Beyonce Gets An Apology

Even though Beyonce is miles away from the gossip scene in the United States, the singer still manages to make news and create controversy. A recent interview with producer Kenneth “Soundz” Coby, in which he confirmed what everyone knows by now: that Beyonce does not write or even co-write most of her own music, has sent shockwaves across the internet, and forced the up and coming beat-maker to issue a quick apology.

Saying his words were “taken out of context,” Soundz, who has worked with the likes of Keri Hilson, Rihanna and Ciara, went on to say that he has never been in the studio with Beyonce and was simply repeating “rumors” he had heard. Soundz however was only asked about the song he and Keri Hilson wrote for Usher’s Love In The Club Part 2, something he obviously would know about first hand.

Despite this, the young producer was reportedly so shook by the harassing comments he received from a loyal Beyonce fan, that he quickly issued an apology and removed all references to the interview from his page.


  1. How did he confirm anything???

    What professional producer/ songwriter goes off “what they heard”????

    Never even been in the studio with her but talking as if he has worked with her.
    Just pathetic.
    Exactly what is wrong with people today.

    Spreading lies because of envy and jealously.

  2. And Beyonce has no writing credits on LITC2, she only has vocal credits.
    So why even mention her.

    The simple fact that this was even made into a thread is laughable to me.
    I have skimmed through the archives of this site, and I kinda got the impression the site owner isn’t too fund of Beyonce.
    But I know she brings the hits, so I guess…

  3. Hmm..I try to like this site so much. Yes, it is a gossip site so it should be filled with the writer’s opinion, but it should be clearly stated as such. What everybody knows? I for one closely follow the music scene and the only songs that have been very few arguments that she doesn’t write her own music. The article with the quote from bangladesh and the one above are about it. I will say that this site is one of the few I view that has been so sure of something that so few others know. I would really like to see some evidence of this. Got any? Since everyone knows and all. Also, this interview hardly counts….I understand that I may be perceived as a beyonce stan because I am often times commenting on her articles, but I just like for things to be objective and they rarely are here.

  4. The only time I ever get shady comments directed towards me on this site is when I report on a story about Beyonce that is not flattering. No other artist elicits such angry responses as those that come from Beyonce fans; not even Rihanna fans, who just like Bey fans, can get very aggressive.

    Why average folks so unapologetically cling to the slip of celebrities is anyone’s guess.I won’t even venture to try and explain or understand it.

    I don’t worship celebs and I don’t make it a habit of holding grudges against them either. I try to write my articles as a journalist would, and only occasionally throw in my own opinions, as is my right seeing as how I am the one paying this high a.s.s hosting bill.

    If you can’t handle articles that aren’t flattering towards Beyonce or any other artist, then maybe a fansite is where some of you would probably feel more comfortable.

    Happy Holidays 🙂

  5. @SISTA. I have defended many other artists on this site. Also, you DO NOT write like a journalist. You do pay the bills, so as I said, post what you want. However, I usually enjoy your site and it is only on these occasions of UNSUPPORTED opinions that I feel the need to comment. BTW, my favorite contemporary artist (debuting after 2000) is Janelle Monae.I don’t subscribe to fansites for the same reason that I didn’t like this article.


    Anytime something unflattering & usually true about bey comes out the stans take to the streets like a flash mob.

    How many times can you read about a producer saying bey didn’t pay him/her for a song they wrote before you starting believing it? How many times have we read her talking about how she came up with lyrics to a song & the actual writer steps up & says…whoa! Even the stans know & they think it’s no big deal. Would you want a co-worker to take credit for the hard work you do?

    She’s been caught lying about writing songs, stealing costume styles, what’s next?

  7. So if you don’t like the site, then why post or make a comment on it? SISTA does not owe anyone crap for her thoughts on celebrities. Everyone is NOT in love with Beyonce, therefore every comment on Beyonce is NOT a hating comment. Beyonce is not a God! GET OVER IT! If this is one of the few times that you have heard that Beyonce has not written her own songs, you’ve been living under a rock. The only situation involving her not writing her own songs that actually stuck out and got my attention is her receiving credits for ‘If I Were A Boy’ and then being put in the position to get a Grammy for it. Song writers have stepped forward with saying that a lot of musicians don’t write their music, and that it pays a lot to just let them have the credits, promote the song, and get paid crazy money on the low. MONEY OWNS THE WORLD, so keeping a hush mouth about a musician not writing a song is not something new. Beyonce and her entourage have enough money to keep people below them. So stop acting like this is the ONLY site that has accused Beyonce of doing so! WHO CARES! Are you going to be surprised if the “truth” does come out? Beyonce has admitted that she forgets the words to “her songs” a lot! You write something from the heart, no matter how many times you perform it, you are not going to forget and play it off…

    I like Beyonce, but GET OVER IT! BEYONCE IS NOT PERFECT!

