Beyonce Covers “Giant” Magazine

The hotness that is Sasha Fierce continues her domination of the American media by appearing on yet another cover. This time our sista graces the cover of Giant Magazine, and there is no doubt she is in pure Sasha Fierce mode. Sporting dramatic dark eye make-up and fishnets, the singer opens up more about her once private relationship with Jay-Z and drops this quote about their varying performance style: “Jay is so cool. He can just stand on stage completely still, and the audience will go nuts”. “Me? I have to work it. I’m shaking it and throwing it and rolling around on the floor.” This issue of Giant hit newsstands yesterday, so go get your copy- and don’t forget to check out page 2 for behind the scenes footage of the photo shoot.

And in other BK news, the singer was in New York Monday night for the premiere of her new movie, Cadillac Redcords. Photos from the red carpet below…


  1. That gown is gorgeous! :brownsista:

    What is she holding in her hand? A walkie-talkie?

    She rocks our world lying on her back? :lol2: Not too keen on the cover, but kudos to her for getting yet another magazine cover. The Beyonce-Machine is in full effect! LOL

  2. She actually hasn’t gotten that many covers…Britney Spears has secured more issues in the same month than Beyonce has over the few she’s been promoting her record.

  3. That dress is fire! Absolutely gorgeous. I like the mag cover also.

    I second Kenyade…the Beyonce machine is in full effect! :thumbsup: I don’t know why people insult Beyonce by comparing her to Britney.

  4. The big hairdo & hairy armpits ruined the look.

    I like the pic on the cover but the ones inside are at bit sleezy…

  5. @ Katrina,

    My ‘Beyonce-Machine’ comment was half snark and half truth. I’m no stan; just a fan. 😆

    I don’t think it’s an insult to compare both Britney and Beyonce. They are both huge megastars with a lot of likenesses: singing, dancing, performing, acting, they have contracts with major companies for products and they’ve created their own product lines be it clothing or perfume. The comparison is a valid one, I think.

  6. Kanyade, u know u my girl right? But that gown is ugly!!!! It reminds me of a funeral :bag:

  7. pure overexposure, when will she have babies clearly its not money she is looking for but rather to always be on top… i hope jay will not do a bradd pitt on her, he is almost 40 he needs some kids, she also needs to upgrade her hair that looks to cheap, the dress is fab on her curves

  8. I like the cover and her dress, but not feeling the hair so much.

    her hairy armpit!!!!!!! :lol2, but still luv her! :booty:

  9. I love this girl. i don’t understand why people hate her so much. she seems like a really warm and down to earth person, and she’s an earth sign (me too), usually a very maternal type person as well. I she looks gorgeous and young on the cover of giant, and that black dress is most definitely the business. Get it Mrs. Carter!!

  10. could someone please tell me how you see hair on her armpits?? either i’m blind or somebody is tripping

  11. @ Lola,

    Thanks. I am quite obviously BLIND. 😆 I didn’t blow the pic up to see.

    @ Liyah,

    That dress is GORGEOUS, woman!!! :booty: It is kinda gothic looking isn’t it? I still like it. Let us agree to disagree :brownsista:

  12. this chick is so boring to me but she stays in the blogs her album is pure wack :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :booty: :booty: :bag: :bag:

  13. well my comment got deleted on the brandy post when all i asked was where is the beyonce news. therefore i wont b back on this hypocritical blog. people can mention rihanna to britney spears on a beyonce post but when i talk about beyonce on a brandy post it gets deleted…even tho there was no curse words and no vulgarity….hmmmm…bias anyone…i guess the owner wanted their precious brandy to get sum shine…whatever! i see how “black sistas’ act when they get sum control…and i aint feeling it…peace out….i know voice and liyah will b happy about this…hatas :booty:

  14. :iagree: B does look fabulous on the cover. She is working it right now, that’s a sista who knows what she wants and stays on her grind!

