyonce post to read about herself LOL).

  150. But Bria, why are you camped out in a Beyonce thread! There are many threads on :brownsista: ! You CHOOSE to be in this one! :lol2: :lol2:

    SHE IS 27
    MARRIED TO JAY-Z 38 (39 ON 12/4)
    DEBUT 11/18/08 AT #1

  152. @Kanyandae, Melissa, & Voices:

    I did not say anything bad about Beyonce I just think for this to be a brown sista site we should be speaking about more than two or three brown girls. I wasn’t camped out on the site I saw all the comments and they are the same comments from every thread about this women.

    She’s not her age, she is the best entertainer ever, she is the worst, she is the prettiest, she is this, she is that, and I just think it’s enough already. You don’t have to agree with me. And I mention those other ladies names because I thought it was worth mentioning it. I only heard about Tarji because I was on what would be considered a white site and I thought there should have been some mention about it on here. All I am saying is there are so many brown sista’s out there doing there thing and we don’t hear about them at all. And on this site it’s sad. This actually was not a Beyonce thread it was a Cadillac Records thread if we must get techincal.

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