  8. ^^^^ Beyonce has never received credits for If I Were A Boy. Her name is no were in the credits so I have no idea what you are talking about.
    And Alicia , Justin, and plenty others have/ and often do forget the lyrics to the songs that they have written.

    Anyway, I love Bey, keep doing your thing girly!
    Can’t wait to pick up her new perfume when it comes out early next year 🙂

  9. ^^^^ You’re right she hasn’t, but she damn sure tried! Both her and her father got accused of it. That’s what I am referring to. The writer wouldn’t say anything because she was getting paid for it either way. This was BEFORE the album was released. So just because YOU don’t know what I’m talking about doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.

    And has Alicia, Justin, and all these other artists constantly said they forgot the words to their songs and played it off? I’m sure they do, but do they constantly admit it? Either way, it’s still a good chance Beyonce hasn’t written her own songs, right? Even if she doesn’t write, it’s not some big time flaw to her. Out of all the rumors to address, she really hasn’t said that these rumors of her not writing her songs has been false. But she’ll address pregnancy rumors, and relationship rumors in a heart beat.

  10. I have only seen her address pregnancy rumors when Oprah asked her. No other times.
    As for relationship rumors, I didn’t even know there were any to address.

  11. I actually read the initial article on another hip hop site and Bang was definitely speaking about Beyonce directly. There was no ifs, ands or buts about it. SISTA was merely commenting on the fact that after he spoke up, he musta gotten some pushback, and therefore did the retraction. The retraction is due to the pushback not because he was ‘misinformed’ which is why SISTA has that tone.

  12. on another note, how did you guys like bey’s new concert dvd? i really preferred the first one 🙁

  13. Beyonce is trying any & everything to stay relevant or at least in the media. I’m close to her age so I’ve been listening to Destiny’s Child since the beginning. I use to love Beyonce but the truth is she has not grown at all. Some ppl grow and grow out of the things we use to do or the ways we use to act and talk. The love I had for her turned to diappointment cuz I know she could do better. Right now, her videos are tacky, her dancing is very repitive and some of her lyrics doesn’t even make sense. Ppl say she’s ‘so classy’ but i don’t see that. When her stans finally see the truth after soooo many times, there’s gonna be some depressed ppl and hopefully nobody will kill themselves becuz Beyonce doesn’t even know who she really is anymore. When you lie so much, it becomes the truth and your life. I don’t think she cares about her stans, she just cares about what they can do for her.

  14. @ Danielle, I loved the new DVD, she has grown soooo much over the years. She really opened up in that DVD. I really admire how so takes her art so seriously and wants to push herself.

    By first you do mean Live @ Wembley, right because that was eh to me.
    The Beyoncé Experience is her second one and the LIVE @ the Wynn is her third(and not including DC Live in Atlanta).

  15. @GIGI how can you say “Beyoncé doesn’t know who she is”??? you don’t even know her on a personal level smdh! I think she has found the balance of her new work and her DC work (and I can see that in the I AM… WORLD TOUR). If she doesn’t do any of her old stuff then people are going to say that she “CHANGED” so don’t expect her to “please” you by doing videos the way you want them to be. Even if she has a fake “brooklyn tattoo” on her hand she will make headlines and she’s not even trying. I love Beyoncé the musician, I don’t know S#!T about her personal life and that’s fine with me because all I’m interested in is are songs.

  16. I AM a Beyonce fan and its common sense that she does not right all of her songs.

    1. Beyonce has NEVER stated that she has written all her songs.

    2. On all her songs she is a co-writer she gives the credit where it is due.

    This Interviewer who interviewed soundz is a legendary Beyonce Hater. The song in question, Beyonce is not even on the song as a writer. All the songs that have conterversuy, Beyonce is not credited.