  15. other blogs have blown up pics and you can clearly see the chick needs a shave 🙄

  16. B makes too much money not to care enough about her own personal hygene (ARMPITS)! PLEASE PUT A RAZOR ON IT !

  17. Kenyade…It’s true the Beyonce machine is in full effect. :thumbsup: Whether you made your statement out of sarcasm or in jest or it was whole hearted…it’s still a true statement and I had to cosign it. Beyonce and Britney are icons (to their generation) and it is a valid comparison as far as their career accomplishments (only). My comment was directed at the person who compared their magazine covers. That comparison in that instance seemed petty and desperate IMHO…of course… 🙂 LATA

  18. Love the Mag Cover.
    Yup @ Bria, Gabrielle Union and all the fellas in the movie “Cadillac Records”. Jeffrey Wright, Mos Def, Adrian Brody Etc. Love Mos Def. :thumbsup:

  19. Who hates Beyonce? Some of you guys go too far with confusing constructive criticism from flat out hate.

    Anyways Bey looks great!!!

    I think I will go see the movie because I love Adrien Brody, Jefferey Wright, Mos Def, and Gabrielle Union. I will see Beyonce’s performance as well. I don’t take critics words as face value anyways so I have to judge for myself on this movie overall. I listened to critics on “Dreamgirls” and whined up being disappointed because I thought that movie was overrated.

  20. @loveroflife

    i’m not confusing anything. i’m not talking about everybody, but some of the things some people say literally sound hateful. i mean on other blogs as well

  21. @MRSJONES3

    ohh okay then I will agree some people do take Beyonce way too serious lol

  22. Nice pics! I like her dress, hate the hair.

    I wonder do she really call him Jay? I would think that she calls him by his real name and not his stage name. I would like to hear him talk more about their relationship. It’s good to see that she is feeling more comfortable with sharing.

  23. dsom, there are very few commenting rules on this blog but the few I have are well known. No cursing and stay on topic. Beyonce news is in no short supply on this blog- so entering a new Brandy post and asking where the Beyonce news is, was disrespectful and about as off topic as you can get. Also- had you not been so disrespectful and waited for 5 minutes you would have gotten that Beyonce post you so desperately wanted.

  24. @Torya yes i would love to here from him too. But damn december men do not like expressing there self lol. Something about them just turn me the wrong way i do not know what it is. Like she talking now but could not get peep out of her. When his album come out then he going to talk lol.

  25. Beyonce looked fabulous at the Cadillac Records premiere. Actually, the Carters looked fly! Jay’s shoes were the business. He could have left those glasses at home! 😆 The Giant cover is pretty too! I’m loving this new Beyonce era! Still jamming to the CD!

  26. i’d like to comment on those who said I Am..Sasha Fierce, is a flop. After two weeks it has sold 735k copies, 33k more than B’day, which definitely WASN’T a flop, going 3x platinum and selling 5million worldwide.

  27. @ loveroflife,

    I thought Dreamgirls was overrated too. *bows head* 😆

    One review that I ‘did’ read about it said it started off strong and lost steam about midway through. Couldn’t agree with that statement more. I bought the film, but rarely if ever do I watch it. Actually, I hadn’t watched it since around the time I purchased it.

  28. also, her 2nd week sales were bigger than those of taylor swift, which for some reason, has been a hot topic of comparison. and in truth 2nd week sales are very important because they reject the possibility of longevity.

  29. ^^^Thanks for updating us on the sales of her albums which in turn mean more money for her so in turn thanks for updating us on Beyonce’s finances; now we know she’s just ‘that’ much wealthier.


  30. im not big on sales because they are unimportant to me…i know she will do well overtime anyway…

    the dress is fab and i love the designer very good work! who cares about the hair under her arm? its like not even noticeable, and i feel very bad for those that look that closely to see that one strand of hair…wow people call me a stan and i wouldnt even had noticed that. this is a very strange world….

  31. lol if the top of her hair was a little bigger in the front it would be really close to a drag queen :lol2:

  32. The thing about sasha is that she never was dark and fierce 🙄

    That’s a persona to help her shyness on stage yet now be-boring is making it to a person of it’s own hmmmmmmmm.

    Beyone can work a stage yep she get it with her video girl moves 🙄

    10 years from now we’ll see if she a legend cause she is already an pop icon to her stans

    BEYONCE HAS PEAK! :lol2:

  33. :lol2: its is funny that i didn’t see any hair either but some people will look for flaws regaurdless. :loser:

  34. :iagree: Beyonce looks great in the photo and on on the photos she is in. I don’t have a problem with the comparisons between Beyonce and Britney because Beyonce has shown respect to Britney by doing some of her acts on stage on MTV by coming in upside down, as well as giving props to Angelina Jolie by coming down in a floor length coat on a rope and as well as Kylie Minogue by posing in a robot suit. She dances the dance of the Mexican Breakfast dancers from Bob Fosse. So I give a lot of respect to Beyonce because she incorporates her style with the style of great people which is what any great person does. Even Michael Jordan said that he is great because he studied other professional ball players and incorportated his style into the game. And he is considered the greatest, so keep comparing her to other legends of their time because she is a legend and an icon for this generation. I am very excited for her as a woman and a black person.

