Beyonce Goes Alternative

Columbia Records is not giving up on Beyonce’s single “Run the World (Girls)” just yet. Though a commercial disappointment, the single is actually quite catchy once you get used to it; and most of all- has proven to be a huge crowd favorite when performed live.

Probably hoping to capitalize off of Beyonce’s hugely successful showing at the Glastonbury Festival, as well as her live performances of the single all over Europe, Columbia Records has chosen to release an alternative video for the single (included in the Deluxe Edition).

This new version is better in some ways and worse in others. I like the ending a lot more and prefer the visuals of the Bey army to those of the male opposition that is featured so prominently in the original.

On the downside- this video truly shows how important a great video editor and director is in the creation of an artist’s image. The usually flawless Beyonce is shown striking a number of dull and awkward poses that make her look… well… dull and awkward. The glitzy perfection that we are used to from the pop diva is nowhere to be found and for that reason this video probably should have been kept under wraps in a vault somewhere.

Give it a peek below and judge for yourselves.


  1. I think including this video in the deluxe edition was an after thought cause it looks thrown together.

    I agree. Should have never let this cat out of the bag.

  2. On the downside- this video truly shows how important a great video editor and director is…


  3. I like the original better, but all I know is Beyonce was getting it on that car @0:41. Thats my favorite part

  4. Yeah that car scene was hot. I like the horse scene too. I hated the song originally but love it now. It’s a great club song.

  5. I agree. The Les Twins are great but out of place in the video.

  6. Yep, definitely seems thrown together. Just awkward.

  7. Am I the only one shocked that she flipped the bird? that was way unnecessary. the les twins are cool but they’re guys. why not have two girls instead of guys?

  8. Its a day late and a dollar short for this song and video. They need to cut their losses and move on to the next flop on that ill fated cd. Bey needs to stop churning out cds like fast food and give it some time to cultivate like Alicia Keys does.If she is as rich as her team are reporting her to be whats the desperation with dropping a cd every year. She needs to sit down and observe for a good five years and come back with the cd of her career.

  9. @Hallmark

    Alicia Keys took a break because SHE had a emotional breakdown.

    And you are retarded because IASF was released NOV 2008. We in June 2011. Get a life.

  10. @ Hallmark…Beyonce’s last CD was in 2009…do your research……..Alicia was out there home wrecking and having a married dudes baby…lol, but u bash Beyonce’ …SMH!

  11. I agree that the first video was better. Also why the two afro dudes dancing instead of “Girls”???? Also I will say for her video she should have kept the beginning of the first with her and the dudes dancing beause it was tight. The part with her in the yellow of the first and of the second her dancing on that car cause she was getting it!!!! But I do like the ending better on the second video!

  12. As much as I try, I still don’t like this song. This “new” video doesn’t change that. I’ve just accepted that it sucks….

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