    STOP!!! You have to relalize that people are out to get Beyonce.That Blogger who did the interview HATES beyonce, calls her names and you should see his tweets about her. They use her name to get numbers. Nobody knew who this producer was, and know everybody talking about him. And OF COURSE we blame the fans for harrasing him. What do you expect? He basically said if you want to work with Beyonce, you have to give her credit on the song. He has to make a living also, he got major backlash so he apologized.

    Also stop beliving everything you read, all thes songs they claimed Beyonce has stolen have no proof to it. Like If I were a Boy, Beyonce is NOT EVEN CREDITED. All the other one’s are from word of mouth. He say, She say. Unreliable sites posting lies and gullible people would hang on everyword. Just Stop with it, its getting really old.

  17. Well Sista You’ve just experienced what myself and many opinionated yet unbiased members of your blog have been through, The illiterate delusional children that for her fan base, with her “yell as much as you can” mentality, are the nastiest thing online, I don’t mind their adoration toward a celebrity, if you lack role models and decide to live your life through a celebrity’s accomplishment it’s fine by me, I just hate how they are inarticulate, can’t make a proper argument and are so blind by their incomprehensible adoration, In other words these fools sucks, and I’ve encounter beyonce’s fans who liked her music, but didn’t let her image dictate their conducts, too bad they are far and few between…

    ps: I think there is more people that have a problem with her sociopaths fans than beyonce herself 😉

  18. These comments show all ends of the spectrum from Stans to haters. Here is where I stand. 1) there is no proof one way or another. For a site that claims to offer news, it is often times very one sided. 2) any idiot who bothered to check the album credits or even wikipedia would see that IF I WERE A BOY was credited to BC JEAN. Period. 3) Lastly, Beyonce doesn’t write all her stuff. Not even something that can be speculated. Read the album creds, half the songs don’t have her listed even as co-writer and plenty of her singles don’t list her that way at all. This discussion is pointless because so many people get their facts from articles like this, sensationalized pieces of unsupported speculation, without ever even checking the facts. I don’t have to question who wrote which song…I just looked it up. At any rate, continue arguing about this stuff. BTW, I bet half the stuff on this site comes from,,,,,, and maybe a bit from the NYtimes and other more reliable sources. These articles would be way more credible if they referenced source material, at least then you could follow up for yourselves.

  19. Well Sista You’ve just experienced what myself and many opinionated yet unbiased members of your blog have been through, The illiterate delusional children that form her fan base, with their “yell as much as you can” mentality, are the nastiest thing online, I don’t mind their adoration toward a celebrity, if you lack role models and decide to live your life through a celebrity’s accomplishment it’s fine by me, I just hate how they are inarticulate, can’t make a proper argument and are so blind by their incomprehensible adoration, In other words these fools sucks, and I’ve encounter beyonce’s fans who liked her music, but didn’t let her image dictate their conducts, too bad they are far and few between…

    ps: I think there is more people that have a problem with her sociopaths fans than beyonce herself

  20. Someone Who Actually Knows Music:
    This site seems very below you , maybe you’ll be more comfortable with minds that think and operate as highly as you, I will suggest 🙂

  21. I have lurked on this site for quite awhile w/o posting, and can truly say only a Beyonce post will bring random people(who were never even a fan might I add) out to comment.

    Every one knows Trent from ThatGrapeJuice who did this interview hates Beyonce, and thats not even an opinion but a known fact.

  22. Anywho…..

    Has anyone noticed the backlash Kanye was still getting from Taylor Swift and all of the white media an entire year after he apologized AND took a year off? That’s why he decided to just say Fxxk her again -but not in those words. Does it seem weird to anyone that Chris Brown can beat an African-American girl to a pulp, but he is rising to the top of even the white music charts lately, but Kanye was just very rude to a “poor little white girl” and they are still very angry with him more than a year later?? Insane!