  35. stephanie

    dont even try and talk to me like u talk 2 the rest of these chickens in here
    im a grown ass man
    and it has been plenty of occassiona when people have brought up jazmine sullivan, keisha cole, brandy, rihanna forno damn reason at all. ur a hypocrite and u were jus being very childish..i only came back bc i 4got u had sum begind d scenes footage on page 2…and u know i can miss anything by my girl..but dont u dare come at me with that bull shit and think u gettn away with it. yes this is ur site but u are very bias and u show favoritisn. u can delete this comment all u want bc i know u’ve read it already. next time u delete someones comment make sure u are fair on ur judgments..try not to be pms-ins when u make these decisions… :lol2: im sure everyone in here can agree whether they r a hater or not that i am telling the truth. where do u think the whole rihanna beyonce fights come from?????????????? its from someone bringing up their names is either post when it had nothing to do with them…its jus controvesy…AND SINCE I AINT NO CAT, I CUD GIVE A DAMN ABOUT CONTROVERSEY…I WAS REALLY JUS WAITN ON SUM BEY NEWS….UR RIGHT MAYBE I SHUD HAV BEEN MORE PATIENT…BUT THATS WERE IT ENDS IN U BEING RIGHT MRS.”BROWNSISTA”…enjoy urselves..ive found another site where i can enjoy i bey in peace hoooooolllla

  36. they did say something on tmz about hair on her armpits…
    but whatever..

  37. mad typos, but u aint evenworth my time trying tofix em, ur a smart ass right…im sure ull get the point :loser:

  38. :brownsista: Beyonce has just earned her 5th #1 HIT on Billboard’s Hot 100!
    Single Ladies is
    #1 on Billboards Hot 100, #1Billboard’s Hot R&B, and #1 Billboards Hot Digital Tracks. It is #4 on Billboards Hot 100 Airplay. I’ll be able to tell you the other charts tomorrow! 😆

    :brownsista: If I Was A Boy is
    #3 on Billboard’s Hot 100, #7 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Airplay, #3 on Billboard’s Hot Digital Tracks, and #17 on Billboard’s Hot R&B!

    Beyonce is also #1 on Billboard’s Streaming!

    Go head Beyonce!

  39. dsom, ppl like you annoy me because there will never be enough Beyonce topics for you. Someone complained a few weeks ago there were too many posts and now you are complaining of there not being enough, when in actuality, there were 3 posts dealing with Beyonce on the front page before I updated the site yesterday- 3.

    This isn’t about mentioning other artists, that seems to always be the case with women singers here. Someone always brings up someone else’s name in comparison. You didn’t do that though. You didn’t mention Brandy or her video. You simply attempted to take over the post and turn it into a Beyonce article- and you don’t get to do that. If you want to make every post about Beyonce go start your own blog.

    I have supported Beyonce to the fullest on this site and will continue to do so, but you will not take over other posts that are about other artists and turn them into Beyonce articles at your discretion.

    Your post above shows your immaturity and continued bad manners.

    Btw- I know you’ll be back. You’ll be back over and over again.

  40. Misty stop doing my job. 😆

    I was just about to write up a story on Bey going #1. I also read she is tied with Rihanna for most #1 songs this decade. I gotta do a lil more checking of those facts though.

  41. Stephanie don’t waste your time on that idiot. He sounds a little obsessed anyway. You have more than your share of Beyonce post so I don’t know what he is talking about.

    Everyone is talking about what she sold for the second week that is just making up for all of the cd’s that were returned. She will be okay she does not need people on this blogs or any other blog to take up for her. Her 80 million plus will do that. So just say the pictures were okay and leave it at that.

  42. ^^ I’m sorry! Post on Stephanie! :bowdown:
    That is true! She is tied for the top #1 of a decade! But Beyonce has more total weeks at #1 than Rihanna. Rihanna longest #1 was 7 weeks with Umbrella and Beyonce’s longest #1 was Irreplaceable with 11 weeks..

