Beyonce Gives Birth to Baby Girl

According to industry friends, Beyonce and Jay-Z are the proud parents of a baby girl, reportedly named Blue Ivy Carter, born late Saturday evening at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

Word is the singer gave birth via scheduled c-section and thank to a 1.3 million renovation paid for by the couple, had an entire floor all to themselves.



  1. @Yeaa, I was thinking the same thing. Congrats to the happy couple on their new blessing. I’m shocked the name leaked as private as they are about what goes on on their private home life. I like the name if it’s really the baby’s name. I’m not in love with it though, but it’s not my baby so what I think doesn’t really matter. Anyway I’m sure she is beautiful.

  2. Real talk, I know it’s know secret that Sista thinks that Beyonce is kinda over publicized and she is but it’s incredibly disrescpectful not for this to be a main feed. I like that the site owner supports less famous brownsista’s and gives them their shine too, but this really needed to be broadcast better. Just sayin…..on a bright note, congrats to baby girl Blue! It might take a sec for the name to grow on me but it’s kinda cute in it’s own way…

  3. I pray the JayZ, B and their lil bundle of jou Blue Ivy have a wonderful, stress free life. This lil baby is only a couple of days old and I’ve heard so many crazy stories. We should all be happy for their blessing and let them have some privacy cause “princess carter” will face the world soon enough!

  4. Why does it have to be a “main article”???

    I’ve been to other sites that have MULTIPLE posts on BKC. Perhaps Sista wanted to consolidate all into one so that other articles and posts wouldn’t be overshadowed by, “Beyonce and baby woke up this morning. Beyonce and baby sang together. Beyonce and baby posed for pics.” LOL

    Quality not quantity. Too many posts, IMO = over-saturation. Get saturated elsewhere, folks.

    With that said, *sings* CON-GRA-TU-LA-TIONS!!!!!

  5. all you mumu’s complaining why its not a main article…create your own blog and make it the ONLY article!

  6. WOW I am suprised too that this is a sideline article brownsista smh

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