  23. @JustSaying:
    I loved what you just did and said, I hear the same people saying rihanna should get over it and she probably provoked him, Deem Kanye an asshole, You have got to give it to white people, Years after slavery , they still possess mental slaves…

  24. So why say anything if you have never been in the studio with her?Some people just don’t know how to say “No comment”


  26. @ Moonya,

    Me, ignorant? I’m harvard student studying biochemistry who also has an interest in the current state of the black race; something that is largely controlled by the media. There was nothing remotely angry or aggravated about my comments (e.g. yelling), nor am I a sociopath (defined as someone who has antisocial personality disorder meaning that they have difficulty understanding and respecting boundaries as well as having a tendency to violate rights). If anyone is ignorant, it must be you, sadly. Re-read my comments and you’ll notice that this petty, adolescent, name-calling schtick that you so capably employ is not one that I often, if ever, use. Grow-up. I treat all here with equal respect and I encourage you to try the same.

    Lastly, if any of my argument is inarticulate or incoherent, then you might want to look for other reading materials outside of websites such as this.

  27. BTW @Moonya, @SKIDDo8 is the ignorant one. Is the use of the B word AT ALL necessary? 🙁 .

  28. What a shock this post has brought out Beyonce’s “fans” foaming at the mouth. You didn’t know, apparently there have been 4 perfect people to walk this earth Jesus, Adam, Eve and of course Beyonce. Get a grip people it’s not a fansite it’s a feaking BLOG. If you want to bask in her glory visit a fansite don’t come to a blog and attack other people for their opinions. Grow the fuck up already, this chick ain’t paying your rent. Geez try the decalf.

  29. I always wonder that if we read between the lines of some these commentators would we be able to detect who the commentator is…like maybe a family member (Solange, Tina, Matthew, etc.), friend, co-worker, or the celebrity herself that is being discussed in this article? Because these responses are too “personal” from the Beyonce supporters. I don’t know how an article about what somebody else could have said about Beyonce end up a back-lash towards the blog owner~Sista. As always though, the heat is always up in a Beyonce and Ri-Ri post as they do travel with the same camp, so to speak (via Jay-Z).

  30. @Someone:
    Please spare me, You don’t need to spell anything for me, You’re still in school, I have graduated and established a career.

    You claim to have an interest in the black community, But i don’t believe you, If you do in fact disagree with The black community and their thirst for celebrity worship, you wouldn’t be praising beyonce and nikki minaj, Their “sexual kitten” and “dumb barbie” personages are sadly influencing many young girls and dragging us down the “hoe-s and sl-ut” spiral,Maybe you don’t mind your fellow young sisters appearing as such, But i do! So don’t go there with me, You’re a contradiction all by yourself…

  31. Go Lynn!!

    I don’t understand what the big deal is.

    We all know that Beyonce (and most artists these days) don’t write most of their own songs. They don’t even cowrite most their songs. They get a lot of accolades for being the image behind the production that makes them who they are to the public (which is why I don’t think RiRi deserves her 9 #1’s but not even going to into that mess here). Beyonce is still beautiful, still a good singer, still a decent person…blah blah blah whatever truth you hold dear.

    Simply stated, the guy shouldn’t have madr comments about things he doesn’t know about. Hell at least he apologized. End of story. All Sista did was inform us of what happened.

    Really can’t understand what the big deal is.

  32. @ Danielle, I loved the new DVD, she has grown soooo much over the years. She really opened up in that DVD. I really admire how so takes her art so seriously and wants to push herself.

    By first you do mean Live @ Wembley, right because that was eh to me.
    The Beyoncé Experience is her second one and the LIVE @ the Wynn is her third(and not including DC Live in Atlanta).

    Hey Wendy- I didn’t know there was one at Wembly lol, I meant the 2nd one ‘The Beyonce Experience’. I really liked the entire concert experience and the skits and so on.(Those dancers were fiiiiine, the all girl band is phenomenal, and I loooved the costume changes.)

    I think I was expecting that on this, so when I got the snippets from the international concerts I felt disappointed. Also the screaming fans were off putting in the sense I wanted to see Beyonce and her band sing , dance and entertain. Not grown men crying and fainting lol.

    I will say this- whereas the Beyonce Experience felt like you were getting a birds eye view of the concert, this new DVD felt like you were getting a birds eye view of the whirlwind tour. It’s your preference I guess.

    Oh! Also , and this is just my opinion, Beyonce should have left Alanis Morrisette’s ‘you oughtta know’ alone!! Like Alanis sang that song with hatred, bitterness and passion of a woman scorned. Yes Beyonce can sing, but making a high note is not the same as injecting anger and rage into lyrics. I will say though, a lot of people who haven’t heard of Alanis Morrisette are now exposed to her. And I ended up getting her album for old times sake so in the end it’s all good.

