Beyonce: GQ Magazine Scans & Article

Beyonce is featured on the cover of the British version of GQ Magazine under the heading of “The Hottest Woman In The World”. We think that’s a pretty hefty title to carry off but Beyonce somehow manages to do it- at least in the photo shoot that is featured on the inside pages.You can check out the pics below to decide for yourselves as well as read the article that was written a few months back after the writer witnessed a Beyonce performance first hand. Enjoy!!



  1. That article says Beyonce was privately schooled and I take that to mean she went to a private school at some point in her life and if that is true Mathew and Tina need to ask for their money back because Beyonce can barely put a complete sentence together. 😆

  2. Very slutty, let’s try something new sweetheart. There’s a difference between sexy and slutty. :loser: Such a loser.

  3. Why so damn bitter sp? You sound like the loser.Beyonce is rich and beautiful which makes her a winner.You are clearly angry and bitter which makes you not only a :loser: but a :hater: as well.

  4. #3 Why does someone have to be a hater b/c Beyonce does the same thing all the time in her poses? And she’s overrated and corny as all get out? :loser: She’s boring get over it. You waste your energy trying to defend Beyonce you and other countless other dummies!

  5. Looks like Bey just bing herself to me. Although her talent can be disputed you can’t argue with the fact that she is extreemly beautiful.


  6. :banana::banana::banana:Looking beautiful as usually. Showing the world why she is the undisputed Hottest Chick in the Game!

  7. What a load of horse manure that article was.To even attempt to insult Michael Jackson in the name of Beyonce is ludicrous.The writer of that story must have had a hard on that caused all the blood to leave his brain while writing this filth.

  8. I think the photos were pretty tame actually. She’s doesn’t look slutty at all. Anyway I think that the title of the article was Hottest Woman in the World-Now. I honestly think that she deserves that title. Whether you like her or not, the girl is handling her business. Of course there have always been people putting her down for one thing or another, but she keeps doing her thing. I have to give her credit for that alone. Haters will hate and supporters will appreciate. It’s that simple.:mrgreen:

  9. Beyonce is beautiful with makeup and all the hair yes. Otherwise she’s average. Just take a look at some of her old pics from 03′ of her thick, sexy and beautiful. Now she’s Hollywood with alot of makeup and big hair and alot smaller. That makes her look average in my opinion. She no longer stands out! And she’s far from a hard working woman. Her dad pulls more strings than a little bit and Jay-z being her man only adds on to the success. Trust me she is not out hustling on her own. She never had to. Some people are gullible and believe everything. Just google the work “Sony and Beyonce payola” and read up on it yourself. Even her record company is a trip. People love to hate her b/c they know from DC days until now it’s all been one big scam. Talent, beauty, style, all of it’s fake! It’s disappointing.

  10. I thought being a good person made you a “winner” but I maybe naive…I guess rich and beautiful is all you need, huh?

  11. Oh Lord, was I talking to you? Respect my opinion as I respect yours. That’s all I’m asking…you’re obviously bitter on account of someone you don’t know. WOW! But like I said before, there’s a thin line between slutty and sexy and beyonce is obviously on the slutty side. She could do better even if it is a ‘men’s’ magazine. :loser:

  12. she is one of the hottest women in the world! props to my beautiful sistah representing…..others are just as beautiful, toni b.,halle,gabrielle,angela and the list goes on and on! no problem with the title well deserved!

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