  43. Bria, Billboard charts each week separately! There’s no making up! Just overall sales! :brownsista:

  44. @Misty I don’t really care I was just joking. Someone said that on one of the other post this past week and I was using it as a joke so don’t go getting your panties in a bunch over this millionaire who will do nothing to ease her fans through this recession.

  45. Yeah thats the same kind of response that stripper get when they start rolling around and working it! So what !! that make you special?

  46. HO sit down we done seen enough of you and your ugly clothes we done heard enough of your nursery rhyme songs, Just go somewhere on a deserted island on a one-way trip!

  47. The dress @ premiere is okay, I think she looks better in color…..her Dreamgirls blue dress was beautiful. This dark makes her look more older and kinda like Elvira.
    The mag. cover is okay. How can I say this? Beyonce is beautiful and I think we can all agree, so all her pictures will be beautiful, but every picture is missing something. I cant put my finger on it, Please help!

    Also, good for Beyonce that her album is doing great…..she is a heavy promoter so it paid off.

  48. Thanks for the updates Someone Who Actually KNOWS music and Misty! :brownsista:

    dsom, don’t be like that!

  49. Hi folks,

    I like the mag cover – she looks young and flawless (photoshop much?)

    As for the other pics – the dress looks great and it definately suits her curves.
    However, to me she looks old I dont know if its the hair but she looks extremely mature!
    Or maybe I’ve seen so much of her that her whole look is just getting old to me?
    She doesnt look like a bouncy 20-something year old, she looks like a tired 30-something year old.
    As for the hairy armpits – I cant it see but if they are hairy then :lol2:
    With all that money you would think she pays someone to check her out before she leaves the house especially in a dress like that!
    Where was Tina? Isnt that what she gets paid for?
    Congrats on her CD success

  50. @ Stephanie,

    Please do a post on Grammy nods this year.

    Jazmine Sullivan got 5 FIVE 5 NODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope she wins them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :bowdown: :bowdown: :brownsista: :brownsista: :brownsista:

  51. Congrats to Beyonce on the annoying awful Single Ladies #1!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I don’t like the song, but am happy for her all the same.

    Now release HALO and watch it RISE TO THE TOP!!! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  52. dsom if you want al of beyonce posts why dont you got to a beyonce website! DUH :loser: : beyonce

  53. OMG! Kanyade she did? congrats Jazzy and I do agree that “Halo” is Beyonce’s best song!

  54. @KANYADE


  55. Kanyade Single Ladies [The song, video & live] is the bomb. I can’t get over how annoyed I was with it in the beginning 😆
    Na Na Na Diva instantly became a fav of mine lol. I’m glad these two got single treatment on the Sasha side. I’m in love with the B side, especially with Hello, Disappear, Halo, Broken Hearted, Ave Maria… Danm, I’m going to name all of them, so let me stop 😆

    Oh…she’s curvelicious in that premier dress *wink* :thumbsup:

  56. @kanyade: :iagree: I just posted that on another thread. I think Beyonce is okay, but, this is brown sista and we need to start celebrating all the brown sista’s. Not just one. Congrats to her for all that she has accomplished but she has her own web site and I didn’t think this was it.

  57. Kanyade :iagree: halo should be a major hit for her and i mean MAJOR! that song is so strong i cant wait for it to be released…the world needs to hear that song

  58. MARIO I agree as well I love HALO it is so strong. I can’t wait for her to be able to show her range when performing this one.

  59. And as far as breakthrough songs it is very hard for me to decide which song is a breakthrough song off this album. I mean every song really touches me and they are written so well and her voice is better than ever. She is amazing and touches every emotion on this album. Well for those of you that have emotions 😆

  60. adoration :iagree: the whole I Am side of the cd is so timeless and beautiful and i really love “thats why your beautiful’ it is so different and it is such a risk smash into you, disappear, brokenhearted girl, all of them are so different from whats out right now…she has really impressed me!

  61. dam rhis overated cow, If she sell a hundred million albums is any of it going in anybody’s checking account but hers? Yall get all excited about beyawwnce like she coming down from heaven to save the dam world, you better be worried about your dam jobs and how you gonna pay your dam bill, because beyawnce dam sure won’t help your asses out, praise her all you want to all that bitch want from you is your dam money, so she can live like a dam queen, I m sorry she does nothing for me to worship her fake ass, or buy her stupid album!

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