  33. What a heated debate and about what, really?

    I’m sorry but to “Someone”…Sista is an excellent entertainment writer/journalist! You may attend Harvard, but that doesn’t trump what people are entitled to think and feel about a celebrity or what a writer chooses to write about. I can’t believe some of the sentiments. Obviously, angered that Brownsista posted this story. Beyonce is doing just fine, her fragrance is the leading one for 2010, like 50 million sold and her brand (including new music) will do nothing but continue to grow! She will be stunningly beautiful for a long time to come and as a power couple will be making headlines while we struggle and triumph. I don’t think Sista favors one artist over another and if she did it’s her site. Everybody won’t love what Beyonce does, many people won’t worship her, just like any one of us, ok!

    As a writer myself and having studied journalism, it’s appropriate for Sista to inject her voice as writer into a post with entertainment or feature writing. This isn’t a news site, like cnn (often a joke) or the economist.

    Our self-esteem has to come from within and from what can never be taken away from us or lost and it sure ain’t possessions, careers, job titles, money, spouses, billboard charts, beauty, awards and other people’s talents and success!

    So that leaves what?

    You, your soul (heart), energy and sense of well-being (your brand of happiness)! While life’s fine accouterments are a delight and celebrity gazing sometimes fun, life is about living YOUR 100!

    For anyone who thinks this site is trifling, you probably have never remotely come close to doing anything on this level or you would think differently!

    While education is great and as an educated woman I strongly recommend it as the ultimate equalizer, it’s a paved road. If you continue to show up semester or quarter after quarter, complete the endurance test (graduation), most people can get a degree in sumptin and at some of our most prestigious institutions! Harvard is recruiting for inner city lower income students to come and will help you with tuition costs and this I applaud! However, it’s a paved road and is why people drop out of school for sports or other entertainment careers because the window of opportunity is so narrow. What Sista does or any other entrepreneur isn’t a paved road! One not better than the other just different and even more difficult in my opinion. Right now people are unemployed or underemployed and trying to become entrepreneurs and this is a daunting task for many. This isn’t the only business Sista has going and most important, she’s doing her thing! This site offers content way beyond what most celebrity news and gossip sites provide and I’m sure is appreciated by many celebrities! This forum isn’t for everyone and fansites are a great alternative for those who want their celebrities the way they like their coffee!

  34. @Cynthinia and @ Moonya, I am far from some charity case. I earned mine and have a very established role at harvard but that is irrelevant. I have to state that, in my opinion, this is a far cry from real journalism. Studying journalism or not, this is honestly not on the mark. That’s my personal opinion. And I don’t glorify beyonce…I don’t know beyonce. I have no idea what her intentions are. I also can’t really say what her or Nicki Minaj for that matter cause within the community, nor is that relevant to my disagreement with this post. I’m sure beyonce is as flawed as the rest of us and I have made many posts in disagreement of many of their actions. I have no need to defend my intelligence, not only does going to harvard establish that, but my grades there as well. And regardless of your career, calling me ignorant was wrong, disrespectful, and almost comically incorrect. As I said, I am far from it, so if i don’t disrespect you or discredit your intelligence than i expect the same. Also, @Cynthinia, that paved road thing is so wrong in my opinion. Going to a school like harvard isn’t just going semester after semester. Harvard is very dog eat dog, you have to branch out and make a name for yourself. It’s like wall street minus the stocks. But you probably don’t understand. To clarify, I have great respect for Sista and appreciate her sight, but I stand firm in my disagreement with the wording and tone of this “article”. There is really nothing more to say.

  35. Also @Cynthinia, I am not discrediting ANYONE by saying I go to harvard. I am just establishing the fact that sayig I am ignorant is just incorrect.

  36. @Danielle

    YOU ARE SO RIGHT. HER YOU OUGHTA KNOW Makes her voice sound almost flimsy. It comes off as shrieking and without nuance. Maybe that is just because Alanis has SUCH a unique voice.

  37. Oh last thing. I just want to clarify, I am not angry, or upset, or even bothered a little bit. I just like to discuss i this open forum, something I can’t do in NY times etc. And

    @Moonya, I don’t care what you believe. My efforts in my community outside this forum are widespread and in depth so what you think is irrelevant. I tutor in my community, I volunteer for katrina victims, I mentor, I…….., nvmd. If I went on I would be justifying your comment.

  38. @Sista,

    is the”your comment is awaiting moderation” feature a new development?

  39. Well, well, well. Another day, another dollar, with ANOTHER he say she say story about Beyonce. If ya’ll didn’t know Beyonce actually does WRITE SOME of her songs e.g. Survivor, Me Myself and I, etc. but most of her songwriting abilities come from the melodies, because those can be a whole song in itself. So before you discredit someone just do a little research first. It does wonders!
    But what gets me with people these days is that they don’t need proof for ANYTHING, I mean you just believe any/everything you hear. IDK I’m just not that type of person.


    READ BEFORE YOU WRITE, actually my statement about If I Were A Boy was meant for BEFORE SHE RELEASED HER ALBUM it was said she wrote the song, and was going to receive recognition for it, until fans of BC JEAN and those that originally heard the song sang by BC JEAN said something about it. So pump your damn breaks and know what I’m referring to before you call someone an idiot. You sound like some OBSESSED FAN and groupie! Why are you even constantly replying on the comments here IF YOU SO CALLED DON’T LIKE THE DAMN BLOG!


  41. I doubt that she has the ability to write but a lot of it is dumb enough to have come from her. Seriously, check her lyrics. Its not exactly BabyFace or Shakespeare. LMBO! I think she gets credit for rearranging words or adding a verse here and there but she doesn’t come up with a lot.

  42. @SIncerely Jouet,

    Notice you said, it was said, not she said. So you discredit your own comment, (also by vulgarity etc…you discredit it as well). At any rate, you are sad, and I am barely a fan at all.

  43. Actually I haven’t discredited anything. Why would she say something like that about herself? Are you saying Beyonce has never told a lie to the media? How would you possibly know that? For you not to be a fan, you back her whole aura as if she’s that perfect. What’s SAD is that you are STILL commenting on this blog, and responding as if anyone cares what you have to say. For someone who “knows music so much” and claims to not be a fan of Beyonce, AGAIN why are you even speaking/commenting???

  44. @Enterprise, LOL you are so right. Read the lyrics for someone like Lauryn hill or Janelle monae, Knowles doesn’t exactly inspire deep thought, or even much of a vocabulary.

  45. @ CYNTHINIA, you are my lil’ sis inside my head, you know that right? You talk so much sense all the time!

    @ SISTA, you are my big blog-sis inside my head, not that I have a blog…but if I DID it would be something along the vein of what you and your co-writers do here. You cover celebrity news, relationship issues, some politics, fashion, etc.

    The mere fact that ‘some’ folk are coming out of left field with the ‘y’all are haters!’ comments makes me 😆 BECAUSE this interview was done like a week ago and the dude’s apology given sometime shortly after—yet some are STILL stewing over what was said?

    Thanks for reporting on it though. I won’t really respond to the topic, as I’ve already had my say (or shrugged my shoulders and carried on) via other websites that I go to. Keep up the good work of writing on what YOU want to write about. I love ALL the sections/articles/etc. on this site. Brownsista has been and will continue to be one of the few sites I visit where concerns Black women in life, love, career, entertainment and relationships.

    See what I did there? *shameless plug* 😛

  46. SISTA-I dont understand why you are getting attacked for simply journaling your opinion and/or research about Beyonce and what someone else stated about her!

    Please ignore the MISERABLE readers, who complain about what you write in your blog yet continue to visit your site to voice their venom! O__o
    From my understanding THEY are paying Beyonce’s bills not the other way around!!! So Im not quite sure why they care that much to make themselves appear so ugly on a blog site about Beyonce who wouldnt know them from a can of paint! Guess there could be deeper issues!

    Who gives a crap what Beyonce says, does, wears, writes or doesnt write! At the end of the day Beyonce is going to continue to do what generates money into her bank account. All of you evil bloggers should do the same. Clearly SISTA is; whether you like it or not!
    You all should be ashamed of yourselves cuttin up on the internet over little ol Beyonce who will be going to heaven OR hell just like the rest of us! SMH.

  47. im late making a comment…anyways i dont knock this write up about beyonce b/c there have been times where she claims to write a song but she didnt. example replaceable. in a interview she try to say she wrote that shyt…no love neyo did…since then she never claim to write that song.i love bey i really do but its no biggie if u dont write your songs girl u sing the hell outta em that’s what matters.

  48. and not to knock the write of this site but she isnt a journalist unless she has been to school for it. she writer for her blog..where she is entitled to her opinion

  49. I am confused about what we are talking about? Everyone knows Beyonce doesn’t write her own lyrics, I said I am not in the music industry, so I’m good. I am not retracting and that’s that. The person who said it didn’t lie he or she just don’t know how much pull Beyonce has, but I bet that person does now. That’s why they were retracted. I agree with one lady she has no idea who she is. She doesn’t give back at all. The red carpet is her home. You never see her or her husband do anythig remotely away from THEM!!! Brad Pitt used his celebrity for New Orleans, not becuase he had to but he knew his face would pull others. You never see her or her husband doing any good for the community. I was a Destiny Child fan as well. Beyonce has money but if she believes in the Lord like she says, when he asked her what she has done, she will answer make money, lie about making records, grind on the stage, barely wear any clothes and DARE my team not to use the word ICON. She isn’t relevant as she thinks. Women real women can see that it’s more to who you are than Celebrity. Alicia Keys may have stole some one’s husband but at least she trys to give back. Whant has Beyonce done? I guarnatee you when her people reads this on the BLOG and THEY READ the BLOG, she will come up with something tax dedictible. I just don’t think her and her husband realize that making money isn’t what life is about!!!!

  50. @ TLD, what in the world are you talking about?
    Beyonce has given back. Jay too if I’m not mistaken. A little research doesn’t hurt you know.

    Anyways I need news on when is Bey’s new album coming out.
    Hell I would be satisfied with a new single.

  51. Singer Des’ree sued Beyonce a few years back for “Kissing you”. Beyonce took “co-author” credit on the song. Google it. Well she isn’t the only one.

  52. @coco,

    Why wouldn’t beyonce take credit for co-writing kissing you? Have you even heard the original version in contrast to Beyonce’s version? An entire verse in there was written by Beyonce which rightfully gave her co-writing credit, so she didn’t take anything because she earned it. Now that’s something you should google b/c if you googled and did your research, you would have known that the lawsuit had nothing to do with beyonce supposedly taking co-writing credits. She was sued because she changed the title of the song and filmed a video for it without Des’re’s permission. It’s always funny how people want to bring up lawsuits but never want to mention the fact that the people who sue almost always lose their case it doesn’t get far in court. I guess that part negates the stories people are trying to tell so they pretend as if it does not exist.

  53. Sista, the issue is how this blog has changed. This used to be a very positive blog, celebrating Sistas and their accomplishments. Tt has become something else and it is sad.

    Look at the post that was made of Rihanna. Yes, black women are the ones who buy music, but many times black women DO hate on their own and will find SOMETHING to be critical of them. It happens in real life and it happens on blogs.

    Not liking one’s music or image is one thing…but when that pic of Rihanna naked when it was stolen and given to every blog(not by her), that was low. There should have been discretion there.

    That’s when I stopped feelin’ this site. It’s like none of these blogs want to set themselves apart. Okay, Bey stans may have been brutal on Soundz but look at WHY this is.

    Every blog loves to use the whole “Beyonce songwriting scandal” to drum up hits. Keep in mind that one of those times, a video was posted to EVERY BLOG SITE to show that she DOES contribute to the composition of her songs and that her “lane” is re-arrangement and yet no one posted that except one blog and that was to ridicule the video.

    So that shows me that you and your “brethren” in your field only care about blog hits using controversies to get those hits. If Bey is as scandalous as many want to claim, STOP BLOGGING ON HER.

    Stop using her to get hits. Blog on who think SHOULD get the promotion that deserve. It’s not like Bey really needs it anyway. And do you notice that mainstream media never, ever entertains this?

    Because they know that it don’t stick or hold water. Yes, I know this is a long post, but I had things to say and it needed to be said.

  54. I think Beyonce did write some songs on the old Destiny’s Child albums. But she hasn’t written in a while, but everyone knows this, and I am sure that the crazed fan knew it as well but people will go to desperate lengths to protect their artist.

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